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I come from a decent f****y in Delhi. We are four in our f****y – Dad, mom, my younger b*****r and I. My dad (42) is a higher-level employee in a bank. Mom (38) is a senior staff with one of the research institutes. I (22) have just finished my engineering in Electronics and looking for a job. My b*****r (20) is doing his B.Sc. In short we are a happy f****y enjoying all the facilities available in the modern era. Even we are rich enough to have a maid,but we do not have any because we think it's nice to do our things ourselves.

Being a little modern f****y, my mom goes to her office in jeans, or skirts or such kind of dresses. Her slim body with nice shape makes many people mad. She has attractive figure of 32-28-36. Her ass jiggles very nicely according to her movement. People go crazy with her movements and I could say that nobody could think that she has two sons above 20 years of age. Inside our home we wear free dresses. I have seen my mom many times in her bra and panties and helped her several times in hooking and unhooking her bra from behind. It's just normal for her to kiss my dad in front of us. Dad also sometimes cups her breasts while watching the tv along with us. We (mom and I) go to the shopping frequently and she never hesitates to buy her lingerie (including g-strings with very thin strips), shaving kits, sanitary napkins and even contraceptives, I take it normally. She has a smoking habit and people stare at her whenever she smokes outside. This is still a kind of amazing thing in India, to be observed.

Let's come to the main point now. Once my dad was out on his official trip and b*****r was on an excursion from his college. After coming back from her office mom went to the bathroom. I was watching tv in the living room. After sometime she called me from her room, and I went there and found that mom was just back from the bathroom, taking a shower. She was in front of the mirror and had her back towards me. But I could see everything on her front through the mirror. She was in her g-string, the strip was so thin that it was not enough to cover even her shit hole. Through the mirror I could see that her breasts were hanging nicely, they were very firm and not very big in size. Her nice, thin waist was holding thin lace of her g-string just below her navel. The front part of her g-string hardly covered her pussy and most part was hidden inside her pussy. She had shaven her pussy nicely, so I could not see her pubic hair outside the g-string. She was combing her hair. Her breasts were moving nicely as per her move of hands. I could clearly see her armpits, which were cleanly shaved. Seeing her in that position, I had a hardon down below in my pants but thinking of the relation, I tried to hide everything and the scene was not very unusual for me. Only small change was that I could even see her lower lips eating her g-string completely.

"Yes, mom", I said approaching her.

"Can you please help me in hooking my bra?" She asked tying her hair.

"Sure mom. But where it is?" I said.

"Oh, sorry, it's in the cupboard, would you mind to take it out from there Amit?" She said.

"No mom, not at all." I said and opened her cupboard and tried to find one bra for her. There were several bras in her cupboard.

"Which one do you want to wear now?" I asked her.

"Can you find the one that matches this panty please?"

She said without looking at me. She was wearing a white g-string. There were many white bras. I chose the one that had smallest cup and thinnest strips. I closed the door of her cupboard and headed towards her.

"Just a minute, I will be back in seconds."

She said and went out of the room. I was watching her from behind. Oh my God! Her movement was very sexy. Her ass chicks were fighting with each other. There was no sign of her g-string except the lace around her thin waist. After less than a minute she came back with a lighter.

"Is this ok mom?" I asked showing the bra I chose for her to wear.

"Ohh, sweet Amit, it's nice. It matches this perfectly", she said showing her g-string, which is almost doing nothing to hide her most private part.

She took the bra from my hand and wore through her arms. She adjusted her breasts in the cups of the bra and asked me to hook it. As I suspected, the cups were not enough to hold her breasts. But she did not care. I hooked it.

"Thanks Amit", she said. "Shall we go out for dinner?" she asked me lighting one cigarette and throwing the smoke through her nostrils.

"It sounds great mom," I said.

"Go and get ready then. I will finish this cigarette by then." She said and lied on the bed.

I went to my room and changed myself. Since it was hot summer day, I wore a loose t-shirt and shorts. After then I went to mom's room. She was still on the bed puffing her cigarette. One of her hands was inside her g-string, maybe she was fingering.

"Let's go mom." I said pretending not seeing anything.

"Two minutes, baby." She took last puff and threw the remainder of cigarette into the ashtray.

