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To my fwb

my fwb and i have since become regular f's. we used to write to each other what we wanted to do for our next adventure. really steamy and sexy shit, i miss all that. this one was never sent to her.

you tell me to come by and to come in and make myself at home. i walk in your house through the back door and i can hear that you are in the shower. i peek in and see you rinsing off after being at the beach, you have on a sexy and tight black bikini that makes your sweet ass look so good. i surprise you by opening the shower door, and leaving it open as i take off my shirt. you come over to me and kiss me and press your tits into me as i grab your ass. then you frantically unbuckle my pants and take them off and pull me into the water with you. we are grabbing and squeezing and kissing and you moan as i rub your pussy over your bikini bottoms. you say 'oh god, just like that' and i kiss your neck as i rub it harder and slower. then you reach up for some soap and pour some on my chest and start massaging it into me and getting me sudsy. its so soft and slippery that when you lean into me as we kiss the soap gets all over your tits and we start massaging each others chest. im sliding my hands all over your shoulders and chest as you lean your head back and moan out 'yes!' as i slip inside your bikini top and caress your sexy tits and hard nipples. i take your tit into my hands and tell you to undo your top, i tell you i want to see your tits. you undo the back and as it falls off and i stroke your tits you reach for more soap and put some on my stomach and then reach around and massage my back as we are close and kiss deeply. and we are moaning as i reach down and rub soap all over your ass and massage it. then you push me to the side of the shower and reach down with your soapy hand and grab my hard cock. you pull my soaked underwear off with your other hand as you stroke my cock and kiss me as i continue to fondle your sexy tits. you tell me ' i love your cock, i love making you so hard' then i hold onto the top of the shower as i moan loudly because it feels so good. ' you stroke me so good baby, im so fucking hard.' i pull you closer and start taking off your bikini bottoms and rubbing your sexy clean pussy, getting it all soapy and wet. you moan for me and push my head down towards it. we get under the water again and as all the soap washes off im kissing your thighs and stomach while fingering you and rubbing your clit. i kneel on the floor and push my face into your pussy and shove my tongue deep inside. you scream my name and start pulling my hair. im sucking on your pusy lip and working your clit with my tongue so fast and hard becaue im so horny. you are moaning to me the whole time telling me 'yes! yes! mmmmm, suck my pusy baby' then you tell me you are going to come and not to stop. im sucking on your clit and fingering your pussy and rubbing on your asshole as the water is dripping all over us. you let out a big scream and come so hard you start shaking and telling me you love it as i suck on your lips and pussy juices, still fingering and rubbing on your ass. you then pull me up and kiss me in the water and grab my cock. you tell me you want it and you push me down on the outside edge and kneel before me. my cock is rock hard and you start by licking the tip and grabbing my shaft. then you lick lower as you reach my balls and put them in your mouth. then you put some spit on my cock and start stroking it while you lick and suck on my balls. i lean back and moan in exctasy and grab your hair and watch your sexy lips on me. i tell you you look so good and it feels so good when you suck on me. you look up at me and as we lock eyes you put my cock in your mouth and start sucking. im watching you watch me as i tell you it feels good and you're getting me so hard. you take it out and ask ' do you like that? you like it when i suck on you baby?' i moan loudly and say 'yeah baby, you suck me so good, i want you to taste me' then i pull you up and push you towards the wall, lift your leg and shove my cock inside your tight wet pussy. you weren't expecting that so you scream my name as you tell me to fuck you harder. i fuck you harder and watch your tits bounce with every thrust, grabbing your hair and kissing you as you grab my ass from behind. it is so sexy you tell me to make you come and not to stop ' dont stop!, just like that, just like that im going to come on your cock !! and as i fuck you harder and harder you let out a scream and come loudly all over me. i take your leg down and move you to the sink and bend you over and enter you from behind. you tell me to fuck you hard and to slap your ass. i smack your sexy ass as i push in as deep and hard as i can. you tell me it feels so good and you want to watch me cum. im getting close so i pull out and turn you around as you kneel before me as i stroke my cock in your face. im watching your eyes as you rub my balls and tell me you want my cum. im getting even closer as i stroke my cock faster.... 'yeah baby, you look so good i want to give it to you. do you want it?' you say ' yeah give it to me baby!' then i moan as i explode on your sexy lips and chin as you continue to stroke my balls and i keep jerking my cock. then you take my super sensitive cock into your mouth and start sucking it as i bend over and yell because i cant take it, it feels so good

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