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It all happened some 9 years ago. My wife was ill, and had to be admitted in hospital, leaving me in care for our k**s. The oldest one was my 18 year old daughter. Of course I had my work during daytime, and she was a big help, because she took care of her 2 younger s****rs.
In the evenings, when we returned from the visiting hour in the hospital, she sat next to me on the couch, seeking comfort.
The first week nothing happened, but the 2nd week she asked me if I didn't feel lonely in bed, now mom's not here. I answered that the bed was rather empty, and that it was a little strange to sl**p without my wife next to me. The evening went by, until it was time to go to bed.
I went upstairs, undressed, the same ritual as usual, and in the faint light of my bedside lamp I slipped into bed. Then there was a knock on my door. It was Barbara, my daughter. She opened the door and came in. In the dim light I could see she was barely dressed, only wearing a small thong and a shirt that was so small it wasn't even worth wearing. "Dad, I'm cold! Can I crawl up next to you?" she asked. "I understand that, seeing what you have on, or better, haven't got on," I replied. But, seeing no harm, I agreed, and she stepped in her mothers’ bed.
"Can you put your arm around me, Dad?", she asked. She lifted her shoulders off the bed, and I put my right arm around her, and pulled her over to me. She immediately rolled on her side, and gave me a big hug. "Hmm, that's better!", she said, and put her arm over my chest, her fingers playing a little bit with the chest hair. It felt nice, I turned my head towards her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She smiled at me, and I felt her right leg slide over me. She felt smooth, with my right hand I caressed her back. With my left hand I stroke her left arm, reached her armpit and continued over her side. Her shirt had moved up and I felt her naked breast lying against me. Unintentionally my fingers touched it, and I felt from her reaction that he didn't mind. She smiled at me again, and I wanted to kiss her cheek once more. But she turned her head, and our lips touched. It wasn't the first time I kissed my daughter on her lips, but this time it was different. There was something in the air, we both felt it. Suddenly Barbara rolled on top of me, put her arms around me and pressed her lips firmly on mine. Then I felt her tongue licking my lips, looking for a way in. I wanted to ask her what she thought she was doing, but I didn't get the chance; her tongue found its way, and continued its search for mine. After a short while she let me go, and in the dim light I could see the look on her face. It was different than usual. To be honest, that kiss didn't feel wrong at all. She sat on her knees, as if she was riding me, looked at me and bend forward again. Again she kissed me, and this time I returned her kiss. While kissing me, she firmly pressed her crotch against me, and slowly started moving up and down. Between two kisses she pulled her shirt off, and I had full sight on her firm young breasts. I lifted up a little and took one of the nipples between my lips, and started sucking and licking it. "Oh, yes daddy, please suck my titties!" she sighed. She didn't have to say that twice, and I enjoyed the sweat taste of her young body. While kissing and sucking I felt her nipples growing and getting harder and harder. In the meantime she still was sliding up and down with her pussy, still covered with the tiny thong, over my dick. I could feel the warmth of her crotch, and my cock was getting harder and harder.
Suddenly she broke away from my embrace, and slid down. She pulled down my underpants, releasing my cock from its prison, and I heard "Ohh, I love it daddy, I want to suck it!" Not waiting for an answer she opened her mouth and let my rod in her mouth. Oh, this was so hot! My own daughter sucking my cock! And she was damn good at it! My rod went in and out her mouth, now quick, now slow, and her hands were toying with my balls. I had to slow her down, didn't want to come that fast!
I turned her around so her cunt was over my mouth, put her thong aside, and saw a beautiful pink and shaven wet pussy. Her lips were swollen, I could see her clit coming out of its hiding place. I put my arm around her, pulled her down, and carefully licked her lips. She tasted o so sweet, so good, it made me even hornier as I already was. My lips sucked on to her clit, and I gently bit on it. She moaned with a deep roaring sound, her body shivered. I released her clit and forged my tongue in her fuckhole, licking out her sweet juice. With one hand I squeezed and massaged her nipples, with one finger of the other hand I massaged her asshole. I let it slip between her pussylips to make it wet and slippery, and pressed it against her butthole. It went in quite easily, and I heard Barbara gasping for air. Rapidly I fucked her ass with my finger, simultaneously licking her clit. I felt she was shaking and suddenly she came. Her cum flowed into my mouth, and I swallowed it all. Barbara rolled on her back, pulled her legs up and removed her thong. She spread her legs wide open, and said: "Come on, daddy, fuck your little girl! Let me feel your hard cock in my tight pussy!" I sat between her legs, aimed my rod at her pink cunt, and pushed it in gently. She was right, she was very tight, I could feel her muscles tighten around my hard cock. Deeper and deeper I went in, until I was fully inside her, feeling the bottom of her gorgeous pussy. Then I started ramming my cock in her, and every time my balls slapped against her butt. "Fuck me, daddy, come on, give it to me please!", she cried. My cock slipped out of her wet cunt, and I turned her over on her knees. "Daddy is going to take you doggy style, honey", I whispered, and my cock went up and down her fuckhole again. I pushed her shoulders to the bed, forging her ass up, so I could get deeper in my baby. While I was fucking her harder and harder she was playing with her clit, and from her muscle movement I could tell she was coming again. I pulled my dick out, looked at her throbbing butthole, and placed the top of my rod against it. Carefully and trying not to hurt her I pushed my rod in her ass. I heard her sighing and moaning. "Oh, daddy, be careful", she said, and bit by bit I went in. At a slow pace I started fucking her ass, every stroke I went in a little deeper. She loved it! And I, I didn't know what was happening to me! My own daughter wanted to be fucked by me so hard, I never knew she wanted that! Gradually I started to fuck her harder, feeling her muscles pulsating around my dick. Again she came, and now I felt it was my time too. But if I had to come in her for the first time, I wanted to come in her pussy, not in her ass (not now, anyway). So I pulled my cock out of her ass, and I rammed it in her cunt with high speed a few times more, and then I came too. While I was coming I put my arms around her belly and pulled her towards me very tight, so I could come in her as deep as possible. I felt her muscles relax, and while still deep inside her we lay down on the bed. After a few minutes she turned around, bent down and cleaned my dick with her mouth. Then she crawled up again, and gave me a long and tender kiss.
From that evening on we slept together every night until my wife came back home again from the hospital two weeks later. After that, we had to be careful, and could only fuck when my wife was out. Now she's living on herself and we don't see each other that much anymore. But every now and then we have luck, and we can please each other one more time....

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