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My first time in front of a total stranger...

After I discovered that I loved to be naked outside, I wanted to show off my cock to all the girls around my neighborhood. I dont know why I wanted to show off my cock but I did. It didnt take long before I was well known for finding ways to get my cock out in front of them. I spent the summer in shorts and tank tops. I began to hate underwear, and stopped wearing them. I would make the head of my cock able to be seen from the pant leg of the shorts, or "not realize" that my fly was down, or just get hard and have it pop out the top of my shorts. Whatever we were doing, I would start thinking about how could I get naked in front of them and I would be hard. They would finally see the head of my cock and point to it and ask what it was. I would then say "Oh that" let me show you, and would pull it out of my shorts. Basically I would take them off. I figured if I had my shorts off I might as well take of my shirt too. There I was within about 20 seconds of pulling my cock out in front of these girls I would be naked with my cock throbbing hard. I had my cock out in front of probably 25 girls that summer. I tried to get naked in front of them everyday that we hung out that summer. It was not too long before I tried to get them to touch me and showed them how I liked to be stroked and squeezed. As I would stroke in front of them I got closer and closer to cumming. I didnt know how the girls would react seeing me cum for the first time. I knew it would be the first time that they would see a guy cum, and it was my first time cumming in front of someone. I had 3 neighbors that I would cum in front of many times that summer.

Once school started I couldnt jerk off as frequently as I had been doing over summer. I felt really deprived. One day I was really horny. I had been thinking about jacking off in my backyard or in front of my neighbors all day while at school. I knew that I would have some time alone at home before my parents got home. It was difficult to control my erections at school I was so horny. Once class was over for the day I began my walk home. Of course I walked home faster than I normally did. I was so horny this day I couldnt wait to cum when I got home. Turning the corner on my street, I noticed a woman walking up the street below me. I had no idea who she was or where she lived as I had never seen her before. I had no idea how old she was or anything. I thought that she was far enough behind me that I could get home fast and jerk off in front of her as she passed by my house. That thought was all I needed to get excited. I walked home even a half step faster hoping she was coming up the block. I opened my front door and began to take off my clothes. I went into my room and stripped fast. I was already getting hard just thinking about showing off to this stranger. I was looking out my curtains waiting for the perfect moment to pull open the shades. I was right she was coming up the hill behind me. Once I saw her my heart began to race and I was completely hard. I was already close to cumming. As she approached my house and got to the spot where I knew she would be able to see me from where I was going to stand, I pulled open the curtains. I jumped up onto my bed. My window was a large picture window that faced the street and had a wide open view to look in and out. As I jumped up on the bed the woman immediately looked over towards me. I had began to stroke my cock as I posed in the window. My stranger began looking at me, and double taking not believing what she was seeing. It didnt take long to cum. This total stranger was watching me jack off! I couldnt believe how amazing this felt. Then that feeling got even better. I started cumming. The orgasm that ripped through my balls was so powerful that I shot my cum close to 3 feet. I came with such power my cum painted the window. I couldnt take my eyes off the woman watching me as I came. When she could no longer see me in the window, I jumped off the bed, ran to the front door, opened it up and stood on the porch step. I was still hard so I continued to jack my cock for my stranger. She would keep looking over to me as I jacked off, and as she continued up the block. I came a second time before she got out of sight and distance prevented her from watching me stroke my cock. All of this took no more than a couple minutes. However it seemed to go in slow motion. I was amazed at how good I felt. My heart was racing, outdoors and 2 incredibly huge orgasms, my first time in front of a total stranger...she was not to be my last. I still had time to go back in the house clean off the window that I had just shot my cum on, get dressed and get my homework done before my parents came home. They had no idea about the events of the afternoon. More in my next post. Hope you enjoyed! Find my blog here,

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