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At the age of 42 I lost my job and got divorced. I lost everything and had to move back in with my parents. My mom, Linda, is 58 and my dad, Bill, is 62. Bill has been working out of town a lot over the last year so he was happy to have me around to keep my mom company. Mom has her best friend, Vicky, hanging around also. Vicky has been staying at the house and we have had a good time sitting around talking and drinking. Mom has jet black hair and mid size boobs, she is not ugly but she is not super hot either, now Vicky is about 55, blonde hair and nice boobs, she is somewhat attractive, I mean I would bone her given the chance. So on this Friday afternoon, mom, Vicky and I were sitting by the pool drinking and talking. The talk soon turned to sex and the more they drank the raunchier the talk got. Mom brought up porn and adult book stores, Vicky was curious about porn. Neither woman had seen porn or been to a bookstore. Mom said we should go. I told mom not to worry about that as we could look at porn all day long on my computer. Mom and Vicky decided they wanted to go to a bookstore right now. I knew they were pretty buzzed and thought that we would get to the bookstore and they would back out. The nearest adult bookstore was only fifteen minutes away so off we went. We got there and mom and Vicky rushed in and were looking at everything. I was trying to keep a close eye on them so no one would hit on them. I ushered them into one of the video booths by telling them we could watch a really nasty porn video. There was just enough room for the three of us to set down on the bench seat. I started a video and noticed glory holes on each side of the booth. Mom asked what they were for and I told her. She knelt down and looked thru it and said there was a man jacking off, she reached her hand thru and after a minute brought it back thru with jizz on it. She giggled and said that was fun. About that time a cock was stuck thru the hole, both women looked at me and asked what happens now. I told them he is looking for a blow job, and mom knelt down and took the cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe that my mom was sucking off a guy in front of me. Vicky said she wanted to try it and mom let her. Both women worked this cock pretty well and the man soon came, not in either woman’s mouth. Mom said that she was having fun and that she needed to take her clothes off so as not to get sperm all over them. Both women striped down and I could not believe my eyes. Moms’ boobs were nice, and her bush was not as hairy as I thought it would be. She did not have hardly any hair at all. Vicky had bigger boobs, and a light brown bush, more hair than mom's. I couldn’t believe I was standing in a video booth with these two naked women. Another dick came thru one hole and one from the other. Both women took a dick in their mouths and started slurping on them. After a minute mom stood up and pushed her pussy to the hole, OMG! My mom was getting fucked! After a minute or two she pulled away, the dick had dumped its load in my mom and disappeared. Mom turned around and bent over so that a new dick could enter her thru the hole, Vicky did the same. Mom all of sudden said something and I realized that she was getting some more cock, Vicky too. My dick was so hard it hurt and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was not sure what to do. I was watching moms’ and Vicky’s boobs sway as they were getting banged, mom smiled real big and said that she loves it when a man cums deep inside her, Vicky agreed with her. I almost creamed my pants right then and there. I’ve not gotten any pussy in several months. Mom turned and big globs of jizz dripped from her pussy, she commented on what a large load it was. Looking at mom's cream filled pussy was such a turn on. Vicky turned around and her bush had caught a big glob of jizz, and she smeared it around with her hand into her cum matted bush. Another cock stuck thru mom's side and she backed up and took it in her pussy. Vicky did the same on her side they seemed to like to get it doggy style. I had a feeling that word had gotten around the store that there was free pussy in the video booths. Both women received another load of cum in their already cum filled pussies. Mom and Vicky decided to try blow jobs again and made it to completion and they both swallowed their loads of cum. This went on for two fucking hours! I can’t tell you how many loads of strange cum these two women swallowed or took in their pussies. It was alot! And they both really enjoyed it. When we got home and they couldn’t stop talking about it and were making plans for another trip. The two women had stripped off their clothes and got into the hot tub to soak their bodies. I thought what the hell and got in naked also, my dick was hard as a nail. Luckily Vicky had noticed and she climbed out of the tub and went to a lounge chair and spread her legs and said for me to get over there and take care of my dick! I slid my dick into her cum drenched pussy. I didn’t make it thirty seconds before I started draining my balls deep in her creampie. I pulled my cum covered dick out and it was still semi hard, Vicky played with it for awhile. Then mom sat next to us and asked when it was going to be her turn, her pussy was spread open, I thought what the hell and moved over and slid my semi hard cock into her, it felt great and my dick hardened as I pounded away for several minutes in her cum soaked pussy and then filled her cunt with my cum. It was a site to see both women sitting there with cum leaking from their cunts. We do this now on a regular basis, sometimes it is dogging, the glory hole, or just the three of us fucking. I’m really happy to be living at home again.

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