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Slut Gets Shaved

Sixth day on xhamster and Master is pleased that His cumslut is attracting a following. Here are snippets from my online conversations of the last two days.

"I'm the kind of man to cum in her waterbottle multiple times so that she is always drinking my cum and she doesn't forget what her master tastes like."

"I want to just make a mess all over you and in you.. Do you like to drink cum? I would want to give you a mouthful and watch you drink it down."

"[I read your posts] one hand on my mouse , the other.....wink, wink...."

"Great story & wonderful collection of videos & picks The master must be pleased."

If any of the quotes about is from you, you know how i responded. The rest of you will just have to imagine.

* * *

One xhamster friend was especially friendly, even took a fresh manicure and trimmed his pubes so he could post a new picture for Masters-cumslut to see. He's got a cute cock which looks even tastier with the new grooming. He got me think back to the first time this slut shaved her pubes.

* * *

This happened long ago, back when we were just starting to explore the Master and sub thing and we a more conventional couple. It was early summer and for once i had kept my New Year's resolution to lose ten pounds and get into better shape so that i could wear a bikini, which i hadn't dared to do in about three years. My Master (who back then was just The Boyfriend) said i looked fine, but you know how insecure women can be about their bodies. That's one great advantage to being owed by a Master, this slut no longer worries about how the slut's body looks, the slut simply accepts whatever Master says about it. Master says His slut has a nice body :)

Anyway, to further my resolve to get bikini-ready, i threw out all three of the one-piece suits and dieted and exercised from January through May. By early June i was ready. It was a Wednesday afternoon as i recall, or maybe Tuesday, anyway, we both had just gotten off back-to-back work weeks with lots of travel and so were taking a weekday off as a mental health day. i mentioned needing to get a new swimsuit and He grabs the keys and says, "Get in the car let's go now." That was a bit of a surprise as normally the last thing He wants to do when He takes a day off to rest at home is to get in the car and drive to go shopping -- especially something like a new swimsuit where, as He would say "You'll try ten different ones at three different shops, they'll all be fine, but you'll say they all make you butt look big, and then at last you'll buy the first one you tried."

Anyway, we get in the car and head out, but not toward the shops at all. Rather, He drives out of town, to a fairly rural area, and turns up a dirt road. "What are you doing?" i ask, says, "just hold on, I've got a surprise for you." Finally he pulls over by an old, not well-maintained dirt driveway that leads up a hill. There's a rusty cable stretch across the entrance to the drive and a "Keep Out Private Property" sign. i had heard about the abandoned quarry out west of town where people go skinny-dipping, but had never been there. He said, "Come along, there a great swimming hole over that hill, and you don't need a swimsuit." Since i had been with him i had changed alot from the shy, and even a little prudish, girl i had been when I was young, and i thought "What the Heck, i remember friends in high school and college who had gone skinny-dipping and had fun, so why not give it a try, at least it's not like i'm going here along or with some strange guy i just met after too many beers at a dorm party (yes, i know a girl who did that and regretted it).

We well get to the quarry, i see that the water is clear, and the natural setting of the water surrounded by the quarry walls is very pleasant. It was the sort of place you might like to use to get sun and cool off in the water even if it weren't notorious as the local "nude beach." He stripped down quickly and jumped in and called me, "Hey, strip down and join me, the water's great. Wash off the sweat you worked up climbing the hill. There was no one around and i thought "What the heck?" (i seemed to have been thinking that quite a bit those days when He was first teaching me to loosen up about my body). Taking my top off was easy. We'd been to topless beaches on vacation in places where topless is normal, so i was used to that. But i had never been bottomless out of doors in the broad daylight like this. Even with no one else there it was more than a little scary. Besides, who knew when someone would show up. With my luck it would be the police to bust me for trespassing and i'd get arrested in the nude!

Well, in for a penny in for a pound, i was already a trespasser and by the standards of the community already "indecent" so i may as well go all the way and see how it feels to go naked. i quickly got out of my skirt and panties (i figured it's like removing a bandage from a wound, best to just rip it off quickly and get it over with). He looked up from the water and gave a big smile and thumbs-up. "Jump in, the water is fine." So i did. He was right, after the trek up and over the hill in the June sun, i was hot and sweaty and the water was cool, but not cold, in fact, just right. At first that was the only sensation, that of refreshment, but pretty soon i became aware of the feeling of cool water rushing over my pussy lips as i swam. It felt good, really good. Wow, now i know why the girls back in college said that skinny-dipping was such fun. i also understand why those swimming outings always ending in them getting laid. This was exciting. The Boyfriend, who had by then been swimming for some time, found his way to a shallow place to stand and rest his arms. i splashed around a bit more and then joined him. i gave him a big hug and thanked Him for getting me to try something new. As we embraced in water up to His chest and nearly to my neck, i felt his soft penis rub against my pussy. It felt so good that i could have fucked right there. But, of course, that didn't work at all, what with the water washing away any natural lubricant, and the coolness ruining his hardon, all we could do was rub it against my lips. But doing it, even just that, out her, out of doors, with the water caressing our bodies was divine!

