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That Night

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Any
resemblance between the characters and any person
living or dead is an amazing fucking coincidence. I
mean really, I don’t know you or your s****r, so how
was I to know anything about what the two of you did
together? This story depicts i****t between
consenting adults and probably doesn’t break any law
in the world, unless you live in one of those uptight
super-religious countries, but then you’d probably be
breaking the law just by being on the internet to
begin with. So relax and enjoy the story.

That Night

My s****r and I weren’t really close before we
were teenagers. I’m two years older and was always a
step ahead in what I was allowed to do. We didn’t
fight all that much, we just weren’t really friends.
Looking back, I know it was sexual tension. Kayla was
always beautiful, always the loveliest girl in my
eyes. Slender without being thin, dark skin that
bronzed in the summer sun, long brown hair that
developed blonde streaks as she grew older. She has
amazing eyes, so brown and deep you could wander in
them for days.
She was the quiet, intelligent type, even though
her beauty made people think otherwise. Still, she
wasn’t the buxom, classic beauty that made other girls
jealous and had boys lined up to date her. So it
happened that, as we grew older, we became more and
more each other’s best friend.
I graduated and went off to college. She
graduated, then followed me to the same school. Those
two years we were there together were a wonderful
time. People often mistook us for a couple, the way
we’d laugh and hang on each other, the way we were
always together. That’s when I really began to feel
something special for her.

As teens, Kayla was frequently the star in my
masturbation fantasies. I’d ogle her around the
house, try to peek on her (I once saw her in bra and
panties), and when she wore a bikini…I was doomed. As
our friendship grew, I pushed away those feelings of
lust, reminding myself how unnatural it was.
Then came Sharon. I met her right out of college.
I’d moved into an apartment building near the radio
station where I’d landed a job. We hit it off, and
though I never told anyone, she was my first steady
girlfriend. Romance seemed to flower quickly. Back
in college, Kayla also seemed to be moving on, getting
a boyfriend. It wasn’t her first, though, as I’d been
jealous of many of her dates.
Time passed. Sharon and I moved in together
after a year of dating. Kayla graduated that spring
and right away moved in with her boyfriend. And we
started dating again. We didn’t call it that, but
that’s what it was. We’d go to the movies, to shows,
out to eat, or even afternoons in the park. Just the
two of us.
Jerry, her boyfriend, decided he’d go play poker
all night around mid-September. Kayla accepted my
invitation to sl**p over at my apartment, so she
wouldn’t be alone. Sharon was going to one of her
activist’s meetings (she was always protesting
something) so Kayla and I went to the movies. She
picked out Gladiator, and it turned out to be a very
momentous choice.
In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix plays the Emperor
of Rome who is infatuated with his own s****r. All
through the movie he kept trying to seduce her,
finally blackmailing her into being his lover. Kayla
kept casting glances at me, grinning, but it made me
uncomfortable. It made me realize how much I desired
my own s****r. How much I’d fallen in love with her.

On the drive home afterward, Kayla was thoughtful.
“Why do you think he was like that?” she asked me,
meaning the Emperor in the movie. “I mean, he’s rich
and powerful, he could have any woman in the world.
Why his own s****r?”

I was glad she couldn’t see my face in the
darkened car. “Maybe,” I suggested, “he just thought
she was the most beautiful and desirable woman he’d
ever known. No one else would do.”
“Oh,” she replied, pensive. “I thought it might
be because he wanted a c***d of pure bl**d or
Shit. I hadn’t thought of that. I’d projected
my own feelings into it. I tried to read her
expression but couldn’t. I just hoped she didn’t see
through my thin answer to my desire beneath.
Back at my place, Sharon was already in bed. I
chatted with her as I changed into nightwear. Sharon
loved her Valium and was already very woozy. She
passed out before I’d left the room. Kayla joined me
in the living room wearing the nightgown she’d brought
with her. The hem fell only to mid-thing, and it took
all my willpower not to ogle her legs. Likewise, the
neckline was low cut and sheer, showing my her
cleavage. Kayla had very small breasts and they had
always turned me on.

