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I guess most people never think of their parents as sexual individuals; I know I never gave it much thought. I just assumed they had a normal life like everyone else. Besides, at 18 years old I was too interested in my sex-life (or lack thereof) to worry much about anyone else's. However, an incident occurred recently that changed my entire perspective on my parents as well as human sexuality in general.

It was a Saturday night, not unlike any other. My best bud, Tom, and I were going to the college campus to watch the home coming game. The college was a two-hour drive so I had told my parents I probably wouldn't be home till tomorrow since we wouldn't get back from the game until late and I would spend the night at his house.

Well, things don't always go as planned. We hadn't gotten 50 miles out of town when his car over-heated. By the time we had hitched a ride into town to fetch some water and made it back to the car the game had already started so we decided to head back home instead.

When I arrived home, the entire house was dark except for a small glow emanating from my parents' bedroom window. I didn't want to disturb them so I eased myself quietly into the house and made my way down the hallway. My bedroom was at the very back of the house and I had to pass by my parent's bedroom to get there. As I approached the open door to their bedroom I heard moans and gasps coming from within. Curious, I paused by the door and peered in.

The image before me was burned indelibly into my brain. There was my Mom and Dad upon the bed, naked as jaybirds. Dad was sitting up with his back against the headboard typing on a computer keyboard. Mom was on her back, her legs splayed wide, bent at the knee. Her left leg was over the top of Dad's right leg and her hands were very busy at the juncture of her thighs. Her right hand was thrusting a dildo inside of her pussy while her left was gently rubbing her left breast. Her mouth was open and she was staring intently at the TV/computer screen at the foot of their bed.

From where I stood I couldn't see what was on the screen (not that I cared at the moment). However, between moans my Mom uttered some words that filled in the information for me.

"Oh God, John. They are so hot!" She gasped. "His cock is enormous! I love watching him stroke it like that."

"Yeah, and look at the size of that dildo she is fixing to shove up her cunt," Dad replied as he laid the keyboard aside and grabbed his own erection.

"Ummmm, the cu-seeme thing is a lot better than going to the adult movie theater. I am so glad you found out about it, Honey."

"Oh yeah, and we can play without fear of being hassled," he grunted as he spit on his hand before once again grabbing his cock.

Well, by now I had a hard-on that wouldn't quit. I mean, there was my lovely 41 year-old Mom, masturbating furiously as she watched another couple masturbate on camera. Her 36-D, heavily freckled breasts rose and fell rapidly. She must have been soaked for I could hear the snicking sounds of her wet pussy as she fucked herself with the dildo.

"Damn Beth, you are really worked up, aren't you Honey? Your pussy sounds like the sloshing of the washing machine."

"You damn right, I'm worked up. You know how much I like to watch and knowing that we are being watched too has me so friggin hot........Shit...I'm gonna cum!"

Mom's hips started bouncing on the bed as she quickened her pace. Her left hand pushed the dildo deep within her while her right hand, now free from its previous duty, rubbed viciously at her clit. Her head arched back and a cry escaped her lips.


"Do it, Beth, make that hot pussy cum!" Dad gasped as his own stroking increased in fervor.

Now, I have to admit, I now had my pants down and my own cock in hand. It was incredibly erotic to watch as the scene played out before me. The pre-cum leaking out was all the lubrication I needed and I too began to stroke myself in earnest. I wasn't being too careful though and I must have made a sound that carried into the bedroom for suddenly my Mom turned her head and opened her eyes and stared me right in the face.

"Holy SHIT! What are you doing here?" She cried out as her legs clamped together.

"Ummm, I'm sorry, we had car trouble," I blurted as I frantically grabbed my pants and hustled off to my own bedroom.

I had just finished removing the rest of my clothing when my Dad came into my room. "Oh Shit, I'm done for now," I thought to myself as he stood in the doorway.

"Well, Daniel. Now that you have gotten an eyeful, why don't you come with me?" He said as he turned away from my blushing face. As I reached down to grab my shorts he turned and said, "You won't be needing those."

