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My mother was a slut... There is really no nice way to put it. And if you asked her, she would admit it herself. When she was younger, she would fuck anything that moved.

We have talked about it quite a bit. She "lost her cherry" at age 11 to the older b*****r of one of her best friends. She was 14 when she got pregnant with me, the result of letting most of the football team "pull a train" on her one afternoon. She had no idea who all had fucked her that day, much less who the father might be. And she said that was a common occurence for her that summer, to spend an afternoon on her back with her legs open wide, boy after boy fucking her, shooting his cum into her.

But soon there she was, a mother at age 15, and that slowed her down a lot. Thankfully, her parents let her live with them and they helped out with my care. She straightened up, finished high school and then got a job in a factory in town. She has had the same job since then, and I guess she does okay at it. We moved out of my grandparents' house when I was 4, into our own apartment. I can remember almost as soon as we moved, the parade of men started. I could hear my mom and Them (which is how I thought of all her men), grunting and groaning through the thin walls of our cheap apartment.

At age 33, she is still really cute, so I can only imagine how hot she must have been when she was young. She is 5'1" with long blonde hair and a sexy body. Right now, she is about 10 pounds away from being "totally hot" but she is still very sexy. Cute face, a firm ass, nice breasts, shapely legs, she is extremely flirtatious and she loves to wear tight, skimpy clothing. I can see why the boys always flocked to her. And men, too! She said she used to love to tease the fathers of her friends, to see them staring at her body and getting hardons that they got embarrassed about and then tried to hide from their wives. Which, of course, made my mom tease them even more...

My name is Jennifer, and I'm 19 now. I just got home for the summer after my first year of college. The way all those men treated my mom was repulsive to me, and I could also see how the boys hurt my girl friends as I was growing up. So by the time I was 14 or 15, I was a confirmed lesbian. I first fooled around with another girl when I was 13, and right now I have a steady girl friend at college. I'm 5'4" and slender, with brown hair and eyes, my breasts are small but I think I have a nice tight ass and shapely legs.

Mom and I have discussed my sexuality, too. One of the advantages of having a mother as young as mine is that she can be more of a friend than most of my friend's ever could be, and discuss things with her that my friends could NEVER talk about with theirs. Details about sex, and other stuff like that. And she totally understood why I had sworn off men...

Like I said, she is very cute and I have to admit that I fantasized about her a few times. The idea that I could make love to her and keep her away from All Those Men was appealing to me, but I didn't know if she felt the same way and we never got a chance to explore it. When I got into high school, she started going out in the evenings. In some ways, that was a little better, because much of the time she would go home with Them and then crawl home in the early hours of the morning. How she got up and went to work on two or three hours of sl**p several days a week, I can't understand, but she never missed a day of work.

That all stopped when she met Corey. I was 18 and in the last month of my senior year in high school. The two of them met when my mom went to a different bar than usual. She went home with Corey, but then the next night Corey came to our apartment. This was very unusual, she rarely saw the same person twice. But Corey was different, and within a month had moved in with us.

It was nice to see my mom had finally found someone to love, and who loved her back. The two of them were very cute, sitting on the couch, always cuddling, kissing. Corey is maybe 5'9" with brown hair and a trim body, much more the result of hard work as a carpenter rather than working out.

Corey was quite a bit younger than my mom, in fact at age 23 was much nearer in age to me than to my mom's 33. But it didn't seem to matter, either to Corey or my mom. And my mom was happy, so I didn't care either. And it was fun having someone closer to my age in the household, too!

Somehow I started calling Corey "dad." It was a little funny, calling someone practically my own age that, but Corey didn't mind and my mom thought it was cute. After all, I had never had a father figure in my life other than my grandpa, and he was SOOO old and a total grump...

So that summer was great, and then in September I went away to college. I talked to my mom about once a week, she and Corey were doing great. It was by far the longest relationship she had ever had in her life, and she still seemed so very happy...

