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Bangkok Whore Wife

I was counting the days to my one month long vacation
in Thailand. I really loved Thai pussy: For those
fortunate to have died and gone to paradise i.e.
Bangkok, they will know that Thai girls are the most
beautiful girls in the world with their only wish in
life is to sexually please men, especially when they
pay in dollars. Their sexual art is totally
unsurpassed. They can milk a rock dry of every drop of

My own marriage was becoming sexually stale and boring
and I was looking forward to a change. The only dark
cloud was that I would be bringing my spouse along. A
little like taking a stale sandwich to a banquet... I
would need to find some way to distract her.

We no longer had sex, except the occasional quick
missionary bit but I had always secretly fantasized
about my lovely wife enjoying sex with another man. A
thing totally unthinkable to the touch catholic matron.
I had become and regular and avid reader of all the
cuckold and slut wife stories on the internet, savoring
them with delight and arousal. Although the idea of
swinging or wife watching aroused me, I had mixed
feelings about actually going through with the whole
thing for fear of what it might do to our happy
marriage. I might lose a good cook and housecleaner.
Also, my wife always told me she thought sex was a
disgusting. As a result I had never taken the matter
any further. Little did I know that my life was soon to
be dramatically changed and that my fantasy would soon
become reality and to make matters worse I would be to
blame for the whole mess.

Kim, my wife, is a tiny attractive little thing. At
thirty-six years of age, she is 5ft petite and a well-
shaped brunette. She has always been very religious and
practicing catholic and a good mother to our c***dren
but she had long lost all interest in me sexually. I
knew that I was not sexually satisfying my wife and
being overweight did not help much. On the few times we
did it, she would lay flat like a plank of wood in the
dark, sighing with boredom and submitting rather than
participating in our lovemaking. She would kept telling
me to be quick and get it over with. Not very sexy at

She performed her wifely duties without pleasure
because she had to, but was disgusted by the whole
thing. She had become more and more frustrated and
lately she had told me she had lost interest in sex
completely and her strict religious upbringing forbade
her from looking outside of our couple for sexual
relief. She admitted that I couldn't get her off with
my cock. The climaxes she had during regular sex were
the result of me playing with her clit and my oral
skills. My male ego was dented but not shattered. I
knew that she needed a good fucking and she couldn't
get it from her husband.

That is probably why I had begun fantasizing of
watching another man fuck and satisfy my beautiful
petite wife. What she needed I thought was a big
horsecock cock, preferably black or asian, to stretch
her out, transport her into lewd bliss and fill and
inseminate her womb with an enormous quantity of
vigourous sperm. My fantasy began to take on a life of
its own. At first it was just a vague thought but that
grew until I could visualize the huge cock fucking my
wife Kim.

Of course my wife did not see it that way at all. The
thought of adultery had never crossed even her mind. Or
at least she did not admit to it. I would have to break
her in to it in an unsuspecting way. Thinking back to
my last business trip to Thailand and longing to loose
myself between Thai legs, I devised a plan to take her
to the ultimate of exotic destinations where she would
be thrown off balance and have her seduced.

At first she had not been very keen on the thought of
spending four summer weeks in Bangkok without the
c***dren. I had told her that my mother would take good
care of them but it had not been until I had purchased
the business class tickets and booked a luxury hotel
that she had finally conceded. The trip was very long
and the first night we had just collapsed and slept off
some of the jet lag.

I had woken up before my wife and I had sneaked out to
make a call to a contact who ran an e****t agency. I
explained to him my predicament and what I was looking
for. I told him that I wanted to hire a male e****t for
two weeks. This got him very interested.

"He mustn't under any circumstances mention that I have
hired him or you will loose half the fee. He must act
completely naturally and pretend he is a business
acquaintance of mine," I said. I had thought about the
perfect partner for her. "To start with of course, he
has to speak English, be polite articulate and
charming. Also I want someone athletic and strikingly
handsome. He would also have to be good in bed – well
endowed with long stamina, knowing how to please a
lady. Last but not least, he has to be a good dancer."

"That will be an extra $200," said my contact.

"I understand," I replied.

It was essential that the male e****t danced well. That
had been how I had seduced her in the first place.

"He must thoroughly seduce her. She will be in a cloud
and unsuspecting, but she is not easily fooled and she
will resist," I said.

"Do not, worry. I have just the man to sweep her off
her feet. She will not know what hit her. She will be
banging strangers' cocks before you know it," said the
pimp with a chuckle. "You would like to screw a bar
girls while he is fucking your wife?"

"Yeah. Good idea," I said. "But make sure you bring me
some proof."

"No problem, we film with hidden camera for you. Only

"A deal," I replied.

Later I could watch and enjoy my wife being screwed by
someone else. This had always been a fantasy of mine.
Also, I need not worry. A male prostitute would not run
off with my wife.

During the day, I discretely broke off to meet with the
pimp and pay him the advance he had requested.

The pimp was delighted when I pointed out my wife. He
was expecting some blowsy, unattractive female that
would be a challenge to find someone willing to service
her. After looking my wife over, he said there would be
no problem finding a very attractive and willing stud;
someone she was sure my wife would be happy with.

He said: "I know of a couple of studs that would love
to cuckold a husband while he was watching him service
her. I've done that scene before where the husband
loved to watch his wife being pleasured. Especially her
expression when the thick long cock of her new lover
widens and stretches her cunt."

That evening after a fantastic day of sightseeing we
went down to the disco in the basement. My wife was
wearing a tight sexy dress and literally flowered on
the dancefloor. After a couple of minute, my guy Chang
came up to us. My wife looked at me surprised as I
explained that he was an associate of mine. I shook his
hand warmly and introduced him to my wife. Her legs
went weak when she shook his hand and smiled weakly. He
was so gorgeous he took her breath away. She actually
blushed. The stud was everything I had imagined. At
6'2", ruggedly handsome with chiseled dark features and
piercing brown eyes, Chang was quite an impressive
piece of work. Chang had a natural charm and confidence
about him that put my wife instantly at ease. He would
look at her side ways and focus the world completely on
her. She was delighted and flattered with the

I let them dance as I sipped a beer at the bar. He was
totally charming, such an elegant and accomplished
dancer that she could not help but be taken in. Back at
the bar she listened to him talk about his country and
fantastic places he had visited, totally engrossed,
eyes wide. She smiled and laughed at his jokes and even
teased him playfully, totally at ease. She crossed her
bare legs and her skirt rode up her thighs. I could
make out her hard nipples against her blouse, aroused
by his attention. I guessed that her panties must be
damp and her pussy on fire from all the attention. She
could literally feel his lust in his gaze as they spoke
and far from being offended she responded to him on an
instinctive level. Before I could even utter a protest
Chang took me aside at one point and whispered:

"If you don't mind me saying so, I find your wife very
beautiful. Nothing makes me feel more horny than a hot
housewife. I must warn you though I have a big cock and
she will not feel the same after I have stretched her.
I would like to ask your permission to seduce her and
fuck her tonight," he said.

I went white with fear but my dick was burst in my

"Sure..." I managed.

He smiled back and nodded, pleased.

"Well, I'm glad about that. I forgot to share one
little fact before you agreed. I already asked and Kim

I felt as if I was going to implode.

Again they had danced. This time, a slow number. I
could see that she was troubled by the way he danced
and held her so tightly against him. I saw him kiss her
briefly. She resisted but her lips responded. He was
insistent, whispering some thing in her ear and kissing
her again as he groped her. She appeared frightened and
flustered and kept glancing guiltily in my direction.
When they returned to the bar, her face was red and
flushed. Her eyes seemed to shine and sparkle.

I felt jealous and excited. It was working! She was
falling for him. She was aroused and I bet her panties
were soaked by now.

When they came back to the bar, I said to her: "Have
another drink." I poured her some more champagne and
she swallowed it down nervously, compulsively even.

"I'm not feeling too good," I said to her. It was at
least partially true.

"Lets go up then," she said to me, biting her lips with

"No, you stay here, have a good time. Dance with Chang.
I'll be okay." I responded.

She looked at me sideways, "Are you sure, darling?" She

"Yeah, go ahead. I'll see you in the morning," I
replied. "I just need a quick word with Chang,

I lead him to one side.

"Here's your chance. Fuck her if you can but make sure
you leave evidence like sperm in her panties," I

He cocked his head to one side and gave me a wry grin.

"Do not worry. She is wet already and aroused. I'll get
her to wear them while I fuck her then wipe my cock in
them," he replied with a wicked grin.

As I left they returned to the dance floor. Her eyes
are totally wide, staring engrossed by Chang. She kept
putting her hand on his arm. He put an arm around her
back and they continued to laugh and talk. Kim was
pressed all over this guy. I could see through the
crowd that he was constantly lowering his hand from the
small of her back towards her sweet little arse. The
thought of asking him to stop never even crossed her
mind. She gave him a light kiss and her hand moved to
his crotch.

I was again glad for my roomy pants. Watching my wife
act like a brazen slut was having a definite effect on
me. I worried that I would end up being the one with
the spooge spot. That would have been some kind of
justice. I left them alone for the seduction. As I
peeped around the corner, I saw them making out. She
was all over him. They were kissing and groping each
other madly. My wife was squirming and moaning as Chang
massaged her clit right through her panties. It was
obvious that she was really turned on. Chang was
sporting a bulge between his legs.

As I watched he slipped a hand under her T-shirt,
unfastened her bra and began fondling her tits. I began
stroking my own burgeoning erection as Chang kissed my
wife. She had her hand down his pants. I saw her blush.
She had found his stocking stuffer. I knew he was very
large. This did not stop her from playing and stroking
his cock to full hardness. They kissed and he slipped
two fingers inside of her. Her eyes flew open at the
intrusion but she continued to dance. She must have
been soaked down there. I knew where it would end. Her
cunt was on fire and there was only one hose to put it
out. I knew that man could really fuck so I left

I went home and waited. A combination of jealousy and
uncertainty gnawed at my brain. But, at the same time,
I felt bad about doubting Kim would faithful. Thinking
about what Kim was doing while I sat and waited was
making my poor abused dick hard again. The feelings of
betrayal and hurt were making way for lust. I felt
guilty about being so turned on by my wife's
infidelity. I couldn't believe that something so
hurtful could also be so exciting. I went a little
crazy. I realized that the conflicting feelings I had
fueled my excitement. The dismay and betrayal I felt
mad my interest and lust even stronger. My anguish over
the loss of "control" over my woman excited me. I was a
jumble of confused feelings that were feeding one
another. That my wife could have this complete other
aspect of her personality and keep it hidden from me
was as appealing as it was appalling. The lady and the
slut both resided in this woman, I only knew one of

My mental imagery was torture. I would alternate
between fantasies of Chang fucking Kim in all different
positions, with fantasies of Kim resolutely turning
down his advances, saying, "No, I'm a married woman!"

Tellingly, my cock was rock hard as I imagined Chang
plowing into Kim's pussy. With guilty perversion, I
stroked myself to an incredible orgasm.

She didn't come home until 5 a.m. I pretended to be
fast asl**p until she was breathing heavily. She seemed
normal, like the girl I fell in love with and had been
married with for the last years. But my feelings of
anger, betrayal, and sexual arousal chased that image
around in my head. This did not prove she had been
unfaithful, I told myself.

Unfortunately, it was too dark to make out anything
more than her silhouette as Kim discarded her clothing
into the hamper. Nude, she made her way to the bathroom
and closed the door. I was a bit surprised to hear the
shower since Kim normally showered in the morning. But,
it did afford me an opportunity to inspect her dirty

When Kim exited the bathroom, she slipped a white
nightgown over her head and got into the bed. There was
no effort by Kim to make physical contact with me.
Instead, she rolled over on her stomach with her face
away from me towards the wall. Within seconds, I could
hear the sound of her deep breathing as if she was
already asl**p. I then slipped out of bed and checked
her clothes in the bathroom. I felt shaky. My pulse
raced. I knew she had fallen for him but I did not want
to believe it. I needed the proof.

At first, I noticed nothing abnormal other than the
smell of smoke that garments always collect in
restaurants and nightclubs. Of course, I didn't want to
turn on the light so my inspection was hampered. When I
retrieved Kim's panties, I felt an obvious wetness. In
fact, the crotch was thoroughly sopping.

Instinctively, I brought the soiled panties to my nose.
The aroma was striking. While I immediately recognized
the feminine smell of Kim's sexual lubricants, there
was some other smell even more evident. It was a
familiar, pungent aroma... it was the same fragrance
that I smelled twenty minutes earlier when my balls
spewed my second load of the night.

The crotch of her panties was soggy, crusty and smelled
like very wet pussy. They was literally encrusted with
cum. I knew that my innocent wife was cheating on me
with Chang. He had got to her pussy and fucked her
good. It proved that she enjoyed sex after all and that
she could convinced to try new experiences. My pure
Kim, the mother of my c***dren was getting fucked by
another man. I wondered if our marriage would hold up.

Could I bear to live with this obscenity? My Kim, I
love you how could you do this to me? How can you give
yourself so openly, so wantonly to this young stud? I
had loved and cherished her, I had married her, made
her my wife, given her the seed to have c***dren. Now I
had proof that she had committed adultery. She had been
unfaithful to me and let a stranger plunge his cock in
her chaste canal where our c***dren had passed. She had
let the young buck use her. She meant nothing to him –
just a quick screw where as I loved her. I felt
betrayed yet very aroused. I was shamed yet proud.

She had proven her womanhood and let the young stud
fuck her. I enjoyed the idea of sharing her. I probably
wanted her to get fucked as much as she had wanted to
get fucked to climax by that beautiful dark cock.

I slipped quietly back into bed. She was lying on the
bed with her legs spread wide. I didn't want to wake
her, but my curiosity persisted. After about thirty
minutes, I extracted my pen light from my bed stand and
flicked it on under the covers. Kim's nightgown had
ridden up, fully exposing her legs and ass. Just then,
she moved her right leg giving me a clear view of her
pussy from behind. I was amazed by what I saw.

I could see the Kim's labia were swollen and red. In
the place of her normal little slit was a gaping
opening where I thought I could see all the way up her
vagina to the cervix. There were no apparent fluids;
she must have cleaned and dried herself in the shower.
I marveled at the sight. It was something I'd never
even seen, not even on our wedding night. I could only
imagine the size of the organ that must have done this
damage to Kim's womanhood. I certainly wouldn't be
enjoying the pleasures of Kim's tight cunt for some
time, if ever again.

The next morning I pretended to be ill. I told her I
was sick from some water I had d***k but that she
should go out and enjoy herself. Go shopping, visit
places. As if on cew the phone rang. It was Chang who
needed to come over and give me some business papers.
When he heard that I was poorly, he offered to show Kim
around. I quickly agreed. She turned red and began to
protest but I insisted.

When he turned up, Kim kissed him on the cheek. She was
ill at ease but her eyes were shining with excitement.
Chang handed me a padded envelope and I hurried them
off. As soon as they left I opened it, my hands
sweating. It was a four-hour video cassette. I held it
like a ticking bomb. On the surface, I dithered,
wondering if I had the right to infringe on my wife's
privacy by viewing the tapes. I made up some pretty
darn good excuses to support just putting the tape back
and slipping into denial. I couldn't do it, though. I
had to look. I locked the room and put up the "Do not
disturb" sign. The room was equipped with a VCR. I was
shaky and dry mouthed as I pointed the remote at the
VCR and hit play.

The sight that greeted me on the tape is now etched on
my mind. My naked wife on her back, with a huge darkie
on top of her. My wife's legs were wrapped around his
lower back as he pounded into her willing pussy. For
her part, she was pushing her hips up to meet his
thrusts, and groaning loudly as his long shinny cock
was buried itself deep inside her promiscuous womb. I
realized that the tape had only been partly rewound so
I stopped it and ran it back to the start. Switching to
play the screen now projected a clear crisp view of the
bed where his wife was going to experience her first
extra-marital affair. There was no one in sight but I
could hear faint indiscernible conversations.

What I saw in the next seconds left me numb. Kim came
into the room in view of the camera, a little
embarrassed, it seemed, at how much she was exposed.
She had on a mesh bra and the tiniest sting panties
possible. They just barely covered her well-trimmed
pussy hair and I could see the cleft of her cunt
easily. For the first time, I realized I was actually
stroking my cock as I prepared myself for a scene I
knew was inevitable. I was f***ed to finally accept
what I had up to then fantasized and plotted. On the
TV, my wife was about to have sex with Chang. She sat
naked and expectant beside him, undoing his pants.
Freed, his cock jumped out fully erect.

Her eyes went wide with amazement.

"Oh God! It's so big,'' she exclaimed.

I too was surprised at the size and width of his
weapon. Kim lay back on the couch, her eyes were
riveted to his swelling manhood. Chang reached down and
bunched her skirt up around her waist. When his huge
hand covered her mound, she gasped. I watched as his
fingers pressed inward right over her cleft. Her head
rolled to the side and she grasped his arm harder and
his fingers began moving the material aside.

"Your faithful little bitch just came." I thought to

I watched as he penetrated her with one, then two
fingers. The camera caught everything as he slipped
into her up to his first knuckle, then the second. I
could hear her gasps and moans as she fucked herself on
his hand.

"Oh, my god. Oh, my god!" She moaned over and over. His
dark fingers probed deeper and deeper into her pure
white cunt. He added a third finger and she shrieked
out in the hardest orgasm I've ever seen. I was amazed
at how much of his hand he had managed to slide into
her tiny little pussy. I looked down and knew she was
going to take even more. His cock was at full staff.

He then placed one hand on each knee and gently spread
her legs. When her thighs were sufficiently apart, he
confidently moved between them. As he leaned down to
kiss her, Kim's hands automatically went to his ass and
gently pulled. Chang teased her with the head of his
prick until neither of them could stand it anymore.
With Kim pulling on his arse and moaning for him to
fuck her, he finally started easing it in. This whole
sight was an incredible turn on, watching his dark
black arse moving frantically between her white thighs.
There was my angel, spread-eagled on her bed with
darkie firmly planted between her legs. His lighter
colored butt rose and fell as he continued to fuck her
even after the noise I had just made.

By now they were out in out fucking like newlyweds! Kim
wrapped her legs around his ass and she met his
downward thrusts with hard upward thrusts of her own,
driving his cock into her as far as she could. He
pushed his hips against Kim's pelvis trying to bury
himself as deep as possible in her pussy. Kim grabbed
his arse with both hands holding him there and pulling
him against her thrusting pelvis. She obviously liked
him there buried in her pussy. Chang's lips went from
Kim's gasping mouth to one nipple then the other. They
were beautiful and any doubts about watching another
man fuck my wife were gone.

I was as hot as the two of them. My cock stood out as
hard and big as I had ever known it to be. I stroked
myself and loved watching Kim's body contort under
Chang's. I loved watching her face as it grimaced with
lust and pleasure. He emptied his balls into my wife.
Needless to say, I came in my pants!

I then watched Kim fuck in various combinations and in
all manner of sexual activity. In one scene, he was
cunnying her. Her wet juices were sticking to his
fingers as he parted her vaginal lips and rubbed and
stroked her cunt while licking her. She moved her hand
down to squeeze his arse and there was the wedding
ring, sparkling in the dim light of this man's bedroom.
I also watched my wife fuck and suck him with total
abandon before they had no holds barred physical sex in
several positions.

I looked at her innocent bright eyes and dimpled smile
and saw the face buried in a stranger's crotch. It was
a good thing I was still undressed. My hard-on could
not have been stiffer. There was four hours of it, all
sex. It was incredibly sexy watching her come and moan
aloud. By the afternoon I was numb, except for my raw
cock. I packed the tape in my case and tried to figure
out what to do next.

My wife and Chang had become lovers and she was
obviously enjoying her newfound sexuality and her
exotic partner. I did not want to spoil it for her so I
decided to keep up the charade. She was not really
cheating on me as I was the one who had masterminded
her betrayal. I felt jealous and disturbed and at the
same time glad for her enjoyment. Finally, she was
getting a taste of real bliss. Chang had broken her in
and stretched her cunt. Her body had been desecrated
and whether I liked it or not, our relationship would
never be the same again.

I had disgraced her but the sin she was experiencing
would corrupt her too. She had got herself laid and she
had shagged like crazy reaching unsuspected climax
after shattering climax. Now she had gone back for
more. Soon it would be a habit and she would be craving
for her admirer's cock. She was deceiving me and I her.
I was frustrated and at the same time happy and aroused
that she had found a male friend to fuck her. The more
I watched the more my sexual arousal outpaced the other
feelings. As I watched those three incredible tapes, I
beat off six or seven times. I stayed at least half
hard all day long. My cock was sore. By the end I
wasn't producing any semen when I came.

When Kim asked me if she could go out 'shopping' again
I had to agree. This time she dressed in a more
provocative manner: a black silk slip dress, no bra
(something I'd never seen Kim do before) and I think
she was wearing black thong panties (to my knowledge
Kim didn't own any underwear of this type). She simply
kissed me on the cheek and said not to wait up.

When she got home to bed I went to throw my dirty
clothes into the laundry basket. My eye was attracted
to an unusual garment. I stopped, bent over and picked
it up. Holding it near to my face, I looked at the red
string panties with dismay. It had a little love tag on
the front. It was very sexy and I had not bought them
for my wife. In fact, she had always said that she
would never wear a G-string. Her lover must have given
it to her as a gift. Now that examined the crotch more
closely I could see traces of her fluids and his semen.
She had been wearing it when he last fucked her.

I pocketed it as a trophy of her betrayal. This time I
got two tapes of their fucking. I brought up a couple
of bar Thai goddesses to my room and I fucked them all
day like a rabbit as I watched my wife go through the
Kuma Sutra and doing it both in doors and out.

She had only been dating Chang for two days, but my
wife seemed to blossom. I noticed the changes in her
confidence, the way she walked, her make up clothes and
glowing look about her. I did notice that she had a
hard time looking at me as each time she looked me
directly in the eyes she could not help but remember
how she had recently violated her marriage vows and how
she had given herself to a strange man.

While she might try to argue that she had not given
herself willingly, the memories of how she had reacted
and the pleasures she had experienced as Chang had had
his way, shoving his enormous cock into the place only
her husband had ever before been. Also hadn't she
wantonly pleasured him with her previously virginal
mouth, something I had tried for years to get her to do
for me?

Even in my dreams, I saw Kim's slender legs wrapped
around Chang's torso, bucking frantically as he
battered her crotch repeatedly with his thick, erect
penis. I heard Kim moaning in orgasm in my dream, and
visualized Chang's balls tightening and shooting their
load into Kim's convulsing cunt.

When Chang gave me the next two tapes I told him to
break her in more. He looked at me perplexed, smiled
and nodded. I left the details up to him. It must have
been two o'clock in the morning when she got back home.

