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Turned into Black mens sex slave

A few years back I spent time on and off with several
shall we say more dominating types of gentlemen. One of
them, who for this I shall call Leroy, just loved
when we got together to make me totally helpless.
It was our 6th or 7th meeting. Leroy and i had been chatting on Yahoo
and when he found out i was free that weekend he insisted
on coming over later that afternoon.
We talked about when and what he wanted me to be
wearing when he arrived. We settled on 4:00 and I was
to be wearing a red waspie, black fully fashioned nylon stockings,
black bra, short tight black skirt, red long sleeved
button up satin blouse and 5 inch black heels. It was about
noon time so I have plenty of time to make myself

Leroy arrived right on time as always. I greeted him
at the door with a hug and kiss and he returned the
favour. We went into the living room where I had a nice
bottle of white wine and a cheese and cracker plate on
the coffee table. We sit on the couch together, drank
some wine and talked some before finally he started to
caress my leg and press into me to kiss me. It was
like old high school days making on only now I was on
the receiving end and loving it. It got kind of hot,
me laying back on the couch, Leroy on top of me
kissing me, my legs entangled in his, it was

Eventually he started to unbutton my blouse and pulled
it off, he pushed me to my feet and pulled off my
skirt then pulled me back down on top of him where we
continued our kissing only now he was nibbling on my
ears and kissing my nick. I was so turned on and hot.

I was so worked up and started to work my way down his body
to give him what I know every man really wants…as I
reached his belt with my kisses he held my shoulders
tight and said "wait"….he then pushed me up and had
me stand up. He then said he would be right back and
went out to his car. I waited a minute or so before he
returned with a bag. He took my hands and said if we were
going to do this we would do it right.

He then pulled out several ropes form the bag
and went about binding my wrists behind my back. He
then undid by bra and removed it, which was strange
because he had never removed it completely before. Then with
another rope he wrapped it around my chest and
forearms pulling tight making sure that the ropes around my
chest went above and below my breast area. Next he
took another rope and worked that behind my back and
around the rope that he had put around my arms and chest. Each
time he would pull it tighter and tighter. This did
two things, it pulled my arms further back and also
pulled the ropes around my chest in so it made my small breasts look larger and
protruded my nipples.It was amazing to watch
that happen and I was kind of loving it. Another
shorter rope he tied to my wrists pulled them up and
wrapped it around the ropes at my forearms and then
took the two ends and d****d them over my shoulders
and down to the ropes around my chest where he tied
them off.

Next he pulled out this narrow couch table we used to
put keys on and positioned it in the
middle of the room before me. He had me stand up
really close to it straddling the two legs on the end.
He then went about binding my legs to the legs of the
table. Next, he tied a final rope to the ropes he
d****d across my shoulders and pulled me forward so I
was laying down on top of the table. He tied off the
rope to the end other end of the table so I could not
rise up.

There I was, totally helpless and at his mercy. The
next thing I know is he is stuffing a ball gag between
my lips and telling me to open wide bitch…once it was
in he buckled it up behind my head.

You can just visualise me, flat on the table, tied and unable to move
and my legs spread wide ,fixed to the legs of the table.
My mouth was gagged and i was already begining to drool.
At this point he took out his camera phone and took a few
pictures, only 3 or 4 at the most. He then began to make several calls on his cell phone.
As he was making the calls he walked away into the
kitchen where I could not hear his conversation. A few
minutes passed before he came back and pulled up a chair
next to me. He kissed my cheek, slapped my ass and sit
down and went about telling me I was in for a real
treat. In his words, “You wanted to be a slut so I am
going to make you a slut, you are going to become a real Black mens bitch.”

About 20 min later the door bell rang and Leroy went
to answer…I was freaking out now. What had he done and
who could that possibly be….some laughing and hello’s
I heard as footsteps came down the hall towards where
I was. Next thing I know Leroy is introducing me to
three other Black guys and to be honest, I don’t think I ever
was told their names.

They rubbed my butt and ran their hands across my
back. One was talking about me but not to me about what a
sexy a bitch I was and was thanking Leroy for
inviting him over to break in his slut.

At some point I felt the cold lube being squeezed out
onto my ass ring a couple of fingers probing and
spreading inside my ass. One guy yelled "she is gonna become the perfect anal slut!"
Then it started, Leroy was first. I know this because one of the guys said
something like, “She is your find Leroy, you first mate”

I could feel his hard cock press at my rosebud. Then
he leaned hard into me and pushed forward.
I winced a little and he held where he was
for a moment before pushing forward more. A couple
more thrusts and he was all the way in, his big black cock inside my tight ass
and I was breathing heavilly and drooling around the ball gag.

