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A f****y Slumber

I had married young, mainly due the fact that I had gotten Janet pregnant.
Things seemed to work out fine for about five years until Janet informed me that
she was leaving me and our little girl Kelly for some rich guy on the west
coast. Twelve years later I still hadn't gotten over it completely. I truly
loved Janet and probably would still take her back today. Now at 35, my love
life is still pretty lame even though I am considered good looking. I am just
not a very good conversationalist. It had been at least 6 months since my last
sexual encounter, a bar slut who I'd rather forget.

It was Friday night, my poker night over at Stu's house. I was doing pretty
good, both in my beer drinking and card playing. At 12:30, Stu's wife came out
wearing a tight fitting tank top and high cut shorts. I could smell her soft
sensual perfume as she whispered something in his ear, her hand disappearing
below the table. They were both young, Stu about 28 and Sandy 25, although she
barely looked 19. She gave him a quick kiss and stood up. My eyes couldn't help
fixating on her tits, her shirt perfectly outlining them and her obviously erect
nipples. She said "See ya guys" and trotted off. I envied Stu, I would have
given anything to jump in her pants. For obvious reasons the game ended shortly
thereafter and I headed home with my money, a good buzz and a hard-on.

I arrived home to the sight of a girl being carried out the door by a rather
large guy. I recognized him as Phil and the girl as Lisa. They had been over
many times to go swimming and hang out. "I just got here and found these two
totally wasted," Phil said. "How's Kelly?" I said. "She's pretty out of it too"
he replied. He then laid Lisa in the back seat of his car and drove off.

I walked into the house and saw my daughter passed out on the couch, many beer
bottles and a near empty Jack Daniels bottle on the coffee table. I tried to
bring my daughter up properly, but without a mother around, it was tough. She
was a good k** and at 18 she seemed to have it together. She didn't drink that
often, but when she did, this was usually the result. She looked much like her
mother since she became a bottle blond she looked more like porn star Ginger
Lynn. In the last year Kelly's body began to fill out quite nicely. Her dress
had become more revealing and so did her sexuality.

She was passed out all right. She was laid out on the couch, her blue eyes now
shut. Her cropped shirt revealed her trim belly and just barely covered her
noticeably adult breasts. I called her name several times and even shook her
shoulder with absolutely no response. I lifted her off the couch and carried her
to her room, laying her on the bed carefully. As I laid her down, her shirt
snagged briefly on my belt, then springing free revealing much of her left
breast. I didn't think anything of it and instinctively reached to cover her.
Just as my hand reached her shirt, Kelly shifted her sl**ping body, totally
exposing her tit, pressing it briefly into to my unexpected hand. My hand
quickly pulled away, my pinky catching on her raised nipple. Her breast shook
slightly before returning to stillness. I replaced her shirt correctly and stood
above her. I felt a stirring in my crotch as I gazed over her trim firm body.
I left the room and headed for the kitchen for a beer. I was disappointed but
not surprised to find that Kelly and her friend had drank them all. I remembered
the whiskey bottle on the table where Kelly was passed out. Reaching for the
bottle I found it to be nearly empty. No wonder she was so fucked up. I poured
myself a large shot and downed it quickly. I sat back as my mind couldn't forget
the brief but erotic experience in Kelly's room. My cock began to get hard at
the thought of seeing her bare tit. I thought back to the other erotic sights I
had seen. There was the time I walked into her room to call her for dinner and
found her asl**p on her bed. She was laying on her stomach wearing this same
crop top shirt and a pair of tiger striped panties. She had the nicest ass I had
ever seen. Thoughts of tracing that panty line with my tongue raced through my
head. She was my daughter, but how much can a man take. I thought of this summer
when she proudly displayed her incredible tan to me by pulling her bikini
bottoms down slightly for me to see, "Isn't this the best tan Daddy?" I had
nodded agreement still gazing at the small patch of pubic hair that also was
visible. I watched her as she made some ice tea, noting how nice and rounded her
breasts had become, bouncing slightly with each step. More than once I had come
home late and heard the sounds of her getting fucked by some lucky young stud. I
promised each time I would give her a father daughter talk, but just never got
around to it. One night I had woke up thirsty and headed to the kitchen. Passing
her door I heard a strange buzzing sound and listening closer, her moans. I
stood there awhile, slowly masturbating until I heard her moans increase to the
soft cries of orgasm. I shot my load all over the carpet outside her door. The
next day, while she was at school I found the mystery sound in her panty drawer.
It was a huge vibrating dildo. She hadn't washed it and I could still see by the
film her pussy juices left, how deep she stuck it inside her. I had masturbated
that afternoon at the thought of planting a hidden camera in her room to catch
her on film.