She got up and wore a sleeveless t-shirt and tight shorts. She took her purse and car key. We went to the garage; she sat on the driving seat and drove us to the market. We parked the car in front of a nice restaurant and entered. We had reserved one table and ordered some meal and told them that we would be back in an hour as it was too early for us to take dinner. We walked around the market. People were staring at us as we (especially mom) were in western outfits. Many people glazed their eyes on my mom when she lit one cigarette and puffed it up. But we did not care. We walked around, had some coconut water on the way and went to the medicine shops. I, together with the man in the shop was shocked when mom asked for condoms. I could easily see that the shopkeeper's hand was trembling while delivering the packets of condoms to her. This was my first time to see her buying condoms; otherwise she used to buy some pills or other things as contraceptives.

After around one hour we returned back to the restaurant and we occupied our table. Mom asked for some wine and I was happy with beer.

"Have you ever smoked Amit?" she asked lighting one more. This was third cigarette that I saw my mom smoking in one day. I had tried smoking many times but was not addicted to this like my mom. In our f****y only she is a regular smoker, others are not.

"Well, I have tried a couple of times, but I am not a regular smoker like you." I said.

"I know. Would you mind to have one to give company to me now?" She asked.

"I have no problem." I said.

"Thanks Amit" saying this she forwarded her cigarette case to me. I took one and put between my lips. She lit the lighter and helped me to light it.

"You are a smart smoker honey, your dad never smokes that perfectly," She said as I threw the smoke out of my nostrils. It was my first time to smoke in front of my mom. Before eating dinner, she finished two large pegs of wine and I had finished a couple of bottles of beer. In the meantime we almost emptied her cigarette case. We took dinner and had some ice creams aswell. After paying the bill, we came out, it was already dark and my wristwatch was indicating 10 o'clock. We went to the parking lot and I took charge of the steering this time. While driving home back, she asked me to stop at one of the street shops and bought couple of packets of cigarettes.

I parked the car in the garage and we went inside the house. Both of us had some effect of alcohol we consumed just now. So our paces were not so smooth. I had to help my mom in climbing up the stairs. As we reached the sitting room she asked me to come to her room to help her in unhooking her bra. I followed her. She threw her t-shirts off and went to the bathroom adjacent to her room. Probably because of alcohol, she forgot to close the door behind her. I was standing in the room in such a way that I could easily have the view of her bathroom. She threw the shorts on the floor of the bathroom, pulled her g-string down to knees and sat on the commode. I was feeling very hot seeing all this. I had a huge erection down, but I had to control it, anyway. I could the hissing sound of her pissing and about to cum myself. After she finished pissing, she pulled the g-string up and came to the room. I could see that her g-string was completely wet. She came to me and asked to unhook her bra. I did so.

"In the market many people were seeing us. Did you notice that, Amit?" She asked me suddenly.

"Yes, I did." I said.

"Maybe they were thinking us husband and wife." She said and laughed.

"I don't know. Maybe" I said.

"Amit, tell me frankly. What do you think when you see me in this kind of dresses and behaving like this? And what you feel about me?" She asked me. I was totally shocked to listen this, as I had never expected this from my mom.

"Nothing special mom, we are used to with it. We have been seeing you in this kind of dresses and we know your behavior very well. I think, despite of this kind of dresses and behavior you are just like a common Indian woman with lots of love to her f****y." I said.

"Thanks Amit. I wanted to know whether I was over behaving and breaking the norms of a mother and whether affecting my sons' feelings." She said and came closer to me. She kissed me and asked me to sit down for some time.

I sat on her bed, she was just in front of me, standing in her g-string that was wet with her own urine. Her pussy lips were clearly visible. She took out the cigarette case from her bag and lit one cigarette.

"Have you ever seen a girl in her panty?" She asked suddenly.

"Yes, many times". I said.

"Who is that?" She asked immediately.

"It's you mom. I have been seeing you in panty many times." I said.

"Come on boy, I am not a girl. I am an old woman with two young sons. Do you like to see me in my panty?" She said.

"Yes, mom. You look very sexy in this." I said.

"What about like this?" Saying this she just pulled her panty off and threw it on the floor. Now she was completely naked in front of me. A nude nice figured smoking lady. I could not hide my dick to erect anymore.

"Do you like to see me in this dress?" She asked puffing her cigarette.

"You are great mom. Your body is perfect." I said, I was not flattering her, anyway. I looked at her. She was damn sexy – nicely built by the creator. She brought her pussy towards my face and landed into my lips, I could smell her musky scent, it was sooooooooooooo nice, I could not tolerate. I inserted my tongue inside her juicy pussy. It tasted so good, her pussy was too smooth as it was shaven very nicely. Maybe because of her urine, it was salty and I liked it very much. When I inserted my tongue deep inside her pussy, she gave a loud moan and discharged a flow of her cum, I lapped it all. I was licking her very furiously, as she was moaning and puffing the cigarette. I drank each drop of her pussy juice and I was very happy imagining that I am going to get the nice pussy to fuck tonight.

