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Start at the beginning - my first time, bye bye v

Ok let me start with what i think is obvious, its the internet so about 99% of it is made up horseshit. I look at it a differnt way, whats the point in lying? really - whats the fucking point? you dont get paid or gain a thing by lying so why do it. Down the pub with some mates I will tell a few lies, leave out the parts that make me look bad and all the rest, but on here I tell the truth.

OK down to business, my first time with full sex was about 3 months before my 18th birthday with my girlfriend Yvonne. We had been going out for nearly a year and the most sexual thing we had done was I had fingered her (plenty of times). I had never had a handy from her so forget about blowjobs. The most I had was her hand brush againt my trousers a few times (this did make me cum in my pants a couple of times)

Yvonne was 6 months older than me and was also a virgin, she was pretty and had a nice big firm set of tits (that i only got to feel under her top)

An average nite was we would kiss, I would feel her tits, try and fail to take her bra off then give up and try to put my hand down her pants. More than half the time my hand was batted away. Then I would go home and wank off a few times. This was a pretty standard teenage lads life.

The first time was totalay unexpected, her parents were home, there was no special occiasion (that i knew of) just another nite of expecting to feel her tits. This time when I tried to drop my hand down her pants I got in no problem and started fingering her like only ateenager can (wild and frantic).

Being a young lad I had no idea what a clit was so all i did was try to shove as many fingers in her as far as i could, dont get me wrong I must have been doing something right cause she would get wetter than a ocean. Also I would be harder than steel and ready to go off like a bomb if a stiff breeze went over my cock.

So in the middle of me fingerbanging her she opens her jeans, this was new, fingering always took place with her trousers buttened and forget even trying if she had a skirt on. So I start going harder and shes panting away, next thing i feel her hand on my leg, I got harder than I had ever been, still hammering my fingers into her twot, she then says stop. I pretend not to hear her and keep going, then she pushes me away and I think well that was further than i ever got before.

Then the best thing ever happened, she took off her jumper, so I got to see her bra for the first time, i still remember looking at her fantastic pert tits just held in by that cheap white bra. Then for the first time in my life I tried and failed to take off a bra. I gave up on the clasp and just tried to rip her tits out of it, she opened it for me and revealed a 100% perfect set of tits that just stunned me, I could not do anything other than look at them.

I dont know how long I just stared at them but eventually I woke up and grabbed them and went at her tits like a monster. I mauled them, I had for the first time forgotten that she had a nice wet twot between her legs.

I was at this point possesed, i honestly dont think anything short of a stun gun would have got me off her. For the guys reading this I'm sure you remember the first time you got to go to town on a set of tits, remember that for a minute.

So after a bit I come to my senses and decide to have a go at her pussy. Jackpot! I get my hand down her open trousers and am still feeling her tits with the other whne her hand moves up my leg and stops on my raging hard cock (outside my jeans) and gives me a squeeze. I came a little at this point, still remember it as if it was 10 minutes ago.

So i think now or never and I stop long enough to take off my t shirt and start to yank down my trousers, she looks at me and does the same. Both of us werenaked in about 10 seconds and I was all over her again, I could feel my cock pulsing and was getting lightheaded. Jesus just thinking about it now makes me remember how innocent I once was.

So having no real world experience of sex, just a lot of porn, I rolled on top of her and started blindly thrusting at her in afrantic mess. For her part she spread her legs as wide as she could and tried to hold on to me while i heaved about on top of her, after working out that I was never going to get it in doing this one of the greatest moments of my life happened - she reached down took hold of my cock and guided me towards her opening.

I felt the tip of my cock get hot and really understood that I was going to have sex (BTW we had no condoms so even if we had thought about them it would have made no difference) I had the tip in and I took a moment to look her in the face and she nodded her head and I pushed as hard as I could.

She promptly cried out and pulled away, now my cock is not a monster 14 incher or anything like that - just your standard 6 inches long and a little thicker than average (I have been told). the problem was that neither of use had any idea how to fuck and I had just stabbed her pussy with my cock. She eacted like it was painful but to be honest I did not care at that momennt all I wanted to do was fuck her.

Now as I said I dont think either of us could have stopped at this point so she pulled me back on top of her and we tried again, this time she asked me to go slower and I did. My cock slid into her a little at a time, I did not pull back and then push in again, I just kept pushing into her until I could go no further.

Now at this point in a virginity story there would usually be mention of bood and crying, nope, did not happen, she did tense up and grab my arms a for a second, then she relaxeda nd we carried on. No bl**d, no tears.

So I pushed in as far as I could and I just sort of stayed like that, enjoying the way it felt and at the same time desperate to fuck like mad and cum as soon as i could.

I pulled back then pushed in again, I think it was very controlled of me to do this for at least 20 seconds before I though "Fuck This I Want To Cum" and I smashed into her as hard as I could for about 2 or 3 strokes until I felt I was going to cum.

Saying I came is the biggest understatement in the world, I exploded, it felt like I gushed about 10 spurts of cum into her. I really dont know but it felt like five times more than I had ever cum in my life.

How her parents did not hear me I will never know, I collapsed on top of her, both of us sweaty and out of breath. And we stayed like that for a long time, my cock never went fully soft inside of her, remember I was a young lad so it was easier.

After a bit she said we should get dressed and we did, neither of us said anything about what had happened, just got dressed and went downstairs to watch the tv with her parents.

I went home that nite and wanked myself off so many times that I lost count, all the time thinking of tomorrow when I would fuck her again.

It was not the next day when I fucked her again, it was a week later and that time I lasted less than a minute before spurting inside her the first time and about 2 minutes the second time, which was about five minutes after the first time. After that I think she had a taste for fucking as much as I did and we went at it like a****ls.

Over the next few months we fucked plenty of times, after about 30 times I think I began to try to make it fun for her aswell instead of simply trying to cum as quick and as often as I could.

Mostly we would fuck in either her bedroom or mine but sometimes we did it whereever we could, one of the best, which I still think about when wanking is the time I fucked her before we went to the cinema then spent the bus journey to the cinema trying to shove my fingers between her legs, no luck. Sitting in the cinema I finialy got my fingers up her dress and started fingering her, between my cum and her juice she was soaking. Instant rock hard boner, needless to say we did not gat past the first 20 minutes of the film before running out of the cinema, and for anyone who knows Dublin. we fucked outside the Square shopping centre, then at the bus stop near the square and then again at her front door.

That nite of fucking was the best with her, I still remember looking around at the bus stop making sure nobody was near then lifting up her dress and feeling my cum already stuck to her legs, out of this world.

We split up about two months after we did it for the first time, no real reason, just a couple of teenagers doing teenage stuff.

We kind of stayed friends and I even see her around some times and we will stop and chat, but we never fucked again after we broke up.

Looking back a few things are really odd about me & Yvonne, first of all we never used condoms and I must have cum in her a few hundred times and she did not get pregnant. Second, we never had oral sex, she never once sucked me off and I never went down on her, I guess we were too busy fucking.

So thats it, how I lost my virginity, writing it down has made me remember it a lot clearer, like I said I am not interested in lying and just told it like I remember it, yes I did cum that quickly the first time with her(and quite a few times after). Yes I did just wave my cock around and hope it would go in, yes I did go crazy and hurt her by shoving my cock into her like a madman. What can I say... you have to start somewhere and between Yvonnes legs was the best place I can think of for me to have started.

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