I had already downed the remaining whiskey while I thought, chugging straight
from the bottle. I found myself in Kelly's room again, giving myself the excuse
that I should check on her again to see if she was okay. I called her name
softly but she remained out cold in the same position I had left her before. I
knelt next to her bed and called her name again, shaking her shoulder. Nothing.
I put my hand on her belly and rub gently in small circles. I watched her face
for any response. She had a little upturned nose that gave her a 'you'd love to
fuck me, but i'm a bitch' look. She had a little mouth with pursed lips that
seemed born to suck cock. My cock was raging hard now but told myself that I
just wanted another brief glance at those gorgeous tits. My circles were getting
bigger so that my hand slipped under her shirt grazing the bottoms of her
breasts. The next time around my hand stopped as it reached the roundness of her
breast. My other hand, which had been stroking my now exposed cock, lifted her
shirt over those beautiful mounds, and quickly returned to my throbbing cock. My
free hand cupped around her breast, feeling it's fullness. My thumb played with
her nipple, which began to harden. I stared at her creamy white tits which were
emphasized by her contrasting bronze tan. They were so soft in my hand, but
practically begged to be sucked. I leaned over and kissed her trim belly working
up to her tits which i began to suckle almost immediately. I couldn't believe I
was sucking my own daughter's tits. Suddenly I felt my self coming and there was
no stopping it. I stood up just in time to send my first shot of cum across
Kelly's cheek and into her hair. The next load exploded onto her shoulder and
neck. I aimed the third shot lower and it struck her left breast. I continued
spraying my daughter's tits with my cum until my knees got weak. I watch as my
cum pooled between her tits and then slowly oozed its way down her belly,
filling her navel and then running off her side onto the bed.
I was feeling a little guilty as I went to the bathroom to get a towel to wipe
her off. It wasn't really i****t was it? It's not like I fucked her or anything.
I had better clean her up and get to bed.

As I returned to her room I pictured my cum hitting her tits and felt my cock
begin to grow again. I started to relish the thought wiping her boobs clean of
my white globs. I liked the thought of my jism rubbed into her skin. That had
always been a point of intense eroticism for me. Once after seeing Stu's wife
Sandy give her weekly appearance, this time in an see thru nighty I had gotten
raging hard-on. They both obviously enjoyed her exhibitions as did the rest of
the guys. A little later I went to relieve myself and while in the bathroom I
saw her Perfumed body lotion and my cock got hard. I took the bottle and
unscrewed the pump top. I began masturbating at the thought of Sandy rubbing my
cum all over her tits, face and ass. I came quickly, shooting a huge load into
the bottle. I replaced the cap and shook it gently to mix it up. Every week
since then I repeated this after seeing her and knowing she had just rubbed my
cum onto her breasts.
When I entered her room I was surprised to find that Kelly had rolled over on
her stomach, my cum now wiped into her clean sheets. "Kelly? Are you awake?" She
lay motionless. I watched her for a moment, picturing the time I found her
asl**p in the same position wearing only her tiger panties. I wonder if she
could be wearing them now. My cock jumped to a full erection at the thought. I
had to see. I walked over to her and shook her gently. "Kelly?" Nothing. I
climbed on the bed kneeling next to her knees. I put my hands on either side of
her nylex bike pants, flipped the top edge over and slid them down slowly,
noting how easily the material slid over itself. If she hadn't been wearing
those same tiger panties I swear I would have stopped there. My hands kept
moving, revealing more and more of those panties as well as her perfectly
rounded ass. I slipped the pants past her knees and then her feet and tossed
them on the floor. I returned my attention to my beautiful daughter, spreading
her legs slightly so that I could lie between them, my elbows on each side of
her legs and face hovering over her firm buttocks. I kissed each cheek and then
fulfilled one of my fantasies by tracing with my tongue along the edge of her
panty line. My cock was raging for attention and my hips accommodated it by
slowly grinding it against the bed. With my hand I moved the panty to the side
so I could get to more of my daughter's lovely ass. What I saw then almost made
me come right then. It was undisputedly a lipstick mark in the shape of lips.
Her girlfriend had already been down here kissing her ass and sucking on her
pussy. Kelly was bisexual! I pictured her spread eagled on the couch with her
friend Lisa's head buried into her bush. I kissed the spot Lisa had been
earlier, sliding her panties further to the side. I then decided that as much as
I loved these panties, I would love them more if they were laying crumpled on
the floor.

