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It was when mother became ill and had to go into hospital that Emma determined to take matters further. Paul had been so unreasonable when she had invited Jack to stay with them for a while to be nearer the hospital, telling her how it would upset his routine when he was at such an important point in this particular sale. Emma felt so angry with him, for being so selfish, and she knew she would make him pay for his boorish behaviour. As it happened, Jack arrived on the day before Paul was due to fly out to the west to meet his clients, and was in a state of high anxiety. He didn’t let Jack’s arrival upset his schedule though, leaving him to Emma. This was all that she had hoped for and more, as she made Jack welcome with a lovely tea…

She could tell from Jack’s attentiveness that he had been looking forward to the visit. His eyes had gleamed when he found out that Paul was leaving early in the morning, and that he would therefore have Emma to himself. She was so attractive, that even though he knew he had no chance with her, he still found himself hanging on her every word, and doing his best to impress her, and flirt with her. She was flattered by his attention, and responded so invitingly that they both began to allow the thoughts and hopes that they had dismissed before to creep back into the forefront. It was too late for hospital visiting that evening, so they arranged to go next morning about eleven. Emma got them some wine and soon excused herself.

“I need to go and shower… I guess I won’t have time in the morning”.

”Oh could you leave it running? I will have one too if you don’t mind” She couldn’t help but touch herself in the shower, imagining Jack’s hands upon her was too tempting to put from her mind. She hadn’t worn the silk bathrobe very much before, but boldly decided to tonight. Paul could complain to her if he liked. It was shaped around the waist and with the belt tied; it accentuated her bosom to perfection. It seemed too intimate as she led him upstairs to show him the shower. She left him, and then came back a minute later.

“I found one of Paul’s bathrobes for you” she blurted as he opened the door to her. In the dim light she had seen his athletic bottom.

They sat together on the couch, watching T.V. as Paul fussed around in a bad temper getting his things ready for the next day, and after two more glasses of wine, she knew she was going to encourage any advance that Jack wanted to make. He was a little taller than Paul, and so the robe stopped half way down his muscular thighs. She couldn’t help but keep glancing at them and wanting to see more. In the same way, he could hardly believe his good fortune to be sitting next to Emma dressed so enticingly and his thoughts began to imagine that which he desired so much. He would have been shocked if he had known then what a trivial thing would make his desires come to fruition…

It was Emma’s birthday the next day too, and Paul had forgotten as usual, his excuse had been that there was no time to do anything when he was going away, and he’d promised her he would take her out for a nice meal when he got back. The fact that Jack had not only not forgotten, but brought her such a lovely present, made her heart warm even more. She was like a little girl opening the box, and pulled out a gold necklace.

“Oh shouldn’t have…it’s so beautiful”

“Of course I should have…but I’m afraid it can’t make you any more beautiful my love…Here let me put it on for you”

“Ohh Jack!” she felt such love for him as he knelt up behind her. She had to loosen the robe to let him fix the clasp at the back, and so when she turned to him he could not but stare at her delightful cleavage.

“ the chain a little long?” he wondered, the pennant nestled in between the tops of her delicious breasts.

“No’s lovely” she smiled, catching him looking there somewhat more than was necessary.

“Oh thank you so much…” she kissed him rather more enthusiastically than she should have done and broke off with an embarrassed flush. Then he seized the moment, drawing her back as if to scold her embarrassment and kissing her with far more feeling than was appropriate to a father-in-law.

“Happy birthday darling” he said, as their smiles turned more serious.

“Oh thank you daddy” she kissed him back, knowing that this was the point of no return, and this time letting her tongue loll against his. She just had time to draw her robe together again before Paul came in to say goodnight. He explained his early start to Jack and asked him to pass his love on to his mother when they went the next day. Emma’s eyes were on Jack as he reassured his son, knowing she would let him do anything…

“I love it so much Jack…” she smiled as Pauls footsteps faded. She used the excuse of looking at her necklace to open up the robe again, this time just that little bit wider.

“Do you think it suits me?”

“Mmm oh yes...” he smiled, feasting his eyes on the tops of her delicious mounds, and for the first time allowing his desires to grow. She was openly presenting her bosom for his approval, letting him gaze upon her as she pushed out her chest for far longer than it would have required to check the necklace. He raised his hand and took hold of the pennant, brushing between her breasts as he did so, looking deep into her eyes.

