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My BBW mom

I came home after school one day and was feeling a bit horny. Nobody was home, so I headed up to my room. I shut my door and turned on my computer. I took off my shirt and opened the internet. I started watching BBW porn. I slipped my hand into my pants and started rubbing my dick. The moaning and gasping of the BBW made me as hard as steel. I took off my pants and boxers, and started masturbating. Her boobs and fat moved back and forth as her man fucked her in missionary. She rode him and started screaming as she cumed on his cock. I was about to cum when my mom opened my door. I cumed all over my desk as she watched.

"Mom! I didn't know you were here!" I screamed as I quickly threw on my boxers. I was so embarrassed. I just cumed infront of my mom. She didn't say anything. She just stared at my cum. My mom was a bit chubby, 42C, 45 years old, and about 5'3. She noticed how embarrassed I was. She got a smile on her face.

"Ryan, it's okay, it's natural for a 16 year old to be curious about sex." She walked a little closer and turned off my computer. "I must say, you have a pretty big cock for a 16 year old. How big are you?" She asked.

I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I f***ed myself to say "eight inches, mom." My heart was pounding from embarrassment.

"Wow! Your father was only six inches!" She seemed turned on, and sat down on my bed. She divorced my father years ago. I knew she was lonely. She had a few boyfriends, I knew she had sex with them, and I also knew how much an ass hole they each were. "I've never had a guy with eight inches before," she whispered. "I wish I knew what that felt like." She started rubbing her pussy through her pants. She patted a spot on the bed next to her while looking at me. I slowly got up, walked over, and sat next to her on the bed. If I told you I wasn't thinking about fucking her, I would be lying. But she was my mother. She wouldn't possibly think I would have sex with her. That's when she said it.

"Would you like to rub my pussy, Ryan?" I was excited. I slowly reached down and touched her pussy. I started rubbing it though her pants. She moaned with pleasure. She unzipped her pants as I pulled them off along with her panties and started fingering her pussy. "ooohhhh Ryan! That feels great!" I took her shirt and bra off and sucked her titties. They were nice and plump. Red and round. I licked her wet pussy and played with her nipples. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy. "I'M CUMMING!!" She screamed as she wrapped her legs around my head. She squirted into my face and I licked all of her lovely juices up. "AAAAH!" She gasped. She laid back on the bed and I laid next to her. She grabbed slowly at my cock and slipped my boxers off.

"Ryan, does this make you feel weird?" She asked.

"Not at all, mom. I kind of had fantasies about you." She gleamed at my dick with amazement. She started stroking it, put the tip on her lips and slid all eight inches into her mouth. "Oh my god, mom!" I would have never imagined my mom would be so great at sucking cock. I squeezed my eyes shut and literally saw stars. I started to cum in my mom's mouth. She didn't stop until my dick was drained of all of my cum. She licked all of my cum from the side of my dick and opened her mouth to show me there was none left. I was amazed. She climbed on top of me and started kissing me. I positioned my cock on her pussy and slowly slid it in.

"Aaaahh!" We both gasped. Her pussy was so tight that it squeezed my dick. I rolled over on top of her and started fucking her in missionary. She was screaming so loud. The bouncing of her titties and fat, the sound of my thighs hitting hers, her moaning, it all turned me on. I grabbed her titties. I was afraid about cumming in her. I asked if it was okay.

"Cum in mommy, Ryan. It'll be okay! I want to feel your hot cum inside me!" I fucked her harder, faster. "I'M CUMMING, RYAAAN!!!!" I saw her cum starting to drip out of her pussy, down my cock and onto my balls. I couldn't hold it anymore and I cumed in her pussy.

"OOOOHHH!" We both moaned.

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