They had been working hard at saving money, and in the spring my mom surprised me with the news that they had bought a house together. It was a total "fixer upper" but apparently the house is solid, just needed a lot of TLC. It was in a nice neighborhood, with a big yard and a pool. Corey was working on it in the evenings and weekends, and mom was helping as she could. It took a month of hard work before they could even move in, with lots of cleaning, painting the rooms they were going to use, new carpet, stuff like that. It sounded like before it was "finished" (which would NOT be any time soon!) there would not be a single surface in the whole house that had not been replaced or at least sc****d thoroughly and then repainted.

I ended up coming home from school a day earlier than I had planned. My girlfriend's mother got sick, so she had to leave before she planned to, and I didn't want to spend more time there without her. So, I headed home early, too...

I suppose I should tell you now that Corey is a woman, which should partly explain why me calling her "dad" was so funny. The first time I met her, I was stunned that my mom had a girl friend. My mom had once told me she had occasionally been with other women, but that she had always liked men a lot better.

Corey is not hardcore butch, but she has short brown hair and a slender body. She will sometimes wear a little makeup (and she looks damn cute when she does!) but usually goes without it. She has tiny boobs but very sensitive nipples (at least, they are almost always erect...) and a tight little ass. Plus she is a really nice person, and she and I seemed to get along great. I know she loved my mom, but I think she enjoyed being around someone younger, too.

Like I said, at first I was shocked, but Corey treated my mom well, and the two of them were obviously deeply in love. I was glad to see anything happen that would cut down on my mom's drinking and screwing around. In the beginning, my grandparents were very unhappy about my mom and Corey, but they gradually saw the calming influence that she has had on my mom. In time they have accepted the relationship as good for both my mom and for me, and they now welcome Corey into their home.

I have talked to Corey about being gay, too. She has encouraged me, telling me about her own history. She tried hard to fit in to the hetero world, had dated guys when she was in high school. She had even slept with two, but it never did anything for her. She was 16 when one night at a friend's house, she and her friend had started making out. Corey said she knew instantly that this was what she had been looking for, that she got more turned on in 2 minutes with a girl than she had in hours with any guy. And she had not been with a guy since.

My mom told me about that first night. They met at this bar, and started talking. My mom said she had no idea that Corey was a woman at this point. They were sitting in a dark corner of the bar, and started kissing. My mom said Corey was a great kisser, and pretty soon Corey's hands were under her skirt. My mom said Corey made her cum right there in the bar, and when Corey said, "C'mon, Julie, let's go..." she followed meekly. They got back to Corey's place, and were on the bed kissing. Corey ended up between my mom's legs, and licked her to a series of intense orgasms. My mom said no one had ever licked her pussy like that...

Corey crawled up my mom's body, and they started kissing again. My mom said she reached between Corey's legs, expecting to find a hard cock. When all she found was a shaved, but VERY wet pussy, she said she almost came again. Corey mounted her and fucked her hard, grinding their pussies together until they came at the same time, and hard.

And my mom, the life-long slut, has not been with a man since. She and Corey have been together over a year and in that time it has been only Corey. Her longest relationship before this had been maybe a month tops, but Corey has grounded her and the two of them seem very happy together.

Corey had given me directions to the new house, and I found it without difficulty. It was a Friday, and she had the day off. As a union carpenter, she only worked every other Friday. So I expected to find Corey hard at work on the house.

They had told me where they would hide a key, I found it and let myself into the house. It was quiet, and I wandered around for a bit, getting familiar with the layout. From the kitchen, I could see the back yard. I could see the pool, it was empty and looked as if it hadn't been cleaned. The rest of the yard had been torn out to bare dirt, but there was a nice concrete deck around the pool.

I could also see Corey laying on a towel on her back, nude. She squirted some lotion on her stomach, then I watched in fascination as her hands moved all over her torso, rubbing the lotion into her tan skin. She was facing away from me, so I could watch her with little chance of her seeing me.

