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I Treated The Slut Like Shit... And She Took It!

She's a minger and she knows it: forty with a wonky eye, overweight and with an abundance of moles on her arms… and a large one on her stomach. Her personal hygiene leaves a little to be desired too but… she has big tits and nipples though.
She absolutely adores me…
The thing is I just don't give a damn about her: she is just a sexual object to me like the majority of my women… and I have had loads, facking loads.
On the plus side, she is a tad kinky – it's the only thing the ugly bitch has going for her.
It's Wednesday and my day off – I know she is at home waiting for me to call; desperately waiting for me to call. I'm too good for her and we both know it. After a while I will tire of her and dump her – it will break her heart but what do I care… shit happens… live with it bitch. Still, I will have a bit of fun with her today.
I pick up the phone and dial her number. She answers meekly and all excited. I can't stand all this sweetness and light, it sickens me so I get to the point: ‘Strip naked and walk round to mine, just wearing your cheap fake fur coat and boots - you've got fifteen minutes so don't fack around!’

* * *

The door buzzer sounds in my hallway. I check my watch: f******n minutes - not bad, but then she knows not to displease me.
I pick up the intercom.
‘It's me!’ She proclaims in an irritatingly gleeful tone.
‘Yeah… surprise, surprise… right, you are going to do EXACTLY as I say... understand ... or it's all over between us!’
There's never anything to be gained for a man like me, or any man if truth be known, in being soft with a slut... and if ever there was such a creature as an über slut then she was it!
‘When I release the outer door you are going to enter the hallway and remove your coat and boots. You will be completely naked. You will place your clothes in the utility cupboard out of sight.’
I can just make out a faint 'yes' - the prospect of being single terrified her and besides if she did get another man she would never get a fellow as good as me… not in a million years.
‘You will crawl up to my flat and beg to be let in!’
I visualise the two long flights of stairs and the four doors - any of which could be opened at any time – she will have to crawl past. If that happens then I'll just deny I ever knew her.
I release the catch to the communal door on the ground floor…
I reckon she's just started on the last flight – I can just make out the satisfying sound of naked knees and elbows scuffing on the worn stair carpet.
I smiled a wicked smile and then discern a gentle knocking on my flat door - I am in no rush to open it.
‘Please let me in.’ She requests plaintively.
I think of her flabby nude body with all its blemishes waiting outside and wonder if she is aware that the occupants of the house next door can peer, if they choose, into the landing outside my flat – I cannot help but smile again.
I allow three minutes to pass.
‘I beg you to let me in!’
She's getting distressed – how sweet.
I allow another sixty seconds to pass then slowly open my door.
‘About time, you bitch, what kept you?’
I may be a cunt, some say, but I do possess a sense of humour.
I get the impression she is rather pleased to see me.
‘Get to my room - I'm going to fuck you… it's all you are good for!’
She pads off meekly along my hall. I strip, throwing my clothes upon the sofa in my lounge and stroll to my bedroom.
She is standing by the bed - awaiting me. I turn her round roughly and without warning viciously rake the top of her expansive back with my nails. She winces and shudders with the pain but she has to take it till I have had enough… not her, the slut.
Her nipples are engorged and the odour from her moist fanny hangs heavy in the air. I notice tiny little droplets of bl**d have begun to form along the cruel scratches I have inflicted - it is time.
I throw her down roughly onto the mattress and thrust my seven inch cock into her cunt. I make her rub and suck my nipples – she exists purely, like all women should, for my gratification.
It feels facking good and our rhythm is synchronised. We reach the crescendo of our coupling and climax simultaneously – it is a unique attribute she has… and she is fortunate to possess it as I do not concern myself with a slut's pleasure.

* * *

She is laying next to me now all relaxed and clingy… radiating ugliness.
‘Jules, what would you have done if someone had opened their door just as I was crawling past all naked?’
‘I would have disowned you… and laughed when you were arrested and bundled into the police van… but it wasn't very likely to happen as two of the flats are holiday homes and the other two occupants were at work… unless they happened to have been ill or taking a day off.’
‘You're a bastard you know that… a kinky and exciting bastard I admit.’
‘I know.’ I say matter-of-factly… and shortly I will confirm that for her when I dump her.
I grab hold of her and give her repulsive body a cuddle then kiss her – I want her to feel that she is special to me for now… it will make her hurt just that little bit more when the time comes to callously discard her…

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