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Step Father

Luce was riding home on her bike as fast as she could. She was late and her step father would be mad. She was wearing shorts and a skinny tank top and not aware her left tit had fallen out of the top. Her step father, Ric, was standing in the doorway as she rode up the drive. She got off her bike and he told her "Come over here now." As she walked to him he grabbed her and slapped her bare tit. "What do you mean riding that bike and showing off your tit like that?" She replied "I did not realize my tit had come out of my shirt." Her step father grabbed the flimsy top and ripped it from her. "Now you won't wear that again and you can show off your tits all you want in the house. Get into your bedroom and wait for me."

She walked to her room and not knowing what he would do to her. He came in and told her "Take off those shorts and the panties. I want you naked. You love to show off your body so do it at home. Show me." When she was naked he looked at her and said "You have matured into a fine lady. It is time you got a taste of my cock. Now lay down. And do as I say and do not complain a bit." Ric then laid beside her and began to rub and kiss her tits taking and sucking the nipples deep in his mouth. He grabbed each nipple and rolled it between his fingers and told her "You grew some nice tits for me to enjoy. Nice big nipples." He again sucked and pulled on the nipples and rubbed her nice tits. He put his mouth to the side of her tit and sucked till he had left a big bruise. Then he did the same to the other tit. He looked at his mark on her and laughed and said "Now you have my mark on those tits so you can remember this time in bed with me."

He then ran his hand down over her stomach and to her pussy. He spread her legs and cupped her pussy in his hand. He grabbed the clit between his two fingers and rolled it till he heard her breath suck in. His finger then went to her fuck hole and he rubbed around it before he pushed a finger in her. He buried his finger deep and began to finger fuck her. He felt her cum and his finger got very wet. He then added another finger and kept fucking hearing her cum over and over. He said to her "You like a finger in that pussy. Wait till I push my cock in you and fuck you till can't take any more cock."

He then got on top of her and pushed his cock to her pussy hole. He slid his hands under her hips and raised her to him so he could slide in deeper. He then pushed his cock in inch by inch. Her pussy was wet but tight. It felt so good on his hard cock. As he pushed in and out of her he began to kiss her mouth. He put his tongue in her mouth and and then he sucked her tongue. She was young and felt food beneath him. He had watched her mature and had been waiting to fuck her. Today he had her to himself all day. He rammed his cock deep in her pussy as he kissed her and fondled her tits. He was able to fuck her only thirty minutes before his cock exploded.

He rolled off her and told her to roll over onto her stomach but keep her legs spread wide as she could. He then began to kiss down her back and to her ass. He rubbed her ass cheeks and then kissed them. She had a perfect ass. It felt great beneath his hands as he rubbed it. He then sucked one of the cheeks and left his bruise there. He liked the look of it on her white smooth ass so he did two more. Then he moved to the other ass cheek and gave it a few deep bruises. He then sucked the inside of her leg near her pussy and gave more bruises. He liked the look of his mark on her young body. Now he knew why men whipped their women with a belt and left welts. It made the cock real hard.

He spread her ass cheeks far apart and looked at her sweet ass hole. His finger traced around the pucker and then his mouth found it. He kissed her pucker then licked it. He got it real wet then inserted his finger. She screamed and he laughed. "You will learn to love this. I love to finger the ass as I lick pussy." He finger fucked her ass even tho he knew it was painful to her.

He rolled over on his back and told her to straddle over his face. He wanted to see her pussy. As she got over his face he spread her pussy lips apart. She had a pink sweet pussy like a young girl would have. and he liked that she shaved it bald. "Now sit that pussy on my mouth and rub me. Spread that cum over my lips and I will lick you and keep you cumming till I think you have had enough." As she rubbed his face with her pussy he stuck his tongue out and licked pussy and then he grabbed her by the ass and held her pussy tight to his mouth as he tongue fucked her pussy hole. He felt her cum several times and soon was screaming with pleasure. He then reached behind and found her ass hole and shoved his finger in her. As he tongued fucked her pussy he finger fucked her ass and she went wild screaming and begging for more. His face was soaked with her cum. He spoke to her with his lips on her pussy. "You love to have your pussy eaten don't you? My face is so wet with your cum. Now slide down and suck my big wet cock. Taste your pussy juice on it."

He then pushed her to his cock. "How much of that cock can you get in your mouth? I will help you take every inch of it. Now start sucking and make your step daddy cum down your throat." As she sucked his cock he watched how much she could get in her mouth before he grabbed her head and shoved it all the way down gagging her. He let her come up then did it again and again. "Come on, suck my cock. Take every inch down your throat. Suck hard. Harder." She sucked him for a long time with him pushing her head all the way on his cock. He was amazed how good she did. He knew she was going to get to suck him every time they were alone. He would even drive her to the store and she could suck him in the car. And he was going to sink his cock in that tight pussy just as often. She was a better fuck than her mom for sure. And had firmer tits and ass with a nice tight pussy. Soon he felt the cock ready to explode and held his cock deep in her throat as he filled her mouth with cum. "Swallow my juice baby. Drink daddy's cum" He watched her swallow his huge load of cum as he held his cock deep in her mouth.

He rolled over on the bed and sat up. He held her face in his hands and told her. "I want you right home from college every day so I can fuck you before your mom gets home. I love your tits and pussy and need to fuck you and eat you and finger that ass. You get to suck my cock. Now get dressed but no bra or panties. I may just feel you up when mommy is not looking.

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