Her hands were moving slowly all over her body, caressing her stomach and occasionally across her breasts. Her motions reminded me of what I do when I masturbate, gentle caresses to tease and arouse myself. Then she removed any doubt, as she took one nipple between her fingers and pinched it, as her other hand swooped down between her legs. She had a little patch of hair the same brown as her head, but it was obvious she shaved most of it.

Corey opened her legs wider, and began to slide a finger across her clit then inside herself. Her hips were moving with her finger, and her other hand was busy on her breast. Cupping the tiny mound in her fingers, then flicking the hard nipple with her thumb over and over.

I couldn't help it, this was very erotic to me. I got wet watching her, and realized that I had been squeezing my thighs together as I stood there. My hand moved almost by itself inside my shirt, to tease my breast. I sure didn't inherit my mom's boobs, I'm only a 34A, and I rarely wear a bra unless I have to. I do have very sensitive nipples, though, and I love the stimulation of a shirt against my nipples . I wasn't wearing a bra that day, and my soft hand felt SOOO nice on my breast. I began to mimic Corey's actions, squeezing my breast and flicking my thumb across the hard nipple.

By now, Corey was furiously rubbing her clit, grinding her hips against her hand. I stepped close to the open kitchen window, and I could hear her soft moans as she pleased herself. My other hand opened my shorts and I slipped it inside. I was stroking my clit, loving how wet I was getting, when I heard Corey audibly moan, "Yes, Jenn... God, Jenn, just like that... Yessssss..."

I about fell over at that. Corey was fantasizing about ME as she masturbated? I had always thought she was hot but she had never shown any interest in me. I had already been wet, watching Corey... But knowing it was me she wanted made me even wetter!

I stepped to the sliding door outside, debating in my mind whether I should go join her or not... It only took me an instant to decide, and I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my tank top and slid my shorts and panties to the floor so I was nude also. I slowly pushed the door to the left, and thankfully it opened silently. I slid it open just enough to slip through.

I walked as quietly as I could to where Corey was laying, then stood there watching. She still was faced away from me, her eyes were closed and her fingers were furiously dancing over her clit, then deep inside herself. I could hear how wet she was, her pussy was making sloshing noises as she fucked herself with her finger. She had the fingers of her other hand spread into a fan, and was flicking them, one at a time, over one incredibly long, hard nipple. Moving her hand slowly back and forth, teasing that hard nub that was almost bigger than her breast.

My hand moved back to my breast and again was mimicking Corey's actions. My other hand moved back between my legs and I was gently stroking my clit and sliding my finger into my increasingly wet pussy.

Corey was still moaning and calling out my name, her hips arching off the ground, and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. Her body stiffened, then she brought her other hand down to spread her pussy lips wide. She plunged three fingers into herself, and started fucking herself hard and fast with them. She was moaning and panting, and I could hear her spasms in her breathing... "Uhhhhh... uhhhh.. uhhhh... uhhh..." Her tongue was darting in and out of her mouth, as if she was licking my pussy while I did hers...

I was watching, captivated, as this sexy woman pleased herself. I love to masturbate, and often make myself cum several times in a day. And I love to watch other people, too, my girlfriend and I love to tease each other in the car or in class.

Finally, her spasms slowed a little and I couldn't help it. I stepped forward, then got on my knees straddling her head. She was a little surprised, but when she saw it was me she smiled and reached for my hips. I lowered my pussy to her face, and then leaned forward to taste her.

Corey's tongue darted deep inside me, and I moaned. I was flicking my tongue all around her clit, teasing it but being gentle since she had just cum. She opened her legs wider, an obvious invitation for me to do whatever I wanted. I reached forward and gently opened her lips with my fingers. They were red and swollen, and her juices were all over her shaved mound.

We licked each other through several intense orgasms, then she lay back, exhausted. I turned around and lay next to my "step-dad." We put our arms around each other and held each other close.

"God, Jennifer, I can't believe this... I thought you were coming home tomorrow."

"Well, Amber's mom got sick so she had to leave, and I didn't want to spend the night up there alone. So I came home... I tried calling once but it was busy, so I just left. And when I got here, I didn't think anyone was home until I saw you out here, and I didn't want to disturb you..."

