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Hot Nuns

I spent the better time of my high school years in detention. I just
couldn't seem to keep myself out of trouble. Hell, that was why I
graduated a year late, because I never could seem to get to school enough
to get the grades I needed to get outa good old St. Francis High. That was
until the first day of school in what would be my last year of high
school. That was the day s****r Mary Beth and s****r Anne came into my

I was sitting outside Father Frank's office as usual, because I showed up
late for school. I was outside behind the church getting my girl to suck
my dick when the bell rang. If they thought I was going to give that up to
go to home room they were crazy. I blew my nut in her pretty mouth and
bolted into the building, but that ass fucking priest caught me before I
got to class. He never did anything to me, but I knew a couple of boys
that were afraid of him, and that made everything clear to me, still I
tried to act like I had no real hatred of the guy, after all one call to
my mom and I would be sunk.

Come in here, he said as I stood up. You and I are going to get a few
things straight.

You will graduate this year boy. Understand! He pace the room then
turned to look at me. You are eighteen years old, time to grow up. Get to

That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so I just blew it off and
went to have a smoke in the photography room. The room was dark and I went
to the window and lit up. I loved to skip class, but I tell ya, that smoke
was going to be my last during class. I just hadn't known it at the time.
I flicked the smoke out the window, and was about to leave when the door
opened and a nun walked in. I was busted again.

What are you doing? she said as she closed the door behind her. (I never
saw her lock it)

Um, I stammered. Nothing

Smells like smoke in here. She walked up to me and I finally got a good
look at her in the dim light. She had green eyes and I could see some very
red hair peeping out of her habit. She looked to be only 5' tall and I
would be shocked if she more than 22 or so. If she wasn't a nun I would
have thought she was hot.

I finally got the nerve to say something smart . So! I then realized how
dumb I really was. This nun had really managed to stun me and tongue tie

Good one, learned that from a two year old didn't ya? She walked over to
the window and pointed out the window. As she did this, she bent a bit and
showed off the shape of her body. She was built! I had never seen an ass
that nice. Not even on Kim my girlfriend. I always thought I was lucky to
have her cause she was hot, but I never saw her ass look that good. And
Kim played softball at the local community college.

You know a funny thing happened when I came to work today. I saw a young
man getting oral sex behind the church. She wasn't in uniform and I would
venture to think that she wasn't a student here. She smiled at me. So
when I went to see Father Frank I asked who this young man could be. He
told me that it was a k** he liked to call the hellion, and that come hell
or high water he was going to be rid of him.

She chuckled, I think Father Frank is worried about his soul.

Um, was all I could say. Damn she had me rattled.

She walked over to me and looked up into my eyes. Are you the hellion?

Um, well I...I mean yes....I am s****r.

Good, I like to a challenge. She turned around and I swear her hips
swayed as she walked. I know they didn't when she walked in, but they were
at that point. I watched her lean out to look out the window and felt my
dick getting hard. I wore my pants lose, so if she turned around I was
sure to be busted. What would you say if I said you will be on time to
school everyday from now on?

I'd say Fuck You, I said automatically.

She didn't seem to hear me, I think I can get you to be the perfect

Her ass swaying as she still looked out the window.

Sure you can. I said sarcastically.

You will meet me here everyday before homeroom, and we will begin our
goal to get the Hellion out of this school and on to college. She turned
around and looked at my crotch, almost like she knew I would be hard. She
walked over to me swaying, her breast heaving under her blouse. They were
small and perfect.

Grabbing my belt she undid it and opened my slacks and said, First
lesson. She reached down and grabbed my dick and stroked it, I closed my
eyes as she did. You like that don't you?

Yes. I couldn't lie to a nun.

I watched as she lowered herself down to her knees and said, Let me show
how I pray. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and licked the tip,
precum all over it already. I must admit that Kim sucked dick poorly, and
by the way she was holding my dick I knew I was finally going feel what a
real blowjob was like.