To my surprise, Kim just climbed into bed naked,
without taking a shower or putting on a nightgown. I
could smell alcohol on her breath and, I think, Chang's
cologne in her hair. She rolled over towards me, and
kissed me, deeply thrusting her in my mouth. Her lips
were loose and her saliva flowed freely all over my
cheeks and chin. Kim had never kissed me in such a
wanton and messy fashion before. The taste of alcohol
was unmistakable, but mixed in were flavors with which
I was unfamiliar. I don't know if it was the alcohol,
but when Kim finally withdrew her lips, my face was
coated with a sticky and slimy residue.

She was so horny she began sucking on my cock. As she
sucked on my cock she was also pushing a finger around
my asshole. Kim was looking straight into my eyes as
she began to push her finger in me. I could not hold
back any longer and I came into Edna's mouth. She just
swallowed and smiled as only a little bit of cum leaked
out the side of her mouth.

Before I could fully assess the situation, Kim grabbed
the back of my hair with both hands and f***efully
guided my head underneath the sheets. My cheek brushed
her left nipple which was erect and harder than I'd
ever experienced. Kim kept pushing my head until I was
between her legs. This was quite out of the norm; Kim
had never demanded oral sex before. If I went down on
her, it was always at my instigation.

There I was in the darkness, under the covers. For all
intents and purposes, I was blind. Yet, my other senses
were heightened. The aroma emanating from Kim's crotch
was pungent. It was the same odor I remembered from her
soiled panties, only intensified. There were squishing
sounds coming from her pussy, and every so often, a
little "fart" of air would escape.

Impatiently, Kim ground my face into her groin. I could
feel a hot, slimy, sticky pool of fluids soaking her
pubic hair and cradled by the folds of her spread
labia. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and extended my
tongue into the void between her thighs.

The opening to Kim's vagina was enormous. It seemed
wide enough to consume my nose, mouth and chin. My
tongue caught a huge glob of the flow which oozed from
her cunt. The strong taste was foreign to me: tart and
salty with a tinge of the musky flavor of Kim's vaginal

Now there was no denying it. I was swallowing the semen
Chang's cock had deposited deep in my wife's pussy.
Common sense, Judeo-Christian morality and years of
heterosexuality dictated that I should be revolted.

But, my rigid dick and throbbing prostate said

With a fervor, I began tonguing Kim's swollen and
distended labia lips seeking to savor the remnants that
had already escaped from her cunt. I sucked what seemed
like a endless stream of semen from the depths of her
vagina. All the while Kim moaned and rocked her pelvis
against my jaw. I heard myself whimpering with
satisfaction as if I were a suckling infant taking
nourishment from a mother's tit.

Time and time again, I tried to extend my tongue and
swab Kim's cervix, but I couldn't. Chang's dick must
have been not only thick as a redwood but long as one.
He must have pounded Kim's cervix well up into her

After Kim had convulsed in orgasm, a thicker flow of
cum poured forth. I lapped it up and became to wonder
if Chang's sperm had made its way into Kim's womb. Even
though I knew Kim was on the pill, the thought of
Chang's virile seed swimming in search of one of Kim's
eggs, sent me over the edge. Without even touching
myself, I came again, my semen pooling on the mattress
as I continued to coax every drop of Chang's semen from
my wife's folds.

After what must have been ninety minutes of furious
efforts, Kim had climaxed three times and was clean as
a whistle. I, too, was hard again, but Kim was asl**p
and there was nary a dollop of sperm left in her
vagina. With some hesitancy, I decided to fuck Kim
myself. I positioned my penis at her gaping hole.
Literally no pressure was necessary as my dick

It was a loose, warm sensation as I moved my erection
around this vast expanse that had once been a tight
little pussy known only to me. There was ample room for
more and Kim's vagina almost engulfed my balls as well.
Apparently, the absence of friction allowed Kim to
sl**p through the five minutes of my squirming inside
of her. I tried to hold off as long as possible, but
the thought slipping around in my wife's used pussy was
too much. I added my light load to the scene of the
crime and fell into a deep sl**p.

The next morning (which seemed to come to soon), I
awoke with a crusty residue coating my face. Chang and
Kim's combined juices had dried like a tight mask. I
showered and left for work, leaving Kim asl**p. Her
face seemed contented. It was with renewed interest
that I watched the next batch of tapes. As he had
handed them to me he admitted that he had slipped her
something. I had noticed that my wife was very groggy
and looked absolutely shattered even now, the morning

After they left, I put on the tape with expectation. My
wife already had twenty hours of extra marital fucking
behind her. What had Chang imagined now?

The first scene showed them in bed having slow sex and

As he fucked her, Chang was asking her if she fancied
having sex with a stranger blindfolded.

"Oh yes," she sighed nearing her climax, "being
blindfolded and made love to by a man I could not see."

"Do you think you could tell if it was me or not?"
Chang asked.

"Oh yes, do it just like that, a little harder!" she
moaned, "I think I could up to a point. After that I
probably wouldn't care!" Her orgasm was approaching
quickly. She began to undulate beneath the Thai like a
dancer. He accelerated his movements.

"How about if we do it? I'll take you somewhere,
undress you and blindfold you, then leave. A man will
then come and make love to you. You won't know if it's
me or not."

"Uhm, I like that! Oh yes! I'm coming!" she wailed
writhing under him in delight, the intensity of her
climax enhanced by the spiciness of her fantasy as he
felt her cream beginning to coat his nuts pressed
against her anal cavity. She slowly calmed and regained
her breathing.

"You can talk me into anything when I'm coming. But
listen, if it isn't you then you had better make damn
sure it's someone you really trust with me."

What a sex pig my wife had become. It wasn't enough
having fucked her "boy friend" all weekend she now had
to try on his friend for size. Next scene she was in a
room, naked on a bed except for a blindfold.

"Are you frightened?" Chang asked noticing that she was
shivering in cold and anticipation.

"Yes," she sighed, "I love to be frightened."

"I'm going to leave now. A man will come and make love
to you. It may be me, it may be someone else, that's
the fantasy."

"If it is someone else!" she hesitated.


"Tell him not to be too gentle, I want to come, and I
want to feel his spunk as he shoots it into me!"

With that Chang moved away out of view. I waited for
some time and with the beginnings of fear then I saw a
movement on the other side.

The photographer, a certain "Billy", came into view and
sat his camera down next to her. She straightened
tensely. Looking down on her indescribably body I could
barely control myself. She could hear Billy approaching
and was visibly trembling with both fear and arousal.

He knelt over her from behind reaching around her to
cup her breasts with both hands. She jumped at his
first touch. She was trembling. His hand cupped her
erect nipple and squeezed the other perfect globe. I
could hear her moan and whimper on the tape. She turned
her head and accepted his kiss as he caressed her
breasts with growing ardor. Then he was kissing and
nipping at her rounded shoulders with his lips as he
urged her onto her hands and knees.

I had my own organ free of my jeans by now and was
stroking it quickly. Sitting next to year on the bed,
Billy had moved his hand onto her leg, starting at her
knee, but had inched his way up onto her thigh. I was
beginning to wonder how far she would let this stranger
go, or if she had the willpower to stop him at all at
this point. I wondered too if I had the willpower to
stop this whole affair.

She was steaming hot to my touch.

"No more!" she whimpered pitifully, "Take me, please!"

He reached out and felt her bare pussy, as he laughed
and said, "Chang, it seems well fucked."

Billy commented how attractive she looked. Chang came
back. He was smoking a joint. She gasped, I guess
because Billy's hand was now brushing her pussy mound
or maybe because Chang kissed her with deep tongue
kisses as Billy's hand felt Kim's pussy, slipping a
finger or two into her cunt. She grabbed his cock with
one hand and reached around his waist with the other.
She told Chang that he better not mind sharing.

She was getting hot now. I was shocked seeing my wife
act like this but very turned on as each moment passed
and they got bolder. Billy' s head went down between
her legs, and he was doing an apt job of tonguing Kim's
pussy as she writhed around.

Chang's huge cock had appeared and Kim now had a lip
lock on it again.

Watching Kim suck Chang's cock gave me chills knowing
how good it felt to have those lips on mine. After
numerous orgasms, it was obvious that Kim was in
heaven, being ravished like this. Billy's own cock
dangled near her lips.

Chang moved away and disappeared for a moment. She
still hadn't caught her breath when Billy rolled her
over onto her back. Billy positioned himself between
her spread legs and reaching behind her knees, he
pressed her legs up to her chest. She could feel his
thick cock on her stomach. She wasn't to sure if she
could accommodate Billy's girth but it was something
she HAD to try. She figured that at this point she
might already by pregnant and a condom wouldn't matter.

He was oozing pre-cum and so was she. As she rubbed his
prick along her cunt lips he began to push. She opened
her long strong legs and clasped them tight as he
guided his cock into her opening. The instant the head
touched her wetness it seemed to suck him inside
hungrily. She arched her back instinctively and cried
out as he had slid all the way into her with one push.
Somehow the hot tightness of her vaginal flesh grasping
his organ felt subtly different from anything she had
ever experienced before. It felt as if she had just
given birth to Marks prick. She lost her breath and
grabbed him by his waist.

"Wait a minute!" She gasped "I have to open up."

You would think that my wife would have no troubles
after all the fucking she and Chang had done, but I
guess Billy was pretty thick.

"Ok," she said and he slowly started to pump his way
further into her love canal.

As she clawed at the blanket with both hands he pulled
back just a little and then plunged back into her. He
began to fuck her steadily. He was inside her pussy,
only the third man she had ever had and the second
within the last two minutes, before she realized what
was happening.

A long, low moan escaped her lips as he began pumping
her. At first, I thought it was in protest, then I
noticed she was rocking her hips in rhythm to his
thrusts. She replaced his hand behind her knees and
spread herself even wider so he could penetrate deeper.
She found his mouth with hers and sucked his tongue
into her mouth and came again. She had never been
filled like that, not by me and not by Chang.

It was amazing to her that her pussy could withstand
something so big. This was the sort of thing she had
only seen in porn movies and she had always wondered
how the girls felt as those big dicks impaled them. She
grabbed Billy's ass cheeks as he really picked up the
pace and pumped her like he was possessed. He kept
grunting as he plunged his pole in and out of my
precious wife's pussy. Her cunt was stretched tight
around it and she felt a suctioning each time he would
pull out, then she felt inflated when he would push in.
According to her it was best feeling she had ever had
during sex. Soon she was straddling him and riding him
cowgirl style on the couch. He had had his middle
finger up her butt. She was fucking him with a slow
rolling motion of her hips.

"That's it! Do it to me, harder! Do it harder!" she
cried and blurted between gasps.

So he did, accelerating his thrusts making loud fleshy
slapping sounds punctuated with sighs and moans. Kim
reared upright reaching behind her to dig her
fingernails into his flanks as she went over the edge
into orgasmic nirvana. Both of their bodies were
gleaming with perspiration in spite of the night

"Oh God, Chang! Billy! I don't care! Just fuck me,
harder! Harder!" she shrieked in agonized ecstasy
bucking and twisting violently. My own juices were
boiling up from every gland as I watched.

She looked towards the camera and said, "Stop playing
with that Chang and come here."

The camera rocked and steadied, then I saw the nude
backside of Chang walk towards my wife and the man she
was fucking. He walked up to her and turned to the
side, allowing the camera to catch the action as she
grabbed his dick and lowered her head to it. She was
acting like a total slut.

She didn't slow down until his balls were on her chin
and her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

I stopped the tape and just sat there in shock. I tried
to examine my feelings. Beyond the surprise, I was
hurt. How could she do this to me? How could she be so
deceptive and betray me while she acted so normal a
close when we were together. Sex was something we had
learned and explored together, something special
between us. I also questioned myself. What had I done
wrong? Was I not good enough to satisfy her? Was I
somehow inadequate as a lover?

I turned the tape back on. Maybe I could find out what
was missing between Kim and I. Maybe I could find an
answer from the tape. She continued to suck and fuck
the two men in the same position for ten or fifteen
minutes, slowly building up speed the whole time.
Finally, she was slamming herself into the man under
her, fucking his big cock, and plunging the other guy's
dick into her open mouth. She came first, moaning and
rolling her eyes as she stopped moving her body. You
could see her tremble and flex as the orgasm rolled
through her body.

"Oh, God! He's so good! He's fucking me so good!"

Her fingers dug savagely into his shoulders as he
started to come, shooting his baby-makers in a surge
after surge erupting into her womb. Billy's powerful
arms encircled her as he tensed and shot her fertile
cunt full of his cream, cumming furiously inside her.

"That's what you need, slut", he hissed at her, "I'm
breeding you for your husband right now slut. I'm going
to cum as much as I want in your naked cunt like you

His body twitched, overcome with the erotic pleasure of
leaving his mark on such a beautiful woman, especially
the wife of another man.

She stroked the balls attached to the cock in her
mouth. The guy moaned and started clenching his butt as
he approached orgasm. He grabbed her head and f***ed
himself deep into her mouth and came.

It was at this point that I got my second shock of the
night. I was turned on beyond belief at the debauchery
of my wife with these two men. I was on the verge of
cumming in my pants without having touched myself. I
stopped and reran the tape. I couldn't understand why I
was so excited at something that hurt so deeply. I
grabbed a beer, downed it in gulps. Then I sat at the
table with a second beer and tried, with little
success, to sort out the confusion in my head.

After pumping my wife full of his sperm, Billy gave way
to Chang, who likewise stuffed her pussy full despite
being full of cum already. She seemed to love having it
in her that way she moaned and bucked against it. It
didn't take long however until he too was finished.

That evening my wife wanted to fuck. I had a big boner
but I have to admit it wasn't her I was thinking about,
but those darkies fucking her, and her acting like a
slut and loving it.

When I spoke to Chang the next day, he grinned and
said: "Did you like my little surprise, heh? She was so
high on crack she fucked us both for hours. You liked
the tapes?" Noticing my erection, Chang taunted: "You
seem to really enjoy being a cuckold. You really liked
watching those studs having their way with your wife.
You had a good view of those cocks going into Kim and
she really liked it. I can hardly wait till the next
time. You want me maybe to have her broken in for you
even more?"

I was about to say something but stopped at the
thought. My dick grew very hard.

"Sounds interesting. What are you suggesting?" I asked

"Well, she's your wife and she is white so we cannot
just sell her to a whorehouse to train, so it will have
to be something else... I need another angle. Maybe we
could get her doped up and do a gang-bang and film her.
Then threaten to use the tapes?" He suggested casually.

"I want at least three guys, all black. I want to get
the blond bitch to try some black cock. She must have
lots of it at the same time." I declared. "And I want
them to do really nasty shit to her. Arse fuck her,
come all over her face and hair. No condoms. If she
ends up pregnant with someone else's black baby I don't
care. If they got really wild and raunchy as well as
$500, I will let you sell the tape on the porno

He grinned. He too wanted three black men to service
her. Chang said he knew of three black studs who would
be happy to service my beautiful wife.

"They don't wear condoms; that's for white people. I
think you will enjoy watching these bare black cocks
going into your wife and besides they will want to
leave something in her so she will remember them.
They've had other white husbands who have enjoyed
watching us servicing their wives with no protection.
Maybe they will get her pregnant. Just think of the
added excitement for you and your wife, thinking about
maybe getting pregnant. Real nasty." The money really
charged him up and I could hear the wheels turning in
his head.

When she came back from 'shopping' with Chang late that
evening she showered and came to bed. When she gave me
a kiss goodnight, I couldn't help wondering where her
mouth had been earlier. How many loads of cum had she
had there. How much pussy juice had passed those lips?

I lay there for hours, listening to my slut wife sl**p
a sated sl**p, debating with my self. I didn't want to
lose Kim. I loved her. I considered confronting her
with what I knew and presenting her with an ultimatum
to stop. But I feared that she would decide that
whatever she was getting outside of our marriage was
better than what she was getting at home. I thought
about trying to guilt her into telling me that she had
done something and use that as an opening to convince
her to stop. That didn't seem very likely, though.

After a while I could hear her snoring. I turned on the
bathroom light and gently pulled the covers back to
examine her body for traces of her adventures. I was
shocked. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw her left
nipple had been freshly pierced as had her navel and
that her pussy hair was shaved bald like a whore. I
mean it was bare I could see her slit. She looked and
smelled hot! She also had a tattoo of a she-wolf near
her pussy! She was branded like a real whore! I
wondered how she was going to explain that.

When we woke up in the morning I pointed to the damage.
She smiled unconvincingly and said that it was the
custom here and that she had done it as a present just
for me. I pretended to believe here and when Chang came
to pick her up again, dropping off the tapes, I
instantly pounced on them. Sure enough the tape showed
her smoking weed at a dirty tattoo parlor and being
pierced and branded. Then one of the girls handed her a
pair of scissors.

She started cutting her pussy hairs. She usually kept
her cunt trimmed very close for men to see her clit but
now she would have a totally shaved pussy! After
cutting as much as she could, she used a razor and
cream until her pussy was totally clean shaven. She
reached down and touched her nude pussy. It felt
strange not feeling the light coat of downy softness
her husband loved to stroke.

The next take showed Kim listened to Chang's
instructions. She seemed dispirited and seemingly
broken when he told her that they where going to a
party where she would entertain some friends of his.
Although she said nothing her reluctance could be seen
in her eyes. A blond wig was placed over her pinned
hair. She was dressed in a red garter and hose and then
a small vinyl dress that barely covered her ass and
breast, pulling it to far up exposed her ass, pulling
it down to cover her ass allowed her breast to pop out
the top. Kim applied the final touch to her costume by
placing contacts in her eyes disguising her blue eyes
making them look brown.

The next scene started with the sound of running water
in the bathroom. A black stud meandered into the
bedroom and picked up the phone, turning down the loud
black rap music. He called what were obviously a couple
friends and said, "Yoh, you all need to get up to room
617 of the Hilton hotel Got a fine looking white bitch
lined up for us! Get over her soon as ya can!"

"Oh yeah she is all for it, least she will be when ya
get here. All good business for her. I'm doing her a
favour, man."

I don't know what was said on the other half of the
call, but it was clear to me that he was lining Kim up
for some group action! I could not believe it, but at
the same time I was scared for her. A few minutes later
Kim emerged from the shower clothed only in her robe.
The black stud immediately gave her a tall glass of
brandy. Kim drank it and he filled it again as they
talked and caressed. I am not sure if she even noticed
as he re-filled her glass.

The camera panned around. I could see another woman on
the bed. She was naked and had a black man fucking her
from behind while she sucked another negro in her
mouth. What a slut! I suddenly took note of the women's
outfit. She was blond wearing a pair of red hose and
red garter belt as my wife Kim!

Soon his hands were moving on her and she responded
back as well. She was transfixed by the size of his
cock as she gently stroked and massaged it to hardness.
As the man screwing the woman from behind on the bed
moaned and shot his sperm into the slut, the Negro with
Kim pulled up the tight dress on Kim's. His hand
wrapped around her thin waist band and with one jerk he
held her tiny pants in his hand, he threw them to

"Spread your legs." He grunted.

Trembling she slowly parted her thighs. He moved his
hands up her legs to her pussy. There was no resistance
at all from my wife. He ran his finger in between the
folds of her cunt, then pushed deep in to her. She gave
a audible gasp as he slowly drew his finger out,
lifting it he showed Kim and the camera how wet it was.

Smiling at her he said: "That can't speak can't lie,
get down on all fours, you know and we know your
gagging for a good fucking."

She just spread her legs wide as she lay allowing his
hands to do what they pleased. Kim was soon kissing her
way down his muscular a****l strong chest. He guided
her head gently but firmly down his chest and well
defined stomach. Before long I was witnessing his cock
as it entered her mouth! As she kissed her way down she
began to stroke him and then lowered her lips around
the thick black cock in her hands. Kim began to suck
his cock, her head moving up and down as she took the
full length into her mouth.

The negro maneuvered around until they were sideways
onto the camera so that cameraman could capture on film
the sight of the long prick sliding in and out of her
greedy mouth. As she sucked, and covered his cock with
lipstick, she looked into the camera, wide eyed,
unashamed of what she was doing and completely enjoying
it. Sensing he was about to cum she quickened her pace
and after a few more strokes he exploded into my wife's
eager mouth. She swallowed hard but some spunk still
seeped out of the corner of her mouth.

The other woman started to stand. The two men talked.
They were deciding who would fuck her and when, she
heard them talking about her mouth, her ass, how big
and firm her tits were and what they were going to do
to her.

As soon as the other woman left, Kim was pulled to the

The man who had been receiving the blow job from the
other girl positioned her on her hands and knees. As
she turned to look her hair was pulled, her head jerked
up, her eyes opened and she stared at an enormous thick
hard cock that was aiming at her mouth.

"Come on Kim suck the meat."

Her eyes closed again, the jerk on her hair was enough
for her to give up any resistance, she opened her mouth
and accepted the thick meat that shoved its way over
her tongue.

I watched as she sucked his dick too into her mouth. It
was a erotic scene. As Kim's head bobbed on his black
shaft his one hands worked her breasts while the other
played with her hair and guided her head as she sucked
him. I don't even have words to describe what it was
like to see my sweet wife sucking off a second black
stranger. Just the contrast of the skin was amazing.
She actually seemed to enjoy the blow-job she was
giving him. Kim was taking that black dick deep down
her throat, as her hand caressed his balls. Each pass
of her sweet lips left a gleaming, wet sheen on his
ebony cock.

I am sure I noticed it first and then he did long
before she was aware. But as she lay there sucking his
meat I saw the light from the hallway as the hall door
opened into the first room of the suite. Obviously he
had not shut the door. I could see when the door shut
behind the newcomers. I could only guess they were this
studs friends. Sure enough. In a moment two well-built
black men walked into the bedroom quietly. Kim was
positioned in a way that did not allow her to se the
doorway between the bedroom and living room of the
suite as she sucked the black cock in her mouth. The
guy she was sucking gently raised his finger to his
lips telling the two new guys to be quiet. One of them
walked to the edge of the bed and watched a moment or
two as Kim sucked the that black cock with all she
could muster.

"Yeah bitch, suck that cock. Ooh, man, yes suck me baby
suck me," he said looking down at her head. He pried
her legs apart. When she tried to pull her mouth free
to talk and protest he slapped her and rammed his cock
back down her troth.

Her legs where f***ed apart. What a fantastic sight.
All that could be seen was Kim's lush, wet pussy gaping
open, her flushed bottom, lovely red seamed stockings
and suspenders. She felt a rough hand bang against her
pussy and knew she was sopping wet down there and sure
enough the guy felt it.

"The fucking slut is soaked down here, she's gagging
for some cock," He told his mates. They laughed.

She pulled off the black cock in her mouth in shock as
she looked back to the stranger in the room. But the
main man quickly pulled her mouth back to his dick

"No need to worry babe, just a couple more friends of
mine here to make your experience more enjoyable!" He
almost laughed as he said it.

