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Sordid Liaison With The Minging Slut!

She is lying on my bed with her ugly face pushed into the pillows. Her fat and unsightly body is naked.

I am raking her bare back with my uncut nails – the minging slut craves that. Every time I run my nails hard along her pallid flesh she flinches with the pain but lets out ever increasing grunts of arousal. I intend to draw bl**d – I like to see little beads of crimson whether it is from nails, studded paddles or canes. I do not need to see rivers of bl**d; just a trickle for me to whet my appetite.

People think I am a nice person but it is merely a front to protect myself; and a ploy to lure the unsuspecting in. I love to see females suffer physically but there is also the exquisite gratification of watching them in emotional pain like dumping them the day after they have fallen in love with me… ecstasy! I build their little egos up with false attention and insincere flattery then, like a bored infant knocking over building blocks, I pull out the rug and watch them tumble to the ground savouring every last drop of their anguish – I am a cunt.

She is bleeding now and her back is becoming smeared with her bl**d – I suck my finger and taste the metallic tang.

'Turn over on your front.'

She obeys.

She is the ugliest female I have ever facked. Her features are lopsided and her left eye is opaque and blind. Her complexion is jaundiced and she has several age spots on her cheeks. Her nostrils remind me of a pit viper's and her lips sit at an odd angle. She is overweight and flabby too.

It is at this point that I want to slap her misshapen face hard but I resist the urge, instead I thrust my fingers into her soaking and smelly unwashed cunt. She gasps and momentarily arches her back. I then grab her tit roughly squeezing it till she asks me to stop – it makes me smile when she registers pain across her uneven features. I begin to circle my thumb around her clit – she likes that – and knead the nipple of her large saggy left breast. Her lips are slightly apart and bring my head down to kiss them. Her breath is rancid so I do not linger but instead suck and bite her right nipple. Her breathing intensifies till she finally heaves and gives herself to orgasm. I feel the contractions of her cunt and thrust hard - thrust hard to hurt. She cries out and then slumps exhausted back onto the mattress.

I look at her with a kind of contempt and speculate that this is as good as her pathetic little life gets – she is an ageing single mother on benefits living in a shit hole she can't afford to repair and the only fellow - who had convinced her that 'beauty is only skin deep' but maybe not himself - betrayed her with a gold digger who subsequently took him for his savings. I guess I'm no better: a sad middle aged bastard in a run down town preying on vulnerable woman.

'Do you want to fack me?' She offers.

'Just rub my nipples whilst I wank myself off.'

She twists into my body and brings her fat moley arms across my chest. I grab hold of my cock and start rubbing it. She briefly snogs me and then pulls back a little. As I become more turned on I become aware of the pungent cocktail of her body odours: her bad breath, the fishiness of her cunt and perhaps a trace of stale urine from her unchanged and holey knickers. Her over large tits hang over me and I notice the stretch marks for the first time. I glance down at her pot belly with the large unsightly mole on it and her unkempt pubic hair that is the colour of a sewer rat – she really is facking repulsive but I really do need to climax.

I quickly reach the point of no return – the slut knows to how to massage my nipples I'll give her that. I 'whiteout' with orgasm with my last vision of her fat white arm across me and then fall back spent onto the bed.

I thank her but all I want for her to do is go – she has served her purpose now.

She brings her face into mine and as she does her unattractive rust dyed hair falls into my eyes making them water. She sweeps it back and then gently kisses me on the lips – I feel briefly like vomiting but manage to fight the impulse.

'Just like old times eh… we should do this more often… I've often thought about you over the years.'

I respond: 'It was good to see you too… never thought this was going to happen… see you next Friday?' It's kind of a Homer Simpson moment.

We have a cup of tea before she goes. I quickly write the account up of our sordid little encounter and then post it on a website – it excites me to do so; to let people in on my dirty little life and my weird sexuality.

I close the computer down and then walk up town to go shopping – a sad and perverted middle aged man in a downbeat little town extracting all the depravity he can whilst his life, money and health run out like the grains of sand in an hourglass…

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