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Carol and her identical twin Karla lounged in the living room of Carol's
new apartment, finishing their coffee and engaging in Girl Talk. It was a
chilly, rainy Saturday morning in late March. Karla was in town for a
weekend visit. The girls, in their mid-twenties, were tall, slender,
attractive brunettes. They had not seen each other since the Christmas
holidays and had a lot of catching up to do.

"So, how's your love life?" inquired Karla. "The last time we were
together you weren't seeing anyone and seemed resigned to a celibate
existence. Is that still the case? All work and no play makes Carol a dull
s****r!" she teased.

"No, thank heavens! My life has changed, and much for the better. I've
been dating a guy I met at a Christmas party. I think I'm in love!"

"I'm so happy for you!" Karla gushed. "How old is he? What does he look
like? Does he have a good job? What kind of car does he drive?"

"Patience, patience! One question at a time, please! First of all, his
name is Jim and he's twenty-three. This is the first time I've ever been
involved with a younger man and it makes me feel so wicked, like I'm
robbing the cradle! Because of my superior maturity, I get to be the
brains of the operation. And yes, he is good-looking, in a cute, boyish
sort of way."

"How tall is he? Is this Jim a big guy?"

Carol giggled and her face reddened slightly in a self-conscious blush.
"He's about average in height, maybe two or three inches taller than me"
she replied, then leaned forward as her voice took on a low,
conspiratorial tone. "But let me tell you, he's way above average where it
counts the most!"

"Why, you brazen hussy!" her s****r exclaimed. "I'll bet you're just
saying that to make me jealous. Really now, just how big is he?"

"Well, I haven't measured it. Not yet, anyway, but I intend to! I'm
curious to find out exactly how many inches of hard meat I've been getting
these last few months! It's about this long." Carol spread her hands apart
to indicate length. She smiled with smug satisfaction at the shocked
expression on her twin's face.

"Oh, my God!" gasped Karla. "And how big around is it?"

"When he's good and hard, it's so thick my hand won't go all the way
around it! Tell me, Dear s****r, have you ever had a cock that big inside

"Heavens, no! My pussy hurts just thinking about it. I never knew you were
a Size Queen, Carol."

"I wasn't, until I hooked up with Jim!" Carol explained. "The first time
we made it together was a life-changing experience for me. That enormous
prick of his touched places deep inside me where no man had ever been
before. The next day I was so sore I could barely walk, or even sit down!
But I soon got use to his size and now I can't get enough of it. I'm so
stretched out from our lovemaking that I doubt I can ever go back to
fucking little pencil-dicks again!"

Karla was silent for a moment, allowing this new information to sink in.
Back in college, she had been the social butterfly, going to parties
almost every night while the studious Carol spent her time in the library
and the chemistry lab. Though both of them were equally attractive, Karla
had dated many more guys than her s****r and considered herself the
resident authority on the opposite sex.

Apparently this new stud boyfriend had awakened primal urges and instincts
in Carol which had remained dormant until the past few months. The
quieter, more serious s****r had been transformed into a lusty sexual
a****l. It was now Carol's turn to assume the role of teacher and share
her bedroom experiences with her sibling.

Sensing this change in their relationship, Carol gave her twin a
lascivious wink and whispered, "Do you want to hear what happened on our
ski trip last month?"

"Tell me all about it, every nasty little detail!" Karla inched forward to
the edge of her seat with ears perked.


"One Friday morning Jim and I, along with two other couples, piled into
his Suburban and headed for a ski resort about three hours away from here.
We stopped at a Rest Area on the way and the others got out to relieve
themselves while the two of us remained in the front seat. I couldn't help
but notice the huge bulge in Jim's pants. It started in his crotch and
extended down the left leg of his trousers. It looked as if he was trying
to hide a policeman's nightstick in there, or maybe one of those big black
flashlights you see night watchmen carry."

"I reached over and patted his poorly concealed weapon. 'I can tell you
need an oil change by looking at your dipstick!' I joked while stroking
his rock-hard cock through the fabric of his Levi's. Jim let out a groan
and told me to lay off, saying things were 'hair-trigger' down there and
he didn't want to have a messy accident. It seems he had gone the entire
week without masturbating in anticipation of a marathon bout of lovemaking
at the ski lodge that weekend. How romantic!"

"Let me tell you something about Jim. That boy's testicles produce an
ocean of sperm! When he cums, he really makes a mess. He spurts at least
four times as much love juice as any guy I've ever been with. I keep
telling him he's sitting on a gold mine, since sperm banks are paying
sixty dollars and up per donation. Do the math! Two deposits per day,
times four for quantity, hey, that's four hundred eighty dollars the easy
way! Jim's balls could supply every fertility clinic in town and he could
retire on his stud fees. Plus make a lot of women pregnant and happy, to

"Back to my story. Jim usually jacks off at least once a day to relieve
the pressure. But that week he was saving it all for me! I felt flattered.
But poor Jim had a 'hard' time on the slopes that afternoon, trying to ski
with a huge, uncomfortable erection that wouldn't go away. And his balls
hung so low from the extra weight he was carrying that I'm sure he had
difficulty maintaining his balance!"