"What did you think? How long were you watching me?"

"Long enough... And I thought it was about the hottest thing I've ever seen!" And with that I kissed Corey, a little peck on the lips that soon turned into a full-on french kiss, our tongues dancing together. I could taste my juices on her lips and tongue, as I know she could taste herself on mine.

She broke the kiss longingly, then smiled. "Is that any way to kiss your step dad? What are you, some kind of pervert?"

I smiled back and said, "Hey, I'm not the one who was moaning my stepdaughter's name as I touched myself."

Corey smiled again. "So you could hear me, huh? Okay, I'll admit it... I think you are hot, and I have wanted to taste you almost since the first time we met. I have been hoping a little bit that you might want me, too."

"Have you talked to my mom about this? What does she think about you wanting me?"

"Actually, I have... And she told me to go for it, that the idea of her lover and her daughter together made her hot. She also said that if I got to taste you, so did she..."

My mind reeled at this thought. My mother, who I always had thought was hot, wanted me, too. And her female lover had already had me...

I turned to Corey and kissed her deeply. I rolled over so she was on top of me, and put my hands on her ass. We were kissing passionately, and she was grinding her wet pussy into mine. I could feel her juices running out, mixing with mine, as we fucked. I wrapped my arms around her back and my legs around Corey's thighs, surrendering myself fully to this sexy woman. She was fucking me, no other way to describe it. Her clit was rubbing against mine, and she was thrusting and pumping, and I felt myself building to a huge orgasm.

Corey reached for my breast and took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She started pulling and twisting on it, stretching it far from my body, then letting it go. It would snap back to my body, then she would do the same thing with the other nipple. I was arching my hips into hers, and I was sucking her tongue as she fucked me. My body went rigid, then I screamed and my hips started spasming, thrusting almost uncontrollaby hard and fast against her pubic bone. She kept at me, fucking me through at least five gut wrenching orgasms, and she came at least twice.

Finally I let go of her, relaxing my arms and legs, and collapsed backward, panting to catch my breath. I felt totally limp, and completely sated. There was a huge wet spot on the towel underneath us.

Corey nuzzled into my neck, then whispered into my ear, "You like that, baby?" and sucked my ear lobe.

All I could do was moan softly and whisper "God, yesssssss... I love it, daddy..."

I reached for Corey and we lay there for a while, just holding and stroking each other. Her skin was as sweaty and slippery as mine, and I could clearly smell aroused pussy. My clit was pulsing and throbbing, but it was way too sensitive to be touched...

Corey whispered into my ear, "So, little girl, do you want Julie, too? Want your sexy momma to suck your pussy? Want to lick your mom? She tastes SOOOO sweet, baby..." and started running her tongue around inside my ear.

I moaned, "God yes, Corey... Yes, I want to taste Julie, want to slide my tongue into her hot cunt, taste my momma's sweet juices, make my momma cum right on my face..."

Corey leaned back and smiled. "Good... That was the answer we were hoping for!"

We went into the house and took a shower together. The master bathroom was large, and one of the first things Corey had done was to put in a HUGE shower, big enough for both of them with room to spare. It had twin shower heads (I could think of a few fun things to do with those!!! LOL) and was all glass.

Corey and I took a nice long shower together, soaping each other up, then rinsing clean. I dropped to my knees in the shower and licked Corey. It felt so good to have her hands in my hair and her hips bucking into my face as she came on my tongue.

We dried each other off after our shower, then dressed but just barely. Corey was wearing a cut off t-shirt that stopped right at her breasts, and a thong that showed off her all-over tan and tight ass. I was wearing just a long t-shirt and thong. I was still wet, I couldn't wait for my mom to get home.

Finally she did get home, and she looked a little bedraggled, it had been a hot day and I knew the ventilation where she worked was pretty crappy. It was pretty much automatic that the first thing she did after she got home was to take a shower and freshen up.