Kim was shocked but the alcohol and d**gs was at full
affect now so she resumed sucking his cock while the
other guy undressed, the third guy sat in a chair and

Fingers probed her cunt, first one then another, sawing
in to her already wet aroused hole; she squealed as
they drove hard up her, screwing round touching her,
forcing her cunt to make more juice. The newcomer knelt
down between her legs and began giving her pussy long
wet strokes of his tongue. The first black guy still
had his crotch in Kim's face as she sucked him. She had
a hand on his arse and was mouthing his balls aqd large
rigid black cock lustfully. I could hear her moan as
the other guy slid two fingers into her wet pussy.

The camera angle shifted to a close up. Then the first
guy said, "Come on Chris, look at what this sweet white
girl is doing to my cock, see how hard she working, why
don't you give her some black cock to satisfy that
pussy of hers while she sucks my cock! The hoe wants
some black cock. She want you to slam this big black
pecker into her white cunt."

Chris at that point took off his pants revealing a cock
close to equaling the first stud's he was maybe even
bigger as he was taller as well, not quite as built but
muscular nonetheless. He lifted Kim's hips up a bit as
she was quite relaxed as she sucked the first cock, he
positioned himself behind her.

He f***ed four fingers into her pussy and she felt
shame as his fingers where quickly covered in her own
juices letting him push his thumb inside her pussy too.
He fucked her pussy hard each thrust getting more of
his hand inside her until he had his entire hand up her
cunt. She almost passed out with the lack of air and
the sheer sexual excitement of it all, her pussy was on
fire literally pumping hot juice onto the hand that was
fisting her and she did her best to suck the huge cock
in her mouth.

"White trash whore, suck my nigger cock," she heard
making her come on the spot, she bucked her hips.

The second black guy was ramming his hand into her cunt
hard thrilled and amazed at how she was coming on him
like that, what a hot fucking slut he thought.

Taking his cock, he positioned it against her damp
pussy hole. The man leaned forward and pushed his cock
up into my wife's cunt. Kim gasped as she stretched to
accommodate his solid prick. Kim was so wet that the
black man continued to push and slipped right up her
cunt in one movement. Once fully embedded he gyrated
his hips and caused Kim to squeal in pleasure. It was
her first black threesome and it was awesome to say the
least to see her sucking one black cock while a second
filled and stretched her pussy. The image captured on
film of my wife's red face twisted in pleasure is
unforgettable. The third guy was undressed and just
slowly stroked his cock as he watched the white wife,
my wife getting a fill of black cock in front of him. I
had no doubt he'd be getting a shot at her as well
before the night ended.

The camera then zoomed out to show Kim getting it in
both ends. The guy in her rear was gripping her cheeks
with both hands as he slowly built up his rhythm and
ground his hips into her. She felt the guy pumping her
reach up and pinch her nipple roughly. She found her
mind floating as soon as his hand moved away. She was
again in a state of sexual duress needing release and
humping against the man in her cunt. She had closed her
eyes taking in the feeling of the cock in her cunt. The
guy in her mouth was thrusting a little faster,
grabbing handfuls of her hair as he fucked her face.
Kim was running her hand between his legs, stroking his
balls and ass. It must have been at least 10 minutes
that this went on before the first guy (Terrell) spoke
again, to Chris:

"Chris what ya think of this sweet thing?"

He replied: "Just love the way her sweet pussy feels
around my black dick, nice tight and so smooth!"

Kim sucked harder now, I think in an attempt to deny
what was happening. And it showed on Terrell soon. He
was soon groaning as she sucked his cock harder. She
wasn't taking his cock all the way as it was too big
for that, but she was doing a great job considering she
wasn't exactly fond of giving head! Terrell hands were
now guiding her head more f***efully as he began to
fuck her face lewdly. Kim never had a chance to protest
what then happened. He thrust forward and pushed her
head down as he came!

"Aww yeah swallow it baby!" he exclaimed as he let his
cum gush into my wife's mouth.

Kim's eyes opened wide in shocked surprise too late as
it was already happening, nonetheless she closed her
eyes again and swallowed his sperm! I can honestly say
in 12 years of marriage she only halfway took a load
from me three times and even then she didn't swallow.
But she was lost between the huge cock at her mouth and
the black dick in her cunt once now bringing her near
another orgasm that night so she lost control and
swallowed Terrell's load willingly.

I came myself as I watched her gag and swallow a load
of black sperm! Terrell removed his spent yet still
hard cock from her mouth and moved aside. He was
quickly replaced by the third man, Mike. Mike was the
biggest of the three and so was his cock it was
probably 11 inched long coal black and thick. He spoke
with a deep drawel. Which belied the power he held. He
slid onto the bed, and brought his cock to Kim's lips.

"Now you ready for a real cock honey, time for you to
really earn that pleasure Chris be giving you!" in his
slow quiet voice. He pulled Kim's hair back into a
ponytail, fed her his cock and watched her get to work
on it. She hardly missed a beat and was soon sucking
the gargantuan python before her face.

I even saw her look up at him and smile a couple times.
She was on the verge of cumming from Chris' cock now
thrusting rapidly in and out of her wet cunt. She came
hard and no sooner was recovering when Chris said,
"Hope you ready baby, I'm gonna fill you nice and good
now. MmmmMmm, you is got one sweet pussy!"

Kim protested: "No please pull out, no chances, too

She moaned as she said it from his continuing assault.
Terrell, now in the chair, spoke up: "Baby no need to
worry, if that load I shot in ya ain't already knocked
ya up, you ain't ripe tonight! Either you is already
got a black c***d in that sweet married white pussy or
you ain't getting pregnant this evening, so you just
relax doll!"

Chris, sensing he was close to spurting, grabbed Kim's
hips even tighter and gave it everything he had. He
pounded into Kim's cunt and, as she grasped the bed
sheets tightly, he thrust his head back and erupted
inside her. He thrust forward and released a flood of
seed into my wife's over worked pussy. Kim came at the
same time and wailed in pleasure as her final orgasm
ripped through her body.

Her cunt contracted around Chris's shaft and milked out
every single drop of spunk, she wanted it all. He
kissed her shoulders as he collapsed on to her from
above. About a minute later when he had recovered he
pulled out from her and a small stream of sperm drained
out of her well fucked hole. The white seed glistened
on her wet pussy.

After a few minutes the men pulled out and laid my wife
on the floor. The black guys then took turns between
Kim's legs, sliding their meat into her well-fucked
pussy. The other guy went around and knelt at her head,
straddling her face. After allowing my bride to lick
his balls he began to feed his cock into her mouth. Kim
tilted her head back to take all of his cock down her

Meanwhile, the first black man was spreading her legs
wide allowing himself better access to her hot little
cunt. My wife was moaning like a whore as she took it
in both ends. I could see her throat enlarging with
each thrust of the cock, as the man's balls mashed
against Kim's face.

Mike continued his oral assault for a few minutes
before deciding to try out her pussy again. He lay back
on the bed and had Kim slowly lower her pussy onto him.

The very idea of sitting on this guy's huge cock had
her almost coming but she felt so guilty about it, she
should scream for help or run but she didn't, instead
she reached down and found his cock then guided it to
her pussy. Her tits where all over his face blocking
him from view but as she sank down onto the biggest
cock her soft pussy had ever had she cried out with
pleasure. Even after all the fucking she had had, it
took her some getting used to with the size of Mike's
big black dick.

It felt so wonderfully big and thick and hard Christ
she was going to come right away before he even moved
inside her, she felt his large hands hips and start to
lift her up and down his cock, it sent shock after
shock through her convulsing pussy, she was completely
full of wonderful hard cock and she was helpless to
stop it.

He humped his hips up as well as he could but he wanted
more, he wanted to see her tits flop about and her
heavy arse cheeks slap his legs. His large black hands
spread her butt cheeks apart as she would thrust down
on him, allowing her the fullest possible depth of
penetration. It showed on her face and her moans as
they fucked. This was obviously a newfound pleasure for

"Come you slut, move that arse. Fuck me hard bitch.
Fuck me," he snarled banging up into her violently. She
was banged forward slapping her tits against his face
and she felt him bite and suck them not just her
nipples but anywhere like an a****l and she loved it,
she felt the orgasm building and knew it would be huge,
this would be the first time she ever came from just a
cock in her pussy.

Kim rode him with reckless abandon cumming again before
Terrell was ready to rejoin them. He approached the end
of the bed. Mike slid himself and Kim down close to the
edge. Kim was lost in the passion kissing Mike as his
thrust took her to a new height of ecstasy. She was
really getting into the fucking as she was moaning
incessantly, but then Mike held her still on his cock
as Terrell spread her butt cheeks wide apart. I noticed
he has a bottle of lubricant in his hand which he
squirted on to Kim's.

Mike wet his finger with the cum that was oozing out of
her hole and began to lube up her tight arse. As the
camera switched back to Terrell, I could see that he
too was going to sample my wife's tight little ass. Her
only response was to moan even louder than she had
been. While Terrel continued to ram his cock into her
hot pussy, Mike slowly inserted a finger into her tight
arse. She made no move to stop his as he fingered her
arse while Terrel was pounding her cunt. He pressed the
head of his cock to her butt. This was virgin territory
and I am sure he knew it.

I watched as the cock enter my wife's arse. It was not
mine but that of a black stranger she had just met. She
cried out in pain and tried to wriggle away from the
pressure but he pulled her head back roughly by her
hair and pushed some more.

"Jesus I said she would be tight. It's heaven and I'm
only half way in."

My wife screamed again but he just grinned: "Just stay
as still as possible and relax. If you've done it
before you'll know the pain will soon go and the
pleasure will start as soon as I am right in. Once I'm
there I will stop and let you recover. That's what a
gentleman does." He gave a grunt and thrust so his
belly was rubbing firmly against her soft buttocks.

I wanted to comfort her and kiss her. Her eyes were
closed tight and her teeth gritted in a grimace.

He lay against her, savouring the thrill and gently
rocking against her fleshy cheeks. He reached forward
and cupped her breasts in each hand, squeezing

"That's lovely girl. You were made for this. I'll just
stay quiet and enjoy it. I can feel starting to relax.
The pain must be going and the pleasure coming in."

As he eased the helmet of his black snake into her anus
Kim grunted, his girth stretching her butt wide, he
then motioned for Chris to get up to her face which he
did, adding a third cock to the medley.

"Just suck, Terrel will see to your back end," said

She felt her ass cheeks being pulled apart. She felt
the head of a long cock being f***ed in to the
entrance, she tried to turn but the other cock was
slapping at her face, strong hands were clamped ether
side of her head as the cock pushed at her lips. As
Terrell thrust his cock into her ass all the way Chris
filled her mouth with his black rod. The pain of the
cock pushing open her rectum made her squeal but that
was just enough time for the cock to fill her mouth,
she wiggled her ass trying to dislodge this monster,
she feared it would rip her in two but it still drove
in, slowly at first then hard, she felt it as though it
was filling her entire being, then it began to slide
in, fucking her slowly, never had she felt that
experience before.

Terrell moved one hand from a breast to her cunt and
began to caress her fucked clit. Her eyes opened wide
and her mouth drooped slackly and she began to rock her
head from side to side.

"Oh God I can't stand it," she moaned.

Terrell started to pump her slowly and a strangled cry
partly of pain but mixed with excitement as her body
shifted under him. She screamed and panted as yet
another orgasm wracked her body and the man let out a
triumphant shout of pleasure.

"Christ she's squeezing it like crazy and I'm pumping
spunk. It's the best fuck I've ever had. I'm going to
keep this woman tied in my room until she's worn out."

She lost all strength as she came, it rocked her heavy
body and made her slump onto the man below her. He
carried on fucking her and before long she was
responding once more and letting Terrell was fuck her
ass like she'd been doing it for years. She grunted and
moaned from the action as she greedily sucked on Chris'
cock. As soon as Terrell was well situated they all
began to fuck her, mouth, cunt and ass-a sight you must
see to believe! It was a scene that would remain burned
into my memory. The sight of my little tiny wife
sandwiched between two men, one fucking her ass and the
other fucking her cunt while she sucked off the third.
It took a while for them to build up a rhythm, the guy
in her ass slipped out once. I came when Kim groaned
and begged him to hurry and put it back.

Three large black cocks were pounding my wife even I
had not though this possible! Chris was getting the
blow-job of a lifetime, Kim sucked him with a ferocity
I had never seen in her. Terrell was giving her an anal
experience she'd not soon forget, while Mike enjoyed
her riding his cock as he thrust in synch with Terrell,
their two black cocks driving into her crotch with each
thrust was particularly pleasing to watch.

The way Mike and Terrell timed their thrusts was
amazing It was mesmerizing watching one black cock
slide deep into her cunt while the other was shoved
deep into her ass. Then they would both pull out almost
all the way before thrusting back in! Chris was the
first to cum, Kim sucked him long and hard as deep as
she could and it was not long till he moaned "Come on
baby, make me come, you know what you want, that's it,
that's it! Fucking filthy whore, you love my nigger
cock don't you?" he panted at her.

Kim's head continued to bob on his cock but she also
took one hand began to jack his cock off as well while
she sucked eagerly on his black dick.

As her hands and mouth worked their magic, Chris used
his one hand to guide her head and the other was
furiously working her nipples. Suddenly Chris rose up
thrust his cock deeper into her mouth as he erupted
with a grunt, "Aww God yes, drink it up baby!" He
pulled out of her mouth and let the last spurts hit her
face across her lips, I could see Kim swallow what was
in her mouth and then Chris proceeded to wipe her face
with his cock then brought it to her mouth, "Clean it
off babe, I wanna see you use those sweet white lips to
clean off my this big black dick!"

Terrell and Mike continued with their blithering foray
into Kim's ass and cunt. I watched as she licked her
tongue all along the dark shaft of Chris removing every
last vestige of sperm from his shaft then she licked
what she could off her lips. He was slowly going soft,
but kept her occupied with his cock for a couple
minutes before moving off to the side to watch the
drama of her continuing double penetration. It was
quite a sight to behold, and Kim was much more verbal
than earlier, now that she didn't have a black cock
keeping her mouth busy. She moaned and I am pretty sure
she came once or twice as well. Next it was Terrell who
tensed up as his cock emptied its load into her butt.
He added a few last hard thrust into her ass for good
measure before pulling out.

I could see her anus still stretched out from his
invasion. He walked over to the bathroom to wash up
while Kim rode Mike even harder now that it was just
the two of them, cum leaked from her butt as she moved
her hips up and down on Mike's long black cock. In his
slow way of speaking Mike spoke: "You sure like my
black cock don't ya honey?"

Kim responded with a "mmhmm" as she enjoyed the deepest
parts of her vagina being stimulated by the black snake
working in and out of her pussy. Cum continued to leak
from her ass. Mike put his arm around her back and
adjusted her body so that he could suck on her breasts
as she rode on his cock. She enjoyed the added
stimulation. I enjoyed watching as his large black
hands groped at my wife's firm white, C-cup breasts
while he took his mouth and worked her nipples hard,
alternating between her tits.

This went on about 10 to 15 minutes before he lifted
Kim off of him. He left quite a load, her pubic hair
was coated and thick globs of black man seed dripped
down the lips of my wife's cunt. Mike used the head of
his cock to smear it around and even pushed some into
her pussy with a couple strokes. These negros could
keep coming time after time, all night long.

Chris was on the far right of the couch sitting pretty
much normally, Kim was laying on her side, facing the
front of the couch, the back of her head rested on
Chris' chest. Mike was laying on his side as well
leaning toward Chris, but behind Kim. Mike moved first,
he lifted Kim's top leg up and pulled it over and
around his massive black legs. He then shifted himself
down somewhat to get his cock positioned at her pussy-
hole. It was obscene the way he had her spread out. He
sank his thick, long black cock into my wife's pussy to
her moans and sighs. It seemed there was no end to his
shaft as he sank it into her. Before long they were
fucking in rhythm with one another.

Chris then pushed her head gently down his stomach and
she was soon licking, and kissing and sucking the first
few inches of his dark cock as her head rested on his
belly. Another dual black threesome for my wife. If
this wasn't slutty enough, it soon got more so. Terrell
was obviously excited by what was going on as he
watched my sexy white wife being stuffed by two black
dicks. He added a third one to the mix. Terrell joined
them at the armrest of the couch. He brought his cock
close to Kim's mouth as she sucked on Chris. Kim
noticed the fresh cock in her view and went to work on
his as well alternating between Terrell's cock and
Chris'. It was so dirty watching her get fucked by one
black dick as she took turns on two more with her
mouth. Whoever she wasn't sucking was getting stroked
by her hands.

Mike increased his pace as he fucked my wife on the
couch. Kim quit sucking for a few seconds as an orgasm
moved through her body. Then she resumed right where
she had left off sucking the two black cocks at her
face. Mike soon grunted "Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Mmm!" His
body jerked as he came! He emptied his balls into Kim's
waiting vagina! She was so turned on by this point that
she fucked his cock as he came. Mike's cock glistened
with her cunt juice and his cum as he pulled out of
her. Terrell decided he had enough of the shared blow-
job she was giving him and Chris.

He pulled Kim over and off the couch, to her knees,
Chris moved quickly so Kim could resume sucking his
cock as she knelt before him. Terrell knelt between her
legs, placed his large black hands on her butt-cheeks
and spread them wide before inserting his cock into my
wife's cum-filled pussy, taking her doggy style. As he
did that she was furiously working her mouth up and
down Chris' long dark shaft, even going so far now as
to pull off him and suck on his balls then going back
to giving him head.

It was awesome watching her head bob on the long black
cock, one hand jacking his cock off as she balanced
herself on the couch with the other. Terrell was
fucking her like she was his slut-which at this point
she was. His hands kneaded her ass-cheeks as he slammed
his huge black cock in and out of her now gaping, wet
pussy. At one point I heard him say: "Oh yeah, baby,
you otta see what my black cock is doing to your white
nigger loving cunt. "You ain't never had its o good
have ya baby?"

He slapped her butt near her hips as he said it. Even
the music added to the scene as it was a hard rap song
with a strong beat. She pulled her mouth off Chris's
cock and buried her face in his crotch as she came from
the relentless fucking she was receiving. As she came
her hand continued to stroke Chris' cock which was
covered in her spittle. There was no stopping this now,
she was hooked for the moment. These black studs had
awoken some primal instinct in her, she was doing
things I am sure she never consciously though of doing.
She was getting all she could from those two black
cocks, and I am sure it's more than she could have
imagined as it was more exciting than I ever dreamed
and I was just watching as these black studs made a
whore out of my previously somewhat reserved wife!

Terrell was having a field day with my wife's cunt. I
could not believe his stamina as he pounded her doggy-
style with long deep thrusts. She was in obvious
ecstasy! Finally Terrell was taking to his limit, but
he wasn't going to dump his load into my wife's well-
spermed pussy. Instead he pulled his cock out, slick
with her cunt juice and then pulled Kim up and off of
Chris. Kim knew what he wanted as she dropped to her
knees before Terrell. It was almost like an act of
worship as she took his cock into her mouth. He jacked
his cock as she sucked and he was on the edge. He
pulled out from her mouth placed his left hand under
her chin lifting her face up toward him while he used
his right hand to jack his cock off in front of her

I saw his cock throb as his body tensed. At the same
moment he pushed his cock down to her face and with his
left hand holding her firmly in place he exploded on my
wife's face and mouth. Thick strands of sperm lay
across her lips nose and mouth as well as a bit back
into her hair. Terrell then moved her head to position
her so she could clean off his cock which she did
without hesitation. Chris remained seated on the couch
watching the whole thing. Mike threw Kim a wet towel to
wipe what cum she had been unable to lick of her face.
Terrell grabbed the bottle of brandy and handed it to
her. Kim took a few long drinks from the bottle. Chris
was obviously ready and wanting her to get back to work
on him after his blow-job was so suddenly interrupted
by Terrell pulling her off him.

But I guess Chris had enough head and he wanted to fuck
her again, since I heard him say "Come over here baby,
I wants to get me some more that tight white pussy of
yours! I've still got pints of sperm for you and we
have all taken viagra so we can fuck you all night

At the same time he reached out and pulled her back
onto the couch. He pulled her up onto his lap, she
still facing forward from the couch. He lifted her up
and positioned his cock at her hole and lowered her
down onto his cock. He started to fuck her and then
spread her legs obscenely wide giving me as well as
Terrell and Mike a perfect view of his cock pounding
her cunt. Her cunt-lips widely spread out on his
massive black dick. They seemed to get pulled out and
pushed in by his fucking actions, it was unreal to

Kim was leaning back against him as he fucked her. What
was even more shocking (hard to explain considering
what she'd been doing all night) was when she moved
slightly to one side and leaned her head back over his
shoulder and twisted her neck to face him as best she
could in that position Chris twisted his head and
leaned into her and their mouth joined in a kiss. It
was a strange combo of pure sluttiness and romance
almost which made it all the more exciting.. Chris
reached an arm around to fondle her tits as well.

Soon the kissing was deep and passionate as their
tongues danced together. That is one of the most
memorable moments that night! My wife legs spread wide
taking a huge black cock into her cunt, her pubic mound
and lips clearly visible as she passionately kissed the
stud servicing her pussy with a depth and girth she'd
never felt.

Even Terrell and Mike made a couple comments as they
watched! After a good fifteen minutes of this Chris
increased his thrusts and then threw his head back
against the couch, as did Kim as they came together.
His cum rushed through his cock into my wife's
unprotected womb (Not that it mattered by that point of
the night!, True she did not get pregnant, but we
didn't know that until a couple weeks later. They lay
still a few moments before Chris lifted her off his
cock cum oozing from her now open hole.

I had just watched her sucking and fucking four
different men, all Negro in all manner of sexual
activity. Their cocks had taken her repeatedly over and
over in every hole. They had come in her pussy, arse,
hair and face. Seeing my wife slutting for a black men
was powerful. It somehow shouted that all morals,
decency, and taboos were out the window. There was no
doubt that she was acting with utter sexual abandon.
The idea of my proper, almost virginal, wife could
behave so completely slutty was a total conflict to me.

I was breathless. I was also steel hard. As I watched
the incredible tape, I beat off several times. I was
drained but proud watching this. Then they were done
leaving a trail of spunk oozing from her holes. They
all lay quiet and exhausted in that strange state of
satisfaction and guilt that can come after sex.

My wife came home early, she looked pale and sick, her
legs were wobbly, she had problems walking from all the
fucking and she went to bed. I slipped out and quickly
called Chang to find out what had happened. Laughing,
he told me that he had showed her the last tape and
threatened to show it to me and send it to her f****y
unless she agreed to whore evenings for him in a
friend's topless bar and pay him five thousand dollars.
She had broken down in tears, and pleaded with him. He
had agreed to let her do one week to start with as long
as she convinced me to let her do it.

"What's in it for me?" I asked.

"First you won't need to pay me anymore. She can earn
her keep the same as the other Thai girls. Besides your
just having her warm body at nights, she'll also work
for me. She'll have to entertain my important business

I realized that he was arranging for her to fuck his

"Don't worry," added Chang. "I promise you she will
soon be regularly stuffing her pussy with strange cock
and you will get a cut of the cock money. In fact you
could even can sell her and get some money back?" He

I realized that I, her husband was setting her up to be
a whore! I guess she was a slut anyway. Only a slut
would meet her boyfriend's clients and fuck them for
money. I agreed but I insisted that her punters wear
condoms because apart from the obvious risk of disease,
I didn't want my wife to get pregnant by another man.
It was not good for her body, my enjoyment or business.

