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Naruto Lemon Series Part 7

You sighed bored out of your mind as you walked through the hidden leaf village, Tsunade had given you the rest of the week off and you were finding it hard to occupy your time. Naruto was busy training along with the rest of his team while Gai and his team were off doing God knows what in God doesn't want to know where. You felt someone behind you as you stopped for a moment smiling softly.

"Hinata-chan... you don't have to do that you know." you said turning slightly to see the embarrassed Hyuga girl.

"S...sorry Yami… you seemed upset..." she began looking down as you smiled towards her.

"It's alright Hinata... it's just no one is around to hang out with is all." you said sighing.

"W...well I could always... hang out... you know... with you..." she said twiddling her fingers as you laughed lightly.

After all the years of her being your friend she was still as shy and cute as ever.

"Alright, come on." you said motioning her to follow you as she nodded slowly.

Even if you knew Hinata loved your best friend you couldn't help but feel attracted to the kind girl, you thought her shy cuteness was the biggest turn on you had ever seen. You finally made it to your place as you both took your sandals off and she took her jacket off showing off her tank top. You did the same as she saw your mesh shirt and tank top as you smiled putting your hoodie up.

"So what would you like to do?" you asked turning towards her as she looked down blushing.

"We…could…um…watch a movie…" she said stuttering as you nodded smiling.

"Well then I'll get a movie and make some popcorn." you said going into the kitchen to start the popcorn.

You then walked up to your movies as you browsed through them trying to figure out what movie you should watch. Hmm if I picked a mushy movie I'll be completely bored and Hinata knows I don't watch them… if I pick a inappropriate comedy Hinata will be uncomfortable the whole time and I don't want that…and if I picked a horror movie... Hinata would want someone to comfort her... You smiled deciding on a horror but not to bad of one where Hinata wouldn't be able to sit in the dark.

Your eyes searched through your movies till your eyes stopped on Saw and smiled picking it up and popping it in the DVD player. You heard the microwave ding as you ran back into the kitchen putting the popcorn in a huge bowl and hopping over your couch right next to Hinata. The movie began playing as you held the popcorn bowl and munched on some with Hinata.

Halfway through the movie the popcorn sat on your coffee table while Hinata was nestled to your side clinging your arm lightly. Hehe… guess this was scarier than I thought.

Finally the movie ended as you got up from your spot and stopped the DVD player as Hinata watching you shivering lightly.

"How bout I make us some dinner…" you said as Hinata looked up from her spot and blushed.

"Should I ask my father if I can stay tonight?" Hinata asked without stuttering as you looked towards her slightly surprised.

"Sure, I would love that." you said smiling as she nodded and headed out while you cooked dinner.

You smiled at the thought of the cute lavender haired kunoichi staying at your house for the night. Sure she was really shy but you hoped there was a more outgoing person inside just waiting for the right moment to burst out. Who knows tonight could be the night…

You heard the door open as you had finished cooking everything and turned to see Hinata with a small duffle bag in her hand and a cute shy smile on her face.

"You're just in time, go ahead and put your stuff in my room and come eat." you said smiling sweetly.

She nodded lightly and did as you said while you placed two plates of food on the table. You sat down and Hinata sat across from you as you both began munching away.

"This is very good…Yami-chan…" Hinata said looking down as you smiled brightly saying, "Thank you."

"So how's the pursuit of getting through to Naruto?" you asked as she shifted her eyes slightly uncomfortable.

"Well…I… it's just…I'm very confused right now about it…" she said unsure of how to word it exactly.

"I'm sorry… is there anyway I can help." you asked concerned as she shook her head hiding her face.

"N…No…I need to do his on my own." she said taking another bite as you sighed lightly.

"Alright…but never be afraid to talk to me Hinata…I'd do anything you want to make you happy." you said giving her a reassuring smile as she looked up astonished and blushed deeply.

"Thanks…Yami-chan…" she said quietly as you nodded going back to your food.

You both ate the rest of your meal in a comfortable silence until you both finished. You grabbed Hinata's and your plate and began cleaning but Hinata walked up beside you.

"Let me help…" she said grabbing a plate and cleaning it as you smiled lightly glad to have some help.

You were glad to get the dishes done in no time and Hinata was a big help and you were glad to have her around. It was nice to have someone help instead of make a mess… but you can't not love Naruto.

"Shall we get ready for bed?" you asked as she blushed deeply but nodded quickly walking past you.

You waited outside of your room as she changed that way she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. When she opened the door she was wearing a light purple tank top and cute lavender shorts. Gotta love the summer heat… You shook the thoughts out of your head and went into your room to change into your dark green tank top and black booty shorts. Once you were done you motioned Hinata in as she began laying out a sl**ping bag on the floor for her to sl**p on.

"So how has Neji been, I haven't seen him in a while." you asked grabbing your tooth brush putting toothpaste on it.

"He's well… training as usual…" Hinata said as you both began brushing your teeth.

After you both finished you walked back into your room as Hinata sat on your bed obviously not tired yet. You took your hair tie out letting your long wavy hair down as Hinata watched it pool over your frame not use to seeing it down.