“Nice gown,” I commented, unable to resist saying

Kayla looked down at herself. “Thanks,” she
said. She put her hand on her chest. “Not much to
show off, though.”
“You’ve got enough,” I told her.
She glanced at me quickly, then back down,
running a hand over her small boobs. “I don’t know,”
she said. “They’re so small.”
“I think they’re perfect,” I heard myself say.
It was like I’d lost control of my mouth.
“You do?” she asked, a grin appearing on her
lips. Her sweet, kissable lips. “That’s so sweet…”
I think I blushed, so I turned away quickly and led
the way to the sofa.
“Want to watch TV?” I asked over my shoulder.
“Nah,” Kayla replied. “Not in the mood. Why
don’t we just talk?” I started to sit down, then I
saw my s****r sit on the floor, so I joined her down
there. That was fine with me. It was a lot easier to
glance at her legs this way.
We chatted for awhile, covering topics like our
jobs, our relationships (neither of us was very happy,
it seemed), and the fact that she had recently had an
article published in the New Yorker.
“That reminds me,” I said, reaching beneath the
sofa for the item I’d hidden there. “I have something
for you. Kind of a reward.” I pulled out a small box
and handed it to her.
“What is it?” she asked, her eyes shining. My
God, she looked so beautiful right then.
“Open it and see.”
She pried the hinged lid open and gasped when she
saw the gold anklet inside. I knew she had an
affinity for ankle jewelry.
“Oh, Nick!” she cooed. “It’s beautiful! But
“I told you, a reward for becoming published.
Besides, I love you s*s.” I swallowed hard. “You’re
my best friend, and I just wanted you to know how
special you are to me.”
“That is so sweet,” she said, tears appearing at
the corners of her eyes. She gave me a soft,
lingering kiss on my cheek. “You’re my best friend,
too,” she whispered in my ear. She slid back a notch
and handed me the anklet. “Put it on me?” she asked.
Then she lifted her leg and planted her petite foot
flat on my chest.
I froze.
I felt a sudden rush of excitement. Kayla’s gown
had fallen back as her leg came up, exposing her limb
all the way up to her panties. I knew in that moment
that the rest of my life was going to be agony, that
no other woman on Earth could fill my heart like my
own, dear s****r.
I didn’t try to hide my emotions as I slowly ran
my gaze up and down her leg. I held her foot and
caressed her calf, then took the anklet from her hand.
Kayla seemed a little surprised at my actions, but I
was lost. I was consumed by desire. I fastened the
jewelry around her delicate ankle, then caressed her
leg again. I kissed the top of her foot, stroked her
leg, and Kayla did not protest or try to pull away.
When I took her big toe in my mouth, she gasped.
I held her foot up and licked her sole, making her
moan. Our eyes locked, and I could see the wantonness
on her face. I licked my way over her foot and up her
calf, her shin, to her knee.
I was closer then, so I leaned to her face.
Kayla’s eyes flickered closed as I pressed my lips to
hers. She had such soft lips. Her tongue snaked out,
and I took it into my mouth. The thrill was nearly
overwhelming. I was french-kissing my own very
beautiful s****r!
I put my hand on her breast, and she jumped. She
pulled back a little. “Nick,” she began. I expected
protest and didn’t want to hear it. I shushed her,
covering her mouth with my fingers, then kissing her
again. She let me press her back until she was laying
on the floor and I was hovering over her.
We kissed passionately, giving in to our pent up
i****tuous lust. My hands roamed her body, and she
spread her legs wide for me when I reached for her
crotch. Her back arched and she moaned into my mouth
as I rubbed her pussy through her panties. I slid my
hand in through the waistband, and suddenly I was
stroking my s****r’s wet cunt.
She clutched at me as I slid a finger into her.
She was surprisingly tight, and I imagined what it
would feel like to have my cock inside her. I kissed
my way down her body quickly. Planting myself between
my s****r’s spread legs, I pulled aside the crotch of
her panties for my first look at her pussy.
It was beautiful, just like the rest of her. She
had trimmed her bush into a neat inverted t****zoid,
her inner lips peeked out seductively from her
hairless vulva, and all her flesh here was a light
tan, her natural color. I ran my tongue through her
slit. Kayla stiffened and moaned loudly, then slapped
her hand over her mouth. I tongue-fucked her pussy,
reveling in her musk.
“Nick!” she gasped, her body shuddering. “We
can’t do this!”
I looked at her over her flat tummy, my face
glistening with her juices. “I’ll stop if you want
to,” I told her, wondering if I could. “Just say so.
Tell me you don’t want this, and I’ll stop.”
She held herself up on her elbows and gazed at
me, saying nothing. I smiled broadly and dove back
into her pussy. Kayla fell back with a gasp. She
lifted her legs, bringing her knees back, toes pointed
down my body, and she grasped my head with both hands,
pulling my face against her cunt. She was totally
opened up to me now. I sucked her pussy, and tongued
her clit, and minutes later she had an orgasm.
Kayla’s body tensed. Her toes curled. Her head
came off the floor, her face scrunched as her body
shook and her woman cum flooded my mouth. I eagerly
drank my s****r’s cunt juice and lapped at her pussy
until she began to calm down.
Quickly, I removed her panties and tossed them
aside. She was starting to protest again as I pushed
her legs back, my hands behind her thighs, and started
french kissing her pussy. Kayla moaned and thrust her
hips up at me, grinding her pussy into my mouth.