Her mouth wrapped around my dick and slowly she took all of me into her
mouth. All the way down to the balls. I was in heaven. Her head bobbed up
and down in a blur of black and white. She played with my balls as sucked
me. Mmmmmph mmmmm mmmmph, came from her mouth as she took
all of my 8 inches in her mouth.

I heard the bell ring, and people starting to move outside. No one was do
into the photo room, but I thought that I would get caught. My nervousness
turning me on even more. I couldn't believe that I was getting sucked off
by a nun. I started to push my pelvis toward her, feeling the back of her
throat every time I did. I was in heaven.

All the sudden I saw a burst of light, and I felt my cum rushing out into
her mouth. I had always told Kim I was coming so she could pull her head
away, but she never sucked me like that. God, I never even saw it coming.
My knees got weak as I held the Nuns head filling her mouth full of my
spunk. Finally unable to stand anymore I slid down into a nearby desk.
Praise Jesus. she said with my cum dripping out of her mouth still.

Umm who are you? I finally said as she fixed her habit straight.

I am one of the knew nuns here at this school. s****r Mary Beth too you.
She stood up and then smiled. You'll make it here early tomorrow right?
We have to make sure you get your lesson each day. She winked, In return
for good behavior of course. She turned and walked away from me like
nothing happened. There was no sway in her hips.

I got my pants in order and looked at my schedule, I had to make sure I
behaved myself the rest of the day, I knew that I had to see if s****r
Mary Beth was for real the next morning. I ran down the hall and tried to
slip into the class. Busted again. The nun teaching the class had her back
to me as she said, You are late.

Sorry, won't happen again. I said quietly watching the people in class
stare at me, waiting for me to say something nasty to her. What could I
say to them about my answer. Hey if I make it to class I will get a
blowjob from a nun everyday. I just slid into my seat.

She turned around and looked at me, I bet you're the hellion, well you
and I would have been in a bad state if s****r Mary Beth hadn't stopped by
and told me you would be late. She smiled. I could see that just like
Mary Beth, she was a pretty girl under that habit and lose blouse. She was
taller and a bit bigger in the middle than Mary Beth, but all and all, I
thought she more than likely had a great body too. I can see that her
breast were much bigger, and I found myself wondering what she would like
with my dick in her mouth. God! I was so going to burn in hell.

I sat there and paid attention to her every move as she told us about the
history of the fucking church. I kept thinking about sex, and I guess
cause she was right in front of me I was thinking about it with her. I
pictured my cock in her mouth as she fingered her pussy, slurping and
sucking on my dick. I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear the bell

Hellion? I heard. I know it is your first day of school, but you have
to get with it. s****r Mary Beth will be cross if you continue to shirk.
I could tell she knew. Oh my god she knew. I think it will be ok today,
but tomorrow you will have to do better. I don't think you want us to get
angry with you.


I noticed that we were alone. She walked over to the door and closed the
blind and locked the door. As she walked back to me she started to take
off her blouse exposing those big tit's in a very plain bra. I saw you
looking at them. You can't think that I was going to let her have all the
fun with you. She leaned over and kissed my mouth, slipping her tongue in
my mouth as she did. I felt her grab my hard dick and start to stroke it.
My hands went to her ass, I felt her body quiver as I rubbed it. I stood
up suddenly.

What is this shit! I blurted out.

Incentive, nothing more. she said as she removed her bra. She pushed me
back to the wall and got on her knees. She pulled out my cock so quick
that I swear she didn't even take off my belt, but she did. The next thing
I knew I was between her tits fucking them harder than I ever fucked a
pussy. It took no time all to finish shooting what little cum I had left
onto the nun's big tits. I suddenly realized I had no clue what her name
was. Damn, I had never done anything sexual with any girl without a name
before. I did it twice that day. Looking up I saw her name was Anne, she
had written it on the board. I was so spent that I wanted to sl**p for a

I was so hoping the next day would be as fun.