"What if my wife enjoys it?" I said appalled and

"That would be you bonus. You would have your own well
used but trained slut at the end." He replied with a
dirty laugh.

Her blissful and carefree affair had come crashing down
on my beautiful young faithful wife Kim... Trapped, she
would have no choice but to agree to work for Chang.

When I got back she seemed to have recovered somewhat.
She told me that she had gone over budget on her
shopping but that Chang had offered to find her a small
temporary job. She did not have any qualifications but
he knew of an opening for a young good looking woman to
work as a bargirl in a lap dancing joint.

She had reluctantly told me: "I'm willing to give it a
try, or at least find out more if the vacancy is still
open. Do you think I'm pretty enough to work there?"
She asked, with a nervous laugh.

"Of course you are! You're really gorgeous and sexy!" I
exclaimed. She kissed me.

I was surprised to feel my dick jump with excitement at
the thought. I found myself becoming turned on by the
idea of seeing my wife in a roomful of men while some
of them were with a hard on or even having sex with a
lap dancer.

"Well then maybe I should go get a job there and let
all those men see what you've got at home".

She was only teasing, she had no idea that I had
fantasized over and over about watching her flaunt her
body to other men. She was surprised by my reaction. We
had great sex. She decided to apply the very next day.
She made an appointment and I told her I wanted to go
with her just to make sure things went all right. She
was not happy with the idea, saying that it would be
difficult for me and embarrassing for her.

"I don't want to hurt you. Seeing those men looking at
me like that," she said.

I refused to listen to reason and she finally agreed to
let me come. We had good sex that evening. It was
obvious that she was now really turned on by the whole
idea. Her pussy seemed wet all evening.

When the time came, Kim disappeared into the bathroom
for two hours preparing herself. When she was finally
ready I was stunned. She had obviously been shopping
and bought the right outfit. She looked devine. She
stood before me, tarted-up in her clinging sluttish
tight fitting see-through top that stopped above her
belly button, a micro red spandex mini skirt and
stiletto high heels that accentuated her welcoming legs
and showed off her body. From the way her hard nipples
stuck out through her tight fabric, I guessed that she
had not put on a bra. She might as well have been
naked. I could just about see everything.

Kim's breasts are just right, not so big they sag but
large enough to play with. Her skimpy and sexy attire
accentuated a slender waist and nice rounded hips with
long sexy legs. I could see her bottom peeking out
beneath her skirt. She told me that underneath she was
wearing a garter belt, pair of seamed sexy black
fishnet stockings and high heels. The skirt was molded
to her ass and her mound seemed to protrude sexily
outward. To tease me further, she opened her legs
quickly giving me a full shot of her transparent
panties clinging to her sweet bush. Her G-string was so
tiny it was tight up her crack. Her pussy was very wet
and swollen looking. I could tell she was really turned
on. I was shocked that she would choose such revealing
and vulgar clothes.

Her make up was heavy, cheap and vulgar with bright red
lipstick, long false eyelashes, blue mascara and glossy
red nail varnish. What struck me most was the change
that had come into the way she walked and the short red
wig she wore. She appeared a different person. I could
hardly believe that this was my wife dressing up like a
bargirl! I felt my virility harden at the thought of
her showing herself in public like that for all the men
to admire her body. I tried to kiss her on the lips but
she giggled some and pushed me off.

We were both experiencing a kind of sexual nervousness
that night. I had never seen Kim this erotically
dressed before. I poured us both a glass of wine to
quiet our nerves before we hit the streets. I walked
behind Kim and held her, sliding my hands up to her
breasts, kissing her neck. She let out a sigh and
moaned as I fingered her nipples through the top of her
halter, she gasped and pushed against my cock saying
she was excited and ready to go.

"We're going to be late if we don't get going." she

"Okay, if you insist," I said, and stopped the torture.
"But I'm taking these," I said as I took her panties
off. She looked as me as if I was joking. "Give them
back to me, naughty boy," she said as she smiled at me.
She was still laying on the bed with her dress around
her waist and her pussy exposed.

"No," I said. "If you're not going to let me lick you
now, I want to make sure you'll be nice and wet for me

The fact that she would be sitting there with her pussy
bare under her short dress drove me nuts, and I guess
she thought that was all I was after. I tried to kiss
her again but she turned her mouth away slightly,
unwilling to risk smearing her perfectly painted bright
red lips, instead giving me her cheek. She was out to
pull cock without a doubt so I made sure she had a good
supply of condoms in her bag as I thought she would be
fucking several men. I drove her to the men's club. The
bouncer gave Kim a long look before we got in. The bar
district was known for topless dancers, erotic sex
shows, and even opened sampled sex.

Her hands were shaking and she seemed both nervous and
excited. The place was light up with neons, noisy with
blaring disco music and packed with middle aged men who
stared at the scantily dressed women who served the
drinks and danced and stripped on stage. The bouncer
let us after I explained that we had an appointment
with the manager.

Kim strutted up to a table, wearing her tight short
outfit, and I followed her. Her entrance was greeted by
the interested looks of more than one man. I spotted a
couple of black guys passing the bar and saw their
heads turn to check out Kim's beautiful backside. Heart
pounding in my chest, I froze in his tracks, wondering
what Kim would do if the two men made a pass at her.
With the bar filled except for the space saved for him,
I saw the two men reluctantly make their way over to a
booth. Calming down a bit, I rejoined my beautiful
wife. As she sat down, she could not help but reveal
everything for one short moment. I sat down beside her.

I could tell from her flushed look that she was turned
on by the interest she was attracting in the club. She
sat up close to me and nibbled on my ear. My cock was
as hard as a bone. She gently kissed my neck and
whispered how hot and horny she was. As if to make the
point, she unbuttoned two buttons nearly letting those
hard nipples burst out. Taking a gulp of his drink, I
looked at my beautiful wife. In the background, he
could see the two men still eyeing up her sexy body.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest once again,
wondering just how she would have reacted if the two
black men had tried to hit on her. I knew she would
have flatly rejected their advances but then I began to
fantasize about my lovely wife being accosted by them.
I wondered just how Kim would react to having a big
black cock forcing its way up between her long sexy
white legs. My cock twitched and throbbed in my pants
at the thought of seeing a big muscular black stud
spreading Kim's beautiful legs apart to shuffle up
between them.

Kim was wiggling on her stool to the beat and moved her
hand to my crotch again while nodding to what was going
on in a darkened corner. A girl with long hair was
sucking off a man below a table. Kim's hand glided over
my cock as she asked: "Do you want some of that

I moaned yes as I slid my hand gently against her
mound. I lifted up the hem of her skirt and I began to
rub her pussy. She spread her thighs making it more
accessible. Soon I had two fingers up into her cunt.
She began to breathe deeply.

"Make me cum!" she begged. "Please. I need to cum!"

I couldn't refuse such a plaintive request so I began
to massage her clit and fucked her with my fingers. As
I did so I noticed that the two men were watching
intently. I am not sure if they could actually see my
hand in her pussy, but they certainly knew what was
going on. This time as I looked at them they did not
turn away, but continued to watch. Their gaze was
directed at Kim's hot pussy. It took only a few seconds
to get the desired result. Kim started breathing
irregularly and then her body went stiff. I hoped that
she wouldn't make a lot of noise as she came, because
she often does. Fortunately, she was careful and only
moaned softly.

"Do you like sharing me like this - with these men? My
friend says that a lot of times the men start feeling
up the boobies of whatever girl is near them. Do you
like me turning on these handsome studs? Sometimes they
even pull them onto their lap and try to stick their
cocks up inside them too! Are you sure you're okay with
this? You won't mind if one of these cute guys is
feeling up my boobies or trying to stick his cock up
inside me? You won't get mad at me right, if this kind
of thing happens to me? I'm making his so hot."

Her talk aroused me incredibly, but at the same time I
was shocked that my wife could behave like this and
even consider being mounted by a stranger.

"Sounds like great fun!" I exclaimed "Kim honey, I love
it when you show off for me. You're so sexy and I get
so turned on seeing you."

I took his wife's hand and said, "Why not make it more
interesting tonight?"

She grinned at me and looked at me sideways,

"Take off the rings." I told her.

She smiled and turned her head to the side and finally
replied and said: "Are you sure? You're absolutely

I kept holding my wife's hand and kept giving her the
devilish smile until she finally replied and said: "OK.
I still think you're completely gone out of your mind.
Look at all those single studs standing over there."

She slipped off her engagement ring and wedding band
and gave them to mr to hold as she picked up her glass
and finished her drink.

Just then a waitress came to take our drink order and I
realised she could see my wife's open legs and
everything in between. Had the assistant manager, a
beautiful asian girl named Cindy, not shown up to join
us, I'm sure we would have been approached by several

She spoke with Kim a few minutes, asking some basic
questions, "The job is simple. You arrive at 6 p.m. and
work until 3 am. You wait tables and you are very
polite to the foreign customers. We will teach you to
walk, talk and dress."

She asked her if she were interested.

"Yes. How much will I earn?" Asked Kim.

"Some girls are earning $500 to $1000 a day," said
Cindy. "But basic starts at $150 a day for waiting on

Kim didn't know what to say to this. What would they
expect someone to do for money like that? To sell
herself, to have sex with strangers? She shuddered at
the thought. She felt totally responsible for mess and
she knew the money help hew get out and away.

I was just about to tell her to forget the whole idea
when she said: "I'll wait on tables, for now." She

Cindy smiled politely and told her she was hired,
starting immediately. She stood up next to me and
leaned over and kissed me on the lips and said: "Wish
me luck."

She got up and followed Cindy.

I watched her ass wiggle as she made her way across the
floor walking in between the people who were dancing
out on the floor. I kept an eye on my wife until she
disappeared behind some of the people who were dancing
and the waitress returned with a drink.

"For now, you will just follow me and do exactly as I
say," said the attractive but ageing woman. "You will
work with me until you know the ropes. The only skills
you require are charm and imagination. You can start
serving, but remember, most of our regular customers
come here for the sexual extras, hands jobs, blow jobs
etc... What you choose to do or not is up to you. The
rules are table charge for the house, then 50% split on
anything above. Most men are looking what extras she
did and what she charged for them was up to her with a
few exceptions. I assume that was your husband or
boyfriend?" She asked.

"Yes. I'm married. But as you can see, my husband
doesn't mind my working here," said Kim.

Cindy nodded in approval.

"Okay, you can start tomorrow night, then," she said
with a neat smile.

Kim came back to the table and kissed me, excited.

"I've got the job! I start tomorrow night," she sighed
with delight.

I hugged and kissed her. We heard some more men come
into the bar; they were louder than the rest. I heard
them talking loudly about liberty. I ignored them,
knowing they had already had a few drinks before
getting here. I began to order a final round of drinks
for Kim and I when I felt her shove over to my stool. I
quickly looked over to see one of the Navy guys sharing
Kim's stool and saying: "Hi cutie, can I share your

He also was running his hand all over Kim's ass. I
started to get up and tell him to get off when Kim
pulled me back. The sailor introduced himself as Glen
and told Kim she was the prettiest girl there, he also
remarked on how Asian she looked and that he really
liked her look. I stayed quiet not knowing what to do.
Kim thanked him and told him that I had already bought
her a drink but didn't mind more company. We introduced
ourselves to each other not letting on that Kim and I
were married. Glen's friends asked if he was going to
join them in the next bar over. Glen declined the offer
saying he might already have a nice catch for the
night. His friends left reluctantly. Glen ordered us
drinks and excused himself to go to the bathroom. I
asked Kim what was going on and she just said: "Does
this turn you off?"

Her hand went closer to my groin. I answered: "No. I am
excited but worry that you might not be comfortable."

Kim just told me she was really excited tonight and
said to let him play a little. I nodded ok as Glen
brought our drinks. I noticed Kim had a margarita
drink. I knew that made her wild.

"Would you like to dance?" Asked Glen.

The music had just switched to a slow. She smiled and
accepted, looking over to me for reassurance. I just

As they danced cheek to cheek, I sat there with my cock
as hard as a steel rod watching the man rub the palm's
of his hands over his wife's ass. They turned and my
eyes met Kim's as she smiled at me as she continued to
dance with the man.

I could see the man was whispering into Kim's ear
making her giggle as she continued to hold him against
her body. They had turned again and I could clearly see
the Glenn's hands now massaging her nice round ass and
giving it a slight squeeze as they danced.

I kept watching the couple almost ready to make out on
the dance floor as he tried to contain his erection
under his pants. My heart began to race even faster as
he watched Kim tilt her head to kiss the man on the
lips where they remained for several seconds.

I kept his eyes glued on his wife and the blonde headed
man as they broke off the kiss and appeared to be
starring into one another's eyes for a few seconds then
locked themselves into another heated passionate kiss.

I saw the man squeezing my wife's ass cheeks and
pulling her into his crotch as they continued to kiss.
The song ended suddenly and I watched as the man walked
Kim back to our table. Kim was wearing a big smile on
her face and sat down and finished her drink before she
said anything to me.

As we drank and talked, Glen became more and more
liberal with his hand. Soon, his hand had moved from
Kim's ass and had moved to her right breast. He would
slide his hand against the side of the thin material,
cup her breast and run a finger quickly over her
nipple. Whenever he did so, she would gasp with
excitement. Kim had her hands on each of our thighs. I
was feeling her ass, searching for her thong. She felt
so hot. I asked her again if everything was ok, she
just whispered, "yes" into my ear. The three of us were
all getting slowly d***k with the alcohol and with the
excitement of Kim. Kim began talking more, and becoming
more honest. Finally, Kim said she needed to tell Glen
something and they both stepped off to the end of the
bar, near the bathroom. Glen's face looked surprised
and he began looking at me while Kim talked. When they
came back to the table Glen motioned to talk to me
also. I felt dumb but followed him over to the same
place as he spilled the beans. He told me that Kim
confessed we were married.

I looked down at the ground as he told me, but looked
him into the eyes when his conversation followed. He
said that he told Kim he was sorry, he didn't know. He
apologized to me and confessed that he had just gotten
liberty after a 5 month cruise, that's why he was so
aggressive. Lastly he told me that Kim said she didn't
mind any of this as long as everyone was having a good
time and that I didn't mind. Glen said he was going
back the next morning.

I finally nodded ok and saw Kim smile as we returned to
our seats. Kim asked me once more, "Everything ok?"

I said yes and played with her ass some more. With
neither man knowing what to do, Kim made the suggestion
we move to a booth, we both readily agreed. I picked
one in an opposite corner, darker than the rest. It had
cafeteria styled seats, big enough to seat 5 people for
dinner. Kim sat in the corner of the booth with each of
us on either side of her.

I looked over at my wife waiting. She leaned over to me
and whispered: "He wants to take me back to his place
tonight for a drink."

I leaned forward with that devilish grin on his face
again and took hold of Kim's hand and said: "Do you
want to go home with that man tonight and fuck him?"

Kim laughed and replied: "I could tell him I'm
available tonight if you want me to?"

I held onto her hand as tight as he could and gently
pulled her forward and planted a passionate wet kiss on
her lips and said: "You're my little whore tonight."

A waitress brought us more drinks and just commented:
"Do you want an extra friend?"

We returned her smile with a shake of our heads. As the
music slowed to a couples pace, Glen and I began
working on Kim's tits and ass again. She returned the
favor by sliding her hands down our thighs. Kim seemed
the d***kest of all of us, she started verbalizing what
she liked in men more and more, and when Glen fingered
her nipples she moaned and let out a gasp. Soon Kim
slid her hand over each of our cocks and exclaimed:
"Same size, double delight!"

Luckily we were near a speaker, no one heard us. I
watched as a bargirl took a man's cock into her mouth
while he eyed us from across our table. Glen and I
managed to get Kim's legs spread and over each of our
knees. Glen was sliding his hands down her thigh,
slipping a finger into Kim's panties, feeling her wet
pussy. Kim answered with a squeeze of our cocks and
thrust her pussy forward. Kim was enjoying this
immensely and so were Glen and I. I knew she couldn't
stand much more of Glen's rubbing her clit and my
fingering her nipples inside of her spandex top.
Finally she asked "what do you guys want to do?" she
was moaning the words.

Glen and I looked at each other not knowing who would
speak first, finally Kim moaned and said: "You both
want to fuck me?"

Glen and I were shocked by her words and just nodded
yes. Kim closed her legs and said: "Let's go some place

We immediately got ourselves together and headed out
towards the motel district behind the clubs. We could
barely hear the offbeat music of the bars as we came
upon our hotel.

We didn't waste much time in the room, still feeling
much sexual electricity from the club; we quickly got
back into the scheme of sex. Glen stood behind Kim,
letting his hands travel up and down her breasts as he
kissed her neck. I set the stereo on to a soft jazz
station and turned on the TV. An intense sex movie was
playing; ironically it had a threesome going with one
girl and two men, all well proportioned. I set the
table lamp low and watched Glen and Kim caress as I
took off my shoes, pants and shirt. Glen was busy
fumbling at his own clothes as he continued kissing

Glen and I were only wearing boxers and Kim began to
take off her shoes but Glen stopped her asking if he
could take off her clothes. Kim relaxed as Glen
unclasped the halter tab behind her neck. I watched
with great excitement as the halter slowly fell,
exposing Kim's perky nipples and well-rounded breasts.
Glen immediately hovered in on her nipples with his
tongue while he peeled away the dress. Kim gasped with
excitement with Glen's manipulation of her nipples, he
squeezed her soft tits and sucked even more. Glen
lowered himself more commenting how nice her tits and
ass were, while he kissed all around her tiny thong. I
felt myself fully harden as Glen seated Kim in the
center of a Rattan pappa san chair, She looked like a
little girl awaiting her first sexual experience, the
chair was so big compared to her petite frame.

Glen removed her shoes seductively, kissing her toes
and ankles. Next he began to pull at her thong very
slowly, telling her that he had wanted this for a long
time. As Kim's thong rolled slowly down, I was shocked
to see her pussy was completely shaved, that's why it
had taken her so long to get ready earlier in the
evening. With her panties aside, Kim looked more the
part of a teenage schoolgirl than ever before. Glen
said, "Keep the hose on, it makes you look so hot,"
while he placed each of her feet apart in the frame of
the chair. He then placed a pillow underneath her ass
as she leaned back for what was to come. I watched in
the side mirror as Glen's head sunk between Kim's legs,
Her expressions changing rapidly to Glen's expert
tongue. Kim let out moan after moan while Glen ate her
sweet pussy like it was honey.

Kim motioned for me to come near her, I did, my cock
half-erect. Kim pulled me to her lips, taking my cock
into her mouth. She sucked and let out moans in tempo
with Glens tongue manipulations on her clit. It felt so
good to feel Kim pump my cock in and out her mouth, her
tongue swirling around the head, rarely had she given
me head at home and never this good! Glen pushed back
Kim's legs high into the air so he could probe her ass
with his tongue, this made Kim moan louder and she now
made slurping sounds as she ravished my cock, I felt
the first tingle of precum as Kim devoured me.

I pulled away in time before cumming, Glen was talking
to her now, asking her how she liked her ass
penetrated, and she said she loved it. Kim pulled my
cock into her mouth again and Glen probed her ass with
his index finger, while he went down on her pussy again
with his tongue, Kim was in Horny heaven, and she
couldn't get enough.

Glen slowly pierced Kim's asshole with his index finger
making her squirm while he spread her labia and
concentrated with his tongue on her clit. All this was
too muck for Kim, she let go of my cock with her sweet
lips, letting out a cry of sheer pleasure while she
pumped her pussy into Glens hungry mouth. She moaned
and moaned, cumming so hard I felt her shake in the
chair. Glen gently wound her down with kisses to her
pussy, nipples and finally her lips. I knew that Kim
must have been heard through the thin walls but this
was a love motel anyway.

Glen and I looked at each other for the first time as
if deciding on who would cum next. Glen glanced at the
king-size waterbed and somehow we knew the next step.
Glen carried Kim to the bed and placed her on it with
her legs high in the air. I watched several mirror
angles as he stood and slid his cock over her pussy
fold, sliding along her slickness while he manipulated
her legs to get the best friction for his cock. He
pulled her hose off quickly commenting on how he liked
Kim fully naked, how hot she was and how much he wanted
to fuck her.

I felt that now, Kim was delirious with pleasure as I
approached her from the side as if she was an all night
fuck toy, a whore of my own dreams. I stepped along
side of her and pushed my aching cock towards her lips.
Again, she took my manhood into her mouth deeply and
with great sensuality. I watched the side mirror,
moaning with pleasure as she pumped my cock to full
erection. Glen was now filling Kim with his cock and
she was loving it! Glen nibbled at her toes as he
plunged into her with slow rhythm. Glen kept saying of
how tight and hot she was. Kim looked as horny as ever;
she arched her back to meet his thrusts and sucked my
cock deep and in rhythm with Glen's thrusts. Glen
backed off from cumming a couple of times, trying to
save his load till Kim was in just the right level of

Glen stopped fucking Kim and asked her to get on the
bed doggy position. I pulled my cock from her mouth
although I was seconds away from shooting my load. Glen
pulled up pillows lying around the room and bed and
placed them under Kim's pussy. He asked me to get on
the bed in front of her. Glen positioned Kim so that
she could suck me without having to strain. Glen played
with her nipples and ass and asked her if she was still
horny. Kim said yes quietly. Glen rubbed her wet clit
with his hand while closing in on her with his cock and
asked her again if she wanted it.

Again she said slowly, "Yesss!" Glen rubbed his cock
around her pussy, playing with the opening and nudged
her towards my hard cock. "Suck your husband's cock and
I'll give you what you want." Kim eagerly took my cock
into her mouth. I felt her hot and quickened breath as
she enveloped my tool. "Now lick his balls, make them
wet." I saw in the rear mirror Glen thumbing her ass
and pinching her nipples with the other hand.

Kim stuck her tongue out as far so she could reach my
balls and began licking them with pleasure. Glen pushed
his cock in her pussy slightly and pulled out again.
Kim sighed as if she had been let down.

"You want my cock Kim? Tell me nice and loud. Tell me."

Kim was so fucking horny, I knew she would do anything,
she loudly said, "GIVE ME YOUR COCK!!"

"Use some dirty words Kim."

"Fuck my wet little pussy."

"That's a good girl, now take your husbands cock and
suck it good, and if you don't moan loud, I'll stop."

Kim took my cock in her mouth hungrily. Glen proceeded
to push all of his cock into her, and Kim moaned with
delight. Glen pinched her nipples while demanding that
she moan louder. Soon, Glen was stroking his big cock
all the way into her, still slowly in order to save the
pleasure that was building. Kim barley lost a stroke on
my cock and I could feel my load beginning to build.
Glen was having a great time stroking her pussy and
telling her what a good fuck she was. I watched as he
worked his thumb all the way into Kim's ass, making her
squirm and moan louder. "God you have tight ass Kim.
You like that don't you?" Kim nodded. There was no
holding back on her now.