It wasn't until we got out of the water that i remember that we had no towels. Fortunately it was a hot day with the sun directly overhead and a nice steady warm breeze. So we air-dried. Here i was, only a half hour or so ago i had stripped quickly and just as quickly jumped in the water to hide my nakedness in its cool freshness. Now The Boyfriend and i were strolling alone slowly, buck naked, with the wind blowing through our pubes to dry them. If you've never experienced the tingle of a cool breeze slowly blowing away the wetness on your pussy you cannot imagine how erotic it is. When we got back to the car i attacked him like a starving woman. i sucked Him dry in the front seat and He fingered me to orgasm. When we got home we made love for the next four hours, until we were exhausted from love-making and from having skipped both lunch and dinner. (well i did have a 'snack' in the car.)

But to get back to the story of my shaved pussy...

The following weekend He suggested we go back to the quarry. Sounded good to me. i loved it! Of course, it being the weekend, He warned me, there would likely be other people there. Damn, i hadn't thought about that. i had formed a mental image of the quarry from that first time when it was just the two of us. Actually what he said was "You worked so hard to get into the shape your in, let's go show it off at the quarry.Let the other guys see what I'm getting at home. I want them to be jealous." At first i wasn't sure. But then i thought of the other girls, those ones back in college, who went skinny-dipping when i wouldn't. They had fun and now i've been and i understand the appeal, and they had gone in groups and enjoyed it, so maybe i would too. Besides two could play at that game; The Boyfriend had a nice body and it would be fun to show the other girls at the quarry what i was getting at home. So i said yes and we agreed to go on Saturday afternoon. He'd pick up some beers and i'd make sandwiches and we'd make a day of it in the sun (don't forget the sunscreen!).

That's when He said "Hum, yes, let's get you completely naked and show you off." "Sure," i said, "i agree, i'll go nude at your nude beach like we did and this time but this time with other people to see us." "No, I mean completely naked. Let's shave your pussy and put it on display." "Pervert!" i replied. But He talked me into it. Even then, before he was my Master, He had a way of getting me to do what He wanted. And a way of making me enjoy it, too! So i shaved my pussy. Well not really my pussy, just removed the pubic hair. Master showed me a video recently of a woman literally shaving her pussy. I mean using a sharp razor to remove hair from her crotch right up to and almost touching the soft lips. That's frightening, i don't want anything sharp that close to there! Fortunately, my pussy is pretty much hairless, so it was just a matter of shaving the public area above. Kind of freaky to do (at least for me) but not scary like the girl in the video (i cringe thinking of that razor so close to her little flower).

So i set out to shave myself. Then i realized i had no idea how to do it! i had (have) a full bush. It's trimmed neat, but it still alot of hair. How do you shave that. The Boyfriend suggested (apparently he had studied-up on this subject, just like him with his perverted mind) that i first cut it as short as possible with scissors and then shave. i grabbed the best shears i owned, very good fabric shears that i paid alot for at Joann Fabrics. They were big, really too big to comfortably do some of the close work, but i had no haircutting shears (my boyfriend, whose mind is always jumping on to the craziest things asked whether i thought that they made special smaller haircutting shears just for the pubes to use by models in porn magazines. i told him "How the Hell should I know and how do you come up with these things!" i headed to the bathroom with the shears with the idea that would somehow trim my bush standing up in the shower and then shave like i shave my legs. The boyfriend, said, "No way! The hair will clog the drain and I'll spend my Saturday cleaning it out or paying for a plumber!" i laughed at the idea of explaining to the plumber how all those short and curly hairs ended up in the drain. Sort of like the scene in the movie "The Seven Year Itch" where Marilyn Monroe gets her big toe stuck in the faucet in the bath-tub and has to have a plumber come over and get it out.