Her face broke into a wide smile when she saw me, and we hugged and she pecked me on the lips. Then she stepped to Corey and they kissed deep and hard. Corey's hands were cupping mom's tight ass, pulling the shorter woman closer to her as they kissed. Finally they broke the kiss, and my mom looked a little disoriented.

"What brought that on, Corey?" she asked.

"Remember what we talked about, baby? You and me and Jenn?" and nodded toward me.

My mom's eyes got wide, then a big smile came over her face. "You talked to her?"

I stepped close to my mom and pulled her to me. My thigh slipped between hers and pressed against her mound through her jeans. I leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "Yes, we talked about it... And yes, she tasted me... And yes, I want you too..."

"Oh, my baby girl..." My mother moaned softly and pressed her hips forward into my thigh. She slipped her arms around my neck and turned my face to hers. We started kissing, and her tongue f***ed its way into my mouth, seeking mine. Our tongues danced together and her hands were exploring my body, pulling and twisting my nipples through my thin t-shirt.

My hands dropped to her sexy ass, and I pressed my thigh forward as I pulled her tighter against me. She moaned into my mouth and began to grind her hips into my thigh. I felt Corey's hands, too, they were at the buttons of my mom's jeans, opening them, sliding them down. I backed off enough that they slid down and puddled at her feet.

She broke the kiss and panted, "Oh, baby girl... Let me go shower, I want to be nice and fresh for you, okay?"

I looked at Corey, and she flashed me a wicked grin in return. I said, "Let us help you, mom..."

The three of us made our way to the master bathroom, Corey and I were removing the rest of my mom's clothes as we went. By the time we got to the shower, the three of us were nude. My mom had started shaving her pussy since she was with Corey, and she also had a sexy all-over tan with no lines at all. Obviously, she and Corey spent a fair amount of time sunbathing nude in the back yard, and I wondered what their new neighbors thought about that! Mom's dark areolae and erect nipples looked particularly yummy, sitting high and proud on her tan breasts.

Corey got the water running, and the three of us crowded into the large shower stall. I squirted some liquid soap onto my hands then started washing my mom's body. Her hand moved on top of mine, then just rested on it as I soaped up her body. I loved how her skin felt under my hands, and especially knowing it was my mom...

Corey was behind my mom, soaping her back and paying special attention to her ass. When my hand slipped between my mom's legs, my hand bumped into Corey's as we both washed her pussy. Mom pressed her body into mine and put one arm around my neck. She moaned into my ear, and when I turned my face to hers we started kissing deeply.

I had one hand between her legs, rubbing two fingers across her clit then sliding them inside her, fucking my mom's wet pussy with my fingers. Corey was busy, too, she had worked a finger into mom's ass and had her other hand on one of mom's breasts. Corey's fingers were pinching and twisting my mom's hard nipple, and Corey had her face by mom's ear, and I could hear her whispering nasty things into it.

Mom was moving her hips forward and back, pressing against the hands inside her. First pushing back against Corey's finger deep in her ass, then forward, forcing my fingers deeper into her pussy. I started tweaking her clit with my thumb, leaving my fingers buried in her. Mom was moaning into my mouth as we kissed, and I could tell she was getting close to her orgasm. I had heard her many times before, through the walls of our old apartment, and I knew when she was going to cum...

I reached my fingers deeper into her and found her g-spot. I started stroking it, and Mom screamed and her body stiffened, then her hips started bucking, forward and back, faster and faster. I could feel her pussy spasming around my fingers, and she was sucking my tongue so hard...

That was the start of my incredible summer. I got a job and worked most days, but then in the evenings my mom and Corey and I would spend hours licking and fucking each other. One of my favorites was the two of them on their backs, a double headed dildo deep oin each otheir pussies. I would kneel next to them, between their legs, and lick both of thier clits. And I also loved when Corey would put on her strapon and fuck me while I was sucking my mom's wet pussy...

My girl friend, Amber, is coming for a visit next week. I've told her about all of us, and she can't wait. She says the idea of seeing me and my mom together makes her really wet

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