She was pressing my head hard, indicating me to increase the speed of my tongue fuck as she moaning loudly. After about half an hour's tongue work, she came in with a loud moan and discharged a jet of juice. I had a very hard time swallowing it all, in time. She was very much relieved and became very exhausted too, she then said good night to me and asked me to go to my room and sl**p.

I was not expecting this, as I was expecting some more and was really very much upset and annoyed. Seeing my embarrassment, she fondled my hair and said that she was completely satisfied now. I told her that I wanted more and something else. She understood what I meant. But she told me that she could do nothing now but promised that she would allow me the next day. I with heavy heart went to my room, undressed myself and slept naked. I masturbated twice, imagining fucking mom.

The next morning, at around 5 0'clock, mom came to my room and woke me up. She was still naked. She said that she was going to the toilet and if I wanted to see her in the toilet I could follow her. I was more than happy to hear this. In the joy, I forgot that I was naked inside my blanket. I jumped off and went to the toilet naked. Mom was already in the toilet sitting on the commode. She was surprised to see me naked. She asked me to come closer to her. I went there. She started sucking my dick while shitting. I was in the seventh heaven. My own mom was giving me a nice blowjob. This feeling gave me a total jerk and I relieved discharging my cum into her mouth. She drank each drop of it. She did not leave my dick and started sucking again. I was feeling to pee and asked mom to leave so that I could urinate.

"I will be pleased to drink my son's pee. Please piss into my mouth honey." She said. What could be the greatest thing in the world than this one? I started pissing into my mom's mouth slowly. She surprisingly drank all my urine. It should be more than half a liter as it was morning pee. After a while she finished shitting and got up from the commode. She cleaned her shit hole with the toilet paper and flushed the bowl. Now I sat on the commode to shit. She came to me and pushed her pussy to my mouth. I licked her and drank her pee. It was not much, as she had already peed while shitting.

"Are you satisfied now?" She asked me.

"Yes mom. But I want more than this. I want to explore the way from where I came to this world." I said wiping my shit hole with the toilet paper.

"Didn't you explore with your tongue?" She said.

"Yes, but I feel that exploration is better with appropriate tool. And you know that I have the better tool for it." I said and kissed on her lips.

She was very happy with my kiss. Soon she started sucking my lips. I inserted my tongue into her mouth and sucked her tongue. We exchanged our saliva with each other. We were kissing so deeply ad passionately. My hands were cupping her ass chicks and her hands were doing same with mine. Slowly I moved down and started sucking her nipples. I was sucking them after 20 years or more. It was really very exciting. She was holding my dick and stroking it lightly. She was moaning and had closed her eyes in pleasure.

After a while, I lifted her in my arms, as she was not heavy I could hold her very nicely. I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy in that lifted position and hugged her tightly. Our lips were locked with each other and we were eating each other tastily. I walked towards her bedroom in the same position carrying her on my arms with my dick inside her pussy. She was pushing her ass back and forth to fuck herself up.

"Fuck your slut mom Amit, tear your whore's pussy mercilessly...I am dying for your dick...tear me...tear my pussy and my asshole...forget that you are my son...and forget that I am your mother...think me as your whore...

She was shouting like this. I was still holding her on my arms and she was fucking heavily. I was too much joyful to fuck my own mom. I was too much enjoying pumping the hole from where I came to this world. I went near the mirror and positioned in such a way that we could see us in the mirror. She was fucking me so furiously that we could see my dick going in and out in her pussy very fast. She was increasing the pace every minute and I was enjoying a lot.

MMMMMMMmmmm...fuck your slut Amit...fuck your whore...tear me son of bitch...Saying this she increased pace. I was also telling the filthy words to her. As both of us increased our pace, we both came almost the same time. She leaned on my chest pushing her pussy hard to my dick.

"Oh...we forgot to use condom. What happens if you get pregnant?" I asked sucking her juicy lips.

"Don't worry...I will take care of it." She said tightening her grip on my back and pushing her pussy deep towards my semi erect dick.