Meekly I followed him back down the hall. Much to my surprise he entered his bedroom.

Dad walked back over to the far side of the bed and resumed the position he had earlier. My now half-mast cock began to swell as I saw my Mom was still playing with herself.

"Daniel, if you want to masturbate with us we don't mind, but we would rather you did it out in the open and not hiding in the hallway," Mom said as she patted the mattress next to her. "Come over here and join us, Son."

To say the least I was shaken. Not only were my parents wantonly masturbating in front of me but they were inviting me to join them. Hesitantly I moved over to the bed and sat on the edge.

"Ha ha ha. Don't look so shocked, Daniel. You think you are the only one who likes to watch and jerk off?" Dad laughed.

"Yeah, we found your little stack of movies and magazines. Some of them are pretty good, especially that Amateur Home Movie. I watched it the other day and came four times," Mom said with a smile as she slid the middle finger of her right hand between the wet folds of her furry pussy.

My cock jumped to full attention as I gazed unabashedly at her tender ministrations.

"Looky there, Beth. Our boy is getting all turned on watching you play with it."

"You like watching your old Mom get herself off, Daniel?" She asked as she slid two fingers within herself.

"Yessss, I do," I muttered softly.

"Well, why don't you grab hold of that magnificent piece of Man-Meat and stroke it for me while I fuck myself in front of you, Son?"

I reluctantly moved my gaze from her hand to her face. In her eyes I could see unbridled lust as she gazed first into my eyes then down at my hand which was wrapped around my turgid member. Feeling a little bolder as I watched my Mom gaze at my hard cock, I asked the question that had been burning in my mind.

"What were you two watching that had you both so aroused?"

"Oh, your Dad found out of a software program called cu-seeme. So this afternoon, after you left, we went down and bought a capture card so we could hook up our video camera to the computer. That way we can go on the Internet and play with other couples who like to do the things we do."

"You mean you were actually watching another couple have sex in real time via the Internet?"

"Yeah, isn't that cool?"

"And what was that I heard you say about Adult Theaters?"

Mom kinda blushed and looked over at Dad who blushed a little also.

"Well, you might as well know, Daniel. Your Mom and I like to go to adult movies and play with other couples. It is a kinda voyeurism/exhibitionism thing that we particularly enjoy."

"You mean you have sex in a movie theater?" I gasped.

"Sorta. Actually we usually masturbate ourselves and each other while other couples around us are doing the same thing."

"Wow! And you don't get arrested?"

"Not if everyone is cool. The management knows what is going on there and it is understood that when the usher makes his rounds every hour you have to cover up. If he sees you doing it he has to ask you to leave. It is i*****l, but the cops don't bother the theater owners as long as they keep the hookers out."

"Jeez, guess I have a lot to learn."

"Well, the Internet thing is a lot better, though part of the turn-on in the theaters is the know, moans, gasps, etc.", Mom said as she turned on her side and propped her head up on her hand. "I guess you think we are real perverts."

"Nooooo, actually I think it is really cool!" I smiled.

While this little exchange was going on Dad had reconnected to the Internet and was opening the software again.

"Hey, they didn't leave yet!" He cried out.

"Oh GREAT!" Mom said as she leaned back against the headboard.

"Daniel, will you reach into the night stand and grab that massager for me?" Mom said as she spread her legs. "If you think I came before, wait till you see me come with that!" Mom laughed as I handed her the long device with the bulbous head.

I looked over at the TV. There on the screen were two couples. One of them were fucking in their bed. The vid was grainy and it was hard to discern detail but it wasn't difficult to see what they were doing and that they were having fun doing it. The other couple were sitting side-by-side. The blonde woman, who looked to be about 35 and a little over-weight, was shoving a zucchini up her cunt while the man had his cock in a pump device.

"Ha, I gotta get me one of those," Dad said as he grasped his cock.

Mom seemed to be more interested in what I was doing than in the TV. She tried to make it look like she wasn't paying a lot of attention but I could see her eyes move sideways and gaze down at my hands, one of which was cupping my scrotum the other, of course, stroking my meat.

