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Best friends ex

Best Friends now Ex Wife

It all started a few years ago with Jeff and Sara and them trying to have a baby. Jeff was a buddy from work that came to our place for summer get together and Boys night card games. Sara was a girl hat I had gone to school with and in high school got to know her quite well. My wife and I had gone to their wedding and kept in touch over the years.
Jeff and her had been having a hard time and had done just about everything to have a c***d. I never really talked to him about her but he was always telling stories at poker nights how great she was in bed and could suck the balls off a bull.
It started quite un expectedly and I still can’t believe that it did happen but I can say, Jeff was right she could suck the balls off a bull with no trouble.
It was a hot summer night and the four of us were sitting around in the backyard just finishing off the steak that I had done on the Bar B Q. I was inside cleaning up the dishes and Jeff and my wife were at the table talking. Sara had just come into the house to use the washroom. I was standing at the sink cleaning up the last of the plates when she came up behind me and reached into the sink to wipe her hands. Here small perky tits were as hard as rocks and her nipples were sticking into my back. Her hands were slipped between my arms and she was pressed close to my body. It had caught me off guard and was a bit jumpy as I looked out the window to see my wife and Jeff still talking at the table. Sara giggled in my ear and whispered that she was watching me tonight. I was at a loss of words and just stood there frozen in time. Sara pulled her arms back and skipped off to the wash room. I was still in shock and disbelief when she returned to the itched. This time I didn’t turn to see her but she once again slipped up close to my body and pressed herself close to me. Reaching into the sink she grasped my hands and pulled them back behind me. Placing my hands on her tight firm ass checks that were now exposed. I could feel that she had taken off her shorts and was now wearing only a t shirt. She giggled in my ear and slipped her hot wet tongue into my ear. With my hands still firmly planted on her ass she released her grip and slipped her hands around to the front of my shorts. Within seconds she had reached into my shorts and was now stroking my shaft in her hands. She continued to whisper in my ear “my you have a large package there. Cut and thick just the way I dream of. “My cock was now jumping with each stroke of her warm hand. My hands were now slipping down further on her firm ass and my fingers were exploring her hot wet region between her legs. My eyes still locked on my wife and Jeff just a few feet from the house. As my index finger explored and touched her bare pussy it slipped between her wet lips and into her hole. With a moan of enjoyment coming from her I continued to finger her and allowing her to stroke my cock. sars was now almost humping my hand and within a few more strokes of my finger she was Cumming in my hands. Her ass tightened and relaxed with each wave of enjoyment. Before I could stop to realize what I was doing Sara was tugging my lose shorts down over my cock and exposing me to her eyes. I stepped back and turned around. Ensuring that I could still see my wife and Jeff but that they could not see me. As I turned Sara dropped to the floor on her knees and was now stroking my cock in both hands as she slipped the head of my hard cock into her tight warm mouth. Her lips were parted as far as they could and this allowed my thick member access to her small tight mouth. She was now working my heavy balls in one hand while controlling my thrust with the other. My eyes were now locked on her bare sweet nest that was in full view for me to see. Her wetness now seeping out and onto my foot. Her hard, dark brown nipples swollen and sticking into my leg. Her tits were smaller then my wife but they looked so hot. Within 4 strokes of her hot tight lips over my cock I knew I was going to cum and fill her with a thick hot load of my seed. And as she felt the first shoot of my seed into her mouth she pulled her lips off and back, allowing me to watch my load being fired off into her awaiting mouth. It was so hot, my wife refused to suck my cock after we got married and I have always so enjoyed a blow job. My seed didn’t seem to stop flowing and now her mouth was full and she was swallowing as quickly as she could but the excess was now speeping from her mouth and down onto her t shirt . My final shoot came out like cannon and landed dead center on her face. My new sex toy now had a face full of cum in her mouth and all over her cute face. My cock was still semi hard when Sara reached into the sink and toke the cloth to wipe her face. She was now smiling with that sheepish grin that she had when she first saw my hard cock. With no more words said she toke a hold of my cock again in her hands and stroked me fully erect in 3 strokes. She turned to face away from me and expose her hot box to my again. Now in a doggie style position she gilded my to her box and f***ed her hips down on me. In one single stroke she had my entire cock inside her tight love nest. And it was so hot and tight. I could tell that I was thicker then Jeff as she worked her hips a bit and winched with pain as I began to drive myself into her deeper. I was now fucking Sara and watching my wife and Jeff continuing their talk only a few feet away. Sara climaxed 3 times and with each stroke of my member I too was ready to fill her with seed. As my balls tightened and I drove myself as deep as I could I shoot my hot seed into her hole? Sara could feel the cum filling her up and she knew that the sound of her enjoyment would only excite me more. She moaned with pleasure with each shoot of cum. As my limp cock dropped free of her a large drop of cum dropped to the floor between her legs. With her hips still spread wide open and her fingers now free to slip into her hole and wipe the excess cum from her body. She quickly slipped her fingers into her mouth and swallowed each glob of seed and moaned with enjoyment.
As fast as this whole thing started it was over. I just understood what had happened when I watched Sara stand up and slip back out to the washroom in the next room. I was now pulling my shorts back over my hips when the sound of the back door woke my from what I thought was a dream. Seconds later my wife was standing beside me at the sink placing the last of the dinner ware in the sink for me to wash. She seemed a little concerned over the fact that my shorts appeared to have a stain on the front of them. She told me to get changed before anyone else saw I had a spill. And with that she walked out and passed Sara as she stepped out of the washroom. With that grin still on her face she whispered “Is that a gun in your pants or are you ready for another hand job!! I smiled and turned to finish the dishes. I did as my wife had asked and changed my shorts before going back out to the table. That night was the start of a new chapter for me and Sara and within a few months she had become pregnant. Jeff was so happy and all I could think of is weather the c***d was mine. Once she was born it was clear that Jeff was not the father and he and Sara spilt. But it was also not mine either, the young girl was “Black “so now I know that I was not the only one to see that tight hot hole or get sucked off by my friends ex wife.

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