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The new girl

was in work late one evening trying to tie up some loose ends and get organised for the following week, and the new girl was with me, now as you dont know me I will explain a little about myself when it comes to work, I am a perfectionist, has to be done right or not at all, and the new girl, well how do i put it she just was annoying, anyhow I told her to toddle on home and that I would finish up, which I did quickly logged off the computer, and I was away, just one quick stop in the loo and I was out of here for the weekend. Opened the toilet door and there was the new girl with her blouse off, "oh I thought you were gone" I said, my eyes fixed on her massive tits, she was still wearing a bra by the way but theses things were massive, I could feel a movement in my trousers, "just waiting on my lift" as she smiled at my fixation on her breasts. I looked away as she put on a track suit top, "thats better" she said as she gave me a little wink, she walked and I proceeded to take a pee, kinda hard with a semi I might add.

When I came out, I proceeded to the elevator, where she was waiting on the lift, going down I asked, "excuse me" she said, "the elevator" oh ye she smirked,"I could give to a ride", yhat'd be great she said so we proceeded to the downstairs parking lot into my car and off we drove. There was not much said for the first mile or so, then suddenly she said"your a bit of a prude", "excuse me" I replied, "well you seem very up tight", "thats just work", I explained, "oh", "so what you into" she asked, "sex, sex, sex and more sex", "good" she replied and with that she grabbed my cock, "then you wont mind if I do this then", I had never got head whilst driving before, and fuck she was good, actually neah the best head I ever had, she got my knob right in down deep into the back of her troat. She was only at it maybe two minutes and I was about to cum, I told her I was about to cum and she went harder and faster I came and exploded in her mouth and she loved it, and swallowed every drop of me. She sat back in her seat, fixed her hair and said"your cum tastes good", thanks I replied, there was an awkward silence for a moment, then she said this is my stop, I pulled in the car and she got out, she paused turned and said"what you doing tomorrow night? If you wanna cum round say seven, we could finish this off" "ok" see you then and she blew me a kiss. Off I drove, thinking I'm gonna do some freaky ass shit to her tomorrow night.

The following night, I arrived at her house at seven, she was wearing only tight pyjama bottoms and a skin tight t shirt with no bra on underneath, her tits were class, I mean class best I have ever sucked on, she pulled me inside, no words, no nothing and we started kissing passionately, i grabbed her lovely ass and started kissing her neck, I slipped my hands inside her pyjama bottoms and briskly pulled them down, I quickly pusked her against the wall, knelt down, lifted her left leg over my shoulder and started licking on her lovely pussy, it tasted so so good, and it was so pink, she was begining to groan ever deeper and deeper, she was sapping wet, I teased her ass hole with my right finger this made her groan louder"fuck you know what your doin down there" and might I say I do, but it was just a savage pussy to be eating, an honour to be eating such grade a pussy, "im coming" she screached and she began to shake uncontrolably, she grabbed my head and pulled it into her, as she screamed to orgasm. "to my bedroom", upstirs we dashed, my cock is bulging in my pants now, I opened the buttons of my jeans to make it easier to master the stairs, we got to her room, and the was lube and dildo's lying on the bed, I thought yes a freak like me happy days, she wipped off her t shirt turned and went straight for my cock, she pulled down my torusers and just went to town again on my cok, it was heaven, best blow job ever, she was the best, I cant even describe what she done but it was just class, Inever was one to roar when receiving head but by god she made me, and every noe and then she would slip her finger up my ass, what a turn on, I got it in my head I wanted to fuck her pussy so I did, I grabbed her pulled her up and flung her back on the bed, grabbed her by the legs and just thrust my cock into her lovely tight pussy, I trusted in and out getting faster and faster and faster so fast that I was nearing to cum, she could see this in my face "in my mouth she roared" so I whipped it out and proceeded to spray myself all over her face and gob, as she licked my cock I slipped my hand down onto her wet pussy and I slipped two fingers in, and I thrused as deep as they could go slamming into her rock hard g spot, she passed me her dildo"this will do better", I slid this 7inch dildo into her, I could tell she loved it, I thrusted in and out getting further and faster with each movement, twisting it inside her tight pussy, flicking her clit with my left fingers, she was panting more furiously, she began to scream louder and louder with each thrust" I'm coming again" she screamed and she began to shake as orgasm ran through her body, then she let an even louder scream as she squirted a fountain of beautiful pussy juice all over my stomach and rock hard cock, she shaked and another smaller fountain came out, I was so horny and knew this was gonna be a great night. She lit a cigarette as she lay back still gasping for air, and she said"fuck me that never happened me before", I'm so letting you fuck me in the ass later"


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