When my dick limped completely, it slipped out from her pussy. We then lay on the bed, there she kissed me once again. I asked her whether I was the second man in her life. She told me that I was the third one. She had been fucking wit one of her colleagues in the college. It was 10 years ago when my dad was away for 1 year on his academic tour to England. Then I asked what happens if dad comes to know about this and even Ajit (my b*****r) comes to know about this. She was bit relaxed towards this. She told me that while fucking with dad, they used to fantasize about fucking with other couples and she assured me that dad would be more than happy if he comes to know that his son had taken care of his wife well. And about Ajit she said, "When I am fucked by my one son, there is no harm to be fucked by another one too."

It was already 8 o'clock now. She had to go to the office and I had nothing to do in the afternoon. I asked her if she could come early so that we can have a good session before dad arrives home from the tour. She said that she would try. She went to the office after taking breakfast. I just slept on her bed naked. I was just thinking about what was happened the day before and was little bit guilty about it as I fucked my own mom. But after analyzing for some time and seeing mom very happy in the morning, I thought I did a good job. Mom came around 1 o'clock in the afternoon and said that she would not be going to the office. We both went to the bathroom, took shower. I applied soap to her pussy, breasts and shit hole. She did the same to me. Then we took lunch together. We ate from the same plate helping each other and feeding each other. In the meantime, I inserted one banana in her pussy and ate that afterwards.

Then we went to her room naked. We did 69 and had one orgasm each. Then we lay kissing each other. We were thinking of fucking, but maybe because of over fucking and heat, we fell asl**p. When we woke up, it was already 5 o'clock and it was time for my dad to come back. I got up to dress me up. But mom said that she wanted a quick fuck. I reminded her that dad would be coming any minute. But she wanted my dick at any cost. My dick became hard rock. I fucked her in missionary position then. We were about to get the climax; we heard the car coming into our compound. I pushed a last stroke and discharged my cum into my mom's wet and juicy pussy. I quickly ran to my room. I heard that dad was entered into his room.

"Oh honey, you are too horny, you are waiting for me being naked?" I heard dad's voice. I went to their bedroom to find out what was happening. The door was closed but I could see everything through the keyhole.

"Let me put off my clothes and I will fuck you hard." He said and started throwing his clothes away. When he became naked, he directly went on top of my mom and started fucking.

"You are too wet darling today. Are you very hungry?" Saying this he started fucking my mom. My mom was helping him by pushing her ass from down.

"Honey, do you allow me to fuck with other guy?" Mom asked.

"Yes honey, I will be watching you fucking with other guy. Probably I will be filming it." He said increasing his pace.

"Oh sweetheart, you are great." Mom kissed dad on his lips.

"Do you have anyone in your mind with whom you can fuck?" Dad asked while pumping mom's already fucked pussy.

"Yes, but promise that you won't be angry." She said.

"No, darling, I told you that I would be enjoying if I happen to see you fucking with another dick. Tell me who is that?" He said.

"Amit" She said and closed her eyes.

"You mean, our son...? Is it correct...Let me think...maybe if you want his dick...then I think it should be ok. Ok honey, I allow you to fuck with Amit and I don't mind if you fuck with Ajit too. It would really be nice to see sons to fuck their own mother." He said. Probably this fantasy made him hornier. I was too happy to hear this thinking that now I can fuck my mom always and anytime.

"Are you serious honey?" My mom asked.

"Sure my darling." Dad said.

"I should confess that I was fucked by him from this morning. In fact when you came, he just finished fucking me and went to his room. I was naked because I was fucking with our own son. Please forgive me that I fucked with him before getting your consent. But I could not control myself." She started crying or pretending, I don't know.

"It's ok honey. I am happy that my son had taken care of my wife in my absence. I declare that you can fuck with your both sons anytime in the house. But be sure that you will not be fucking outside". He said and gave a last stroke.

"Thanks honey." Mom said and closed her eyes in pleasure.

After this there was nothing to hide in our f****y. Ajit was bit shocked to hear all these things and this development. But after all he is a man and he also has sexual urge. So he agreed to fuck mom. Earlier mom used to walk around on her bra and panty but now she started naked. Dad and mom fuck in front of us. But we have never fucked her in front of dad. While fucking I ask her with whom she enjoys more. Maybe she doesn't want to displease any of us. So she says that she enjoys with all. These days mom usually gets three fucks a day. In the morning I fuck her. In the afternoon Ajit fucks her when he comes back from his college and in the night she fucks with dad. Sometimes when she doesn't get satisfied with dad in the night then she comes either to me or to Ajit to be fucked. I am really surprised that she never says no when any of us wants to fuck her. How horny she is...

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