"Use your ass, fuck my finger and my cock at the same

Kim complied and taking my precum at the same time.

"Kim, tell me to fuck your ass."

She didn't say anything, just kept pumping against his
cock and thumb' Glen rubbed her nipples again and
slapped her pussy hard and with a few quick thrusts
making her moan out again.

"Come on baby I know you want it, tell me now."

"Fuck my ass!"



Glen began working his cock into Kim very slowing she
nearly cried with the initial pain, but Glen was gentle
and asked her to relax. Soon he was fully into her and
the pain magically went away. Glen began some slow
strokes and asked her if she was ok, she said yes.

Kim went back to my cock and took it in a third time. I
knew I would last long this time, the whole scene was
too hot! Kim again began to moan as Glen's strokes
became longer and with more power.

"Your ass is the tightest, damn."

Everyone was in rhythm now. Kim was moaning and
slurping my cock. Glen was fingering Kim's nipples as
she thrust her ass towards his cock, I could hear his
balls slap her pussy with each stroke.

"Are you ready Kim? Are you ready for all of me?"

"YES, fuck me, fuck MEE!" she said.

Glen pulled his cock from Kim's ass and pushed it deep
into her pussy once more.

"Now show me how much you want cock."

Kim pushed as hard against Glen's cock as he did to her
It was incredibly loud. Glen began spanking Kim's ass
he felt his cock ready to explode. This just made her
louder. I was getting ready to shoot my load as well.
Glen cried out as he shot his load deep with in Kim.
Seconds later I came into her mouth, Glen told her to
drink it all. She did and I mean a lot of cum. I felt
as if I was cumming for minutes. Next it was Kim's turn
as she yelled out "FUCKKKKK" and came with the last of
Glen's hard on.


The next evening we went back to the bar. Kim was
immediately sent off to take an order at a table when a
new customer entered. As she walked, her arse swayed
back and forth, it rubbed against the stretched fabric
of her skirt. It made you want to pull up her dress and
thrust your cock into it. I'm sure that the man had a
hard-on even before she reached his table. For years I
had stopped my wife showing off that beautiful body of
hers but now I seemed to get a perverse enjoyment in
watching the attention she got. It made me horny just
thinking that those men wanted to fuck my wife.

As she walked up and down between the tables, she drew
glances of appreciation from the males and some of the
men would rub her arse when she walked. The first time
she smacked the guy's hand away and gave the man and
angry look. She looked at me as if asking if I was
going to intervene and to do anything to stop these
guys from feeling her. But in that joint that sort of
behaviour was tame and usual. By the end of the evening
she hardly took any notice of this anymore.

Kim was not very talkative about her work and when I
asked her how things were she just shrugged and said
fine. She spared me the details. I noticed however that
she poured herself a stiff drink. Before, she would
never touch a drop of alcohol. Now she was drinking
spirits. Ever now and again she would stay out all
night. I guessed that she was still seeing Chang on the
side. My suspicions were confirmed when one evening he
phoned when he phoned me and asked to speak to her. I
replied: "She's not here just now."

He retorted: "Then I'll tell you. She's here on the
floor between my legs and she's sucking my cock. I know
she doesn't suck your cock, and I just wanted to tell
you, she's one heluva cocksucker."

He put down the phone. I guess some men would react
differently than I did, getting all jealous, but I got
a hard-on visualizing that my wife was busy being
Chang's wanton slut for the night doing things for him
she had never done for me. This final confirmation that
my wife was still actively sucking and fucking another
man drove me wild that night and I jacked-off several
times before she returned home from her "shopping

We fucked most nights she worked, but we had a real
good session that night! She came home with her pussy
on fire, and her nipples hard and erect, with obvious
signs of being played with.

I went to see her a two days later at the club and
found her completely fitting in to her element, fully
at ease. When I arrived I found her sharing a drink
with a customer. The guy was openly flirting with her
and she seemed to be laughing with him and only too
happy to play along, even encouraging him. He put his
hand on her thigh and told her how hot she looked. She
thanked him and made no move to remove his hand.
Standing behind her, this time with both arms around
Kim's slender waist and his hands up the front of her
shirt, he began fondling her firm tits, feeling her
hard nipples!

Kim had those little upturned breasts with nipples
pointing upwards. No man could have resisted sucking on
them and ravishing those beauties. Kim was in ecstacy.
He was pressed right up against her, grinding his cock
against her round arse. Kim was on this man's lap
gyrating her torso as hands mauled her sensitive
breasts. They were laughing and obviously enjoying

He moved his hand up her thigh, under her skirt. She
parted her legs wide for him to have easier access. Her
skirt was so short that it rode up high enough to
reveal her bushy mound. She pulled it up to her waist.
He leaned over and kissed her passionately as his hand
reached the wetness of her cunt. She put an arm around
his neck and a hand on his bulging crotch, rubbing his
cock through his trousers. He pushed a finger into all
the way into her wet pussy and began to finger fuck her
right there at the table. Her pussy lubricated as he
began to explore it. She groaned and tried to push the
fingers deeper. She started fucking the fingers buried
in her pussy.

She proved that she couldn't be trusted. I stood there,
turned on, and watched as he continued to dip his
finger into her wet pussy, while she rubbed his cock
through his pants. They kissed while he used his other
hand to grab and rub her big tits. I wanted to see this
stupid little geek cum inside of her so badly it hurt.
I lusted to see her body twitch under his thrusting
cock as he shot his seed into my wife's cunt. I wanted
to see her broken hearted and crying on the ground, his
cum seeping from her cunt, as the realization of what
she's thrown away sank in. She glanced over at me and
gave me a little smile and mouthed the words:

"I'm working."

I had started towards her and instead sat down again to
wait for her. After a moment, she got up to fetch the
guy a drink. Kim jumped off his lap not caring to cover
her exposed. Her hitched up skirt was so short that it
rode up high enough to see her arsehole and her pussy
just fine as she walked. I could see guys there looking
up her legs. A tall fellow patted her arse as she
walked by and she spread her legs a little wider giving
him an even better view and continued on as if she did
not even notice. She walked up to me, bent over and

"I won't be long."

She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and the guy
sitting nearest to my table tried to rub her bottom
through her skirt.

She went to the bar and I went to the men's room. When
I returned, Kim was standing at the bar again and the
guy was standing behind her, this time with both arms
around her slender waist and his hands up the front of
her blouse, fondling her tits! He was pressed right up
against her, grinding his cock against her round arse
through the fabric! They were laughing. I was angry,
frustrated and terribly aroused.

When she saw me, she broke free, blew the guy a kiss
and returned to me.

"He was very generous. He gave me a $100 tip," she said
as she approached, forestalling any compliant. I ground
my teeth and grunted something.

"I'm making three hundred a day now. Isn't that

I was f***ed to agree, especially as I still had failed
to find a job.

"Do you like it here?" I asked.

"It's a job." She replied. "Remember that. I take no
pleasure. It's only physical stuff."

She was called back to work and I watched her bend over
the table and gather up some glasses. The guy slipped a
fifty dollar bill in her top and began to stroke her
thigh through the stockings.

"Why don't you pull up my skirt and feel my pussy?" She

The guy grinned and ran his hand under her miniskirt. I
felt a bulge in my pants as I stared intently while my

She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip as he kneaded
her inner thighs and crotch. I saw his hand move and
then it was resting over her pubic mound. She wriggled
but didn't open her eyes, even though it was obvious to
me that his fingers were sliding up and down the folds
of her pussy making them open. Then he almost absent-
mindedly buried two fingers into her sopping pussy. She
spread her legs apart to give him better access and she
grinned maliciously in my direction as the guy chuckled
happily and finger-fucked her for a few minutes. I was
shaking with excitement even though I could see his
middle finger slip deep inside her cunt. Finally she
straightened her skirt and stepped back, giving the man
a polite smile.

I was angry but incredibly aroused by her wanton
behaviour. I had seen my wife who just a few weeks ago
had been my loving and faithful bride, indecently
finger-fucked before my eyes!

When we got home I found that she was still turned on
by the sex even if disgusted by what she had done. She
undressed and I looked at her guilty pussy. I don't
know what got into me, but suddenly I had the image of
my wife being pimped out by the bar like the other
girls or working as an e****t and even if I had to see
it to believe it I knew it was going on deep inside.

Thinking about what Kim was doing was making my poor
abused dick hard. The feelings of betrayal and hurt
were making way for lust. I felt guilty about being so
turned on by my wife's new life. I couldn't believe
that something so hurtful could also be so exciting. I
went a little crazy.

"I need to sl**p," she said. She gave me a kiss. I
couldn't help wondering where her mouth had been
earlier. How many loads of cum had she had there? How
much pussy juice had passed those lips?

I insisted so she demanded that I go down on her. I
tried to kiss her but she she pulled her skirt up and
pushed my face into her crotch instead. I ate her
pussy. It was already soaked. She came twice, not
letting me up for air for half an hour. I realized that
she was not wearing panties so I asked her if she had
forgotten to wear them that day. She replied that she
took them off before she left. When I asked why she
said nothing. Finally, she collapsed on the bed and
fell asl**p.

I lay there for hours, listening to my slut wife sl**p
a sated sl**p, debating with my self. I didn't want to
lose Kim. I loved her. I considered confronting her
with what I knew and presenting her with an ultimatum
to stop. But I feared that she would decide that
whatever she was getting outside of our marriage was
better than what she was getting at home. I thought
about trying to guilt her into telling me that she had
done something and use that as an opening to convince
her to stop. That didn't seem very likely, though.

I would stop matters there and then. The next morning,
I produced the famous tapes and played one for her. It
started with her naked on the bed, with the guy's cock
buried in her pussy from behind, as he fucked her. She
froze in place. The colour drained from her face. Then
she glanced at me. I couldn't help but wonder what she
saw in my face at that moment.

I said: "You must be pretty sore between your legs. I
believe you have entertained several so far. They have
a film of all your moans and groans, your cries and
screeches and you did a pretty good job. That's
probably the first time in your life that you were
fucked that well."

She blanched and said: "Oh God," and hid her face in
her hands and she burst into tears.

We sat like that for a long time. She said: "Look that
was really dumb and I'm very sorry. Can we just forget
about it for tonight? I am really very sick right now."
I don't know exactly why, but I put my arms around her
and told her that I loved her. She cried.

As I got control of myself, I looked over at my wife.
Her black hair was hanging over the side of her face,
hiding the puffy eyes and tearstained cheeks. Her dress
had slid up on her legs, showing off her strong tanned
thighs. Her sobs shook her little breasts that were so
nicely displayed in that little sundress.

For a moment, I saw her not as my wife, but as a very
attractive and sexual woman. I saw what her lovers must
see. When I blinked my eyes and thought about it for a
second, my distraught wife was back. I reached out to
her and hugged her.

She told me the whole story, how Chang was blackmailing
her and had threatened to send the tapes of her sexual
escapades to me and sell them to stores so that people
would know what a cum-sucking slut she was. Her only
choice was to do what he wanted and agree to prostitute
herself. She said Chang had made her spread her legs
for them, taking their cocks and letting them fuck her.

"From the tapes it really appears that you got into
it," I said with reproach. "I hope they did not get you

I asked her why she didn't tell me about this before
she got so deep into it. She was blubbering and sobbing
and telling me how guilty she felt and how sorry she

"I'm not sure I understand any of this," I whispered.

I asked her how she expected me to stay married to a
girl that was being a slut and a whore. My words
brought on more sobs. She was almost hysterical by this
time and begged me to stay with her, that Chang had
taken advantage of her. I told her that I wasn't so
sure I wanted to be married to her as she had been
cheating on me. I told her I would think about it. She
started sobbing, tears running down her face. She was
humiliated, not only by knowing she bhad been set up,
but also because these I knew how she had been so
thoroughly screwed by those studs.

She started to cry again and as I held Kim I looked
over the other pictures that were visible from where I
was. Pictures of Kim with a dark finger in her cunt,
with a huge black cock pressing at the entry to her
pussy, with his cum on her cheek and her tongue
outstretched for a drip of cum from his cock. The same
cheek that was pressed to my shoulder. My cock was
painfully erect. To stop her nervous sobbing I took her
into my arms as I kissed her passionately. As my tongue
explored the depths of her mouth, I was sure I could
taste Chang's sperm. She sighed. The feeling between us
instantly changed into something very sexually charged.
When I reached and cupped her breast, the nipple felt
diamond hard.

She looked up and we froze in place. Our eyes locked in
an unspoken agreement. I still don't understand exactly
how, but in that moment there was a lot communicated
between us. Hurt, anger, jealousy, acceptance,
forgiveness, sorrow, love, and intense lust flew back
and forth in that space of time.

With a moan that bordered on a growl, Kim crushed her
mouth on mine. Her tongue was in my mouth probing and
licking. We were pawing at each other's clothes,
tugging and pulling on anything between us while we
mouth fucked.

Anxious to see her ravaged body, my fingers began
undoing her clothing as my cock tried to burst out of
my pants. Kim on the other hand was nervous about me
seeing her and was blushing heavily. Pushing her dress
off her shoulders, I guided her to our bed. As her
dress slid over her shapely hips and her flat tummy I
noticed that aside from her stockings, she didn't have
any panties on and her pussy fuzz was coated with half-
dried sperm. Obviously Chang was still fucking her as
well. My wife's once tight pussy gaped open. I could
see another Chang's sperm surrounding her cunt and
trickling from within. Her pubic hairs were matted with
his load and for a moment I felt ill. Being close to
her pungent smelling trashy cunt many thoughts whirled
through my mind. I wondered if she'd leave me. I
wondered how we'd ever get through this. Getting my
head close to my wife's pussy, I smelt it. The
unmistakable smell of another man. Her bare boobs each
had some passion kissess on them and her pierced nipple
were sticking t like finger-tips. It was obvious that
they had seen plenty of attention also.

Kim fussed about wanting to get cleaned up, that she
was. I pulled her against me and fell on the bed as I
kissed her wildly and told Kim, I loved her. Slowly her
body relaxed and her hands held me tenderly instead of
trying to get free.

Kim stuttered out: "Y-y-you, aren't mad? I didn't plan
it that way. I didn't do anything wrong. At least not
intentionally but he got me so horny I couldn't say no.
Then there was no turning back. I hate him..."

I answered her with another kiss as I held her tightly.
Tears welled up in Kim's eyes as she blubbered on about
how much she loved me and that I was so good to her.
When I tried to wipe away the tears, she turned her
head away.

"Please let me let me finish before you say any more .
. . I let him come in me on our first date. He said he
couldn't wear a condom because they were too tight and
was going to pull out but it felt so good we forgot
until it was too late. He was still so hot and his cock
didn't go down until he fucked me and came in my pussy
several more times."

Kissing away her tears I told her, it was OK. I held
her quietly not saying anything for a while then I
began kissing her neck. Slowly I kissed down to her
boobs, tasting her. Her body tasted of sex. Her nipples
still inflamed from her lover, throbbed in my mouth.
Kim moaned softly then weakly said, "Please, I'm a mess
let me get cleaned up."

I ignored her and worked my wandering lips down her
belly tasting her.

"These are the stockings I wore while he screwed me
last, is it turning you on darling?' She said.

I told her how, in spite of the anger I felt when I
first saw them, I was very turned on. She seemed almost
offended and said: "You mean you got your rocks off
watching another man fuck your wife' on video?"

I said: "Yes, I guess you could say that."

Turning me on? I was going crazy with lust and my lips
caressed her milky white thigh, just above her stocking
top. She lay back and opened her legs showing me her
flushed and swollen pussy. That's when my come exploded
from my cock and when she held my head and pulled my
face into her yawning pussy so I could lick her and
bring her off. The closer I got to her pussy the
stronger the smell of sex and the taste of Chang's
juices. Soon I was over Kim with my face buried in her
sperm covered pussy. Kim gave up all resistance and
pulled my little cock into her mouth. My tongue had no
trouble delving into her dilated pussy as I scooped out
Chang's globs of sperm.

I had often eaten Kim's pussy after I had fucked her in
order to get her off but this was the first time I had
ever tasted another man's sperm. If I hadn't loved Kim
as much as I do I would have felt different but
strangely I didn't feel threatened or humiliated.
Scooping out a pocket of sperm, I thought Chang's sperm
might have made a baby in her already as Kim had never
used any protection. My mind raced with the
ramifications as I tried to remember when her last
period was and figure out if she was ripe. Oddly if
felt disappointed when I figured that Kim probably was
passed her "fertility window."

I was shocked, I wanted her pregnant, pregnant by
another man, an asian man at that. The more those
thoughts bounced around in my mind the more I realized
I wanted Kim to get knocked up not by an asian but by a
black lover. I also wanted to watch them in action, I
wanted to see his huge black cock plunging into her
blond pussy, fucking like a dog right in front of me.
When she popped all would see that it contained her
lover's baby and that it would not look at all like me
or our other c***dren. Maybe I would arrange it. Then I
wanted to see her belly grow.

Kim soon began moaning around my cock as I ate her
pussy. The feel of her swollen labia further inflamed
my lust making me come much quicker then I wanted.
Instead of disappointing Kim, she purred like a
contented kitten as she drank my cream. She knew there
was plenty of ball cream in my bull nuts.

What followed was raw a****l sex, at least for the
first hour or so. I came at least three times in that
hour, it was some kind of record for me. As soon as we
were naked, I pushed Kim's face down over the coffee
table and started fucking her from behind. I slammed
myself into her repeatedly. I felt all that slippery
cum coating and dripping all over my hard cock and
balls. The squishing noises of the tremendous amount of
cum left inside her was evil. Her pussy was a sodden
mess of cum. I pushed easily, meeting absolutely no
resistance, and was cushioned by her pussy lips. I
stroked several times, but really couldn't feel
anything, not surprised since the Chang's cock was so

Every time I thrust she grunted and moaned as my weight
settled on her. At first they were just formless grunts
and gasps, then she started saying, "Yes" each time I
thrust into her. As we built up in speed and f***e she
switched to "Fuck me" as I pounded down on her. I
kissed her deeply, feeling and pulling at her massively
swollen breasts, pinching and pulling her big nipples
as if I could milk her, wondering just how much milk
she would produce after pregnancy with Chang. Finally,
as I was about to cum in my adulterous wife's cunt, I
felt her spasming under me. She started shouting: "Fuck
me! Give it to me. Make me yours." in a long unending
string of fragments.

I came. It only made me more horny. I grabbed her head
and pulled it to my still hard, steel hard, cock. It
was dripping with my cum and her pussy juice. I should
say that I started pulling her head to my cock. She
leapt for it and vacuumed me into her with a
ferociousness that would have been scary had it not
been so exciting. She buried her face in my crotch as I
sat on the couch enjoying deep throat for the first
time in my life. She attacked my cock with intensity
and unadulterated lust. I closed my eyes and just
enjoyed the feeling of her mouth and hands.

After a while, I felt her remove my cock from her mouth
and start licking and sucking on my balls while she
stroked my cock with her hands. As she moved around,
she lifted my balls and started licking in the area
between them and my asshole. She had never done
anything like that to me before. It was incredible. I
looked down at the table and saw the pictures showing
her fucking her black lover. I was so close to cumming.
Then she moved a little bit more and thrust her tongue
into my arse. As she licked and sucked there I started
cumming. I shot into her hands and across my belly. It
was great.

Kim licked every bit of my cum from her hands and my
belly. Savoring it and fondling my cock as she did it.
I was half hard and still turned on and excited.
Looking at her, making eye contact with her, as she
lapped my cum up was enough to spin my head. Kim sat
back up on the edge of the coffee table. She spread her
legs wide apart, placing them on either side of me on
the couch. I sat slouched with my legs out in front of
me, looking at the sexy slut I didn't realize existed.

With a wicked smile on her beautiful face, she quietly
said, "Watch, just watch."

With that, she started to masturbate looking at the
picture and reliving the moment. She started slowly,
pulling on her nipples and massaging her breasts. Most
of the time her eyes were closed, but once in a while
she would have her face pointed down and look up at me
by cutting her eyes up. It looked incredibly sexy.
Eventually, she worked her hands down and began pulling
and stretching her pussy lips. They glistened with
moisture when she started. After a little while, they
were literally dripping.

She put the two fingers of one hand into her sopping,
cheating, slutty cunt. With two fingers of the other
hand, she began a circular stroking of her clit. She
worked herself into a frenetic pace, bouncing her butt
on the table and losing herself in self-pleasure. I was
hard and stroking myself as I watched her wanton
display. She started making a high-pitched squealing
and then froze as her body jerked in orgasmic spasms.

I pulled her from the coffee table and pushed it aside.
I laid her on the floor and slipped a throw pillow
under her ass to lift her cunt and hips just a little.
My cock went into her like a hot knife through butter.
We went from zero to a hundred in two strokes. I was
slamming myself into her. My stomach was hitting hers,
my balls were slapping her ass. She pulled her legs
wide and prodded me into her even harder with her heels
on my butt and thighs. We ground our mated crotches
into each other. Fucking hard with no thought, just
a****l passion.

I put my weight on my arms and raised my head. Kim's
eyes bored into mine, her teeth were clenched and
bared. I could see the muscles and tendons in her neck
as they flexed when I pushed myself into her. I glanced
at the TV. It showed her in much the same position as
we were in, but with asian lover between her legs
rather than her husband.

Kim noticed my attention, then she said the words that
made us both come.

"He fucked me for hours. I was his slut. He used every
hole and made me beg for more."

After indescribable orgasms that seemed to last
forever, we both collapsed together on the floor. Our
bodies were slick with sweat, and we were both out of
breath. I closed my eyes and listened to Kim's
breathing slow to an even pace. We fell into a sated
sl**p. Kim was still sl**ping when I woke up. I began
trying to puzzle out the recent events and try to
figure out where we were headed as I looked at her
naked body next to me. I didn't really think that
things were headed back to "normal".

I nudged my sexy wife awake and she looked up then
started crying again. I hugged her and told her I loved
her more than ever. She said her life was ruined. I
told her that's what happens when you fuck around baby.
She said she wanted to get the tattoo and the piercing
removed. I told her to leave it on as a reminder. She
nodded through the tears. I asked her if she enjoyed
being used as a whore. She started crying and said no,
it was totally degrading. I asked her what did she
thought it was like for me.

She promised she would never sl**p with anyone again. I
laughed and said it was kind of late for that now isn't
it? She said what do you mean? I told her that it cost
me a lot to get her out of Chang's control and buy the
tape back. He had been planning to sell the tapes over
the internet. Now I needed her to contribute towards
paying it back. She nodded meekly and agreed to return
to work at the bar until we got back on our feet. I
told her to get back in bed for now. When she returned
to bed, I started to fuck her harder and harder, driven
by the thought of her in front of a roomful of lusting

"Maybe you should strip for them, Kim", I whispered in
her ear, praying that she wouldn't get upset with me,
"Maybe you should strip down and show all those men
your firm tits!"

