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My Wife's Cunt Eating Lessons

I came home from work one day and found my wife in bed with the next-door
neighbor. They were in the 69 position and both of them had their faces
buried in each other’s cunt. The sound of them licking and sucking and
moaning and groaning was all I could stand. I opened the bedroom door and
they both looked up at me and my wife said how come you home from work so
early? I said I came home early to be with you but I see your busy. How
long has this been going on? She said its been going on ever since Judy
moved next door.

As she was talking to me you could see pussy juice running down the side
of her face. I said do you all care if I watch? Judy said you could join
in if you like but you must not tell my husband, he will divorce me. I
stripped my cloths off and my wife told me to lick her cunt while she
makes Judy come. She got between Judy’s legs and was licking her from her
asshole all the way up to her clit. Judy was bucking around on the bed and
my wife kept on licking and sucking her cunt till she cum over and over. I
had already jacked my cock off once and was about to cum again when my
wife saw the cum on the bed spread and told me to stop wasting my cum.

Judy got down on her hands and knees and sucked the spent cum out of the
bedspread. It was 4:30 and Judy got up and got dressed she had to go home
before her husband came home. My wife and I were laying in the bed talking
about what had went on when my wife informed me that she loves to suck the
cum out of a pussy and that it makes her cunt so wet that her panties
won’t hold the girl cum. I told my wife that it didn’t bother me her
eating pussy that it turns me on watching her suck another woman’s pussy.
I told her of this place down in the city that a lot of lesbians and
bi-people hang out maybe we should go down there and check the place out.

She said that would be a lot of fun. Then I ask her how many women has she
been with and she said I have slept with five women and one of them was
your s****r. I said MY s****r, you slept with my s****r? She said yes, but
it has been quite a while since I ate your s****r’s pussy. I couldn’t
believe my ear’s was hearing this. I thought to myself I am married to a
cunt sucking cum whore and she needs to learn a lesson. My wife said all
this talking about eating pussy has made her horny she looked at me and
said have you ever had a tongue up your asshole? I said no She said bend
over and stick your ass in the air I am going to stick my tongue in a
virgin asshole.

She got behind me and started moving her tongue around and around my outer
ass ring I was rock hard and pre-cum was forming on the end of my cock. I
told her to eat my asshole out like she had been eating Judy’s cunt. She
placed her lips around my puckered asshole and sucked my whole asshole in
to her mouth it felt so good that I shot cum all over the bed spread she
smacked my ass real hard and told me again to stop wasting my cum. She
stopped the tonguing and told me to clean my cum up with my mouth for
being a bad boy.

After I sucked it all up she started sucking on my asshole again and my
cock got hard and started cumming again. She said she was going to lick
the cum up this time that it looked like that was going to be the only way
she is going to get any cum tonight. We kissed and went to sl**p. The next
day I went down to the lesbian Bi club and spoke with the manager I told
her that my wife liked to suck pussy and eat the pussy juice out of a
cunt. She told me to bring her down tonight and she would give her the
special treatment. She ask me was there anything I knew that my wife
wouldn’t do? I told her to do anything she wanted to her.

She told me that when I bring her in to take her to the first room on the
right and tie her to the bed. I told her I would and I left to go home and
get her. When I got home my wife was dressed up in a sexy outfit and she
was ready to go. I told her before we leave that she would have to do what
ever I tell her to. She agreed and we got in the car and started down to
the club. As we left the driveway she started playing with my cock and
before you knew it she was sucking my cock while I drove down the road. It
didn’t take long to cum and she swallowed every drop of cum my cock could
produce. She sat back up with a little bit of sperm in the corner of her
mouth and reached over and stuck my whole load of cum in my mouth.

The bitch damn near made me wreck she has never done that before I was
sitting there with my own cum taste in my mouth and I was thinking that my
cum taste pretty good. Well any ways, we got to the club and I took her in
and tied her up. She wanted to know what was going on and I told her to
just wait. The manager came over and told me that my wife was fixing to
have every drop of cum sucked and licked out of her pussy. She said that
when your wife leaves here she would be completely drained of her cum. Her
pussy might not have any cum but her mouth will be full of it. Just as I
turned around 3 women came in and started to lick and suck on tits, ass
and pussy at the same time.

I heard a low moan coming out of her mouth as the women worked on her. It
wasn’t long before cum was pouring out of her pussy I looked at the door
and a big black Amazon queen came in and spread her legs open and sat down
on my wife’s face, as far as I know she has never sucked a black cunt
before tonight. The black girl was grinding her pussy on my wife’s tongue
and then she started shaking and the cum started spraying out of her cunt
right into my wife’s mouth. My wife was lapping the juice that was flowing
out of the black girls pussy. When she had come she got up and left and
another Korean girl came in and squatted her pussy over my wife’s face she
pumped her pussy on my wife’s face till she cum and she got up and left,
this went on and on for hours and hours my cock was so hard from watching
these women abuse my wife.

After my wife cum about 12 times her clit was sticking out like a
miniature cock and I wanted to suck on just her clit. She was wanting the
women that was sucking her to stop she said she couldn’t produce any more
cum that the last two times she did cum nothing came out. The girl got off
of her and I walked over and looked down at my wife her pussy lips was
swollen 3 times there normal size and her asshole was standing wide open
to she had girl cum all over her face and her hair was matted down from
all the pussy juice. I bent over and started kissing her lips and it
tasted just like pussy I licked her face and sucked on her tongue to get
all the juice from her mouth.

She looked up at me and said please untie me I have had enough pussy for a
while. I untied her and rolled her over and stuck my cock in her ass and
fucked her hard till I shot rope after rope of thick sperm into her ass. I
sat back and watched as the cum in her ass started leaking out. She looked
at me and said please lick your cum from my asshole.

I got down on my knees and sucked my spunk out of my beautiful wife’s
anus. After I cleaned her ass out I got up and helped my wife get dressed
and we left for the house. She said she enjoyed all the different cunts
she sucked on today and that her stomach was full of girl cum. When she
took off her panties you could still see the cum that had leaked out of
her ass and pussy it had puddle up in her panties.

She called me over and stuck her cum soaked panties in my mouth to suck
on. She said that one of these days she was going to repay me for this
wonderful experience she had today. I was to busy sucking her juices out
of her panties when I pulled them out of my mouth and told her I loved
her. She lowered her head down to my cock and started sucking it when I
cum she left it in her mouth and fell asl**p.

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