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A Very Painful Visit To Mistress V

Friday 5th September 2003 - I'm off on a long weekend. I'm sat on a train and my eventual destination is East Croydon though I will have to change at Haslemere.
I have arranged to meet and have a drink with a certain Mistress V with regards to my suitability to become her sub – it's only a preliminary meeting and I haven't brought along my favourite plastic beach shoe or garden cane.
For some reason I recall a paragraph I once read many years ago in a book about sexual perversion something along the lines that: The whip cracking, leather clad, fierce, obedience seeking woman of the male masochists fevered imagination is just that… imagination. These women do not exist in reality except perhaps in the garb that prostitutes put on to satisfy their clients.
Despite the fact that she stated in her letter that she was 'lifestyle' I have nevertheless bought along a fair amount of money – you can never be certain of anything in this game.
The train pulls in at Haslemere and I alight from the carriage, I ask one of the platform staff about the next train to East Croydon and I am directed to another platform. I get into the carriage and wait for it to move off.
I get out of the carriage and have a look along the platform – it appears that there were TWO trains at the platform and the front one was for East Croydon… it isn't there any more!
For fack's sake! Trust me to get in the wrong facking train.
I make more enquiries and to my relief there is another train due shortly – I don't want to be late.
Safely settled in the train I reflect back on the circumstances that are leading to this encounter – slightly nervous as I am. I had advertised recently in a fetish magazine called Axis for a dominant woman - only really expecting responses from professional mistresses – when I had received a letter and a photo from a Mistress V. In it she had told me that she was forty and had just divorced her third husband – he couldn't take the pain any longer. She was Russian and working over here giving seminars to business men. Over the last few years she had given in to her previously suppressed sadistic and dominant impulses and was now looking for a male sub.
The photo showed a smartly attired slightly overweight woman with blonde hair possessing Slavic features – she was average looking.
After I had sent her a photo of myself she had phoned me and agreed a time to meet, during her long lunch hour, and for her to assess my suitability – that appointment was now drawing close.
The train draws into East Croydon, slows and stops. I step out onto the platform and then make my way to the wine bar where we had agreed to rendezvous – I was okay for time. The streets are crowded… and not a little rough for a small town boy like me. I find the bar and make my way down the steps – it's busy but I can't see her. I buy myself a drink and sit down keeping a lookout for her.
Whilst there I am momentarily startled to see my ex wife there but on closer inspection it isn't her though extremely similar… I can imagine the conversation: ‘Hi Jules, fancy seeing you here of all places… what you doing?’
‘Ummm… well Moody and I are splitting up and as you know I am into S & M I've arranged to meet up for a lady to abuse and beat me… still, that's enough about me… you?’
A few minutes later Mistress V strolls in, she's exactly as her photo, and dressed in a smart jumper with beige slacks. I greet her and buy her a drink. We have a short conversation before she says: ‘I have taken ze afternoon off. You are going to come back to my place and ve are going to see vot you are made of!’
I gulp – she means and looks the business.
We finish our drinks and I follow her out… tamely. She is only a short walk away and lives in a three bedroom terraced property. As soon as I enter she orders me: ‘Take off all zor clothes – I must examine you… and in addition you vill address me as Mistress.’
I obey.
I stand up straight with my arms by my sides as she scrutinises my nude body.
‘Hmmm… a little overweight… so you have a big nose, big testicles and a small penis… hmm… vy are you smiling?’
‘Well Mistress… I guess two out of three isn't bad!’
‘Vitty eh?’
She slaps my face.
‘Ve vill zee if you are still smiling in a minute?’
I am ordered to walk over to a wooden chair with arms to which she handcuffs me to.
‘Bend over!’
It is at this point I experience real fear – she could be a bona fide nutter and I'm helpless.
The first stroke is with a leather paddle – it's painful but I take it. Several more follow which I also take – my buttocks are beginning to warm up – and I thrust them out prior to each whack to show her that I can indeed take it. Next is a cane which is cheap and breaks after about twenty strokes – she curses. Last is a flogger and that really hurts as it wraps itself each time around my buttocks, sides, and tops of my legs.
‘Zat is enough for ze moment!’
I am beginning to glow… and proud that I haven't let myself or her down.
‘Vell, you are tougher than my ex husband… he couldn't take half that but he vasn't really into pain even though I tried hard to persuade him that he vas… and he did ze best to please me!’
I could see why he did – she was one hell of a strong woman!
‘It was when he vas made redundant that finished him off and he vas at home all the time… I used to come back dinner times and beat him zen too… I used to feel so much better in ze afternoon. But one day I came back after vork and he was gone leaving me a note telling me that he couldn't take the pain anymore… vimp!’
She releases me from the handcuffs.
‘Valk upstairs… ve have talked enough for ze moment.’
My hands free I take the opportunity to rub my sore buttocks.
I am ushered into a 'play room' where there is a bed stripped of mattresses and bed clothes: various kinky magazines are lying round along with a few items of pain… impending pain.
‘Lie face up on ze bed vith your arms outstretched and your legs apart – I am going to torture you.’ She states matter-of-factly.
