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Replying to what happened next.

I posted a photo today, wearing one of my many netted underwear garments, bought for the sole purpose, of making men want to fuck me. Yes I wear things like that and I am sure as you look over the photo, you can see how easy it is to enter me.
So the question everyone is asking, what happened after I took this photo, I went online to hunt for men looking for a fuck, is my answer.
The trick was I went to an internet cafe and sat down between a respectable looking business man and a boy with thick glasses, so you can imagine my difficulty in seeking horny men.
As it was raining I had a black raincoat over what I was wearing in the photo.
I wanted to touch myself as I was really looking for action and I knew I was so fucking wet, thank god I was wearing a raincoat.
I was toying with the idea of the bussines man and showed a little more leg than normal, the nets tend to draw the eye up the thigh, which was my ploy, and by the lip licking he was doing, I thought I had him hooked, so all I needed to do was suggest a coffee and get into my car.
Well, the idiot just got up and walked out of the cafe, leaving me alone in the corner with the pimpled faced k**.
Suddenly I realised this k** was having an eyefull, as my coat had parted on the other side facing him, and as I was busy hooking the older guy, this k** was really looking deep into my soul.
Thankfully, the next thing to him was a wall, so what he saw was him only, so with that, I sat glued to my screen, looking intently, but watching him in my perifal vision.
He was moving so uncomfortablely, that I decided, well I cant stop him if I dont know he is looking, so making sure no one else was aware of my state of undress, I eased open the second bottom button on my coat and it fell open revielling that I was naked up to my exposed hip.
I was thinking he might try and slip his hand into his pants and reward me by wanking off to what I was showing, but he was just staring and so obviously I was worried someone would see him.
I looked right into his eyes, smiled and said, 'Hi, can you help me please?'
He rose from his chair and came alongside me and as I made no effort to cover up he could see my thighs crossed right over the top of my vagina.
I whispered into his ear, making it look as if he was solving a computer problem for me, 'Do you like what I am wearing?' He nodded in the afirmative, 'Do you want to see more?' I hissed between my teeth, again he nodded in the afirmative, only this time his faced was flushed and looking down I could see this young man had a hard-on.
'Outside on the left, I will be in my car' I said and got up, closed my raincoat, and went outside, into the dark rainsoaked night.
I got into my car, and decided to drive to a park just down the road, where I could experiment and train him, fuck he needed to learn and I needed something different.
My train of thought was interupted as he appeared at the passenger door and leant across and unlocked it to let him inside.
He was flustered and excited, and when I asked him had he done this before, he nervously answered with an emphatic No.
I assured him he would enjoy the experience and all I was going to do was take him down the road to the park, where I would turn-off into the park and park the car where we would not be disturbed.
Reaching over to him I tokk his hand and guided it under my raincoat, resting on the warm flesh between my stocking tops and below my breasts, where my rock hard nipples were sticking through the netted material.
As I started the engine, and slipping the gear into first, my legs parted, and I felt encouraged as he guided his hand between my thighs and caressed my open pussy.
The car started moving down the the park and I indicated right, and soon all activity went silent, as I drove deeper into the wooded area and away from prying eyes, I was going to teach this young stud how to please me and more to the point how to fuck me, including my ass, where I wanted his young sperm.
I will end here and depending on the the response from you readers, I will continue with every graphic detail on his deflowering inside me

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