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A wet hot summer

This is a true real life story.

When I was twelve I passed the summer at my grandparents house in the country. I used to pass the day doing my homeworks and reading books. Nearby lived my aunt with my cousin. One day my cousin came to visit my grandma and we played in her big garden. She was 14 at that time and she looked gorgeous with red hair and pale skin. We was playing as I said and all of a sudden she told me she had to pee. We was deep in the wood and there was nobody around so I told her to do it there. She looked at me like she wanted to say "you little pervert". But with my utter surprise she lowered her pants an raised her skirt. I could see her pussy, she had a some orange hair and was rose like a blossom. I started to have a violent erection. At a point she started to piss emitting a strong flow, she was looking at me and she sow my bulge in my jeans. She asked me if I liked what I was seeing. My mouth was dry like a desert stone. My erection started to hurt me so I decided to low my jeans just to low the pressure on my penis. She didn't say anything while my pants came out with the biggest erection I've ever had. After her last drops she didn't put back up her panties and she told me to sit with her against that tree. I sat there and she asked me what did I intend to do with my "problem", I was too hard. So she told me to show her how I used to masturbate. I lowered my pants and I started to touch myself. She asked me what I was thinking about while I was doing it, I answered that I was thinking about her pussy before when she was peeing. She started to touch herself and she now spoke with a weak and trembling voice. She told me if I wasn't ashamed to show her my cock so hard in a shameful act like that. My cock grew bigger and harder if possible. She told me that how she enjoyed to touch herself in front of me, and then she came closer to watch. Her face was close to the tip of my cock as she admired every detail of my hand rubbing the big red head that was throbbing greatly. When she told me that she was coming I ejaculated a huge squirt of cum that hit her face. She took two other spurts before she had the time to rise her head. She came violently agains me, she was so wet of piss and pussy fluids that I had my leg soaked. She had two big lines of cum running on her face and she took a small amount with her finger and tasted it. She told me that she was very curious of what flavor could have sperm. She told me that I tasted good, like almond with a salty flavor. I looked down the mess we did. We was drenched with her juices and my cum but we was happy and satisfied.

She came to visit me many times that summer and she taught me lot of things that we could do with our sexes.

Now I see her only at f****y reunions. The first was after 20 years from that summer. She came to me, I didn't have the courage to face her. She asked me if my wife did to me things she used to do with me. The answer was clear and obvious: no. Than she told me that if I had the will to remember the good time we had together, she was happy to play with me again in her "garden" when her husband was not home of-course.

We still play a lot.

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