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I Shag, Dump And Slap The Minging Slut!

I’m just on the way round to see the Minger… it’ll be for the last time because once I’ve shagged her gross little body I’m going to dump her… naturally she doesn’t know that. In fact I’ve really been quite nice to her recently… well nice by my standards… built up her hopes that we will be ‘an item’, perhaps get married one day.
Me… married? That’s a facking laugh… show me a ‘happily’ married man and I’ll show you a facking loser… and I’ll tell you why he’s a facking loser… it’s because he’s a liar… a liar mainly to himself. The marriage thing probably starts out alright but after a bit – my mate reckons about six weeks – it’s all downhill. After a few years the geezer isn’t getting any sex and when he does he’s thinking of some other tasty bird… who hasn’t piled on the pounds like his missus… or he’s fantasising about kinky sex which either he’s too embarrassed to ask his missus to indulge in or if he does she tells him to piss off. Of course by that time it’s too late… he’s mortgaged up to the hilt with a couple of spoilt brats and stuck in a dead end job, which he calls a career, working long hours. Of course he can’t afford to divorce the fat and extravagant bitch as he’ll end up kicked out of his own house living in a seedy bed-sit handing over eighty percent of his hard earned cash to her and the CSA… so what does he do?
He lies. He lies to others and he lies to himself. He tells everybody he loves her… that the well being and happiness of the f****y are well worth the sacrifice when all he’s thinking about is spanking his twenty year old secretary and what he’d do if he won the lottery… loser, facking loser.
Of course I saw through all that shit from a young age… and it’s kind of funny because I’m not book smart or anything… I haven’t got any degrees or fancy diplomas… but I’ll tell you what I have got that a facker like him hasn’t got: I see what women are really like… money grabbing and demanding, lying bitches… and only good for shagging… and I’ve got the charisma, charm and confidence to pull them too. Underneath all the middle class pretension, weak twats like him admire real men like me… and whenever I get the chance I rub their turned up noses in it… by shagging their wives!
And I’ll tell you something else too… the only woman who truly loves you, unless her name is Rosemary West, is your mother… and the only woman who you really know where you stand with is a prostitute… don’t say I haven’t warned you.
So… what I do is shag women, sluts mostly if the truth be known… and when I get bored with them I dump them… works for me…
‘Here you are mate!’ The taxi driver tells me as we pull up outside the Minger’s shabby little house in Arthur Street.
‘I won’t be a mo… I’ll just get the cash… hang on a sec.’ I say as I step onto the pavement and walk along the smelly alley to her front door.
I let myself in, it stinks of dog shit and I feel a little sick… and there she is, all smiling sweetly.
‘Hi Jules… I’ve missed you… I’ve got a present for you…’ She oozes all lovingly.
I feel doubly nauseated now.
‘Gee thanks… have you got the tenner for the taxi… he hasn’t got all day… and didn’t I tell you to be waiting naked for me?’
‘Oh yes…’ She picks up the ten pound note off the dining room table and hands it to me.
I nip back outside and hand the cab driver the tenner through his wound down window.
‘Four quid please, mate.’
‘Just give me a fiver back.’ I like to look generous.
He fumbles around in a cloth cash bag before producing a screwed up fiver which he presses into my hand – I then stuff the note into my trouser pocket and walk back in.
She’s topless now, with her big pale tits drooping down, and got what looks like to be a reddish box in her hand.
She approaches me: ‘It’s for you Jules… it’s Chinese and you can keep all your valuable little coins in… I spent ages looking for it.’
She hands it to me gingerly and I look at it. It is quite nice: hexagonal, carved out of rosewood, varnished and a charming little oriental scene of a fisherman by a lake carved into the top… probably quite expensive.
‘Thanks… I thought you were heavily in debt… despite all those benefits you were claiming… ‘ere have you put some more weight on since the last time I saw you… you look like you’ve porked out even more!’
I place the box down on the table. She looks a bit uncomfortable…she knows I hate fatties.
Suddenly I become irritated with her. I grab hold of her lank and unkempt mousey brown hair and drag her to the bottom of the stairs: ‘I’ve got to get back for the electrician in an hour’s time… we’ve wasted too much time already… that’s why I wanted you stripped and ready!’
‘You’re hurting me!’
And I’m going to hurt you even more in a minute when I dump you I think.
