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Naruto Lemon Series Part 6

You were on a little D ranked mission with your best buddy Naruto by your side. You didn't know how you convinced Tsunade to allow you both to go alone.. maybe it was that bottle of saki you brought, or the fact that you reminded her of the money she owed you. Either way you had won against her and it was nice to go on a mission with your best friend.

"So what's the mission again Yami-chan?" Naruto asked titling his head towards you slightly.

"Simple… just give this scroll to a neighboring village then coming back." you said as he smiled.

"Hehe... and of course stopping for a break at the hot springs on the way home." he said as you smirked nodding.

"Wouldn't have it any other way." you said as you both pressed on nearing the small village.

You were walked to the leader's palace as you handed him the scroll and he thanked you both handing you a scroll to deliver back to Tsunade. You exited the village gates as you began dancing around as Naruto laughed.

"What's with the dance Yami-chan?" he asked as you beamed happily saying, "Tsuande-sama thought it would take over 3 days for us to finish... now we have plenty of time to stay at the Hot Springs."

Naruto high fived you as you both ran towards the little Hot Springs just off the path. The sun had begun to set as you reached it and quickly got a room as Naruto ran off first to the water. You put a robe on to cover yourself as you laughed nervously. It was a Hot Springs but this Hot Springs was known for having mixed bathing. Oh well the place wasn't full so it didn't really bother you that much. You opened the sliding glass door as you saw Naruto sitting in it but he blushed diving his body underwater.

"Yami-chan... what are you doing?" he asked shakily as you looked towards him.

"It's a mix Hot Springs..." you said shrugging as you untied your robe.

"But Yami-chan..." he said as you saw a blush form on his cheeks making you laugh lightly.

"Calm down Naruto-kun, you know I trust you. And it hasn't been the first time I've seen you naked." you said giggling as he averted his eyes when you took your robe off.

You slipped into the water sighing contently as you sat on the opposite side as Naruto. You dipped your head back getting your hair wet as Naruto watched you quietly with a red tint to his cheeks.

"What are you so embarrassed about Naruto?" you asked scooting towards him as he bit his lip.

"It's just... we're best friends... and... you're naked...and..." he had trouble forming sentences as you smiled warmly at him.

"My goodness Naruto you're beginning to sound like Hinata." you said laughing as he laughed nervously scratching the back of his head.

"Guess now I know how she feels." he said as you shook your head stretching out your limbs.

"Well at least you haven't fainted yet… that's a plus." you said shrugging as you sat your head back slightly.

"Guess you're right." he said quietly as you inwardly frowned.

Sometimes you wondered how naïve Naruto really was, sure you guys were best friends but it didn't stop you from liking him. There was always that little part in your brain that kept you from taking it further and knowing Naruto as long as you have you know he wasn't really one to do anything about it. Then again you know Hinata did like him which made it more difficult to really express yourself to him.

"Say Yami… what kind of guys do you like?" he asked as he seemed to get more comfortable.

"Hmm… well I like guys who are sweet, kind, and aren't afraid to do the things they love. What about you Naruto, what kind of girls do you like?" you asked tapping your chin lightly.

"Well I like a girl whose confident, funny and just who I can be myself with without them judging me." he said smiling looking in no where in particular.

"Hehe… I think Sakura is definalty out of that." you said laughing lightly as he sighed.

"Yea I know… that's why I don't like her no more, plus she'll always love Sasuke." he said frowning as you did too scooting closer to him.

"You'll find a girl Naruto I know you will…" you said hugging him as he tensed feeling your breasts push into his chest.

You felt him quiver slightly as the air seemed to change a little making you let go and look at him.

"What's wrong Naruto?" you asked touching his cheek as you felt that he was rather warm.

"Yami… you're so confident and funny…" he began as your eyes widened slightly while he kept talking, "I can always be myself around you without worrying that you'll judge me…I just can't smile without you."

You smiled warmly as his head fell embarrassed and you grabbed his chin lifting him up.

"Naruto, you aren't afraid to do the things you love, you're sweet and most of all so kind. You make me smile when no one else can…" you said smiling as his eyes widened slightly.

You pressed your lips to his as he hesitated at first but began kissing back with just as much f***e. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer to you as he grabbed your waist afraid you'd leave him. He pulled you into his lap as you felt his excitement rise feeling your bare body on top of his. You broke the kiss as you began kissing along his jaw line down to his neck and sucking on it roughly.

"Yami…I need you." he said in your ear as you laughed lightly saying, "I can tell."

He blushed deeply as you shifted slightly feeling him just above you as you slipped him inside you causing you to bite your lip in pain and pleasure. Your head rested on the crook of his next as he stayed completely still waiting for you. Once your body got used to it, you began rocking your body against his causing him to moan. You smirked feeling his hands guide your body along to just how he liked it.

"Oh are you going to take control?" you asked as he looked at you unsure.

You began bouncing a little faster as he bit his lower lip not wanting to let the a****l inside him get out.

"Come one Naruto-kun… let that a****l side out." you moaned slowing down making a low groan escape his lips.

He looked up at you as his pupils turned to slits and he turned you so you were against the edge of the hot spring. He began pounding inside you as you moaned loudly liking the dramatic change.

"Oh Naruto…" you moaned wrapping your legs around his waist causing a low growl to escape his throat.

The water began lapping against your body violently as his pace increased causing light pants from the both of you. He pushed you up more so he could see your breasts and latched himself onto one sucking roughly feeling his teeth graze them lightly. Your legs squeezed around his waist tighter as he let go of your breasts and gave you a sloppy lustful kiss.

"Yami…I…" he groaned as you felt him release making you cry out coming right after.

Naruto slumped his body down panting as you shifted easing him out of you. His face looked back up at you seeing his pupils were back to normal making you giggle.

"What's so funny?" he asked tilting his head as you smiled saying, "I just pleasured you and the Nine Tailed Fox."

He chuckled shaking his head and said, "You're just that good."

"Glad to hear it." you said lying your head on his shoulder enjoying the night sky.

-Next Day-

You and Naruto were standing by Tsunade as she looked at the both of you skeptically.

"So… did the mission really take as long as I thought?" she asked as you smiled innocently saying, "Of course."

You both were dismissed leaving with big smiles on your faces as he held your hand while you guys made your way to his apartment.

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