As Dad became more intensely involved in what was happening on TV, Mom leaned over and whispered in my ear, " I have dreamed of watching you jack it off for a long time. I can't tell you how many times I have masturbated in the laundry room when I would find dried cum in your dirty underwear."

"Oh GAWD, Mom! That is hot!"

She rubbed her leg against mine gently as she pressed the massager against her clit. Her breathing rapidly became ragged as small drops of pre-cum oozed out of my cock. Now she dropped all pretense and stared openly at my hands.

"You are gonna cum soon, aren't you?" She gasped.

"Yes, real soon.....I can't help it!"

Mom reached down and started fucking herself with three fingers while pressing the vibe firmly against her clit. "Cum for me Daniel......CUM!" she cried out.

I got up on my knees and peered down at my mother's furious masturbation. My hand fairly flew up and down my cock.

"Gonna cum NOW!" I cried out.

"Cum on me, cum cum cummmmmmmmmm!"

Mom's hips were bouncing up and down. As the first jet of my release landed upon her stomach she screamed.


My orgasm was explosive. It felt as if my whole body was going to turn to cum and run out my cock. It seemed like an eternity but eventually I collapsed on the bed, gasping for breath. My cock was still hard and standing straight up. I closed my eyes in bliss. I could feel the cock still throbbing even without touching it with my hands.

As I felt myself returning to reality I suddenly became aware of a warm wetness enveloping my cock and the bed shaking steadily. I opened my eyes and freaked. My Mom had wrapped her lips around my cock and was sucking me like there was no tomorrow. I quickly looked over at Dad who was watching us intently, stroking his cock for all it was worth.

"Suck him, Beth. Suck him good. Make him know what it is like to get ravished by that hungry mouth of yours."

I was in heaven. The intensity of the feeling was almost more than I could bear. I was only dimly aware of my Mom's hot pussy sliding up and down my leg as she devoured my cock. Her talent was not to be denied and in only a few minutes I felt my balls swell up and the onset of another orgasm swept over me.

I don't remember how many times I came that night. All I know is that I felt as if a whirlwind of sex had swept me up and carried me away. I never knew how much of a sexual dynamo a woman could be. I guess I was under the misconception that women only succumbed to the advances of men and they were never the instigators of sex play. Boy was I wrong and events that occurred later only further proved that.


It was a week later that the next big change in my life came about. I had been dating this girl for about a month. Debbie was a sweet thing, long blonde hair, 5'5 and built for swimsuits. We had a relationship that more like friends than lovers. We hadn't even petted at the movies!

In any event, Mom and Dad were going out for the evening so I asked Debbie if she would like to come over for a swim in our new pool. We hadn't been in the water for 10 minutes when a sudden storm moved in chasing us into the house.

After we changed out of wet suits and into bathrobes we moved into the livingroom.

"Well, so much for that. What do you say we dry off and maybe watch a movie, Debbie?"

"Sounds good to me, Daniel. What kinda movies do you have?"

"I think Armageddon is still in the player. Mom rented it last night but I only saw the first 10 minutes of it. I fell asl**p."

"Cool. Why don't you go make us some popcorn and I'll start the movie."

I went into the kitchen and started making the popcorn. After burning the first batch I finally got it right with just the proper amount of melted butter and salt. As I turned the corner into the living room I nearly dropped the popcorn and sodas on the floor. Once again I had stepped into a situation men can only fantasize about.

Unknown to me, Mom had taken the rented video out of the machine and had put the tape that was recorded last Saturday night while we were all playing in their bedroom. I wasn't even aware of it at the time but since they had to use the video camera in order to transmit video over cuseeme, Dad had recorded the entire episode. Knowing my Mom (at least what I know about her now), she just had to watch it again before they left for the evening.

In any event, Debbie had switched on the VCR and much to her surprise instead of watching "Armageddon" she was watching her boyfriend and his parents have a circle jerk. She must of found this titillating for as I entered the room I saw she had her robe open and her legs were spread out to give ready access to the hand that was rubbing diligently between her legs.

I gasped and she turned her head to regard me.