I returned to my knees and carefully removed my daughters panties, totally
revealing her gorgeous ass. I brought her panties to my face, inhaling the
wonderful musky odor that emanated from them. I noticed that they were a little
stiff at the crouch area, most likely from the juices that continued to leak
even after her cunt licking session with Lisa. After one last sniff I tossed
them to their rightful place on the floor and then resumed my previous position
between her legs. I heard Kelly's deep breathing as I my kisses covered her
entire ass. I could do this for eternity, I thought. I slowly pulled her cheeks
apart as my kisses traveled further into her crack. I zoomed in on her pink
little hole as my face burrowed into her ass. I planted a firm kiss right on her
hole and began to insert my tongue into the tiny opening. I her totally relaxed
state, her asshole accepted my intruding tongue without a fight. I continued my
tongue fucking for a few minutes when Kelly made a noise and tried to roll over
onto her back. I froze in place, my heart skipping a beat. Getting my wits back,
I sat up allowing her body to roll over. She returned to her heavy breathing and
I knew she was still out. She still had her shirt on, but it was pulled up to
her chin, totally exposing her firm young tits. Her near naked body glistened in
the soft light. I saw the spattering of dried cum spots still on her tits and

I spread her legs and lowered myself down again, this time her pussy only inches
from my face. It was neatly shaven with only a strip of pubic hair running north
to south. Her pussy and inner thighs were covered with lipstick marks. I only
wish I could watch as Lisa spread my little girls legs and licked her sweet
pussy. I began to trace Lisa's lipstick trail all around Kelly's fragrant
snatch. I could feel drops of pre-cum oozing out my cock, realizing I needed to
come soon. With my tongue I parted my daughters pussy lips, tasting her
sweetness. I had to fight the incredible urge to climb up on her and jam my
throbbing cock in and fuck her until I emptied my load. Damn it, she is my
daughter, I shouldn't have touched her in the first place. I continued licking
her slowly, debating whether to screw her or not when another idea popped into
my head.