I pull her up the stairs. She misses her footing on a couple of occasions which I wonder is to do with the fact she is blind in her wonky eye and can’t see too well on the interior darkened stair well… fortunately her hair is quite firmly attached so she doesn’t slip. I pull her into her damp smelling bedroom and let go of her.
‘Get your jeans and knickers off and lie face down on the bed… you know what to expect you facking slut!’
I rip my clothes off and toss them over a chair hoping that the fleas won’t take up residence in them.
She’s on the bed now with her podgy legs apart and her fat, even fatter recently, arse sticking up in the air.
‘I love it when you take me from behind Jules.’
‘It isn’t about what you like… it’s about what I like… or rather what I don’t like… and what I don’t like is looking at your ugly mug whilst I’m shagging you… puts me right off it does at time… how come your face is all lopsided anyway… difficult birth?’
I clamber on top of her and shove my erect cock into her cunt which is really wet and pongy. I fack the minging slut hard and fast and within a few seconds we both climax together. I roll off her and catch sight of the time… I’ll have to be gone soon.
‘Thanks Jules… that was really good… you’re such a considerate lover.’
I recoil as she gives me a kiss on my cheek.
I stand up and wipe my prick, which is laced with spunk and fanny juice, onto her duvet.
‘Actually, I’ve decided I don’t want to see you any more… you’re too ugly and boring.’
I watch her malformed features transform from bliss to disbelief and then burst into tears. I just love watching the effect I have on a slut when I dump her… it’s almost like a second orgasm.
‘Please, please… please don’t dump me… I really love you… you’re the only man who ever made me feel good about myself…’
‘Shut up will you and pass me your phone… and hand me another tenner… I’ll need it for the taxi back.’
She gives me the cordless phone by her bed and delves into her handbag pulling out a twenty pound note: ‘I haven’t got anything smaller.’ She chokes out between sobs.
I take the phone and the note and dial the number for the cab firm. The wailing just increases. She gets off the bed and throws her flabby and blemished naked body, which puts me in mind of those pale slugs you sometime see first thing in the morning, around my feet.
I hear a tinny voice answer but can’t quite make out what is being said because of her howling and pleading: ‘Shut the fack up will you… I’m trying to order a facking taxi here!’
I put the phone in my left hand and slap her face hard with the right hand I then catch her with the back of my hand on the other cheek. She stumbles back on her heels and ends up resting with her head against the side of the bed – she is stunned and silent.
‘Yes… about five minutes… you can’t miss the place… it looks like a squat… yeah all run down… fascia boards unpainted and hanging down… slates missing, uncut grass in the front with dog shit on.’
As I get dressed I notice all the beauty products on her dressing table. No wonder she’s got money problems wasting her benefit money on that… it’s not like it’ll do her any good, unlike some women, because quite frankly you can’t polish a turd.
‘I can’t live without you.’ She mutters in a dreamy manner.
‘Don’t talk crap you stupid bitch… there’s always some desperate facker out there who’ll have you. Right I’m off now… I think I heard a car pull up outside… see you around.’
I walk down the stairs open the front door and espy the taxi there… it’s a woman driver… and quite tasty too. I hear a very loud wail from inside the house – has the slut no consideration for the neighbours?
‘Hang on a minute darling… I’ve forgotten something.’ I smile pleasantly at the blond and rather pretty face at the wheel.
I walk back into the house and pick up the Chinese box from the dining room table I then notice that the slut, still naked is in the kitchen which is adjoined to the dining room. She has a carving knife in her right hand and it is clear to me that she is attempting to sever the artery in the wrist of her left arm.
‘You’re doing it all wrong…’ I shout to her. ‘You need to cut along the veins not across them… much quicker.’
She drops the knife and it clatters to the floor. Make up your mind you stupid bitch I think.
‘I’ll be off now.’ This time I walk out of the door for what I believe is the very last time… I should have dumped her ages ago I conclude.
I get into the cab and make myself comfortable in the back seat. The female taxi driver, who looks late thirties, before she pulls away turns and says to me: ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere?’
What she, of course, means is: you’re a really attractive bloke and I wouldn’t mind surrendering my body to you. She then adds: ‘What do you do for a living?’
‘Me… oh… I’m a marriage guidance counsellor…’

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