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L isa and Dixie 9

I had showed Dixie the tape I had recorded of the two of them and she was okay with it. I promised that no one else except the three of us would see it.
The three of us got together two more times that week. Playing at a motel across town. Dixie had brought her strap on and really got off fucking Lisa and I.There wasn't anything the three of us didn't do. Dixie and I finally talked Lisa into meeting with her lover and his two friends for a wild night of sex. Lisa was concerned that it would hurt our relationship and I assured her nothing would change.I wanted to see her getting fucked by three guys. She admitted that it did sound exciting but,she wasn't sure she could go through with it.Dixie's lover was out of town for the next two weeks so we set up a date after that.

Lisa's s****r was in the office a week later talking to her about her husband's up coming birthday. She wanted to get him something really special. Lisa gave me a dirty look when I suggested taking some sexy photos of herself and making a calender for him. Lori turned bright red and said she would never do anything like that.

Lori was five years older than Lisa and just as beautiful. She always came off as being a little spoiled bitch and thinking she was better than anyone. The two of us didn't hit it off from the start.She was always nice to me when she would stop in the office but,it seemed it was with great effort.She had a killer body that she did her best to cover up.

I left the two, so they could talk in private,thinking about her posing nude made my cock hard. Later after Lori left.Lisa told me she actually loved my idea of making a sexy calender for her husband and she wanted her to take the photos. My face lite up like a Christmas tree and Lisa said NO. I told her I would do the same thing for her if I had a hot b*****r,she said NO again.The rest of the day every time I looked at her with my puppy dog eyes she said NO.
I pleaded and pleaded promising her anything she wanted.

Lisa had seen almost all the x-rated photo I had taken over the years. It was one of my passions,taking photos of naked women. I got them out and showed her some she had not seen. She was shocked when she seen the photo of my s****r-in-law holding her robe open showing off her hot naked body. She couldn't believe that Elaine had did that. I didn't tell her that Elaine's ex husband had gave me a bunch of pics after they divorced.

"Elaine is more uppity than my s****r and she let you take this pic??" Lisa asked. Then she frowned at me and said the answer is still NO.

I even had Dixie working on her telling her hot, taboo and erotic it would be letting me see the pics of her s****r. She told her that her s****r and her had been at a woman's divorce party and they had both sucked the stripper and took pics of it. What I wanted was to see the pics and video tape the whole thing. Lisa was starting to weaken and was saying maybe now instead of NO.

Yes,we did get our work done although I am always thinking of sex. Lisa and I would have sex just about every morning to calm me down so I could work.Then in the afternoon we would be at it again.I just couldn't get enough of her and she was the same. She was really getting into taking it up the ass now.That was another first for her and it took awhile for her to totally enjoy it. I just loved bending her over the desk and fucking that cute little ass.

She had become quite the exhibitionist thanks to me. I think I mentioned that already. She loved showing her tits,ass,and pussy to strangers.Another one of our favorites was the adult book stores.We would sit outside in the car and she would normally wear a wrap around dress and have it pulled open showing her beautiful naked body. She would call guys over to the car and let them see her. Several guys would pull their cocks out and jack off right there. Squirting their cum all over her body. More than once there was two guys together squirting cum onto her.

My nice sweet little country secretary was becoming quite the little bad girl.We talked about everything we ever thought about doing or had done.She asked me if I enjoyed the taste of cum since I always went down on her after I fucked her.I confessed to her that I had sucked my best friends cock many years ago. I was surprised at how excited she became. She wanted to hear every detail and played with her pussy as I told her.She was so wet that she went and got the large double rubber dildo from our safe. It was sixteen inches long and very life like.She slipped about half of it up her pussy and told me to suck her big cock. She looked so sexy looking like a she male with a big cock.I slipped my lips over the purple head and she grabbed my hair,pulling my head down.

"Suck my cock.....suck my big cock!!!"she cried out.Making me gag as she shoved it down my throat."Ohhhhhh this is so nasty....I love watching you suck a cock." She moaned.

Later after we had made love she told me she would show me the pics of her s****r and even video tape it if I would suck a real cock for her.

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