I was dizzy with disbelief. This was my most
erotic fantasy come true! Kayla shuddered as another
orgasm swept over her. I rode it out, sucking her
pussy, then stood as she calmed. She looked up at me,
panting, her feet flat on the floor and legs spread
lewdly as I began to strip. I pulled off my shirt,
tossed it aside, then shoved my shorts down.
As I stepped out of them, Kayla sat up. When I
stood, her eyes were glued to my cock. She reached
for it. I shuddered with delight as I watched her
delicate hand wrap around my meat. She stroked me a
few times, and looked up at me, an expression of
amusement on her face.
“I never imagined it would be so big,” she told
me. She pulled her legs under her and rose up on her
knees, putting her face level with my crotch. “It’s
just as lovely as I always thought it would be,
though,” she said, letting me know that my s****r had
also had fantasies about me. I thought I’d die when
she opened her mouth and began to suck me. She moaned
as if she was tasting something wonderful, and I
couldn’t decide what was more thrilling, the sensation
of her mouth on my cock or the sight of my gorgeous
s****r’s face in my crotch. I watched her mesmerized.
She pulled off but continued to jack my cock, now
slick with her saliva. “Have you ever cum in a girl’s
mouth?” she asked, looking up at me.
I shook my head. “Good,” she said. “I’ll be the
first to taste your cum.” I very nearly did cum when
she slurped me into her mouth again. She pulled off
again. “And yours will be the first cum ever in my
mouth. Not this time, though.” She released my cock
and grabbed the hem of her gown. She pulled it off in
one smooth motion, revealing her wonderful body to my
hungry gaze. She was so beautiful I felt I could cry.
Kayla lay back again on the floor. She held her
arms out to me. I dropped to my knees between her
spread legs and lowered myself on top of her. Her
naked tits pressed into my bare chest. We kissed
deeply as my cock rubbed against her pussy. It found
it’s way to her opening without guidance, as if it had
been born knowing the way, like it was coming home.
I pushed into my s****r’s pussy slowly but
firmly. Her hands clawed my back as I split her lips.
She was tight, the tightest I’d ever experienced.
She told me later that my cock was easily twice as
large as any she’d ever had inside her…or ever would
Her pussy was wet and hot, and it engulfed my
cock like a glove. I had to work it in, but finally I
was buried inside her. We were joined, my s****r and
My face was inches from hers as I thrust into
her. I could taste her breath, see the lust boiling
in the depths of her eyes. She brought her legs up
and wrapped them around my waist, locking her ankles
together. I pulled out until only my head was left
inside her, then plunged back in. Her eyes fluttered
and she moaned my name.
I fucked her with that same, steady rhythm. Her
tight pussy hugged my cock with each thrust, pulling
me back in as I withdrew. Kayla shuddered as an
orgasm ripped into her. Her pussy clenched my cock
like a vise, massaging it fiercely as it pulsated.
“Oh, God!” she gasped. “I love you, Nick! I
love you my b*****r!”
“I love you, s*s!” I moaned back at her. I began
fucking her again, nearing my own completion.
“Oh, Nick!” she whispered, squeezing me with her
legs. “This is i****t, Nick.”
That word, spoken aloud, was incredibly erotic.
I groaned and thrust deeply into her. “How does it
feel?” she asked.
“Wonderful,” I groaned.
“How does it feel to be fucking your s****r?”
I felt my orgasm starting. “I love it!” I said.
“I love you, Kayla. I always have.”
“Oh, Nick,” my s****r purred. “I’ve always
wanted to fuck you Nick. I’ve always wanted to fuck
my b*****r.”
I came then, shooting my cum deep inside her body
like a wild cannon. Kayla’s eyes widened as she felt
my hot seed pouring into her, and suddenly she was
cumming again. Her pussy milked my cock, doubling the
power of my orgasm, draining me.
I collapsed on top of her. She hugged me as hard
as she could, her body still trembling. I started to
move. “Don’t leave me,” she begged. “I want your
cock to stay inside me.”
“Okay,” I said and kissed her. We kissed
passionately for the next few minutes. Finally, my
now limp cock slipped out of her. “It’s okay,” I told
her, seeing her sad face. “It’ll be inside you again
“I promise,” I told her. “If you’ll let me, I’ll
fuck you every day.”
“Oh, Nick,” she sighed. “My wonder big b*****r.
I really do love you, you know.”
“I wish you could be my wife,” I confessed. She
was shocked.
“Really?” she asked. “You really love me that
way, too?”
“Yes. I think I always have.”
“But it’s i****t,” she pointed out. “I’m your
s****r. You’re my b*****r.” She grinned even as she
said it. “You just fucked your s****r.” My cock was
stirring at her words.
“And you just fucked your b*****r,” I countered.
She moaned.
“That really turns me on,” she said. “Fuck me
again?” She could feel my cock rising, poking her
cunt lips.
“Anything you say,” I told her. “I love
“I love you, husband,” she said. “Can we really
pretend that? It’s okay with you?”
For an answer, I started pushing my cock back
inside my s****r’s body. “As far as I’m concerned,” I
said to her, inching my hardness into her, “we can
live it for real.”
She threw her arms around my neck. “Oh, Nick,”
she cooed. “That would make me so happy! I love you,
I love you, I love you….Oh!” She squealed as I
plunged into her.
“Make a baby in me,” she said. She looked up at
me with those amazing eyes. “Fuck me forever my
b*****r…my husband.”
“Forever, s*s,” I echoed, and began to fuck her
with passion. “Forever, wife.”

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