I got up off the bed and went quickly to her dresser. I opened her panty drawer
and searched until I found what I was looking for, her 14 inch vibrating dildo.
I returned to the bed and laid on my side next to Kelly, my face overlooking her
bush and my cock up by her cum spattered face. I placed the end of the huge
rubber dick at the entrance of her love hole. I rubbed the tip up and down her
pink slit and around her clit. Kelly then shifted her body again, spreading her
legs a little wider. I let the cock slide in a little deeper, getting about half
the enormous head into her. Kelly began to moan softly, spreading her legs even
wider. She was beginning to wake up. Just a few minutes longer I thought,
risking being caught was worth this pleasure, my still d***ken mind
rationalized. I began to slide the head of the dildo in and out her now very wet
pussy. "Lick my pussy Lisa. Oh yeeeesss" she suddenly moaned out load. I
increased the speed and depth of my dildo fucking. "Fuck me Lisa! Fuck my cunt!"
she cried out softly. Her hand reached down between her legs and began to rub
her clit while I pumped her cunt. I was entranced as I watched her hand take
control of the dildo while continuing the pumping action. I was about to stand
up and wack off again onto her lovely body when I felt an warm wetness around my
cock. I looked down to see my daughters lips wrapped around my cock. I watched
unbelievingly as my cock disappeared and reappeared from Kelly's mouth. I think
if my cocked wasn't numbed slightly from the alcohol I would have shot my load
right then. I couldn't come in her mouth, that would truly be i****t, but since
she was already sucking I decided it was alright for her to continue. With my
now free hand I began to roam over her body towards her tits. I began to fondle
them alternately, pinching her erect nipples much rougher than before. The
sloshing sound between her legs increased along with the suction/slurping sounds
from her mouth. I pinched hard and she let out a cry. Her hips began to churn
wildly. She threw her head back on the pillow as her body began to convulse
wildly, "Oh god Ohgodohgodohgodohgod" she cried aloud. She pulled the dildo out
of her cunt and startled me with "Fuck me, Fuck me daddy, please fuck me!!!!!"
No, I can't, I thought. "Please fuck me daddy, your daughter needs your cock
now". Her eyes were closed as she let out a last "Pleeeeeeeeease" I couldn't
take anymore. I got between her tanned legs, grabbed her tiny ankles and put
them on my shoulders. I took my cock, pointed it at her steamy hole and plunged
in. "Oh yes!!!!!!!! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me hard!" On my knees I held her legs
straight up as I began to pound my daughters pussy. With each slam I watched her
tits bounce back and forth. I thought about pulling out and coming those creamy
white tits when she breathlessly pleaded for me to come inside. When she said
that, I laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders and fucked for
all I was worth. I didn't care anymore, I was going to come in my gorgeous
daughter's sweet pussy. I felt my orgasm building and pumped harder. Kelly was
now crying out in pleasure.

I felt my cum begin flooding into my daughter's young body as I heard myself
crying out. Wave after wave racked body. I had never come as hard before in my
life. Kelly was still moaning as I let her legs fall back to my sides. I kissed
her neck and gave each breast one final kiss. I sat up on my knees, moaning
slightly as my cock slid out of her tight pussy. She looked so beautiful laying
there, I wish she wasn't my daughter. "don't go daddy" Kelly whispered, "Stay
here with me. Please." I laid on the bed next to her and she rolled half on top
of me, straddling my leg. "Maybe Lisa will join us next time. Would you like
that daddy?" Before I could answer her she was asl**p. I can't believe I just
fucked my daughter, I must really be perverted or something. The thing is is
that I would love to do it again, that is, if she didn't hate me in the morning.

The next morning I awoke with a hard-on and my daughter's lips wrapped around
it. She was slowly pumping my cock with her hot mouth. My cock had gotten all
its sensitivity back, enjoying the wonderful sensation of her tongue swirling
around the head. I watched as her head moved slowly up and down, my cock
disappearing into her face. She began to go faster as my hips started moving by
themselves. I felt my orgasm building. "Kelly, I'm going to come." She only
pumped harder. I closed my eyes and put my hand on the back of her blond head
and pulled into my body. She relaxed her neck and let me control the pumping
action. I pulled her head down hard on my cock as my hips began to pump into her
face. I thought my cock would explode as my cock slammed into her mouth. I
started shooting cum down my daughter's throat. I felt her sucking harder,
swallowing every drop of my cum. I let go of her head and she sucked me dry.
"I gotta get going, I'm late for work" she said. I just closed my eyes and
returned to my slumber. I heard the shower and then watched, half asl**p, my
daughter get dressed and leave. "I love you daddy!" she chirped as she closed
the door and left. "Me too." I murmured. This was going to be a great day.

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