My mom and dad had left for work about an hour before I even woke up. I
laid there in my bed smoking a cig listening to my radio as I thought over
what had just happened to me the day before. I guess what I really was
thinking, was if it all was a dream. I mean, when does a guy meat two very
hot nuns that like dick? I was a bit in awe of my situation to say the

I got out of bed and went into the shower and stood under the water till
the hot water ran out. Ten minutes later I was on my way to the place that
up until yesterday, I avoided when ever I could. I made a point of
avoiding my girlfriend that morning, telling her that I was sick and that
I really just needed to get to school and get it over with. When I got
there, I could see some of the nun's walking around doing whatever it is
they do in the morning before the first bell. I didn't really think I was
going to have a repeat of the day before, but I did think it would be
worth my getting to school on time if I could just in case.

I got to the photo lab and walked inside. It was pitch dark, and from what
little light from the hall could illuminate, empty. My heart sank. I
guessed that what happened the day before was just a fluke, or worse yet a
dream. I walked over to the window and opened the blind, then lifted the
window open. I was at least going to get a smoke in before class.

I heard footsteps behind and turned around, it was Melissa Tipple. She was
a big boned girl that all the guys called Melissa Nipple. I stood there
smoking my cig as she walked into the room with out a word. The one thing
that I had always liked about her, was that she was very proportionate,
her body was large, but just plain hot. The whole school knew she never
put out, and that she was a complete snob. The look on her face was
passive as she walked over to the window and lit a smoke. Her pail skin
and blonde hair accented by the morning light coming in the window. I
could help but notice that she was wearing a bra that morning. She used to
get sent home for not wearing one at least once a week. It was just
perfect that Missy Nipple also had a huge rack that I would love to fuck.

"So what are you doing here?" I asked finally. I looked into her green
eyes as she shrugged.

"That cunt s****r Mary Beth told me to come here this morning after she
ripped me a new one yesterday for my lack of a bra." She looked at me and
said, "You see I am wearing one today."

We both turned around and looked as we heard some one clearing their

"So Ms. Tipple you think I am a cunt." The s****r stood there wearing a
gray skirt and white blouse, her habit like the day before was on
perfectly. She turned around and locked the door.


"I was just venting s****r, I won't say it again."

"Oh I think you will honey, I think you will."

I stood there wondering what that meant when out of the blue she said. "As
you both know I have taken a special interest in both of you. You are by
far the worst k**s in this school. Melissa, you are a cock tease and a
snob, and you my young friend," she said pointing at me, "need to learn
about authority." As she walked toward us she began to undue her blouse.
"You like it when I gave you head yesterday didn't you?"

"Yes." we both said in unison. I was shocked when I heard Missy say it.

As she undid her blouse I say how perfect her little boobs were. I could
feel my dick getting hard as she walked over and stood before us. "On your
knees Ms. Tipple." Without a word she got on her knees in front of the
s****r. "Unzip me." she said in sweet voice as she turned around to let
her unzip her skirt. The skirt and top went to the floor and all that was
left were a pair of white panties that were a bit see through and her bra,
she never attempted to take her habit off.

I watched as she pulled Missy's head toward her crotch and ground it into
her face. Missy tried to pull away at first, but then seemed to be
enjoying it. She pushed her head away and I could see saliva marks on her
panties where Missy's mouth had just been. I was so fucking hard I
couldn't stand it. "Hellion?"

"Yes s****r?"

"Ms' Tipple is saving herself for marriage, did you know that?" I shook my
head no. "She wants to marry a man and give him her cherry on their
wedding night. Well hellion, I made a decision last night as I fucked
myself silly with my dildo. I am going to let her keep her cherry, but I
am going to see the little cock tease get fucked. Ms Tipple needs fucked.
We both need fucked. Would you like that?"

Missy just looked at the floor as I said "Yes I would."