"You would like that wouldn't you, humiliating me like
that to teach me a lesson after what I have done behind
your back?", she said meekly as I pistoned in and out
of her pussy, "Do you want other men to see your wife
naked? Do you want me to fuck around with them and make
their cocks nice and hard? Do you? I acted like a whore
so you want those men to see me for what I am. They
make me feel dirty and degraded and wet between my
legs. Would you like it if I fuck another man. Do you
want to can see them sticking their big cocks up my
cunt? I can dance on their lap with their hard cock
stuck inside my pussy. You can see them feeling up my
boobies and fucking me on their laps. Would you like
that? "

"Yes, Kim I want you to put on a real hard core sex
show for me and fuck other men." I encouraged her as I
fucked her harder and harder. I plunged my cock all the
way into her soaking cunt and began to spurt my load
deep into her body just as she had a huge orgasm. We
lay in bed later that night. Kim seemed subdued and
upset. I soothed her and assured her that I still loved
her and always would.

The next few evenings when she had to go to work she
seemed more distant and reserved, even if our love
making had improved. Her drinking was increasing and
from the telltale signs I suspected she might be using

I had phoned up Tom, my pimp and the owner had told me
that he had already had had a frank conversation with
her two nights ago and that she had he had not waited
for my permission to start selling her arse. She was
already had men poking at her and screwing her on and
off all night. She had serviced eleven new cocks. He
had seen to that. She had really enjoyed it. It was
clear to his that she was a natural whore... He had
told her either she stepped up and worked fully, or he
would have to let her go.

When he had called her in, Tom had immediately noticed
Kim's wedding ring and asked if she was still married.
Kim told him she was and he had asked what her husband
thought about her working at a men's club. She told him
I encouraged her to apply and was excited by the whole
thing. He started off by explaining that the only way
to make money working there was by dancing and
providing sex of all sorts to customers as extras. They
also operated an e****t service and a girl could make
good money going out with several men each night.

"I want you to wantonly flirt and arouse the customers.
No more pussy footing around. I want you to tease their
cock until they want to screw your lovely pussy so they
will be hot and order even more drinks," said Tom. "And
if they want to screw you and ask you to do some things
one can expect only from a whore, that's okay by me
too. Let them fuck your brains out for all I care just
as long as they pay. You can make some real big money
doing shows and some call-girl. I will fix you up now."

"But what if I don't want to do that? Are you calling
me a whore?" She responded.

"You are a whore now. I don't care what you feel,
bitch! You listen to me and do as you're told or I will
cut up that pretty face of yours, you hear? You are
going to shut up and take your clothes off for them. If
you don't like the guy, just pretend and scream like a
slut as long as you give them their money's worth. I
want to see strange dicks disappearing into your hot
pussy and money rolling in. Men will pay good hard cash
for you, huh. You can earn $200 just to get laid. Do
you want that sort of money?"

My wife nodded silently. The manager smiled like a

"Of course, Sweety, you are a whore now."

It was in that moment that she realised that soon she
would be regularly stuffing her pussy with strange cock
and working as a whore! My stunning, beautiful,
brunette wife was about to become a prostitute and fuck
for money! Only a slut would meet clients and fuck for

"Don't worry, my darling." He continued in a sweet
voice. "I have just the sort of medicine to help it go

His hand disappeared behind the counter and came up
with some white powder. Sniff some of this and you will
feel marvelous.

She brought it up to her nose reluctantly.

"Sniff.. hard!" He ordered, and obediently she inhaled
the white crystals.. seconds later the first rush hit
and her eyes rolled.

He asked her how she felt. Kim suddenly had no problem
with it. He then went into specific sex acts and asked
if she had performed or would she be willing to perform
them. Kim's pussy started to tingle as he asked. Hand
jobs, blow jobs, fucking, allowing herself to be eaten,
ass fucking, etc. After about 15 minutes of talking Tom
asked if Kim could take off her clothes and show them
what she had. This would be the first time Kim would
have another man's rod inside her in money for sex. It
was usually the moment of truth. These women had no
idea about that initial penetration and how they would
join into the s****rhood of sluts after that. Tom knew
that Kim had no chance after that.

"There's no stopping now," Tom said more to himself.

Without hesitation Kim removed her clothes and stood
bare before him. She was a whore now. He complimented
her body and had her turn to view various parts. Tom
then asked if she would mind letting him sample her
goods. She once again agreed. Her cunt was leaking
juice by this time. Tom had her sit on the edge of the
couch and removed his pants. He then stood in front of
her and asked for her best blow job. Her mouth watered
at the sight of his 8 inch cock which was hard as a
rock and standing at attention just inches from her
face. She immediately got onto her knees and went to
work licking at the head and up and down his shaft.
Kim's mouth now worked on the first few inches of Tom'
dick. Tom moaned as Kim's mouth worked his cock.

After about 5 minutes of this Tom stopped her and
suggested they all move across the hall where they
would be more comfortable. Once there Tom removed the
rest of his clothes. Tom laid on the bed and had Kim
lay next to him and go back to work on his cock. As she
sucked and licked it while Tom rubbed and fingered her
cunt. After another 5 minutes Tom began moaning louder
signaling his pending eruption. Kim gently moved her
mouth up and down his cock slowly. The anticipated
explosion came and Tom's cum flowed into her mouth. She
felt herself cum again as she eagerly suck and
swallowed his load. Tom sighed and encouraged her to
suck him dry.

Tom told me that two evenings ago she turned her first
trick. The crack gave her a tremendous rush and a
feeling of self confidence and heightened sexual

"Have you ever been fucked by a black man?" Tom had
asked her. She lied and had said no. "Then you are in
for a treat. You will soon wash your debt off the

Even though she had made up her mind that she would
have to prostitute myself she was still shocked at his
words. She guessed that her mouth had dropped open
because Tom laughed at her.

"You fuck whoever and whenever I say," Tom said. "I
don' care for that husband of yours. I'm pimping your
cute arse. Do you understand?"

She told him that she understood.

"Good," he said. "Get your ass up there then."

She was instructed to go upstairs with a black man. She
knew that she was safe, that its it was all right that
she get fucked by his client. Somehow it all appeared

Still dressed in her sexy tight outfit and heels, she
dropped to her knees, opened his zipper and took his
already-hard cock into her mouth. Although this had
always disgusted her before, the d**g now made it feel
great. She began to swallow his hard shinny ebony dick,
licking and sucking loudly, feeling her own arousal
grow and the tingling moistness increasing between her
legs. His cock was red swollen and glistening as she
sucked on it.

He started moaning that he was going to cum. His cock
started pulsing and then she felt his hot load shoot
right into her mouth and hit the back of her throat.
The man shot his cum into her mouth in a surprisingly
short time. She swallowed a massive amount of cum. When
he had left, she took the money and straightened her
skirt. This made her feel more like a hooker than ever
before in her life.

One night she was lead into a back room where she was
tied lying on her back to a four poster bed. Her arms
and legs splayed apart Kim was an open invitation to
one and all.

The men had her fuck for three hours on her back, then
untied her, turned her over, retied her and let the
assault on her ass begin. Kim gave herself an orgasm
when she got to the part of the men fucking her virgin
ass hole. She said it hurt like hell at first but by
the time the fifth cock was shoved up her butt she was
loving every minute of it. A couple of hours later they
untied her, let her go to the bathroom and stretch a
little, then bent her over a bench so both her pussy
and ass hole were easily accessible, retied her and let
the men take their choice of pussy, ass hole or both.
She was tied up at the pool hall for six or seven
hours, when she was untied, led back out to the car and
driven to a whorehouse.

For the next five hours my wife was used as a common
whore, but instead of the usual charge of 50, 100, and
200, the pimp charged five bucks for a blow job, ten
for a fuck, and twenty for around the world. An ass
fuck was fifty, with pussy and mouth thrown in at no
charge, and customer's choice of what hole to cum in.
Needless to say KIm was the most used whore in the
place, which led to some pissed off regular whores.

From there it was just a short trip to giving full
service. The following night, another Negro customer
gave her $200 dollars and they went round back. She
took a sniff and then French kissed for a short time as
he felt her all over. She took hold of his slimy oozing
cock while she felt the fellow's hand inside her
crotch, fingering her vagina and clit.

Kim was on her back with only her high heels her leg
spread open. Deliberate and slow, the labia pulled
itself apart to allow the pulsating organ its rightful
entrance. The guy climbed on top of her and she groaned
out with lust as he thrust his cock into her.

"Oh my god, yes! ...oh fuck ...oh fuck me harder
darling. With your lovely black cock! Oh yes... oh my
black stud!' She squealed with delight.

There was absolutely no resistance from her wet
slippery pussy lips. He pumped vigorously at her for
fifteen minutes, spreading the thighs with his hands.
What a spectacle my little housewife was debasing
herself with the muscular young stud whose magnificent
prick was now the centre of her lust-inflamed universe.

Kim groaned as the nigger humped in and out of her now
juicing slit, his crotch bumping up against her ass
with each thrust.

"Oh, GOD NOOO! Don't let me feel anything but disgust!"
She prayed as her cunt muscles involuntarily began to
squeeze around the throbbing cock within her.

How beautiful my wife had looked at this moment. How
majestic the act itself was and how her legs curled
around his strong legs.

Feeling her cunt muscles clasp and unclasp around his
pulsating cock, the negro taunted my beautiful young

"You're a bitch, aren't you? And I'm going to fuck your
sexy body like the bitch you really are!"

Suddenly, he groaned and came. She could feel his
liquid being pumped deep into her. She rammed down hard
and wriggled like a worm on a hook as her whole body
went into a sexy spasm and she let out a shriek of
release as her climax washed through her... He was a
randy old goat and she had enjoyed the absolute power
and control of it.

Even though she had just come, her hips began to move
again as the d**g gave her the energy to satisfy the
whore that this talented young cock had managed to
bring out of my wife.

He dropped to his knees and moved behind her. He
grasped his huge black dick still proud and jutting
massively upwards now slimy with her juice. He eased
his knob into her soft cunt with a grunt of pleasure.
Her body wriggled to accommodate him as he moved into a
steady fucking rhythm. She could feel his full length
and thickness. He fucked her steady and deep allowing
her to open fully to him. She began to move her hips to
his rhythm, pushing back on each thrust, helping him
enter her deeper still.

She began to cry out as she came. This time the guy
didn't even pause but continued to shaft her steadily
through her climax. Their juices had combined to form a
creamy foam that coated the lower half of his shaft and
balls. He grinned at my slut wife as she wriggled in
ecstatically on all fours like a bitch in heat as the
ten inch ebony cock that her muscular black stud
wielded so expertly gave her the first serious shafting
of her life.

They lay sprawled on the bed. She was sprawled across
his great sweating muscular frame, her hair tousled,
stockings laddered and lipstick smudged with spunk
trickling down her silky inner thighs. She was such a
beautiful slut.

She wiped his cock off with a warm wash cloth and then
dried him with a towel. His dick was rock hard again by
the time she finished but unfortunately his half hour
was up. She then began to clean up the oozing soppy
mess between her legs. She had become a call girl, a
woman who fucked for money and she got a thrill out of

She had obviously decided to keep this secret from me.
How could she explain that she had become a whore? My
perfect wife had not only committed adultery, but was
now being paid to have sex with other men. The owner
phoned me up and three tapes arrived at my hotel with a
bill. For the next couple of days I pretended it was
not happening, spending the whole evening in the arms
of asian bar girls while she worked.

I did not want to think about it or about those guys
fucking her pussy, sodomising her in the arse, in the
mouth. Pinching, pulling, kissing, caressing, biting,
fingering, licking and entering her cunt with a variety
of cocks. Or the constant stream of video tapes. That
evening when she returned, her eyes seemed tired, her
make-up a mess. She seemed fulfilled but used. To me
however, she was still just as attractive. Sex for
money was so easy that she wondered why she hadn't
thought of it before yet inside I knew that the
beautiful woman lying next to me was a whore who had
fucked hundreds of strange men for cash and cock. That
somehow made her more desirable to me.


The next evening she refused when I wanted to accompany
her to the club so I came alone anyway. My curiosity
got the better of me.

I parked the car and went inside. I had to pay a $5
cover charge to the big bouncer at the door. I walked
inside and took a table against the wall. I looked
around and saw several woman in various forms of
undress milling around. I saw a sexy brunette with big
tits sitting on some guys lap. She had her top off and
had his face between her tits. She was rocking back and
forth, grinding her pussy against his crotch. I saw a
redhead dancing beside a table with five guys sitting
around it. She was naked and the guys were all having a
ball trying to catch a quick feel.

As I sat in a dark corner, my eyes rested on Kim. She
was entertaining a punter. She was standing over his
legs, her hands on his shoulders, gyrating her pelvis
above the stranger's rigid dick. I found myself getting
angry and jealous, yet completely interested and
somewhat excited. As my wife spread her legs and
straddled him, she seemed to look incredibly
attractive, her soft skin, her breasts seems larger,
her lips full her eyes sexy. My wife was sitting
awfully high on his lap and she was laughing as she
leaned back into him. The man was feeling her up, doing
something under her skirt and my wife gasped softly.

When I glanced over toward my wife I noticed that the
man staring at and openly massaging my wife's tits. It
looked like she was enjoying it as she was leaning back
into him, and she offered no resistance at all. My
wife's eyes were closed and she had a sort of dreamy
look on her face. The man had a huge grin as he
continued to feel up her tits and play with her pink
puffy nipples. After a moment, she smiled at him, gave
him a quick peck on the cheek and stood up,
straightening her skirt. As she gave the guy his
goodbye kiss, it was clear the guy was feeling up my
wife and finger-fucking her.

A big guy waved a hundred dollar bill and she went up
to him smiling. I did not hear what he said, but she
nodded and began dancing sensuously, humping to the
beat. She put her arms around him and they started
dancing. She was pressed tightly against and he leered
down t her breasts. After a moment they began kissing
mouth to mouth. I could see her tongue lick him then
disappear down his throat as she rubbed her body
against his hard erection. She reached down and
extracted his hard erection. As they kissed her hand
moved up and down his long tool. He had opened her
blouse and was fondling her lovely breast.

I approached and the man suddenly let go of her breasts
and moved back. She looked at me angrily, still holding
his cock firmly and asked me firmly to return home. I
backed away and the guy sat down on a footstool. Kim
was right in front of him not a foot from his face when
she turned around and began wiggling her firm round ass
at him and then reached back and slowly lifted the back
of her skirt till he had a perfect view of her almost
naked ass.

My mouth dropped open as I saw her bend over at the
waist and shake her arse right in his face and then
turn around to face him. My wife's eyes were glazed
over as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and rubbed her
bra-covered tits over the stranger's face. Her firm
tits jiggling, and then she leaned forward and pushed
her tits together with her arms and shook them only an
inch or two from the punters face causing all the men
to hoot and holler. As she stared playfully into his
eyes my wife then reached down, unzipped her skirt and
let it drop to the floor and stood before the roomful
of strangers wearing nothing but her heels and
stockings, and her push up bra and matching panties.

The stranger grinned and stroked his cock through his
pants and my wife Kim then turned and began shaking her
panty clad arse in his face. She actually rubbed her
almost naked ass against the front of his pants,
causing his cock to swell and making a tent in his
trousers. I was a bit alarmed at how far she was taking
this. My own cock was painfully hard and as I looked
around the room I could obviously see that all the men
had huge hard ons from watching my wife's slutty
performance. As she swayed, he grabbed her and pulled
her down onto his lap. She sat down and spread her legs
as far apart as she could, her slit clearly visible. I
was shocked. My wife was dressing up and acting like a

He started feeling her up and kissing her. I was
humiliated, but it was strangely erotic to watch her
being handled that way in front of other men. He put
one hand on her thigh and gradually moved it up to her
cunt. He separated the shirt and squeezed one of her
breasts with his other hand. She was humiliated but
enormously aroused.

Kim could not help noticing his hard cock standing at
attention under his trousers. He reached out and
touched her. She opened her legs slightly so he could
firmly rub the insides of her thighs. I watched as she
squatted and bent over him, gyrating her hips to the
music. There were other men sitting at the stage and I
could hear there lewd comments. Sitting there watching
my wife and hearing the comments, caused my cock to
start to swell.

My wife was so turned on and wrapped up in her
performance that she wasn't paying any attention to me.
I could see just how excited my wife was. Her nipples
were straining against the sheer material, begging for
release. The stranger couldn't resist as he unsnapped
her bra and tossed it away. Now he was free to suck on
each nipple as he pulled her to him. Once he had taken
command of her tits, I watched as he slipped both hands
up my wife's legs. He was obviously playing with her
ass and she was moving to help him. I saw his hands
moving under her skirt and then slowly start back down.

Seconds later, I watched with a mixture of horror and
lust as she stuck her fingers in the waistband of her
thong panties and slowly pushed them down over her
voluptuous hips and then kicked them into the lap of
one of the customers who began to clap her. My wife's
panties lay on the floor. All she had left on was a
skirt bunched around her waist. When she twirled
around, I could all see her dripping pussy. My wife was
hotter than hell and didn't care who knew it! She
reached down and started playing with her pussy. I
could see that she was getting turned on. While looking
the guy right in the eyes, she pushed her finger deep
in her pussy.

When she pulled it out, I could see that it was shiny
from her juices. She then leaned forward and offered
her finger to the man to lick clean. My cock grew
harder. People whistled, cheered and called out. It was
turning Kim on so much she started kissing him back,
taking his tongue in my mouth and sucking on it. She
moved her hips so he could get access and rub her pussy
and squeeze her breast harder. She no longer cared
anymore about the guys were looking at her. He pushed
one finger inside Kim and she started to groan.

As the next song started playing, he began touching her
everywhere, playing with her butt, her tits, pulling on
her nipples. Still swaying to the music, she cupped her
breasts, his fingers found her nipples and rubbed them.
They were hardening with desire and responding to his
touch. I couldn't believe my eyes, yet at the same time
I wanted it to continue. I maliciously wanted to
encourage her to screw this stranger and get her cunt
filled with his cock so I could watch her squirm with
salacious pleasure and come on someone else's squirting
rod. I had wanted to see her fucked by someone else now
for ages and realized it.

As she danced, she reached down between her legs and
unzipping his trousers she pushed them off to free and
reveal the biggest cock I had ever seen. It must have
been at least ten inches longs and dark brown with big
veins running up the length of it.

She began playing with his hard cock, her naked tits
near the guy's face. He had a massive swollen hard on.
She looked down at him with surprise and licked her
lips. My wife bent over and took him into her mouth as
he ran his hands back under her skirt. Just as she had
him balls to the wall, he lifted her skirt to show that
he had two fingers buried deep in my wife's sopping
pussy. He was finger-fucking her like a wild man as she
sucked harder and harder. As I watched the wild
performance, I consoled myself with the fact that my
wife was earning good money for her blow-job and
sticky-finger routine. Some cheered her on as the
bastard rubbed his bare cock against my wife's crotch.
Her eyes were shining with excitement. I tried to hide
my erection, wishing my wife would let him fuck her.

Still lap dancing, she lifted up a little, positioned
herself over the strangers rigid cock, she began to
simulate being fucked from the rear. He grabbed her by
the hips, straining to reach her gaping pussy. He
barely brushed his cock against her opening, but she
was just out of reach. As she pussy teased him, I could
sense the other customers going wilder. Suddenly, he
pulled her back firmly down onto his lap. She laughed a
deep throated laugh and she tried to introduce the head
of his cock into her pussy but it just wouldn't fit.
She had to push hard, leaning forward against him, and
jostle about and f***e the large tool an inch or two
past her rubbery and tightly stretched labia.

She lowered herself bit by bit, sliding all the way
down his cock until she had it all in her. The man's
eyes kind of rolled back in his head and he pulled her
onto his cock finally and held her firmly. He head
rolled back and he closed his eyes in enjoyment as she
impaled her juicy little pussy on his huge cock and
began to rock back and forth and grind her pussy into
his lap in a furious fuck session. She sat upright over
him, hard nipples and cunt exposed, riding his long
cock, lifting herself high, then swatting down, pasting
her pubes bone against his and grinding her hips hard
around the swollen root of his cock.

Her face was flushed, her eyes shinning with sheer
carnal lust. A primitive amazon dominating and taming a
wild b**st, an extension of his strong manhood and
loins. All I could see in my mind was her sitting down
on his cock with it sliding up in her pretty wet pussy.
I remembered that his cock was bare and he was seconds
away from filling my wife's pussy with cum! Instead of
being revolted, I was turned on beyond belief. I called
out in encouragement, aroused and stimulated watching
her squirm with pleasure on the big organ. I enjoyed
the visual sight of her breasts bouncing up and down as
she rode him, grinding down her hips as her climax
approached. Her natural lubrication glistened on his
cock as it oozed down from her pussy.

My cock was so hard. I watched as her grinding became
more frantic, faster to the music. She was really going
at it when she leaned down and gave the man a kiss. A
sexy kiss that lasted longer than it should have. I
could tell that her tongue was working in his mouth.
Here was my wife, open and naked pussy, sitting on a
strangers lap French kissing him with his cock inside
her. I don't know how much more I could take. She was
so beautiful, sexy, and exciting. It was such a thrill
seeing her dance and shared the sight of my beautiful,
young wife's fantastic, sexy body with the other men in
the room.

Groaning beneath her now, holding her hips tightly, his
tool must have swollen to bursting with her increased
friction. He furiously rammed his thick virility into
her sex as she moaned, her vaginal lips clasped tightly
on the pumping bone buried deep of her loins as it
screwed her.

He grabbed her hips and rammed his cock home one more
time. The women cheered as his balls pulsed again and
again! He was pumping my wife full with his cum and his
dick was practically in her womb! She groaned and
climaxed on the man's thrusting virility as his sperm
struck her cervix in yet another blast of spunk. It
seemed like he would never stop but he finally gave one
last shudder and collapsed in total exhaustion.

After she had finished, she straightened her dress to
cover her nudity then suddenly noticed me. My wife was
still exposed indecently and I was quite hard. She took
perverse satisfaction and enjoyment in my expression of

She came right up close to me.

"I might have gotten a little carried away" Kim
confessed "Every man in the room wants to stick his
cock up me at least twice maybe more. I think everyone
has seen me those guys feeling up my tits and fucking
me. Your not mad are you? You said that I could let
them feel my tits and fuck me a little bit. So I did it
for you, to give you a sexy show. I even let my boss do
what he wanted with me. I had his thick cock in my
soaking cunt. Some of the guys squirted their stuff in
me too!"

Standing in front of me, she lifted up the hems of her
skirt revealing a swollen pussy.

Without waiting, she provocatively took my hand and
guided it to her pussy. I couldn't believe how wet and
lose it is. She saw the surprise on my face and

"Have you ever touched my pussy when it was like this
before? Probably not, because you have never touched it
right after I have had three hard cock inside of me? My
cunt is full of pussy juice and cum. In fact, I can
feel it dripping while I work."

