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The Worm

A few years ago I used to subscribe intermittently to a fetish magazine called Axis. I expect a few people will have heard of it or even been members. It was, I think, a non-commercial enterprise. Sadly, due to the ill health of the founders, it folded a couple of years ago... but not before I’d had some ‘fun’ through it!
The first encounter I had through it was with Mistress V, a lifestyle Domme – I shall devote a web log to that in due course.
But, it’s The Worm I want to tell you about today.
I can’t remember the actual content of the ad I placed but I was basically looking for S&M fun with a female. I had put my ‘mucky mobile’ number in the ad... and waited.
I had two or three responses from males which wasn’t what I was hoping.
I then received a text from a male seeking someone to degrade him in front of his girlfriend. Disappointed, I despatched a rather rude and provocative message back – it read something like: Didn’t you read the content of my advert? I am looking for a female, you pathetic little worm!
Surprisingly, I got a message back saying that was exactly the kind of response he wanted!!
He phoned and we had a long chat.
It transpired that he was looking to be humiliated socially and in front of his girlfriend... who he said despised him (sounds like a lot of relationships too me!).
I have to say at this juncture that it was impossible to verify anything he told me – it could all have been complete fabrication! During the conversation (he seemed a sane fellow) I thought: ‘What the hell!’ and agreed to dominate him by phone for a while.
Most evenings he would phone at exactly the time I instructed him – he would have to cane himself if too early or too late – and I would relay my latest orders to him.
The first incident in which I contrived to humiliate him socially was in the pub on a Sunday afternoon.
He used to regularly drink with a circle of friends and their partners. After quizzing The Worm he admitted that one of the women there didn’t like him much. I ordered him to go to the pub with only enough money for one and half rounds. After everybody had purchased one round of drinks it was The Worm’s turn again... but he didn’t have enough! My instructions were that he would have to request the very woman who despised him to help him with the round! Sure enough he copped a load of abuse from her... and the atmosphere was soured. The Worm was of course fairly humiliated – I made him wank over the phone after he had recounted the tale. (I hasten to add that I completely controlled his sex life too!)
The next task I set him was to ‘accidentally’ brush his arm against a female colleague’s breast – dangerous... but living on the edge is exhilarating!
When he reported to me he told me that she hadn’t believed him – despite his grovelling apologies – and had mentioned the incident to her b*****r who had come in and threatened him!
It was hard not to laugh as I ordered him to self cane then pay me homage by shouting out my name as he orgasmed.
I also used to get him to clamp his nipples – his suffering was my pleasure!
At this point he was begging me to meet him in London so he could handover money... and for me to abuse him in person. I nearly agreed but only on condition he would travel down from the Midlands with his partner only attired in an overcoat – I salivated at the prospect of them both being stopped and searched by the transport police.
He was also hoping to still persuade me to degrade him by using him as a piss pot whilst I shagged his woman in front of him – sounded like fun, I must confess!
It was quite challenging each day to think up new tasks but I did come up with a cracker!
He was to secure half a tennis ball around the crotch area and after a while a whole tennis ball. The idea was to look like his testicle(s) had swollen up. He was also to consume a raw clove or two of garlic each day before work such that he would stink his office out. He was also to purchase some harmless tablets and put them into a Chinese pill box.
I was gambling on the fact that his appearance, he was to say nothing unless asked, would lead to him being called in by his superior – total embarrassment for all parties concerned.
He would then tell the boss that he suffered from recurrent swelling of his testicles and that the only medication that alleviated it was an old Chinese herbal preparation – he could show the boss the pill box with Chinese writing. He was to keep a straight face at all times.
After a week or so he would take out the tennis balls and leave off the garlic. He would of course be the laughing stock of the office.
But that wasn’t to be because he suddenly stopped phoning – he probably found someone who would indulge his fantasies in person!
He was great fun I must admit... and if you’re reading this I’ll say hello and thanks.
The other strange thing was that during my contact with The Worm I became much more assertive at work and socially – probably did me good!
Oh well... happy memories!

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