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I was recently married to the loveliest 18 year old girl you could ever wish to meet. Our Honeymoon was one weeks cruise and one weeks stay at a holiday resort. On the cruise we had become friendly with a middle-aged couple. The wife was very friendly (they both were) but I suspected that the guy was lusting after my bride. My wife would hear nothing said against them and readily accepted their invite to visit them as their home was only a couple of miles from our holiday hotel. We enjoyed a few days alone at the hotel and then it was time for the proposed visit. The couple phoned us at the hotel and said that they where sorry that they had got their dates mixed up and where going to a party, so wouldn't be at home but we where quite welcome to go with them to the party and they knew that their friends would love to meet us. My wife was as pleased as punch, to be going to a party and to meet new people.

We met up with the couple and they drove us to the lovely big house of their friends. We were made very welcome and introduced to lots of people. It did seem a bit odd that most of the guests were male. I mentioned this and was told that it was because they were mostly business associates.

We got separated and after a while I went in search of my wife. I went from room to room, I eventually found her in the kitchen. I stood at the kitchen door and saw her surrounded by six guys who were all trying to get a feel of her lovely body. She was a bit d***k and either didn't realise or didn't care what was happening to her. She had hands all over her as the men all tried to get a grope of my lovely young bride. One guy started kissing her hard on the mouth and as he did 2 guys who were standing either side of my wife, gently eased her top down to reveal her bare breasts. The guy kissing her stood back so that everyone could see her naked loveliness. What surprised me was that she opened her eyes, looked down and saw her tits were on show and instead of trying to cover up, she closed her eyes again, put her head back and sighed deeply.

The guys took this as a 'come on' and 2 guys started to suck on her nipples. Someone said "Get her on the table." She was lifted up and lain on the table, her dress was removed and I got another shock, she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Wow!!" "Cor look at that!" Were some of the comments that came from the crowd of guys as they beheld my lovely young wife. Suspenders, stockings and high heeled shoes and a shaved pussy. She stretched her arms above her head and spread her legs. The guys needed no further encouragement, one guy got between her legs and eased his big dick into her lovely cunt. Another guy pulled her head to the side and placed his cock at her lips which she immediately opened to let him slide his cock down her throat. I had always thought of her as a shy little thing but here she was being as brazen as any 'fuck slut'.

The guys started fucking her in earnest now, not caring about her, not being gentle, just shagging a slut. She was loving every minute of it, her moans of delight and screams of orgasm could be heard all over the house. This attracted other men at the party to come to the kitchen where they all took a turn at fucking the obliging little whore who was my precious little wife.

20 men had fucked her, at least once each, some had 2 and 3 goes at her. When she was at last left alone, I stood there, looking down at my beautiful little darling, turned slut, she never looked so lovely as she did then. Laying across a kitchen table with sponk in her hair, on her face, dribbling from the corners of her mouth and best of all, seeping from her lovely cunt. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiling, said "More" How could I resist, I knelt down and buried my face into her sweet young cunt.

I slurped and sucked for all I was worth on her swollen, hairless cunt lips. She climaxed twice more, then I got between her legs and took my turn at fucking her. I looked up and saw our 'friends' (who had brought us to this party) watching us. "I knew she had the makings of a 1st class slut. Why don't you have a turn at fucking her?" said the wife. "I couldn't manage it again, I've fucked her twice already." replied the husband.

That was the start of our new slutty way of life, now my sweet little angel can't get enough cock. I often come home to find her fucking the milkman or paperboy. Sometimes in groups. We now advertise for invites to parties, she prefers to be seduced and 'fucked rotten' by strangers. We also go to saunas and sex cinema's where she can find more men, more cocks to use her, to fuck her, to shag her. She loves it all and I love watching my very own, lovely little slut enjoy herself.

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