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. My wife had
just told me that three strangers had just fucked her
in public. As she did she opened her thighs and gave me
a good view of her bare pussy. I could see cum dripping
from it. Her skirt had a large wet spot on it too.

"I was hoping you would come so you could see it. I saw
you watch them feel me and stick their big things up
there to give you a little show. And you know what
else, they're not through yet. I am going to go into a
private booth with a few more men and let them fell my
arse and boobies as much as they want. They can then
take turns fucking me and shooting their filthy and
lustful cum deep in my pussy. I'm doing this for you
but I do love it. I'm planning to be exceptionally
naughty tonight. When I come back it will be with their
hot sperm dripping down my legs from a cum filled

I was stunned at what happened next. She approached a
guy, whispered something into his ear. He smiled. She
took his hand and led him out back. I was absolutely
astounded at my reaction, my cock was standing straight
out in front of me. I just stood there dumbfounded as
she led him to a private room. I sat and waited. My
imagination running wild. I could just picture my
pretty wife sucking his cock. Then laying back with her
legs spread to accept his hard cock. I could almost
hear her cries of pleasure as he pounded his hard cock
into her waiting pussy. Finally after about 30 minutes
I came to my sense. I could stand it no longer.

I got up and followed her but I was stopped by the
bouncer. He asked me where I was going. I told him that
there was a dancer waiting for me. He got on the phone,
nodded, and said I could. I started to walk past him
when he stopped me again. "That will be $20 to cover
the cost of the room." I started to protest, but
realised it wouldn't so any good, so I paid the money
and went to Room 3.

I paused at the door for a few moments. Not sure if I
would be able to handle what I would see when I opened
it. My heart was pounding. I was angry and jealous. But
most of all, I was turned on. Turned on so much that my
cock ached. I didn't remember doing it but I had my
cock out and was wanking myself furiously. Finally I
opened the door and saw my wife with another guy. The
strange black man with a huge cock was about to fuck my
wife right before my eyes. And my wife was more than
ready for him too. She turned to look at me as I came
in and she nearly died on the spot when she saw me
standing there. I started to walk towards her but was
pulled back by a pair of large black hands. The

"Not yet, Mister. This one hasn't finished. She's going
to be fucked."

My wife looked at the large guy who had been fingering
her pussy.

"I can't now, dear, my boyfriend is here."

The guy just grinned and shook his head, pleased.

"You want a proper fucking with a big black dick? Want
your cunt widened?" he stroked the cock in front of her
eyes. Kim's eyes bulged. It was her first good look at
it. She could not hide her excitement at the sight of

Without further ado, he positioned himself between her
legs while Kim grabbed his big dick and helped him get
it in, lifting her hips, softly urging him to fuck her
with his big dick into her right before my eyes. Her
vaginal lips parted and engulfed the entire head. The
guy began to push forward again and with a few stroked
he buried his monster cock into my wife's wet pussy.
She started cumming, immediately as he stuc.

I stood there in silence, perfectly still, my cock hard
in my pants, watching the guy take advantage of my
wife. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My wife of
was being used like a common whore, and I was totally
enjoying viewing the stiff cock penetrate her whore

When he had finished he began to dress. My eyes fell on
the bed stand. The condom! He had fucked my wife
without any protection! My cock which was on its way
down rose again. I was surprised over my reaction. My
god! Another man had just fucked my wife without any
protection and I was getting horny! I wanted to fuck my
wife at once but that not there.

"I have two friends who I think would like to have sex
with your wonderful wife too," the Negro declared.

I didn't have to think about it for long. The sight of
his ebony cock between her white legs, glistening in
her red juicy pussy was magnificent.

"OK. But just the two of them."

The Negro went back into the bar to get his friends. He
left her laying there on the bed, exposed her legs
spread. My eyes were drawn to her pussy. Her lips are
swollen and covered with their combined juice, cum
oozing from her pussy. "His cock was so big and hard,
it split my pussy wide open and stretched me more than
I have ever been stretched before. But then you can
probably tell that his cock was big. Is my pussy all
stretched out by his big cock? Do you like knowing that
your wife is out showing her body to other men and then
letting them fuck me?"

I moaned as her words cut into me. I couldn't
understand it, but found myself more turned on than I
had ever been in my life. His friends turned out to be
black too and Kim was as welcoming with them.

Bending over, facing the back of the room and looking
right up me, her so-called loving husband, she felt the
large hands caressing her arse. A shiver of fear ran
throughout her body as Kim had never been butt-fucked
before. Reaching forward with one hand, she found
exactly what she was looking for, my hardon! I watched,
mouth agape, as she unzipped my trousers and fished out
my throbbing cock.

The Negro correctly guessed that I had never had my
cock up my wife's pretty arse as she looked so tight.
The blackman just loved tight little arses and knew his
busting through a cherry arse would bring about a
piercing scream if not muffled. Stroking his cock, he
was excited at the prospect of getting his very first
cherry white arse.

"Go ahead, suck yer man's cock in yer mouth! Don't want
ya screaming none when I shag yer purty ass!" he

Rubbing his cock head up against her messy cunt, the
negro greased his cock up in preparation to travel up
the narrow dirty road. Then he addressed the me as he
watched my lovely wife blow my cock:

"Grab her head and keep yer cock in her mouth!
Otherwise, she'll be screaming like a banshee and bring
everyone up here! Just pray she don't go and bite yer
little cock off when I stick it to her!"

Getting his cock into position, the negro grasped my
beauty's trim white hips as he prepared to sodomize
her. Looking ahead, he saw that I had followed his
instructions and was holding my wife's blonde head down
to my crotch.

"Yeahhhhh, baby!" The black let out as he charged
ahead, slamming his big black cock up into the tight
cherry white ass.

She let out a loud yelp of pain with the painful
intrusion into her arse as she let the first big black
bastard shove his fucking pole up her unused arse. The
negro just laughed and chuckled. I guess she thought I
didn't care, especially after I had watched the other
nigger give her the screwing of her life!

She met the black man's thrusts with gusto and she
showed that she really liked the situation. As he
pounded at her she sucked furiously on my aching cock.
The cum that had been stored up oozed out in pitiful
dribbles into my wife's sucking mouth. My hands
caressed Kim's silky blonde hair of my lovely wife as
her face was shoved forward into my crotch. The Negro
groaned and came in her bottom.

She must have been aware that neither of the two negros
had used any rubber and this made her even hotter. She
had her coming like crazy while the first guy fucked
her in the arse. When the first black had bucked and
pumped his cum inside her arsehole, he withdrew and we
both watched the second negro take his sloppy turn and
thrust his long ebony cock between her thighs. I
continued watching as his arse cheeks trembled when he
fully bottomed out erupting within my wife's cunt,
thrusting again and again emptying his balls into her
receptive hole as my wife gentled squeezed his balls to
coax every last bit of his seed from him. Finally he
withdrew his slimy cock, it was covered with their
juices, his seed and her lustful lubrication clung to
his shaft like honey. The two men smiled and thanked me
and complimented me on my beautiful, fuckable wife.

They left Kim a mess! Cum was running down between her
spread legs and soaked the sheets. Her pussy gaped open
and was full of grey glistening cock-sauce. Swollen and
puffy and the hair was matted with half-dried cum.

"Well. What's happened here then?" I asked when I saw
her turn her head towards the door.

"Oh, darling! Come to me! Come! Fuck me! Oh Darling it
was the best!"

"You liked?"


I went over to her and standing there looking down at
her well fucked pussy I let my clothes fall on the

"The money first," she said firmly. I looked at her

"I'm at work now. You have to pay to fuck my pussy."
She explained patiently.

I handed her the cash. Sliding my tongue over her
bulging vaginal lips, I sucked them into my mouth. I
slid my face and tongue up down and all over her pussy.
I would never have recognized her cunt at all. It did
not resemble the one I used to eat to orgasm before
this all started. During my pussy eating she started to
tell me of how many men had cum in her pussy and how
much better they were at fucking her. The end effect
was her pussy lay there a mockery of her original

It was distended and stretched, swollen, just a mound
of sagging flesh, gaping open after her fist fucking
and she was so happy to have a cunt worthy of her
whore. As for me I knelt in front of what was once my
wife's perfectly shaped pussy that I alone had shared
and licked it until she groaned and came. Then I lay on
top of her and sank my rock hard cock into the fold of
her very sloppy, wet cunt.

She threw her arms around me and kissed me with dry,
soft lips.

"Yes," she whispered. "Give it to me now."

I vividly remember looking into her dark eyes as I
fucked her, and her looking back at me like I was not
there. She was so hot that she came as almost as soon
as I got my cock in. I began fucking her for all I was
worth. My balls were slapping against her clit with
each stroke. I'll always remember the feeling of my
prick slipping in and out of her warm tight pussy,
feeling of her sperm filled cunt tighten around my
thrusting shaft.

As I was pumping in and out of my hot wife's pussy, I
could feel cum running out, flowing down her thigh.
Afterwards, she got up, in her tart dress and high
heels and gave me the "just-fucked" look as she walked
out again. I went home to our hotel apartment to gather
my senses. Sitting in the living room area I thought
about our marriage, the years of trust gone. I felt
responsible. If I hadn't arranged everything none of
this would have happened, I tried to tell myself. Still
why would Kim cheat on me after all these years,
regardless. I guess I had just taken our sex life for
granted, it was my own selfishness that caused her to
stay and do this. I knew I would just have to forgive
her for it, after all she was doing it for the money,


The next evening she told me that the manager had asked
her to put on a sex show. That it would pay $500. I
grew angry and told her that I refused. She shouted at
me that it was none of my business and that she needed
the money. For d**gs I guessed. She was already
addicted. I grew very worried and fell silent but that
evening I again went with her to the club. After about
an hour the stage went silent and they announced the

I was seated up front, biting my nails, angry and
disgusted. Kim appeared, each hand holding a man. She
appeared d**gged, in a daze, and naked. The two men
were also naked and well hung. One was blond, the other

It was going to be a very simple act. Kim knelt down
before the blond man and taking his offered cock in her
hand, looked up at him briefly, smiling stupidly. The
d**gs had started to work. She closed her eyes and
smiled a moment, enjoying the effect of the d**gs,
making her feel horny. She took the chunky unsheathed
cock to her lips and slowly began licking the head
until it started to stiffen.

I was speechless as her tongue flicked up and down,
licking his hairy balls and his veiny shaft as she
sucked his bone to hardness. His tool shone as her
saliva oiled it and trickled down the cock. She was
rubbing it with her fingers as she sucked and caressed
the giant with her tongue. The blond began feeding it
quicker and deeper into her throat. My wife opened her
mouth and he pushed his rod down her throat. His helmet
was touching the back of her throat.

I saw her reach between her legs and finger her pussy,
rubbing her clit. The dark fellow who had been watching
the couple, masturbating, moved behind her and taking
his cock positioned himself behind her rump. She was on
her hands and knees, on all fours, her perfect tits
hanging down sexily. Working his cock over her wiry
black haired pubes, he rubbed the tip across the moist
groove of her vaginal lips and pushed inside her open
labia. She groaned with bliss as his long thick cock
sunk slowly and deeply into my wife's belly.

I swear I could see her stomach bulge out as the man's
cock disappeared into her shaved cunt and filled her
belly and the guy began to fuck my wife from behind.
Her arse was in up in the air and attached to it was
the dark guy his dick in my wife's pussy, as the blond
had his big bone in my wife's mouth. Kim clung on to
the black stallion as he sawed in and out of her. I saw
my wife's eyes, all glazed over from the d**gs as she
gazed into the man's eyes with a wanton a****listic

She shuddered with pleasure. He looked undeniably much
thicker and longer than me. I realised that she was
savouring the new unfamiliar cocks. She looked like a
sacrificial pig on the stake. She let out a little cry
as his huge cock stretched her womb deep inside, the
sensation sinfully wicked. I watched her being serviced
by a well hung lover. She enjoyed fucking him. I could
tell from her cries of pleasure. The d**gs made it
okay, I guess. I stroked my own cock as the two guys
thrust their cocks into her. I watched my wife as she
was taken by two cocks, one at each end. The whore! I
knew it would never be the same again.

My wife was nude with the two men deep in her. One in
her cunt and another in her mouth. I watched as the
long rigid pole of meat was thrust down her throat. The
man in her pussy was moaning. All of a sudden the guy
she was sucking ejaculated. I could see his balls
jumping as he emptied himself. Kim desperately
swallowed what she could but a lot of his thick creamy
load seeped out of her mouth and ran down her chin.
This set of the second guy. Her other mate pumped his
load of semen deep into her promiscuous and unchaste
womb. She came, moaning like crazy and starting to buck
against his cock. For a full thirty seconds I could see
his arse contracting while he grunted pumping his load
up my wife's womb,his cock buried in her well-fucked

After a moment, he withdrew from her soppy stretched
cunt. I wanted to grab her and fuck her pussy in the
worst way, but she wasn't done with her show yet.
Turning around so that her arse was to me, she bent
over at the waist and spread her legs wide so that her
whole pussy and arsehole were plainly visible. To the
beat of the music she pumped her arse up and down,
clenching and unclenching her brown-eye, and then slid
her hand down between her legs to rub her pussy lips so
that I could see the juices gleaming on her fingers.
While continuing to stroke her crack she turned her
head toward me while licking her lips.

The audience went wild, clapping and cheering. She
smiled, got up, bowed and left the stage. I went behind
stage and she looked up as I entered.

"Did you like the show?" She asked sardonically.

She was still naked and messy with cum from the two
guys who had fucked her.

I grabbed her angry, then drew her close. Suddenly I
felt myself aroused beyond belief. I kissed her open
mouthed, tasting sperm. She returned my kiss like a

"Pay me, then fuck me, here and now. Before I wash out
my cunt," she said.

I looked down at her wet patch and then pushed her onto
her back.

I stuck my hard cock into her loose and soggy slit. She
was soaking wet and gooey with sperm. I groaned with
sheer pleasure as my cock entered her stretched out and
lust filled sex with no resistance. She spread her legs
and I pumped her dilated sperm filled pussy. I gasped:
the sperm might have impregnated my wife with a bastard
baby. The guy had shot tons of sperm into her and had
filled my wife's pussy with cum. There was no pressure
from the walls of her pussy, yet the most intense
feeling all over my cock. I kissed her avidly on the
lips. They tasted of the second lover's sperm.

I had sex with her. It was incredible. Her pussy was
stretched out of shape and was so slippery. The louder
she moaned, the harder I fucked her. I wasn't fucking
my wife, but some horny slut who couldn't get enough
cock. I came before she did, filling her even more with


The following night she went again to work. She gave a
good service to all her clients and relished the fact
that they were, on the whole, bigger and better than
me. I knew that things would never be the same between
us again. I still loved her madly and she loved me in
her own way but she made it quite clear that I could no
longer interest her sexually. I could always get a hard
on knowing that she was being fucked and I could wank
off when I was licking her out after she'd been with a
client but at other times, I struggled to get an
erection. So I looked forward to her continued

The holiday was at an end. My wife told me that she was
staying on for a while. I was shocked.

"Kim, I want you to get away from that man," I
commanded. My voice was more shrill-like than f***eful.

Kim remained where she replied: "How dare you talk to
me like that. After all I have done for you. It is your
stupidity that got me into this in the first place. Now
is your time to pay up."

"Ok so the damage is done now. Come with me now so we
can finish up with this unfortunate episode," I said
putting his hand out to his wife.

She shook her head slowly.

"Tom has already given me an address of a massage place
back home. I wants me continue to work for him
e****ting there. I can't leave now. So you see the
episode is not over. I have become a slut and nothing
can change that now," Kim said.

"You are not a slut! This is just an unfortunate
situation which we can now put behind us. Don't be
stupid. You can't throw your life away. We can be done
with our obligation. Let's start our life anew," I
said. "Kim, don't you want to lead a normal, safe and
happy life again? Or do you want to be owned body and
soul soul by this man?" I said.

"Sorry. I can't stop now. I enjoy the sex and I am
happy. I signed a six month full-time contract. If I
back out I will owe him one hundred thousand dollars.
He threatened me. I'm sorry, I had no choice. There is
no turning back now, Anyway, I don't want to give up
now. I have never felt so whole in my life."

She had also found out about the tapes I was still
receiving. Kim looked at my crotch. My cock was
sticking up through my boxers.

"Well look at you," she said. "This is turning you on.
You're excited seeing your wife being gang fucked,
aren't you?"

There was no denying it. I had a hard. I nodded and she
put her warm mouth on my cock. I knew it wouldn't take
much before I came, and it didn't. Kim swallowed my
come and licked her lips, smiling at me.

On the way back to England my wife informed me that she
was moving to full time. The money was better, she
explained. Not to mention that she would be getting the
pleasure of being fucked by half a dozen cocks each

When she got back home she contacted her pimp and was
explained the rules and given her patch to work. I was
worried and said I would come out with her on her first
day. Reluctantly she had agreed. She had put on her
make-up and red lipstick and ultra mini skirt. I was
both aroused and sick,

We drove into the seedy part of town and pulled up in
front of a bar Kim was familiar with. A variety of
cars, trucks and pick-ups where parked outside and I
noticed a couple of working girls doing the trucker
rounds. Dressed as she was, my new wife looked the part
of a hooker too, I corrected myself. A neon sign read:
"The Redneck Rooster."

"This is where the action is on a Thursday night. It's
neutral territory so independents can work it when they
need to," she said, as if this was enough of an

We entered the smoky bar, loud country music blared out
and some coupled revolved on the dance floor dancing
tightly or speaking. We went up to the bar and I
ordered two Buds. The fact that she was accompanied
slowed things down at first although some guys had been
eyeing her up and down. She had a great body and it was
difficult to be insensitive to her openly exposed
charms. Kim crossed her legs and her skirt rode up her
thigh revealing her quite openly to the man sitting at
the table next to us.

I saw the guy staring at my wife's great legs. Dressed
like that in her very sexy short tight outfit she was
highly desirable. My cock grew hard as I saw the guy
watching her thighs. I realized she was conscious of
the effect she created and that she was enjoying it.
Her bra-less breasts were visible through material of
her blouse and I could see that her nipples were erect
and poking up.

"Are you really going to do this?" I asked her in

She looked me straight in the eye and said: "Do you
want me to?"

My thoughts were in turmoil. I felt very jealous, that
it would be wrong. But I knew I wanted to see Kim with
this man and I could not get the vision of his huge
bulk squashing my wife with just her slim white arms
and legs visible, out of my mind. I thought that, no
matter what I thought it would happen. When I said
nothing, she smirked and said, "Don't worry, after my
work I can be really wild in bed after, especially if
they have been generous."

I knew she was planning on coming home with a pussy
full of other men's cum.

She began to swing her leg, in cultured boredom. Unable
to resist any longer, the guys got up, approached our
table and offered her a drink. He began chatting her up
and she flirted with him. I noticed his hand disappear
under the table.

Kim relaxed her legs and parted them a bit, allowing
the searching hand further access. "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm!"
she moaned softly, not wanting me to know that the man
next to her had slipped his middle finger up under the
leg band of her panties and had it inserted into her
slick juicing slit.

Holding my wife's hand, eyes glued to the movement
under her dress, I knew that the guy was more than just
touching Kim's leg at this point. I could sense that
Kim's stiffening in her seat as she clutched my hand
tightly, along with her stifled moans, were telltale
clues that she was being finger fucked. Then the sudden
shuddering of her body as Kim clutched my hand even
tighter, I correctly suspected that the man had just
finger fucked my wife to a climax.

He asked if I minded him inviting Kim for a dance. She
looked at me hard as I hesitated for a moment then I
told them to go ahead. I watched with frustration as
they evolved together on the floor. I caught sight of
her through the crowded room and noticed that they were
dancing much closer, their bodies touching as they
moved to the slow Faith Hill love song. I noticed that
his hands were wandering up and down her back. My heart
skipped a beat, he was clearly rubbing her buttocks and
she was not doing anything to discourage him. On the
contrary, she appeared to be glued to him, molding
herself against his body. I could imagine that he could
feel her ample tits against his chest through the top,
maybe he even could feel her pointed nipples pressing
against his chest as she wasn't wearing a bra. I
watched as she thrust her pelvis at him, rubbed her
crotch against his thigh and rested her face buried
against his neck and began to kiss his neck gently.

As she danced, Kim asked John (that's him) what he was
going to do now. He replied that he would go home, take
a shower. It was late in the evening. Kim asked him if
he would like to go out with her instead, somewhere
more private, just the two of them. John didn't need to
be asked twice, he said: "If it's all right with your

Kim replied: "Oh he doesn't mind," she said," he wants
me to enjoy myself with other men."

He gave her a funny look but smiled. When the number
was over, I was surprised to see Kim walk up to me and

"I have just made a score..." Her fiery eyes shone with
excitement and she gave me cryptic smile. "He is
waiting for me outside. One hundred and fifty dollars
she added seriously, looking directly into my eyes.

I understood that the guy was waiting to fuck her and
my heart raced as my cock grew even stiffer.

She approached me very closely. I could feel her breath
on my skin, it gave me goose pimples as she asked: "Do
you want me to go outside?"

Her tongue flicked over my ear lobe and I shuddered.

"Yes, I do..." I managed controlling my immense
swelling jealousy, frustration and desire.

She smiled, her eyes sparkling with mischief and said:
"See you soon..."

I saw them get up to leave. The guy took my wife's
hand, and she gave me a smug grin as they made their
way out. I felt a huge pang of jealousy as I watched
her gorgeous legs go through the door, but my cock was
rock hard. I had a dry mouth and felt highly excited
and could not wait to see her return. I ordered another
drink and sat at my table waiting and agonizing over it
all. It was the toughest time of my life! I didn't know
if she was getting hurt, or what. I tried to think of
every thing I could other than the fact my wife was
with this man who were doing anything he wanted with
her. I was both aroused and frustrated at the same
time. I could see him, imagine him fucking her like a
dog in the back of his car or truck. I felt tempted to
go outside but could not gather the courage to do so.

I waited, it seemed for a long time. Finally, Kim
entered the bar. She made her way towards me. As she
approached, I noticed that her dress appeared hastily
adjusted, her hair was undone and her make was smeared
on one cheek. She sat down beside me and drank
thirstily from my beer. She leaned close so as to be
heard over the noise and the music and whispered into
my ear: "He was hung like a horse and fucked me long
and hard. He made me feel like a virgin again, I came
as he thrust inside me. He stretched me out ... Look!"

She leaned back and looked at me. Discretely from under
the table, she turned her leg slightly to the side and
pulled up her skirt over her stockinged legs to expose
her cunt. It was too dark to see well but I was just
able to make out that her full lips were agape. The
disco light suddenly reflected on the wetness. I stared
at her pussy and bit my lips. Visible also was the
sperm still oozing from her well fucked cunt. She
apologized for not using a condom but she didn't have
time and besides she wanted to feel his dirty cock skin
to skin.