Leroy started to pump in and out as the other three
encouraged him on and taunted me by telling me I was
just a fuck hole slave who's purpose in life was to exist only to pleasure Black men
and be used like a street whore. Soon one of them I guess got too
worked up just watching so he freed his hard, black cock from his pants,
unbuckled the ball gag, popped it out of my mouth and replaced it
with his throbbing hard cock. He told me to make sure I did
not bite him or he would beat my ass till I was bl**dy
red. Needless to say I was very careful. I could not move as he
violently throat fucked me whilst Leroy piston fucked my ass.

Leroy, I could tell, was ready to explode. He went all ridged
and his pumping slowed and he held my hips really tight
and was grunting…well, I was grunting also actually,
the throat fucking was producing tons of spittle which
was only helping to make my mouth more lubricated so the cock
went down further.
Leroy pulled away and then another guy just stepped up
and took his place…just about the time this new guy
got a rhythm going the one in my mouth shot his load.
He was holding my head tight, grabbing me by the hair
and yelling at me to "swallow bitch, don’t lose a drop, today you are going to be filled with Black cum."
He came and then withdrew from my mouth and I found standing there, in his place, Leroy.
Leroy said, "my cock has been up your ass, clean it cunt”…so I
took him into my mouth and cleaned his cock. Soon Leroy was cumming down my throat
as the other guy in my ass was losing it and
making his own deposit. He slowed then stopped and
then backed out and flopped down in a chair. Next, the
fourth guy entered me, he was bigger than the other
three, i am glad that he had waited until last, as he
really stretched my hole. He was so excited by the
previous action that he came within just a few thrusts.

They all seemed to be really satisfied. Leroy slapped my ass
and thanked me for a good fuck and suck and they all
collapsed on the couch and switched on the TV.
It was a Saturday and now about 7:00 or so. They
put on a football game, replaced the ball gag in my mouth and where sat around
chilling and enjoying the game.They'd helped themselves to beers and were
talking as I lay there all bound and
helpless with cum all over my nose and chin.

I was kind of dozing when Leroy touched my shoulder
and offered me a drink of water which I welcomed. He
smiled at me and patted my head telling me I was a
good girl and he knew I would be even a better girl by
morning. He then stood up, undid his pants and flopped
out his cock for me and ordered me to kiss it….I
did. I was untied from the table and taken to the bedroom
and secured to the bed corners. At the same time the other three guys came in and
one said “Round Two, I am first this time” and before
long, there I was, getting fucked in my ass and
sucking off Leroy. They would switch up. At one point, I was untied and
the guy with the largest cock sat on the edge of the bed
Leroy picked me up and dropped me on to his cock.
Then Leroy pulled my legs up high, leaned me in to the other guy and then placed his cock at the entrance to my ass.
"Take a deep breath and try to relax slut", said Leroy.
Before i knew it, Leroy was using pressure and was gliding in to my ass aswell.
I now had 2 cock in my ass.
One of the other guys stood on the bed , so my face was at his crotch level,
grabbed my hair and started to face fuck me. I now had 2 big black cocks inside me,
2 in my ass, 1 in my mouth. The fourth guy started taking pictures with his camera phone.

When they had all cum, i was retied, gagged and left there until around 2:00am when Leroy
untied me. By then they had used me as a fuck toy four
or five times.

When I got untied Leroy had just let them out to go
home. Leroy got me a drink and some
crackers. It took about a half hour or so before I was
able to really stand and walk on my own.
Leroy kissed me deeply and told me
I was the best bitch he ever spent an
evening with and asked me if i wanted to carry on living the role of Black mens slut.
I said "yes".

To be honest, I don’t even remember him leaving me
that night. All I know is that I slept tell past noon
that day and was pretty darn sore the rest of the

Leroy's three friends spread the word around the gym,
to all the local guys about me, showed them the pictures, telling them that i was a loose, hot bitch.
Soon, dozens of guys were almost knocking down Leroy's door
asking him if they could use his bitch.

Leroy put a plan into action. EVERY Saturday or Sunday,
whenever there was a match on Sky television, i was to make sure
that i was at home, dressed like a slut and that my apartment
had a good stock of beers. I was to open the door and welcome any man
inside who wanted to come in. Every weekend, i had between 6 and a dozen
men in my apartment to watch the game. Naturally, the game was
just a diversion, as i was to stay in my bedroom, lubed and ready to
service any guy who cared to come in.
My place soon became known as THE place to go. Married guys could tell
their wives that they were going to the pub, to meet up with their
mates, to watch the football in the pub on the big screen.
All the time, they were coming to my apartment and using me like
a whore. My life was complete!

Make my fantasy come true? Make me that sex slave ?

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