A chill runs through my body but I feel I must comply, such is her natural dominance. Secured tightly, I am now at her mercy, my life and well being is in her hands… the very hands that had just administered the worst beating I had endured for a very long time. She turns to the side and produces a pair of nipple clamps.
‘I zink you vill like zeze…’ She smiles sadistically.
I gasp as she attaches each one – they really are tight and my nipples feel as though they are being gripped by pliers. I grit my teeth – I must not start to beg. After a few seconds, strangely, the pain becomes bearable. She then starts to attempt to fix pegs to my inner thighs but they keep slipping off.
‘Zat is annoying, your legs are too muscular… and another zing zat is annoying me is your penis: it is not hard enough or big enough… I zink I vill vip it!’
I am not keen on my pride and joy being whipped but what can I do – complain to the management?
She towers to my right with the small whip raised high in her right hand. I close my eyes as she brings it down. I experience tentacles of extreme pain bite hard into my penis and around my groin. I grind my teeth and tense my muscles with each lash of the whip – after about ten she mercifully stops.
She unclamps my nipples – there is a little ripple of discomfort in each as she does. I look down at my nipples – they appear quite squashed. I expect to be released but seeing me examining my breasts tempts her to whip them.
She only gives me about six strokes and not that hard – the pain is tolerable.
This time she does free me.
‘How vas zat?’
‘Ermm… stimulating…Mistress.’ I stutter.
‘I vill tell you zomezing… I do not like normal sex… I get off on fucking ze man up ze anus vith a strap-on dildo… it is ze only vay I can come… have you ever been facked up ze anus?’
‘No… it doesn't really appeal to me to be honest, Mistress’
In her hand she is waving a large dildo. It scares me… really scares me.
She places the b**st back on the shelf and gets out a much smaller and slimmer vibrator.
‘I zink ve vill try zis one first… turn round and bend over.’
I place my hands on a chair. I feel the vibrator being pushed in – it's a bit like a medical procedure but not too bad. She switches it on.
‘Vat does it feel like?’
‘To be honest I feel like I'm having a crap in reverse, Mistress.’
‘Vell you vill have to get used to it if you are to be my slave. Ven you get home I vant you to stretch your anus progressively by placing bigger and bigger items up it… understood?’
‘I understand, Mistress.’
‘You look hot… would you like a glass of water?’
‘Yes please Mistress and may I use your toilet please too?’
‘You may use MY toilet but I am not going to make it easy…’
I am placed in a yoke with my arms outstretched and a spreader bar placed around my ankles.
‘If you miss the toilet bowl I vill punish you… hard. Now go, I will bring you up some vater!’
With the utmost difficulty I struggle to get down some steps and into the toilet. I attempt to point my now flaccid and reddened penis as best I can in the direction of the bowl. I allow the urine to flow but a few drops land on the rug – I pray that she doesn't check!
I finish and make my way back to the play room where she is waiting with a refreshing glass of water. She raises the glass to my parched lips and allows me to gulp most of it down.
‘I vill now check the bathroom!’
I gulp again.
She exits the room and within about half a minute is back.
‘I vill have to punish you. Kneel on ze floor!’
From her cupboard she produces a wooden paddle – it looks the business.
‘Place your forehead on the carpet.’
I fall forward with my face close to the pile. The first blow is agony and pushes me forward – I can feel the colour drain out of my face… the pain is kind of sickening. She administers three more hard ones – I try to take it but I can't.
‘Mercy Mistress, please, no more please!’
‘It is not for you to ask for mercy… I will stop when I feel you've had enough… you vimp!’
She whacks me twice more but not as hard and then admonishes me: ‘If you vant to be my slave you must never disobey me again!’
‘I'm very sorry, Mistress!’
She takes off my yoke and spreader bar.
‘You vill come down, vash up and zen prepare zum strawberries and cream for me.’
I wash up her dirty plates as best I can.
‘It is not good enough. Put your arms by your side when I address you?’
She slaps my left cheek hard with her right hand – it stings.
‘Now prepare my food.’
I do as she says – I expect her to be cross but she isn't. She consumes the dessert in front of me.
‘It is nearly time for to go but I must examine your body for bruises and then photograph it – I vill not show your face. You have done vell and vill contact you when I have tested the others.’
‘Thank you Mistress.’
She takes pictures of my front, buttocks and penis and I wonder if she will send them to Truprint!
I get dressed and she allows me to give her a peck on the cheek.
At the station I begin to realise what a beating I have just undergone – it is rather painful to sit for long periods of time.
I get home to the Isle of Wight about half ten and fall straight into bed.

* * *

It is Saturday morning and I still feel sore. I go to the bathroom and examine myself in the long mirror – my torso, buttocks and penis are literally black and blue… it will be a while before I go swimming.

* * *

Monday afternoon. I am walking along the road to visit my Uncle and Auntie in Lake. The message alert sounds – it is Mistress V – and I read it: I want you to be my full time slave. You will shave your pubic hair and each day you will text me telling me how you will serve me. I will also send down a chastity device which you will wear. I also expect you to send me some money to purchase a caning table. When you have sold your property you will live with me.
I can't do this – I can't give up my job and stop seeing my son… 24/7 is not for me.
I text back, explaining.
She replies and wishes me luck.
I will never hear from her again.

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