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My Sex Life - Part 12: The Last Years of School pt

This is the latest episode in a series of stories charting the growth of my sexuality from the age of 4 onwards. All of the events described here are true and actually happened as I grew up. Please read my other stories and feel free to comment upon them.

One of the last big events to take place while I was still at school was also my first big mistake! I had been reading porn magazines for a while by the time I reached my last years of school and had already bought a vibrator from one of the ads at the back. I also looked at the "readers' wives" section with envy, not because of the fact that all these men had wives willing to pose for a camera and send their pictures in to be published and for thousands of other people to look at their naked bodies, but because I wanted people to be able to see photos of my body too!

I had an SLR camera at the time, an Olympus OM20, with a self-timer function - don't forget that this was back in 1989 before the advent of digital! (I was still buying vinyl!). So one day after school I headed up to my room, stripped naked and started using the self-timer function to take pictures of myself naked. I also took photos of me wearing my s****r's gym skirt and also a few of my favourite models in my porn mags. I quickly finished off the film and then wondered just how I was going to get the film developed!

And this was my mistake! The next day on my way home from school I dropped off the film into a pharmacy in Lisburn in order to get the photos developed, not realising that whoever was actually developing the pictures would see them! I just thought that it was all done in a big machine! When I went in the next day to pick up the photos the manager of the store was waiting for me - and he did not look happy! He told me that he would call the police if he ever saw me again, but he did give me back my negatives! Also, unknown to me then, my b*****r's girlfriend's mother worked in that pharmacy at the time and it was not long before quite a lot of people knew about what I had done!

So the next day I headed in to Lisburn town centre on my way home from school and bought myself a Polaroid camera. I couldn't wait to get it home and try it out! Regular readers will not need me to tell them that the first thing I did when I got home was to head to my room, strip naked and start taking photos of myself naked! And this time there was no worrying about getting the films developed! It was not long before I had quite a collection of photos and had to keep them in several photo albums. Pics of me nude indoors and out, pics of me dressed up in heels and stockings or in the gym skirt.

In an issue of an e****t porn magazine there was a series of photos of a model in a dress and wearing yellow rubber gloves doing housework in increasing states of undress and I decided one afternoon to try to get pics of myself in exactly the same poses! So I dressed up completely in lingerie, heels and my mother's dress, put on nail varnish and lipstick and, wearing rubber gloves, took photos of myself doing various household tasks - washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor and dusting the furniture - while slowly for each picture removing bits of clothing! It was incredibly erotic to slowly strip for the camera and to get myself into just exactly the right pose to emulate the model in the magazine - I could only imagine and dream what it must have been like for her to do it in the first place, and to be surrounded by photographers, make-up people and hair-stylists whilst stripping for the camera! I nearly came on the spot at the thought of it! I finished off my "shoot" with a full-frontal picture of me stood, legs-spread, in front of the fireplace in my heels and stockings, knickers on the floor, the top of my dress pulled down to my waist and its skirt hitched up over my hips, cupping my "boobs" with my hands and smiling demurely for the camera, my thick hard cock sticking straight up into the air!

Whilst I had been taking photos of me washing the dishes I had taken one of me from behind with my dress hitched up over my hips, my panties halfway down to my ankles and my long, blond, curly hair covering my face - in my imagination I looked just like a woman! When I saw it I knew that that was the photo that I was going to send in to the readers' wives section of e****t! I was a bit sad to have to send it away with no copy, but really excited at the same time at the thought of who else might end up seeing it! So I stuck it in an envelope along with the disclaimer form from the magazine and put it in the post the next day.

I couldn't wait to see my photo in print! But I was in for a bit of a disappointment. The next issue of e****t, which by now had become my favourite magazine as the models were not like those in Playboy or Penthouse (immaculate and totally unobtainable!) but were the "girl next door" type who often posed outdoors, hit the shelves and I quickly flicked through it to the readers' wives section but my photo was not in it. Then the next week I received a letter from Paul raymond publishing! It said that the photo of my model was excellent, but that with so many thousands of photos to choose from each month they could not guarantee that it would ever get into print but to keep trying and that they would keep the photo in case they could use it in a future issue. I was a bit sad as I knew that this meant that they wre not likely to print it but then I thought about all the people involved in the editorial process, from the girl on the desk who opened the letters to the editor's secretary herself, who may have seen me nude in my photo, and thought that it was a girl and not realised that it was actually me! That got me really excited and I vowed to myself that one day I would get photos of myself published somewhere so that thouands of people I would never know could see my naked body.

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