My boyfriend spread old newspapers on the tiled floor of the kitchen, put a towel over the cold plastic of a kitchen chair cushion and said, "Here, sit and cut it here. I'll hold the mirror for you." The Boyfriend sat in a chair facing me holding a large hand-mirror and i sat with legs slightly apart, and off to work i went. Really i don't know how i would have done it standing up in the shower. The angle of approach would be all wrong, and without the mirror i don't think i could ever have cut it evenly. Not that the mirror was that much help, cuz once i got started, The Boyfriend began holding the mirror with one hand and rubbing himself through his shorts with the other. The mirror was bouncing all over the place. i said, "Why don't you just strip down and jerk off properly you pervert!." He took that as an invitation, not a put down. "I'll be right back," He said and headed toward the bedroom. Now i was getting a little annoyed. Here i was doing this for Him, and it wasn't easy, and He can't even hold the mirror for me, and what the Hell is he doing in the bedroom! Well, i found out shortly, when he came back, naked, carrying a towel and my big dressing mirror, the full-length mirror that is mounted on a stand so you can tip it, the one we keep by my closet. He sets up the mirror so i can see myself to do the trim job. Then He puts the towel on his chair, sits across from me and starts stroking Himself. By then i had gotten used to it, but, i tell you, at first i just couldn't get over how He would masturbate openly in front of me. I'd had boyfriends before who masturbated, like when i wasn't in the mood for fooling around or it was that time of month, but they'd go into the bathroom or down in the basement and pretend they would doing something else. The few times i walked in on boyfriends while they were doing it they get very embarrassed. But with The Boyfriend --now my Master-- it was wild. He had no embarrassment at all about whipping it out in front of me and going at it. Took him awhile, but he eventually got me to "put on a show" and masturbate for His viewing pleasure. As He masturbated He commented on how pretty my pussy was and he gave me guidance in cutting my pubes. The guidance was welcomed as trying to guide myself using the reverse image in the mirror was alot more difficult than i thought. Finally i was done cutting and we inspected my work. It was terrible, clumps of stubby hair everywhere. Well, again, in for a penny, in for a pound. i might as well finish the job and shave the stubble and hope the outcome is better than this.

The Boyfriend cleaned up the kitchen and we both jumped in the shower/tub. As i stood in the streaming water, He sat in the tub looking up at my pussy, telling me how hot i looked shaving. My razor for my legs clogged up with hair almost immediately and i began to think the whole thing was a mistake. The Boyfriend, ever resourceful (good scout), came to the rescue with some of the disposable razors He uses when traveling. Even they clogged up (i guess i should have trimmed closer with the shears). Took three of His disposable razors, but at last i had bare pubes. i rinsed off and He starting inspecting the finished job. First He gave a visual inspection and declared it beautiful, then He inspected with His tongue. Oh, my God! I came standing up in the shower. All the time He was eating me he continued to stroke himself. After I came He had me sit on the edge of the tub and He masturbated until He came all over my bare pussy. I reached for a wash-cloth to wipe it off, but He said, "No, rub it into the skin like aftershave lotion. Let it dry on you so when I show that shaved pussy off at the quarry it'll have my cum on it."

i had been so focused on my first attempt at shaving down there, and so transported by that fabulous licking He gave me, that i had nearly forgot about the trip to the quarry and The Boyfriends, new interest in exhibitionism. We headed back to the quarry. It was a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon and there were several other people there. The Boyfriend was disappointed that there were only a few girls, about four, as i recall. And half them wore swimsuits. Clearly He was looking forward to getting an eye-full as well as showing me off. People kept mostly to themselves. The girls were there with a few guys and that little group of sun-seekers stayed to one of the three patches of level ground that were s**ttered around the edge of the water. We settled into an area with just a few guys who seemed to all be there alone. At the far end was a larger group of naked men gathered about a boom-box and clearly having their own party. We stripped and spread out the beach blanket (this time we were prepared, not like before when we didn't even have towels). After just a few minutes The Boyfriend suggested we walk over to where the guys and girls were. i knew that was coming, He just had to get a closer look at the chicks who were baring it all. We walked up to the group, i think it was four couples, anyway, they were couples. As i said, half of the girls were dressed, and one of the girls with a swimsuit on was accompanied by a guy in cut off shorts. The Boyfriend tried to offer a casual "Hello" but the couples sort of closed ranks. They didn't out-right say "get lost" but it was clear that they weren't entirely comfortable being naked in front of each other (we know they were friends cuz they all called each other by name), and they certainly weren't ready to have a casual conversation with some naked strangers. We returned to our little "camp" where we left the blanket, beer, sandwiches, sunscreen, and clothes. One of the naked guys came by and said, "Hello, nice day to be out in the sun." You know, real generic conversation opener. The Boyfriend and he got into a little conversation about the weather, the water, and how it sucked that a place like this was private property when the owner had abandoned it. The Boyfriend offered the guy a beer and they drank and talked on a bit until he said he'd enjoyed the beer but had to get off to start his 4:00 p.m. shift at K-Mart. We also said it was nice to meet and perhaps we'll see more of each other at the quarry. Then we all laughed at the un-intended pun.

The Boyfriend suggested we take a stroll by some of the other guys in the area where we were. Having gotten nowhere with meeting other naked chicks He wanted to at least accomplish one of his goals for the day, as he put it "Show off that fine shaved pussy so these men will be green with envy." As we walked The Boyfriend and the guys talked. Sometimes they talked to me, but mostly the to The Boyfriend. Finally it dawned on him what was going on. "Fuck!" he said, "this is a gay hangout. Okay lets have our swim and get the Hell out of here!"

i'm laughing again now remembering that day!

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