"Late in the day it began to snow. By the time we started walking to the
lodge it was really coming down. We could barely see ten feet in front of
us! When we got to our room, Jim decided to shower before we went
downstairs to join the others for dinner. While he was in the bathroom, I
stripped down to my bra and panties and relaxed on the king-size bed while
talking to Mom on the phone. After I hung up, I went to the window and
watched the snowfall. The winter storm had become a full-blown blizzard!"

"Jim emerged from the bathroom drying himself vigorously with a towel. His
dick stood out like a baseball bat. It looked larger than I had ever seen
it before and bobbed up and down like a divining rod in search of water.
It seemed to beckon me, so I went over and knelt on the carpet in front of
him. I took the engorged organ in my right hand and a big drop of clear
sticky goo formed on the long pee slit. My tongue licked off the salty
secretion and swirled around the purple plum-shaped head as if it were
savoring a giant lollipop. My other hand caressed Jim's bloated nut sack.
His balls were so big they reminded me of the two large eggs I scrambled
for breakfast that morning! I just couldn't resist giving them a gentle

"That did it. Jim bellowed like a wounded bull and his tool began jerking
violently, pointing skyward. A geyser of white semen blasted forth and
shot all the way to the ceiling. It hung there like a stalactite for a
moment before the f***e of gravity caused the giant glob to return to
earth. The scalding load landed on my forehead and slowly oozed down my
face before dropping from my chin into the valley of my breasts. Jim's
horse-like cock continued to pulse and spew. I tried my best to control it
with both hands, but it was like wrestling with an one-eyed anaconda! That
huge dick looked like an out-of-control fire hose as it twisted and
writhed, filling the air with showers of thick pearly droplets
interspersed with long streamer-like ropes. It seemed like the blizzard
outside had found its way into our room!"

"I couldn't tell you how long this lasted, but when the 'storm' finally
subsided I was drenched in sticky male protein and the room was a mess!
There were traces of cum everywhere: on the wall, the desk, the
lampshades, the curtains, the bedspread, the carpet, and of course the

"Jim's knees buckled and he slumped to the floor with a look of tremendous
relief on his face. I grabbed his towel and wiped the slime from my face
and hands, then went to the phone and informed our companions that we
would be a few minutes late for dinner. They agreed to wait for us in the
bar downstairs. As soon as Jim regained his composure, we got the extra
towels from the bathroom and cleaned up the room as best we could. Then
the two of us retired to the shower to wash away the remnants of his
untimely (but long overdue!) ejaculation."

"We had a marvelous dinner with our friends and enjoyed several drinks in
front of the lodge's huge fireplace before turning in. When we got back to
our room, the air inside was still heavy with the earthy scent of semen.
It was the aroma of pure testosterone, and inhaling it made me horny as
hell! Soon we were between the sheets and much to my surprise (and
delight!) Jim still had enough lead in his pencil to fuck me royally. I
whimpered and moaned like a bitch dog in heat as he nailed my ass to the
mattress. We heard loud cursing in the next room and the sound of angry
knocking on the wall. But we didn't care because we were having a ball, so
to hell with that Old Fart! Afterwards we both slept like babies."

"We awoke the next morning to a clear, bright, and beautiful winter day.
The storm had spent itself during the night (just like Jim!) and deposited
a fresh white coating of snow on the mountains. We couldn't wait to get
back on the slopes.

After breakfast, we stopped by our room for a minute and found the
housekeepers at work. The two young ladies chatted away in Spanish and
seemed oblivious to our presence. One of the girls was examining an
unsightly blob we had missed on the wall while her companion was busily
stripping the bed. The little brown maid held one of the bed sheets to her
nose and said something to her friend in a voice charged with sexual
vibrato. The other girl laughed and they both looked at Jim with big
smiles on their faces as they carried on their conversation. I don't know
very much Spanish, but I did recognize 'huevos' and 'cajones', which they
used frequently. It was obvious they had a pretty good idea what had
happened in there the night before!"

"Yes, we had a great time that weekend!"


"Wow, what a fantastic story!" was Karla's breathless comment. "Just
hearing about your wild winter weekend made my panties wet! Sounds to me
like this Jim is a keeper, for sure! Are you planning to settle down with

A dark cloud cast its shadow across Carol's pretty face. "Things are
great, right now, but this won't last forever" she said, sadly. "Guys like
him are few and far between, and very much in demand! When we spend the
evening at his place, the phone never stops ringing. Old girlfriends call
him up, wanting to get back together, if only for one night. What's worse
is that the word has gotten around about him. Women he hasn't even met are
always asking him for dates. Sooner or later he's going to grow tired of
me and find a new place to hide his salami."

"Honey, isn't it a bit unrealistic to think you can keep a guy with his
attributes all to yourself?" Karla said gently.

"Jim is still innocent in many ways. He considers himself a one-woman man,
and I'm the one! It's my turn in the saddle and I'm going to ride this
stallion for all he's worth! I won't share him with anyone, not even you,
my dear!" Carol tossed her head in mock defiance.

"Possessive, aren't we? And I don't blame you one bit!" Karla sighed
wistfully. "Still, I wish I could see Jim's magic wand for myself, just
once, so I would know for sure whether or not you are exaggerating."

A mischievous smile played on Carol's lips and a devilish light burned in
her eyes. "You know," she said slowly, "I think that could be arranged!"

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