"This is a LOT better movie that "Armageddon". Why I never would have guessed you guys were into that," she smirked as she brought her hand to her lips and sucked her fingers before placing them back between her legs.

"I, uhhh, well......" I was dumbfounded. What do you say in a situation like this. It would have been truly embarrassing if she wasn't obviously turned on by what she saw.

"Come on, sit down, Daniel. Let's watch it together, although I am sure you already know the ending," she laughed.

Well, I gotta tell ya, Debbie is a stone fox and a natural blonde too! (This was rather obvious to me by now) I admit I had thought about her sexually but had been reticent to make any real advances for fear of rejection. Yet this girl who I respected greatly was just as much a sexual being as I, and much to my delight, a voyeur too!

I set the popcorn on the coffee table and sat beside her.

"You really have a nice cock. It is even bigger than your father's," she said as she threw one of her legs over mine. "I have never seen a man jerk off in real life, this is really hott!"

"Yeah, well you are hot yourself," I said as nonchalantly as I could as I opened my own robe and grabbed my cock.

"Looks like you were really getting off watching your mother jill-off, Daniel. Does that turn you on?"

"Like you wouldn't believe, Debbie! Watching a woman bring herself off is the biggest turn-on I can imagine."

"If you say so. Watching women isn't my thing. I mean I have seen my Mom wanking before. Every day when she gets home she goes to her bedroom and sits in front of her computer for a couple of hours before she fixes dinner. I used to think she was just checking e-mail and stuff but the other day I kinda barged into her bedroom to ask her a question. She was watching a video of a guy stroking his cock and playing with herself. Made me really hot when I saw what was on her computer screen."

"WOW! I'd like to see that sometime," I said enthusiastically. "What did she do when you caught her?"

"Well Really freaked her out that I caught her." She smiled. "She screamed at me to get out but later she told me over dinner that ever since she and Dad had gotten a divorce, the Internet was the only sex she got and at least she could share with someone through some program called Cu-seeme."

"Cu-seeme? That is the program my parents were using when I caught them playing."

"Yeah. I asked her a bunch of questions about it and later that night she took me to her room and showed me how it works. I got so hot I started playing with myself and Mom joined in. She even loaned me one of her dildos. I never knew it could be so damn hot watching guys jerk-off. I must have cum ten times that night and I know Mom did."

Debbie slid further down and laid her head on my chest while she brought her other hand into play, rubbing her clit while she fucked herself with her finger.

"Tell me, did you fuck your Mother that night?" She gasped.

"Hell NO! You got to be k**ding!"

"Well, perhaps you should have. I can tell she really wants you to just by looking at the movie," Debbie smirked as she plunged two fingers within her dripping snatch.

I was mute. Fuck my Mother????? Nah, Dad would kill me. (But the thought of her wanting to fuck me was arousing me even more than watching Debbie play with her pussy).

"You really want to watch my mother frig herself?" She asked softly.

"Oh God, YES! I would love to see that. It would be even better if both you and your mother were doing it at the same time."

"Well, I want to watch you fuck your mother. Just imagine that big cock of yours sliding into you mother's wet, hairy pussy." Debbie groaned as she saw some pre-cum leaking out of my cock.

I shifted my gaze to the TV screen. Thinking about fucking my mother while I watched her masturbate put me right on the edge. I felt my seed boiling within me and my cock swelled even further.

"Oh yeah, Daniel. You do want to fuck your mother, don't you?" Debbie gasped as she noticed my legs stiffen.

"Oh Debbie, you are such a slut! I'm gonna cum!"

"Yess, do it! Cum Daniel!" She cried out as she moved her head closer to my cock.

"Ahhhhhh, oh Shit!" I exclaimed as she fastened her mouth upon my cock. I closed my eyes as the sensations threatened to overwhelm me.

"Ummmmmmm," she moaned as she brought her left hand over and squeezed my sack.

My hips jerked as I spasmed into her waiting mouth. I opened my eyes an watched the TV screen as my video mother fastened her own lips on my cock. Quaking even harder, I felt another orgasm sweep over me.

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