"You have pretty hair…" she said quietly as you smiled proudly and said, "Thanks…"

She looked over at your hair brush than towards your hair as you looked back and forth between them and smiled.

"Do you want to brush my hair?" you said putting your hand on your hip as she blushed looking down but nodding lightly.

You sat on the ground as Hinata sat on her knees taking your brush and touching your hair softly. You heard her let a breath in as she held your hair up and began running the brush though it gently. Your eyes closed contently at her gentle touch and you relaxed into her.

"Yami-chan…" Hinata said softly as your eyes opened slightly saying, "Yes Hinata-chan?"

"Did…did you really mean it when you said you'd do anything to make me happy?" she said as she stopped brushing your hair for a moment as you smiled.

"I did, you're a very sweet kind person and I don't see how anyone wouldn't." you said turning towards her.

She blushed as dark as your hair as you gave a light blush back happy that you made her so flushed.

"You're so great Yami-chan." she said kindly.

You closed your eyes giving a smile when you felt pressure on your lips and shot them open seeing her lips to yours. She pulled away flustered as you smiled holding her head steady as she looked at you worried.

"I'm sorry…I …love you…" she said waiting to be rejected.

You pulled her forward closing the distance as you kissed her with passion and lust. Her hands touched your cheeks lightly as you sat up more climbing onto the bed and over her. She pulled away from you seeing you straddling her hips as her blush began to return again making you laugh lightly.

"Don't be so nervous… I won't hurt you." you said as she nodded lightly relaxing her body.

You bent down kissing her again while your hands slowly slid up her shirt making her gasp giving you time to slip your tongue in her mouth. You broke away from her mouth so you could pull her tank top off seeing she wasn't wearing a bra. She quickly blushed and covered up her breasts with her hands but you smirked grabbing her hands putting them over her head.

You brought your head down kissing down her neck to her breasts as she closed her eyes tightly unsure of what you were doing. You brought her right nipple into your mouth and began sucking on it gently making a cute shy moan escape her lips. You smirked lightly doing it harder as she squirmed lightly under your touch.

"Ya…Yami…" she moaned as you switched to her left one grazing your teeth along it.

You took both her wrists in one hand as your other one went down and squeezed her breast causing a gasp from her lips as her cheeks blushed deeply. Your hand went down further and slipped inside her shorts rubbing her wet panties making her tilt her head in pleasure.

"Do you want me to let go of your wrists?" you asked soothingly as she nodded quickly making you giggle.

You let go and tugged off her shorts leaving her in her violet panties as she looked towards your clothes making you laugh.

"You can take them off." you said running your hands up your body as her eyes watched you in want.

She got up from her spot and first went for your shorts slipping them off you to show your black lace panties. She then worked her way up as you felt her finger tips graze your skin and pulled up your shirt as you lifted your arms letting it come off easier. She eyed your breasts as you grabbed her hands pressing them to your breasts as she looked up towards you.

"I give you permission to do whatever you want." you said as you saw a spark of courage pass through her eyes.

She squeezed them as you moaned letting go of her hands pulling her in for a lust filled kiss. You hooked your finger on the edge of her panties and pulled them down while she did the same for yours. You pushed her down on the bed climbing on top of her as her large breasts pressed against yours while you began nipping and sucking on her neck. You brought one of your hands down and slid it onto her clit making her squeak as her eyes widened.

"Yami…please…" she moaned with her eyes closed as you nodded brining it down to her opening.

You wiggled your finger inside her as she bit her bottom lip keeping herself from crying out making you smile at the power you had. You began pumping it inside her as she clawed at the bed sheets then brought her hands along your body. You felt her finger slip inside you as you moaned against her neck pushing your finger further inside her.

You both began moving your fingers inside each other but you decided to step it up and add another to add to her pleasure. You spread your fingers stretching her walls as she moaned taking up your example and doing the same. You left her neck and pressed your lips to hers while you began picking up your pace slowly. Hinata's fingers stayed at a slow pace as you groaned lightly wanting more.

"Hinata-chan…go faster." you growled lightly as she nodded going much faster.

You moaned deeply as another of her delicate little fingers slipped inside you and spread widely. Both your paces began to quicken as you felt yourself nearing your peak and you could tell she was as well. You were panting against her neck as your free hand was groping and massaging her breasts making her moan and groan with pleasure.

"Yami-chan…don't stop…I…" she tried to say but you sped your movements feeling her walls tighten around your fingers as she came on them with a sweet moan.

Even if she was out of breath her speed went double time inside you as you bite your bottom lip causing it to bleed feeling the knot in your stomach about to burst.

"Hina…Hinata!" you cried coming on her fingers as well while your head fell into her breasts.

You removed your fingers from her warmth tasting her sweetness as she blushed looking away embarrassed. You rolled over to her side as you pulled her towards yourself holding her close as she snuggled into your chest happily.

"I love you to Hinata." you said kissing her slightly sweaty forehead as she sighed happily closing her eyes.

"I'm glad." she said quietly before falling asl**p beside you while you soon followed.

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