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Slimming Pills

Minor editing by SeeShow My wife Paula had decided she needed to slim. I don’t know why, she sure looks good to me. Her 5 foot nothing figure is nicely rounded where a good looking woman should be. But as a mere male, who am I to argue. After several weeks of jogging and gym workouts she didn’t seem to be getting anywhere. A friend had recommended some slimming pills which she got on the day we were going out to dinner for our 5th wedding anniversary. It was only later that I found out she hadn’t read the instructions correctly, it said that on no account should alcohol be consumed within 24 hours of taking a pill. She took a pill just before we left home, we had a lovely dinner and the evening was going fine. That is until after she’d had two glasses of champagne. Suddenly she was just sitting there with a smile on her face and looking blankly into space. She was as high as a kite. Well this evening is over, I better go call a taxi and get her home, I thought to myself. I asked at the bar if they could phone a taxi for me. The barman said no need to, there are always taxi’s outside. I thanked him and walked outside to see that he was correct. I decided to get Paula up and outside before making contact with any of the drivers and as I returned to the bar I was surprised to see a guy sitting in the booth next to my wife. He seemed to be whispering in her ear and the next thing he did really flabbergasted me; I watched him slide his hand across her breasts. I didn’t know what to do and to tell the truth my cock sprang to attention. I knew I should have run over and rescued her, but I was enjoying the show far too much. It has always been a secret fantasy of mine to watch another man having sex with my wife and my little head was overruling my big head. So I didn’t stop him. Instead, I went and stood at the end of the bar where I could get a better view and maybe be close enough to hear some of what was said. I was turned on out of my mind as I watched his hand go inside her low neckline and cup one of her lovely breasts. “You like this don’t you baby”, he said. My wife just nodded her head apparently zonked out but at least able to respond in some way to his question. Just then two other guys, one of them was a black guy, got in the booth sitting opposite them. They were obviously friends of the first guy. “What have we got here?” Asked the white guy. “Dunno replied the first guy, this pretty little thing was just sitting here all alone and stoned out of her mind. I thought I’d see if she was up for a little fun. Seems like she is, aren’t you, baby?” Again Paula nodded but seemed in a complete stupor. “She sure is zonked out of her skull.” The black guy said as he reached over to pull her top a little lower. “Well give us a look man! Don’t be keeping it all to yourself.” The guy lowered her shoulder straps and eased both of her luscious breasts out of her dress. He held them in both his hands as the other two reached over and started playing with her nipples. This was just too much; my dick was as hard as a rock and I was already oozing some pre-cum onto my pants watching this sexy scene. I decided to go to the men’s room to catch my breath before I cam all over myself. When I returned they were all gone. Now I started to panic. What had I let my wife in for? I asked the black barman if he had seen my wife leave. “Was that your wife being felt up by a couple of guys?” he asked “Yes!” I almost shouted. “Where is she?” “You looked like you were really enjoying the show.” he commented. Although embarrassed, I just answered with a “Yeah, I was” because I was more interested in her whereabouts than my embarrassment at the time; “ But where is she?”

“She OK man, I told the guys to take her into the back room. Can’t be having no sex show here in the restaurant. Just go on through there; it’s the door on the left. I be in, in a few minutes for my turn with your slut.” Almost in a daze I went in through the passageway, I once again had a raging hard on, knowing that Paula might be having sex with three strange men and the barman referring to my normally innocent little wife as a slut. Somehow the thought of strange men using my wife for their sexual pleasure was really turning me on. The thought of her being a true slut for the evening was also sexually very exciting to me. This was my fantasy and beyond. Still, nothing had prepared me for what I found in that room. Paula was completely naked and lying on a table. She was no longer in a complete daze and she seemed to actually be taking an active part. She had her legs over the black guy’s shoulders as he was fucking her and she seemed to be in motion with his trusts into her pussy. Another guy was fucking her mouth and she had the third guy’s cock in her hand stroking it. Just then the black guy groaned as he filled her pussy with cum. She removed the one cock from her mouth long enough to shout, “YES, YESSSS!” As he withdrew, I could see strands of cum from his black cock to her delicious little pussy. I had never seen her pussy look so red and puffy before and the expression on her face was one of pure contentment. Just then the black barman came in. “Hey man! Look at the state of that cunt. You can’t expect me to fuck that when it’s full of cum.” As he said this he looked at me. I had no idea what he wanted until he added, “Man, you’ve licked that pussy before I’m sure. Get that cleaned up for me.” While I’d certainly licked her pussy before, I’d never even licked my own cum from her pussy, let alone someone else’s. Since I said nothing, I guess he took that to be my consent to clean her. My hesitation, however, caused him to push me to my knees between Paula’s legs. I felt his hand on the back of my head, easing my face ever closer to her loveliness. I was too much into a sexual stupor to resist as my face was pushed into the sloppy mess. My tongue automatically darted out and started lapping at Paula’s used pussy. My tongue was obviously getting to her as I felt her legs tighten around my neck and her hands clutched at my hair pulling me harder into her pussy. She had always loved having her pussy eaten and now was no exception. If anything she was more turned on than I have ever known her to be. Her moans grew louder and louder and by the time she came to a shuddering orgasm, her pussy was once again nice and clean. Just then I was pulled out of the way as the barman got between her legs and quickly started to fuck her. This went on for what seemed like hours as each of the four guys took turns fucking my lovely Paula. Eventually they had had enough and went off and left us alone. By now Paula wasn’t high on the pills and liqueur but seemed to be in a sexual high I had never seen her in before. After all the sex she’d had she still wanted more and so I set my tongue to work, giving her as much pleasure as I could. After a final shattering climax for my sexy wife, we were ready to go. As we were leaving, the barman said if we came again, we could have a free meal and drinks and he would get more black guys for Paula. Even after a couple of climaxes for the evening, I got excited hearing that a return engagement might be possible. However, I knew it would be up to Paula as so I decided to talk to her about what had happened and how she felt about it. When we got home, Paula admitted that while she was out of it at first, she had kind of come around by the time they took her in the back room. She also admitted that her narcotic/alcohol high had been replaced by the feelings of sexual thrills she had never really experienced before. Seeing that I was there and not jealous made it all the better for her she explained. When I asked her what part of the whole thing she liked best she told me it was when I licked and sucked her pussy in front of the other men. I have to admit that was a big highlight for me as well. Are we going to have another session at that bar with Paula enjoying sex from a half dozen blacks while I watch and clean up afterward? We are still thinking about it, but my guess is we’ll say yes to him fairly soon.

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