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A Messy Sticky Hot Fuck

Lately, Ben has been telling me he doesn't want me to bring home any more "new" pussy he wants to focus on just he and I and our own hot sex life. I looked at him to see if he was k**ding or not but for now, he seems quite serious. Truly that's fine with me, but I know somewhere down the line he MAY change his mind :D

Ben, Jensen and I were sitting around tonight (Jensen seems to be coming around a LOT more often) and I wanted to stir up some trouble. I told Jensen if he wanted to hear about how Ben creampied a girl we met on New Years Eve. He laughed and said, "yeah, right". I took my cell out and showed him. Jensen looked at me and said, "wait... Ben fucked another chick...and YOU watched? and he did it?" He looked at Ben incredulously and Ben shook his head and pointed at me like "Don't look at me, look at her." I said to Jensen, yup, it was a fantasy of mine to see Ben creampie another girl so we picked her up that night. And proceeded to tell him a little about it. Jensen just kept looking at me like I was an alien. I said "Oh COME ON Jen, you've seen some of the crazy things we've done, hell, you've helped us don't gimme that look!" Jensen said to Ben, "But you won't let ME and Sherry get it on?" Ben put his hand up and said ŕst of all you have a girlfriend. and 2nd, shut the fuck up"

Jensen sat back looking at us both while we ate dinner, smiling. "Well", he said, "it was fucking hot watching you both the other night." I jokingly said I had hoped he and his girlfriend would have put on a show for Ben and I, but Jensen said no...she wouldn't be into that. Well Damn. Turning to Jensen I said, "wanna do it again?" Ben cocked his eyebrow at me and I smiled and said "come on. I wanna see you creampie in ME but Jensen is the only one that can help!"

Pulling Ben from the kitchen table, I dragged him over to the couch (the couch that has seen enough action to last a lifetime) and threw him down on it. Getting on my knees, I unzipped and pulled his pants down, seeing his big dick spring out. He pulled off his shirt smiling down at me. "you're already hard Babe" I said, and took him into my mouth. Feeling his cock grow harder and bigger, I opened my mouth wider and started to deep throat him, loving the taste and feel of his dick in my mouth, throbbing and hard. I pulled him out, running my tongue up and down his shaft, and then sucking his balls into my mouth gently, first one then the other. Ben moaned, holding my head down and pushing his dick back into my mouth. "Aw shit suck my dick oh my God suck it" he said I continued to suck him, tasting pre cum already in my mouth. "MMMMMM I Love your Dick, Ben" moaning and spiraling my tongue around the head, and then taking him deep into my throat and sucking hard. My lips rested at the base of his dick, knowing that I can only stay that way a few seconds before I will start to gag on his engorged cock. I pulled him out, and then deep throated him again, over and over until I felt like he was really gonna cum. Standing up, I pulled my panties off but left my skirt and shirt on, and climbed onto his lap. "Oh you gonna FUCK me huh?" Ben said, looking up lustfully into my eyes. "I"m gonna make YOU cum" I said to him, and started to ease my pussy onto his dick, slowly, until he was fully inside me. He leaned his head back against the couch and moaned, his eyes closed, his mouth open but not speaking until he said "You're pussy is fucking TIGHT" and I squeezed my cunt on his dick, over and over, tightening even more until he said "Fuck" and opened his eyes. He pulled my shirt up and unhooked my bra from behind, while I quickly pushed my skirt off, then he pulled me down on top of him, his dick buried inside me, both of us not moving, smashing my tits against his face and sucking each nipple, back and forth, his hands squeezing my tits hungrily, rubbing his face in them, and he started to thrust up into me. Fuck, he has a big dick! I pushed my body away from his, and started to gyrate on his dick, raising up and down and fucking him HARD, squeezing him from the inside of my pussy with every stroke down. He grabbed my hips and started pushing me up and down on him, looking down at where we were joined, and watching his dick fuck me. One hand squeezing one of my tits, the other hand down between our bodies, rubbing my clit and trying to spread me to see his dick in me. I sat up so only the head of his dick was in me, then sat back down, sometimes slowly and sensually, then hard and fast, back and forth, while he continued to moan and gasp. I love to watch Ben cum and fuck me, the look on his face is just HOT. "Wet and wet and Tight" he kept saying over and over, pulling my hair and bringing my face down towards his, and he started to kiss me, moaning into my mouth, holding my body close while we fucked each other. "Fuck me Babe, Fuck me" he said, as I continued thrusting up and down on his dick.

Suddenly I felt him start to spasm, and felt his hot thick sticky cum shoot into my pussy, so warm and wet inside me, and I kept fucking him, up and down, squeezing his cock with my cunt, "Cum in me Ben, cum in me" ..I could feel how wet we were between our legs now, could feel his cum dripping out everywhere while he continued to pump me back, with every stroke his cum was spreading over my ass and on his dick, yet we kept fucking, his dick still hard, our bodies on fire. I think we both forgot Jensen was there. Ben grabbed my face and kept cumming, looking into my eyes, deeply moaning. I felt my pussy start to explode feeling his dick rubbing up on my clit as I leaned down onto him, taking my nipples into his mouth and staying deep inside me, watching me cum. "So fucking sexy" he said, but I could barely talk. He started fucking me again, still hard, still hot, shooting more cum into me which I again felt hot deep inside me and dripping out onto us. Fuck, there was so much cum!! He grabbed my ass and held it down onto him hard, and I heard Jensen say "Holy Fuck". That's about the time I remembered he was still there. We finally stopped, and Ben pulled me down onto him, caressing my back and panting into my ear, "We are so fucking sticky Sherry" and I had to agree. We got up, and saw the total mess we had made, all over our bodies and even onto this poor poor couch. Jensen stood up with us and said, "you're really lucky I'm here you two are really sick. Hot as fuck, but sick :D " He "showed" us what it looked like from his view, and holy shit, it was a MESSY hot fuck :D Jensen joked, "My turn, b*o?" I got dressed, hugged Jensen and said "oh I'm really tired now, maybe later" kissing him on the cheek. "Shit is just WRONG" Jensen said, and we all laughed.

Jensen, you are our favorite photographer!!!

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