“You look gorgeous with it” he smiled.

Her intake of breath was noticeable when his hand had touched her there, and her alluring look as he had feasted his eyes upon her gave him every encouragement. They both knew what was going to happen, things had gone too far to stop now. She was going to have sexual intercourse with her father-in-law. They both knew too, that there was no point in rushing into this, they had to leave enough time for Paul to get soundly to sl**p, and even then it would be such a risk.

She could see now that her naughty display had had its effect upon his desire. The sight of such a noticeable hump in his robe made her heart thump wildly, and he was as proud when he saw her staring at it, as she had been when he had gazed at her breasts.

“You flatter me so naughty thing!” she smiled at his last words, giving him another hug. The hug turned into a kiss, and this time they both let their feelings show, their tongues entwining and lapping each other. Emma felt the belt of her robe being loosened, and Jack soon felt the same.

“Oh Jack...we mustn’t” she sighed as she broke from him for a moment, unable to stop herself from looking down to see the robe parted far enough to see the tip of his immense penis reared up between such strong thighs.

“Ohh Emma …I know…. But we have to“ he sighed, looking down her smooth belly to see her most perfect vulva, already pouting and oozing her wanton juices. Her heart beat even faster as she saw his great column jerk even higher into the air as he looked upon her most intimate place.

“Oh darling Jack...” she sighed, and as he moved to hold her his robe rode up and she gaped at the huge sack beneath his great column. It contents like two overripe plums bulging with his copious seed. She could not stop herself now... she imagined it swimming inside her.

“Emma my love…how long I have wanted you…” he sighed as he reached out and touched her thigh.

“Oh Jack … if only I had known… every time Paul makes love to me I imagine it is you inside me… sweetest daddy… am I too wicked to say such a thing?”

“Mmmm No my darling...” he sighed, kissing her neck and the slopes of her bosom, and pushing her robe wide apart to allow his hand to cup her breast. They both wanted to savour the moments…

“Do you want me there now?”

“Oh Jack…oh yes…Daddy” she sighed lifting his robe and taking her hand to his penis.

“I want it so much”

“Oh Emma.... darling girl, is this what you want?” He sighed, holding her fingers around his huge pulsing shaft.

“Oh yes daddy... your penis…I want daddy’s penis in me”

“Mmmm sweet baby…do you want it here?” he sighed, tracing along her pouting slit, teasing her with his practiced fingers, making her eyes close with the pure pleasure of anticipation. She was nearly moaning as she looked into his eyes.

“Mmmm daddy’s penis in my vagina”

“Ahhh my sweet lovely c***d”. She licked her fingers and rubbed them suavely over the burning tip of his tool, making him shudder with excitement.

“You want to be naughty don’t you daddy…you want to come inside me” she teased, leaving the great rearing column, and turning her attention to his bulging testicles.

Now it was his turn to close his eyes with exquisite desire.

“You want to put your sperm in your son’s wife…you want to do it into your little girl’s vagina” He was almost shooting it even as she teased him so, but somehow held back the waves of climax, and turned it back on her, both now intent upon the other’s loins.

“And you want daddy’s seed in your womb don’t you…in your fertile little womb…making a baby in you” he could not have been closer to the mark for her… she had dreamed of him giving her a c***d, she shuddered and bit her lip as his fingers slipped within her soaking channel.

“Oh daddy...oh yes…oh yess… please…I want it so…” Paul had never wanted to even talk about those things… she didn’t really know whether she wanted a c***d, yet the thought of being fertilised excited her beyond measure. His lips found hers again, and revelling in their shared desires, their tongues entwined again in such sweet abandon. She allowed her robe to part entirely now, pressing her breasts suavely against his muscular chest, their tingling outstretched teats brushing him and making her juices flow ever more copiously. Her heart filled with pleasure and anticipation, at the thought that he wanted her…that all her desires would be fulfilled so soon.

“Oh my sweet wicked girl” he sighed as her lips teased him.

“I’ll go and see if he is asl**p” she smiled invitingly as she looked back from the door.