"Let me see that awesome cock honey." I pulled off my pants in a second as
my dick stood at attention she tapped my cheek. I heard Missy gasp as she
looked at my dick for the first time. "Missy I want you too take off your
cloths." As missy took off all her cloths, I watched the nun touch
herself. God if someone didn't have sex with me soon I was gonna blow a
nut right then. Missy's tits were as perfect as I thought. s****r Anne
would have a hard time competing with those melons. Then she bent over and
pulled of her panties, she had a great ass that until that morning I
hadn't noticed because of my obsession with her chest. I was shocked to
see that she was completely shaved. I so couldn't wait to get into her.

I stood there with my dick in my hand waiting for some instruction from
the nun. Instead of saying anything, she just pushed Missy on to her back
and started to eat her out. Just like that, no speech, no jibes, not even
a wink. Missy was moaning as she grabbed the s****r's head and pulled
toward her bald little snatch. Without either one of the horny women
touching me, I was close to blowing a huge nut. I just knew for sure if
either one touched me I would lose control.

s****r Mary Beth looked up from her feast with her face wet from Missy
pussy and said sweetly, "If I need to tell you what to do, you are in the
wrong place Hellion." She lick Missy with a very animated lick and said,
"If you can't conform to rules, you make knew ones right?"

I stood there for long time wondering what she meant. Did she want me to
take control? Was she saying that I should do her, or do Missy? I was so
lost without the f***efulness that she showed since I met her. Finally I
decided, I would start easy and get me a blow job, that way I could
finally get some relief. That would be a start at least.

I got down on my knees and stuffed my dick in Missy's mouth. Her eyes
bulged as she realized what was happening. "Suck it!!" I said as I pushed
all eight inches in her mouth forcing her to gag. I looked over and s****r
Mary Beth was still eating her out as I begin to fuck Missy's mouth. I
could see she was getting close to an orgasm as was getting my cock
stuffed down her throat and her pussy was getting licked by the horny nun.

Her body began to tremble as she continued to get her mouth fucked, I
could feel my own orgasm mounting as I grabbed her hair and pulled her
mouth as far down on it as I could. I moaned loud as I began to shoot load
after load down her throat forcing myself deeper into her mouth. I pulled
my cock out of her mouth and sprayed a shot across her face as I turned
shooting yet again on her huge tits. MY legs were giving out as I finally

s****r Mary Beth climbed up on top of Missy and lick the tip of my dick
before she slowly licked the cum off her face and tits. "MMMMMMMMMMMM, I
so love the taste of your cum." She smiled down at Missy and said, "You
like it when you get a hard dick in you mouth don't you?"

Missy was in tears as she laid there, and I began to feel sorry for her. I
felt guilty for losing control. "Oh, don't worry Hellion," the nun said,
"She will learn to love it."

She slid herself up over Missy's mouth, and began to grind her hot little
cunt into her mouth. Missy seemed to recover enough to start eating her
snatch through Mary Beth's panties. I looked down at my cock and saw that
it was a semi hard, and I knew then that I wasn't finished yet. I put my
dick in the nun's face and said, "Suck it!" Hoping that I didn't cross the
line. She smiled as she took the head into her mouth and began to swirl
her tongue around the head. Soon I was pumping my dick in her mouth just
like I had done the day before. "MMMMMMMM" came from her mouth as she
pulled all eight inches in her mouth and deep throated me. If you have
ever had this done to you, you know that it is so good that you just want
to come again. But I held on and let her suck my dick till I knew that I
was so hard that nothing else in the world mattered.

"I wanna fuck you"

"Me?" the nun asked

"Both of you," I said as I slapped my dick on Mary Beth's lips.

The guilt I felt the day before was gone, and I now realized that I didn't
care if I burned as long as I was having fun. Right then I knew that I was
doing exactly what I wanted. No one, no god was going to make me feel bad
about it.

"Well," she said she stood up and walked over to her discarded cloths
leaving Missy on the floor silently biting her lip. "You are going to need
this." She reached in and grabbed something that I thought would be
condoms. When she handed it to me I saw what it really was, anal lube. "we
are both virgins. You remember she is saving herself for her future
husband, and I am of course married to our lord. So I guess you are going
to have to fuck us both in the ass." She smiled as she sat on Missy's face

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