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Rockin' w/ the Band

The new band singer knew just how to put her new band mate at ease.
She looked up at him and began to pull on her pussy hairs, and slowly
pull apart her vulva.

"Here I am!" she sang. "Rock me like a hurricane!"
(Time now for something different, This story is the first
of a new series that has has nothing to do with Trangender,
bisexual,chubby chasing, Larry/Lori, Ready Jane at Wild Crescent)

He was a man of few words. Most of the time his bass guitar
and body language did all his talking for him. Right now
his chosen instrument was still sitting on it's stand but
the glazed over deer in the headlights look in his eyes
spoke volumes. Donnie was spellbound.

The source of his enchantment was standing before the three
band members. It wasn't just her tight jeans and a blouse
clearly too small for her build. It was her long flowing
reddish brown hair,her light freckled skin,the curl of her lips
and her bright blue eyes. She was fucking gorgeous!

On the other hand Mike the band's lead guitar player took
one look at her and shook his head in disgust. He knew his
two band mates were going to love this chick. It didn't
matter what everyone else who auditioned for their frontman
spot sounded like. They were going to pick her.

As for George the band's virtuoso drummer, he had all he could
do to keep a straight face. He had seen the stunned look on
his best friend's face as well as the pissed off vibe his
twin b*****r was giving off. George knew it was up to
him to do the introductions.

Meanwhile Kara was just glad she found the place. But when she
spotted the bright Marque out front with the name "Marilyn's
Place," she knew it was all good.

A large 50 something Italian looking dude greeted her at the back
door. He looked like your basic middle aged club rocker guy
complete with a large beer belly long graying hair and a leather
cap over his bald top.

"You must be Marilyn," Kara joked.

"I get that allot," he replied.

It turns out his name was Vinnie. And despite all the Marilyn
Monroe stuff everywhere he named the club after his mother.

"The boys are waiting for you up front" Stated Vinnie. "And
don't let Mike get to you. His bark is worse than his bite."

When Kara walked up front she clearly knew who to approach first.
There was a really cute guy at the far end but he looked way too spaced out
to be any good. As for the one in the middle he looked far too
pissed off to be friendly. But at least the other guy looks nice.
He looks so much like a happy version of pissed off guy it's got to be his b*****r. But at least one of them looks promising.

Fortunately he's the one who eventually broke the ice. As for his b*****r,
Vinnie was right about him. He defiantly had a mean bark.

"Just so you know," he began. "We already have someone we like."

That woke space case guy up. "No we don't." he objected.

"Actually," chimed in the nice guy. "It's between the two of you."

"Then let's do this!" Shouted Kara psyching herself up.

The woman came loaded for bear. She had warmed up her voice in the car
on the way to the club. It must have been quite a sight seeing a
gal screaming "Back in Black" while driving on The Crosstown.

Kara attacked every song they threw at her. She was a crazed wildcat,
a purring kitten and a sultry snake all rolled into a skinny redhead

Vinnie caught the whole thing on tape. As if anyone needed any proof
this gal was just the boost the band needed.

At long last even Mike was convinced she was perfect. What sold him
wasn't her singing. It was her ability to jam with the band on her KORG.

Meanwhile the man of few words was using his bass to flirt with their
new singer. Every now and then Donnie would bounce over to where she
was playing. To his delight she bumped him several times on the fanny.

For the rest of the session Donnie had to play with a monster boner
in his shorts. Not the best thing to have while throwing a custom
bass around.

Afterwards Donnie managed to ask her out. "Would you, um like um
you uh, wanna go for coffee or something?"

Kara played with Donnie's long hair. "I know the perfect spot.

My place!"

The man of few words was frozen. This time all his instruments were put
away but at least he had more than just his eyes speaking this time.
His giant cock waving in the air spoke volumes. He was ultra horny.

It was just her face and tight jeans this time. It was Kara's perky
tits, her shiny skin, her furry box and all the light hairs on her legs.

When Donnie, saw that, his cock almost leaped in the air on it's own.
He had never seen it grow that big before.

Meanwhile Kara was just happy she didn't have to explain to the umteenth
guy why she never shaved certain parts of her body. The reason being it
altered her spiritual vibration too much.

In fact this guy was staring at her legs like it really turned him on.
And every girl knows there's nothing cooler than watching a guy get
excited over Y-O-U!

"Earth to Donnie!" Kara teased. "Are you alright up there?"

Donnie looked a little flushed. "I know you gals like a guy to go
slow and I'm not sure if I . . ."

The new band singer knew just how to put her new band mate at ease.
She looked up at him and began to pull on her pussy hairs and slowly
pull apart her vulva.

"Here I am!" she sang. "Rock me like a hurricane!"

It was as if Donnie's cock lifted the man in mid air and drove him
down onto Kara's hungry snatch. The man of few words had become a ragging bull. The whole bed began to shake. Kara raised her legs up.

"Come on boy," she whispered. "Ravage me."

All at once the man of few words found his voice.

"Damn shit fuck!

Baby you're so beautiful!






Later on local critics would remark how the band's new singer had
quickly become part of the band. They would note their special
chemistry together. It was fun to watch her flirt with
and go back and forth with the bass player as if they were making
love on stage.

As one reviewer put it. "The more you rehearse together, the better you get."

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