“Don’t go away” She tiptoed upstairs, drawing her robe around her again in case he saw. She needn’t have worried, he was snoring loudly in the darkness, and she knew how soundly he slept. Her heart thumped with excitement all the more as she removed the robe and went down to him... to her lover...naked and ready to abandon herself to him entirely.

When he had heard her tiptoes on the stairs he too had slipped out of the robe and now knelt on the rug in front of the fire, facing her as she entered, the erection of his immense column even greater in such a position. She knelt with him, her hands taking hold of the object of her desires, it’s pulsating shaft gleaming, smooth and so hot to her touch. His eyes closed with pure pleasure as she knelt and kissed the great ruby tip, it’s eye opening in response, and delivering a few drops of delicious fluid to her eager tongue. He weighed her glorious breasts and teased the fat nipples.

“He’s sound asl**p daddy…it’s quite safe “

“Darling Emma, you’re so beautiful...” he weighed her prefect gourds and she smiled with pride.

“Oh Daddy…please. I want it so much…I want your seed inside me”

“We have all night my love…” he smiled, resting back on his elbow and slipping his hand between her thighs.

“We should savour every moment” She rested back too, parting her knees to allow his fingers within her soaking vulva.

“Ohh mmm darling daddy…” she sighed as his expert fingers teased her pleasure bud mercilessly.

“Mmm how I adore my lovely little girl… “ He teased as her face contorted at the exquisite peak of pleasure.

“Ohh daddy… feel how wet I am for you”

“Is my sweet c***d soaking for daddy’s cock?”

“Mmmm daddy’s penis in her hot vagina…. Daddy’s big cock in her hot, wet pussy…” her words were matched with actions as she drew him between her thighs, his quivering baton pulsating eagerly as she drew up her knees.

“Mmmm fuck me daddy… put your cock in me”

“Mmm darling…naughty Emma…open your cunt for daddy’s penis” Their hands guided all, one of hers parting the slick petals of her vulva, the other clasping the huge appendages which swung beneath his thick column as it’s bulbous tip pressed within.

“Ohh daddy… such big ones…they full for me aren’t they”

“Oh yes sweet daughter…full of sperm for your fertile womb…are you going to make daddy do it in you?”

“Ahh yes daddy... I’m going to make you shoot it all into me…ahh ahh ahh” she began to work her hips…unable to stop herself as she imagined it. Her eyes met his in a perfection of pleasure, they moved with one purpose, confirmed by his words.

“Mmmm daddy’s going to shoot it all into your fertile little womb…daddy’s sperm is going to make a baby in his darling Emma” His hands cradled her buttocks now as he began to thrust deeper, her eyes fixed upon his as she pulled his muscular bottom to push him further inside her…desperate for his precious gift.

His thick pestle sluiced long and deep, his heavy balls slapping her rump as he pushed into her womb. She could not help but watch, revelling in the pure wantonness of their actions…imagining the moment when she would receive it…pouring from him…swimming inside her…making her pregnant with his c***d. She could hardly bear it as he suckled on her thick outstretched teats, his big hands squeezing her breasts together as he drove into her again and again.

“Ohh daddy…your big cock is making me come…. oooooohhhh” she cried, drawing her knees up as high as she could to f***e him still deeper into her vagina. He rammed faster, squeezing her buttocks to make a tight circle of her pussy… the perfect moment was fast approaching as he looked into her eyes.

“Emma darling…daddy’s coming too…”

“Mmmmm shhh” she slowed him, stilled him as the moment was upon them…

”I want to hold you while you come…while you pump your seed into me”

“Oh baby…yes my sweet girl…hold me while I shoot my spunk into you”

She felt him swelling in her hand, the thick root of his penis ready for the moment of ejaculation, and then it was jerking wildly, and with each jerk she felt his thick jets streaming into her. Their lips met in this perfect embrace, her cries drowning his as he continued to spurt madly into her. She arched her back, shuddering and gripping his fountaining cock so hard as the waves of pure pleasure overcame her. She wanted to keep him there forever…

”Ohhhh Ohhh Aaaahhh…you’re doing it…fill me…Aaaaaaaahhh” Their hearts thumped so hard as they lay together, panting, until they could speak.

“Oh God Emma…I want you so much…”

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