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My First Time Part II

This is part II of the first time I was ever with a guy.

Just to recap I had been very curious about being with a guy for a long time, I finally met someone on the internet and ended up at his house where I just finished sucking and swallowing my first load of cum ever (and not my last)

I stood in front of him where we started to undo my jeans, I had no problem helping him out and sliding my jeans and boxer briefs to to floor to release my cock. I had been rock hard the entire time I was sucking him off so at this point my balls where so full of cum that needed to be released. I had never had a feeling quite like that before. I don't have the biggest cock.. its maybe 6.5-7 inches cut, but I think its a pretty hot cock. I trim my pubes, just leaving behind a small amount of a red bush, but I shave my balls and ass, but back to the story.

I knew this wasn't his first time and he quickly took me in his mouth and the most unreal feelings pulsed throughout my body. It didn't take long before he licked from the base of my cock to the tip where I lost control and couldn't stand anymore. We exchanged placed on the couch and he went to town. Sucking on my balls, licking the length of my cock and taking me entirely in his mouth. He knew he had total control over me at this point and didn't want to give that up by making me cum to quickly so he continued to tease.

We had earlier talked about anal and I suggested we wait for a later date, but with him in total control I couldn't say no. He instructed my to spread my legs and lift them in the air, giving him total access to me. He licked and sucked from from balls all the way to my ass where he stopped.... I had never felt such a feeling before the first time he flicked my asshole with his tongue. I was in heaven at this point and enjoyed every flick of the tongue and plunge into my asshole. He stopped for a second to let me catch my breath but he wasn't done there.

While I was catching my breath he has lubed up a finger and my asshole and slid a finger inside of me. Now this wasn't the first time I had something in my ass, I had been playing with some anal beads and a dildo for awhile now. My ass while still tight openly accepted his first and then second finger. He had been gently enough to warm me up for what was to come.

I could see he was rock hard again, and I was wanting him so bad, so I crawled onto the floor onto my hands and knees and presented myself for him. Him being so experienced knew just what to do. He came up behind me, pressed the tip of his cock against my hole and told me to take a deep breath out. Before I had even completely exhaled he thrust the tip of his cock inside of me and my exhaling turned into moaning.

My ass took his smaller size easily and we didn't have to waste anytime adjusting, he went right to pounding my virgin hole. I was face down ass up getting fucked by a guy for the first time ever and loving it. My cock was leaking pre-cum, I couldn't control myself, usually I am pretty quiet but not this time. I am not even sure how long it was, but I hit ecstasy and shot a huge load all over the floor without even touching my cock. That didn't even slow him down, he continued to fuck me, while I got hard again.

I could start to feel him grow inside of me and I knew he was about ready to shoot his load inside of me. I clenched just a little bit to tighten up for him and his last few thrusts really rammed my ass. He shot his load of cum inside my ass and we both just collapsed. I had never been so worn out and didn't even do the fucking.

I cleaned myself up and we parted ways, but this wouldn't be the last time we had fun together. He was lucky he got to take my anal cherry and have me many times afterwards!

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