"He pumped my slutty cunt so full with cum he must have
made me pregnant. I can feel it dripping, can you see?"

She said looking at me in the eyes.

I felt a lump in my throat, my cock was bursting to get

"No." I lied. I was angry and jealous.

I began to finger her right there in front of everyone,
feeling the dampness. She squeezed my cock discretely
and said: "Can you imagine, whether you like it or not,
your wife has just been unfaithful to you and fucked a
complete stranger! I climaxed four times like a alley
slut on that stud's thick cock. I hope you appreciate
all I'm doing for you and your wife. I do care for you,
you know."

I was disgusted.

"I'm going to get another beer," I said.

She was not there when I returned two minutes later. I
was about to go and look for her in the lounge when I
heard her voice from behind a door marked "Employees
Only". Gingerly, I pushed it open and stuck my head
around the corner. I was nearly struck down. I had
indeed found her. There was Kim bent over, her dress
pulled up, and this black guy I've never seen before in
my life fucking her for all he's worth. The muscles in
my body couldn't even move. I couldn't even breathe. He
was just fucking her. His enormous shinny ebony pole
slid in and out of her juicy vaginal lips. That shaved
pussy that I had kissed and adored and maybe even
worshipped was now open like a mature flower for this
stranger. She moaned. I looked back at Kim's face, her
breathing now short and sharp as she gasped for air. I
became mesmerised by her beauty, her flushed cheeks.

Quietly, I slid left and returned to my seat. Ten
minutes later she was back, having finished her second
trick. She said nothing, just smiled enigmatically.
Placing a hand discretely on my dick through my
trousers, she felt my hard erection and gave me a
mischievous grin.

"I'm horny too, Darling. See that handsome tall blond
guy with tight butt, I'm going to ask him if he is
feeling lonely tonight. You think he's looking for a

She asked me if I was willing to let him take her. Of
course I was. My only conditions were she made him wear
a condom if he was going to cum inside her.

"We'll see," she replied.

Before I could object, she had got up, left the table
and joined the guy. I saw them speaking then he took
her to the dance floor and they began to dance. A slow
song started, and I saw her cup her my hands around his
arse, pulling him close to her. I could imagine his
cock stir. I say something to him and they went to get
a drink at the bar near me. I saw him kissing her and
feeling her tits right there in the bar. She whispered
something in his ear, he nodded, took out his wallet
and checked his cash then pointed outside at his truck.
She nodded and they left together I could see the truck
from where I was sitting and I guessed that she wanted
to take this guy out. I watched them approach the

He set her up on his trunk and they began an episode of
passionate kissing. I could hear gasps, moans, and
thumps. I couldn't believe it as she allowed him to
pull her top down. He quickly freed her breasts free
from her bra and began to kiss and suck on my wife's
breasts bare to the public like a wanton slut. Some of
the people walking by watched and whistled at their
performance. I watched her lean her head back and enjoy
his mouth and hands groping and sucking her tits, at
that point I could take no more, I immediately went
outside myself.

I snuck up on the dark side of the truck where she had
finally climbed in and caught a reflection in the side
mirror. I arrived just in time to see them kissing and
fondling. He had put his hand up her dress and not
finding any underwear, he had quickly slid a finger
inside of her easily. She was so wet between her legs
and completely out of control. I put my hand on my cock
and stroked it to hardness as I watched. I watched as
she undid his zipper and broke their kissing so that
she fall on to her knees and lower her mouth onto his
hard wet cock. She started by kissing and licking
around it, while glancing at me with a wicked smile.

Finally, he reached down and pulled her head into his
crotch, forcing his cock into her throat. The sight of
my beautiful wife, lost in the throes of sexual excess,
was a tremendous turn on for me. My own cock was hard
and straining at my zipper. I reached down to stroke
myself through the fabric. He kept his finger in her
cunt as she slid up and down, swallowing every inch of
his meat. I watched the erection sliding in and out
between her beautiful red lipsticked lips. Her cheeks
sucked in and out as she swallowed his load, something
she never did for me. She continued to stroke and suck
his tool. He never seemed to lose his erection, just
pulled his cock from her lips and told her to bend
over. My wife slipped off her tight skirt. She wasn't
wearing anything underneath so I could see her
beautiful shaved pussy as she knelt on the seat sucking
her new friend.

She suddenly turned around and spread her legs. I saw
the guy quickly yank off his pants. He had a nice large
sized cock that was standing straight up and glistening
from my wife's licking. He roughly grabbed her hips,
pushed his hard cock into her wet pussy from the rear.
As he began stroking his cock in and out of my wife's
pussy I could hear Kim making little moaning sounds in
the back of her throat. I was really getting turned on
by this, watching another man's cock slide in and out
of my wife's freshly shaved pussy.

I couldn't believe how horny she was. She was bucking
like an a****l as he fucked her hard. Her legs were
wrapped around his waist as he thrust his manhood deep
within her. Her sweaty hair was to the side of her face
and their lips were locked in a deep, passionate kiss.
She opened her eyes and looked right at me as she
climaxed - one of a dozen I witnessed that night. I
couldn't take it. In a few strokes I shot a load of cum
all over the truck next to me.

Suddenly the john picked up the pace of his thrusting
and then I noticed his buttocks clench tight as he
began to spew his semen deep inside my beautiful bride.
I heard the guy groaning and knew he was injecting my
horny wife with a load of his own. As the first hot
blasts of the john's cum hit Kim she began to convulse
in an orgasm of her own.

I moved away from the truck thinking maybe they were
done. The next thing I knew I saw the truck begin
rocking again. When I moved in close again, I saw they
had switched position and my wife now was spread wide
with her feet pushing on the dashboard. The guy was
grinding away into her pussy and sucking on her tits. I
beat off again watching this incredible scene. By now
the bar was starting to empty out.

After five more minutes I saw her wipe herself between
her legs and straighten up. I quickly disappeared under
the truck.

As she climbed out of the tall cab of the truck
clutching her small red hand bag, her tight skirt rode
up her thigh. The trucker passed next to them whistled
at her.

"Come here baby, I have something for you to look at."
He said with a lewd grin. She approached, batted her
eyelids, and called up to the man in the cab: "That's
one hundred and fifty dollars, for full service?"

He shook his head and asked: "What about anal?'

"Fifty dollar discount, just for you tonight, baby."
She replied.

He grinned and opened the door. I saw her climb in. I
had difficulty making my way round to the other side. I
had to be quiet climbing up to look in so that he
wouldn't see me. I slowly raised my head and peeked
through the partially visible window. The stranger was
on top of Kim, fucking away. My view was unimpeded and
I could see his huge cock gliding in and out of her
tight arsehole, glistening with their juices. Her teeth
were gritted and every now and again she winced or
smiled. He had was beneath her, rubbing her clitoris
furiously, with passion as the man rapidly sodomised
her lovely round buttocks. He was crouched over her
doggie style, his hands were clasping both of her big
tits and he was pinching those thick erect.

Suddenly he groaned: "Oh God Kim, I'm cumming! Where do
you want it baby?"

"Fill my cunt!" She groaned.

With a painful moan, he pulled out in extremis and
plunged his throbbing cock rod into the hole beneath. I
noticed his balls tighten and he began thrusting extra
hard as he shot his cum into my wife's hungry cunt. She
let out a little cry of orgasmic delight as the trucker
shot his sperm all the way up her cunt and into her
sacred womb. After a few moments, she kissed him
briefly and began to dress. I moved away from the
truck. Straightening her skirt, she climbed out of the
truck. As she walked up to me half staggering and half
strutting there was no doubt in my mind that she had
enjoyed herself and the first thing she said to me was
that she was afraid that he might have worn her out.
She threw her arms around me and kissed me

I grabbed my wife and kissed her ravenously on the
mouth. She took hold of my face and pulled me hard
against her. I could taste those men on her warm wet

When we broke away she was breathing hard, almost

"Jim, you won't believe it, but I was thinking of you
every minute I was getting fucked," she said and melted
against me, "it makes it all worth it. And I know you
like it, your sweet little bitch-wife being filled by
pumping big cocks while you wait obediently. You have
been cuckolded and from the way this went, I'm sure you
will want more. My freshly fucked pussy is all
stretched out and full of cum for you." She teased,
smiling wickedly at me.

I realised that she had been the bitch and I had been
the cuckold. Willingly, I had let my wife get fucked by
several other men.

"Lets go home, Jim. I really want you," she said.

She got to the passenger door and said: "You might want
to put a towel on the seat before I sit down, I've got
a pussy full of sperm."

"What?" I asked.

"Four guys just fucked me and my pussy is full of
sperm," she replied.

"Great," I said and got a towel and spread it out on
the seat.

Kim got in and I could see that her inner thighs were
wet and slimy looking and her pussy was full by how wet
her thong was.

We reached the apartment and as soon as we got in I
took her into the bedroom, sat down on the bed, reached
out for her and brought her down on the bed. I kissed
her deeply and I felt her pelvis sway as aroused, she
rubbed her sex against me. She climbed on top of me,
straddling my mouth with her pussy. Her cunt was all
stretched out.

"Did you like those big dicks in you?" I asked.

"Mmmm. But of course, Darling. Are you sure you really
want to really do this?" She asked. "I haven't had time
to clean up since those four men sheathed their cocks
in me."

My cock grew three times harder as I buried my face
into my wife's sloppy cum filled pussy. Her pussy sure
did taste good and I told her that as long as she kept
this up she could bet on a cunnying when she got home.


The following day was uneventful but when I came home
from work that evening, my wife met me at the door in
her long raincoat. She wouldn't let me see under the
coat so I figured that something was up, maybe she
would go out with me with nothing on but the raincoat
and garter and nylons? Needless to say I was thinking
we were going to have a good night of sex and I
suspected that she would be on the game again, hooking
perhaps at a trucker stop. Little did I know how good
it would be.

I asked her where we were going, but this time again
she instructed me to just drive. So I drove. I could
see the tops of her nylons when I glanced at her. I
knew she had nothing under her coat so I tried to play
with her pussy but she pushed my hand away, saying not

Her cell phone rang and she spoke into it talking to
some women at the "agency". I asked who had called? She
said I would find out. I asked her where we were going.
She said to drive to the local Best Western motel she
had used on several other occasions. She told me to
drive around back. She got out and we went in through
the back. When she got to the top of the stairs, she
turned around and her coat was open, she pulled me to
her pussy and said that tonight she was going to give
me something she knew I had always wanted. My heart
began to race, I did not know what it was but guessed.
She had never done anything like this before but it did
not need a genius to understand what was about to

She proceeded to a room and knocked. A male voice said
to come in, which she did. Her coat was still open. To
my surprise there were four men not one, and all of
them were naked. She went to the middle of the room,
where she was met by two of the men. Tim, their leader,
came up behind her, the other, a black named Thomas, in
front. I was flabbergasted when the one in front pulled
her coat over her shoulders leaving her standing with
nothing on but a garter and nylons, and a freshly
shaved pussy. The man in front started to play with her
tits and pussy, while Tim was rubbing his cock on her
arse. She was really getting into it.

She leaned over, letting her huge breasts hang down
toward him. He began to fondle her breasts and butt.
Tim said, "Man, this white bitch sure has a nice round

Thomas responded: "Yeah, but I like these big titties.
I like 'em so much, I'm gonna fuck 'em."

Thomas stood up, unbuckled his pants, and said to Kim:
"Kneel down here and ask for what you want."

I stepped up and said: "Let's call it a night. I really
don't think she wants to this to go any farther."

Kim got down on her knees in front of Thomas, looked up
at him, and said: "Please, sir, may I suck your big
black dick?"

Thomas chuckled and said to me: "I guess you thought
wrong." Then he said to Kim: "Yeah, slut, suck my

Kim wrapped her lipstick-painted lips around his dick
and began to suck him. She moved her lips up and down
along the length of his shaft, and it began to grow as
she sucked him to an erection. Her mouth would
occasionally slip off of his dick, and she smile at
him. About the third time this happened, Thomas swung
his hips back and forth, slapping his dick against her
cheeks. This made the other guys laugh. She got it back
in her mouth and looked in his eyes as she sucked him.

Thomas said: "This slut sure loves your black dick."

She looked up at him, kissed the tip of his dick, and
said: "I love your big black boner much better than my

Thomas said: "Good, then you suck my dick while looking
at your husband."

My wife looked straight into my eyes, smiled, and
devoured Thomas' cock deep into her throat while Tim
continued to fondle her from behind. She bent over, her
wet pussy was right in front of Tim's face. She bent
over, with her legs a little bit apart, her hands on
her ankles, and looked between her legs and said: "Fuck
my pussy!"

Needless to say, Tim wasted not time. Bending over, Tim
started licking Kim's arse, getting it ready for his
big dick. He started by using his fingers. First one,
then two, then three, and finally four fingers are
going in and out of her arse. Then he took his fingers
out, moved closer behind her and inserted his big black
dick in my wife's arse. His big black hands grabbed her
tight arse, and started moving it back and forth,
fucking her very quickly. These two big, black guys
were fucking my beautiful wife in her mouth and her
are. What a sight!!!!!! They are going at it hard. Kim
was grunting. I loved the sight of that large black
cock slide in and out of my blue-eyed, blonde wife's
pussy as she squirmed with delight from the pleasure of
the black organ pumping deep inside her.

After a while, she told the two guys to go and sit on
the couch. She then knelt in front of one of the men
and proceeded to suck him off while jacking off the one
next to him. Each had extremely large dicks. It was
unbelievable to watch these enormous pricks grow as
these guys were fucking my spouse's mouth. The blacks
felt her up roughly, fingering cunt and arse, kissing
and squeezing her tits, locking and pawing. She then
moved over, grasped the next one and started sucking.
She now had a cock in her mouth and one in each hand.
Pressing her lips tightly over the head, she pulled the
first cock into her until she had the entire cock in
her throat. She sucked and bobbed on it for about
thirty seconds before withdrawing with an "mmmm" sound.
She then turned towards the other man and gave him the
same treatment. She then switched back to me again, and
started a swapping pattern of about 30 second each
until they were both extremely hard.

All the while, she was fingering her hot snatch until
they could smell her feminine arousal clearly. She did
this until she had sucked all four of the guys. This is
when I noticed a fifth man who had come out of the
bathroom. My wife introduced him and said he was going
to be the cameraman for the evening, that way I could
consecrate the moment and even show the film to Kim
when she got back. It would make her cum for years and
leave her green with envy. Maybe she would want to
repeat the experience for my enjoyment? Some how I
doubted that. Kim went over to the cameraman and knelt
in front of him. She took his cock in her mouth, it was
a most exciting sight.

She started to give him one of her famous blow jobs.
She kept sucking until I could see that the other man
was ready to cum. She started to suck harder the man
grabbed her head and began moaning, I could see cum
start to leak around his cock and down her chin. She
sucked until he was finished. Then she did something
that really startled me. She got up and came over to
me. With her lips still covered with their juices she
kissed me on my lips before saying: "Everyone will know
that the babies are not yours. Does that bother you?"

It was very unusual to taste another man's cum on her
lips, but it seemed to really turn her on. It kind of
got me excited too.

Before I could reply, Tim remarked: "I'm gonna fuck
that tight little, white little ass and stretch it out

"Man, that big cock looks like it's gonna split this
whore in half." Replied another nigger.

Tim lead her over to the bed and after he had moistened
her pussy with his tongue Kim straddled his dick with
her pussy. I was f***ed to watch helplessly as the guy
used his chunky cock to deflower my wife's not so long
ago virgin pussy with his big prick. As she climbed on
top of him, he stuck his cock in her and she proceeded
to fuck him, riding it hard. I was really getting
turned on by this, watching another man's cock slide in
and out of my wife's freshly shaved pussy. She motioned
one of the other men over and the newcomer pulled her
head toward him and she started to suck his cock. She
had one cock in her pussy, the other in the mouth. When
I thought that she could do nothing more to further
degrade herself, Kim looked over to me and said: "Get
my arse ready baby, I want one of these big fucking
cocks in my arse."

Hearing her talk so wantonly told me how turned on she
was so I proceed to loosen her asshole up, first with
one finger and then two until I had three fingers
pumping in and out of her tight little arse. When she
was good and ready a third man stepped up and placed
his hands on Kim's waist. He spat on his hand and
rubbed it on his dick and on my wife's arsehole. She
leaned forward. As she did so she reached back with
both hands and pulled her arse cheeks apart exposing
her normally tight little rose bud to be swollen and
still gapping open just a little from my recent finger

As the first guy pulled her mouth back on his dick, the
man standing behind her rubbed his cock on her anus
causing her to shiver in anticipation. I wondered if my
wife's arsehole was wet enough for him to fuck. The guy
positioned his cock at her virgin arsehole and then
crammed it in from behind. The three men fucked her
like this for several minutes. None of the guys wore
condoms. The sex sounds were so loud that it almost
hurt your ears. Then the man beneath her picked up the
pace and was soon started cumming and unloading deep
inside her pussy. This caused the two other men to cum
in her too.

When Tim pulled out, the thick white cum began to run
out of her pussy. She asked me if I liked what I saw
and I said yes, then she said I should take a closer
look. I got on the bed and put my face between her
legs, she grabbed my head and pulled it to her pussy.
For the second time and not the last I got the taste of
another man's cum, on a part of my wife's body. It was
incredibly sexy and it really turned her on. This went
on for the rest of the night as all the men took turns
fucking her. Each time I would get between her legs and
lick her clean.

The five of them proceeded to violate and fill every
one of the other orifices on her beautiful body. No
sooner had one finished filling her with spunk than
another guy took his place and fucked her. I lost count
of how many times those blacks fucked her and pumped
hot spunk into her body. My wife seemed to be enjoying
the whole experience although it was clear that she was
in a daze. Many loads of cum were pumped into her pussy
as well as her tight ass. Their abuse of my bride ended
with them cumming in her mouth and all over her
beautifully firm young tits.

In the end my wife told all the men to gather around
her, there was one in her mouth and one on each side of
her and one in her pussy. They began to fuck and jack
off and get sucked. When they were done she had cum all
over her tits, her face and her pussy. The men then
left. I was sitting there looking at her when she
kissed me with the cum still on her face. I proceeded
down her tits where I licked all the cum off of them.
For dessert I cleaned her pussy one last time. She
asked if I enjoyed myself, I told her it was great and
asked her when we could do it again. She said soon,
because she was sure the film would sell well. She
called it an experience of a lifetime. She told me that
it was the most organisms she had ever had at one time.
She told me that she had probably taken at least 20
loads of spunk either in her cunt mouth or arse.

The strange thing about it was when the DVD did came
out and I watched it a few months later, Kim starred in
it with another set of blacks. I watched the film with
growing surprise. On the bed was my naked wife,
surrounded by half a dozen equally naked black boys.
Two of them held my wife's legs wide apart as their
friend pounded his cock in and out of her pussy like
there was no tomorrow. Another stood by the side of the
bed, his huge cock in my wife's left hand as she sucked
on it greedily. She was making loud gasping and moaning
noises caused by the young boys rough and furious
fucking, only slightly muffled by the black cock that
plugged her soft mouth. I was unable to identify any of

I asked Kim to quit the game, but she evaded the
question and said that we needed the money. When she
left one evening, "to visit a friend", I searched
through her drawer and stuff. Sure enough, I did not
have to look very far to find the proof. My eyes
widened. Handcuffs, a variety of dildos and vibrators,
and several bottles of lotions and lubricants. The
drawer was packed full of stuff and I eagerly began to
leaf through it all.

I had no idea Kim was into this stuff. One unusual
dildo I found had two heads. One for the pussy and one
for the ass, I guessed. There was also several thin
little vibrators that I assumed were for purely anal
action. I closed the drawer. The second drawer appeared
to be filled with clothes. There were lycra miniskirts,
stockings, and a variety of panties. I had never seen
any of them before. I was even more amazed as I pulled
out a full french maid's outfit, and a latex nurse's

Closing that drawer, I went for the third and final
one. As it opened my eyes came to rest of a variety of
video tapes. I had never known my wife liked to watch
porn either, but I was beginning to realize that there
was a lot about the 'new' Kim that I didn't know. There
was also a stack of what appeared to be business cards.
They were for "Candy –VIP e****t".

I was convinced both girls where now whores turning
tricks. My wife was on the game pulling cocks and
stuffing her pussy with every male who wanted.. I can
tell by the way Kim dresses in short tight clothes and
the way she acts. She is a slut on the prowl with no
panties on and she makes sure that I get to see her
cunt with each step before she leaves the house. When
Kim gets back from secretive disappearances she
practically demands that I go down on her.

The first time she came home late at night I was
taking a bath. She went straight into the bedroom and
began disrobing, taking off her dress and hanging up on
the back of the bedroom door. Unclipping her lacy bra
and slipping it off, she looked at her bruised breasts
in the reflection of the bedside mirror. Hands moving
up, Kim flicked her nipples with her thumbs, shivering
from the tingling sensations that were created as she
recalled how avidly her last lover had sucked upon

"Oh, God!" she groaned as she noticed several hickey
marks on the undersides of each breast.

Peeling off her panties and stepping out of them, Kim
picked them up to gaze at the copious amount of cum
coating the crotch band. Fingers squeezing the front of
the crotch band, she could feel the squishing of the
thick cum through the silky material. Opening it back
up, she slowly moved her other hand near the sticky
mess, then dipped her thumb and index finger into the
goo to feel its texture. Rubbing the sticky fluid onto
her other fingers, Kim then brought her hand up to her
face and inhale the strong odor of male cum. Looking at
her reflection in the mirror, Kim swallowed and spoke
to her reflection.

"You whore! You let another man fuck you today! You let
another man cum in you! Worst yet, you had the best
orgasm that you've ever had in your life!"

Disgusted with herself, she then rubbed her cum-coated
fingers about her chin and upper lip. "You cheap
fucking whore!" She chastised herself as she now
brought the crotch band and wiped its filthy contents
about her face.

"There you are, darling," I said as I came in.

Turning towards me, she lifted up her short dress to
reveal that she had left her panties off. I stared into
her pussy fringed with jet-black hair. It is obvious
that she has been fucked very recently. Her pussy
looked really puffy, as though it had recently seen a
lot of robust action. I could see drops of white at the
entrance, and her pussy hair was matted.

"It's full of cum I'm afraid," Kim had announced
somewhat superfluously. "They paid extra to come
unprotected in my pussy. Perhaps you would like to get
down and clean it for me now."

I had hesitated, and felt Kim grab the back of my head,
as she pulled me to her pussy and ordered me to suck.
Tentatively, I leaned forward and began to lick her.

"Oh look," she said, as I lapped away at her. "See how
greedily you ate that cum. I think you must have been
born for this. You certainly weren't born to fuck," she
observed and laughed at me. "Suck all of that lovely
cum out of me," she ordered. "Those men went to a lot
of trouble putting eight loads into me last night, and
another just ten minutes ago. God, I was fucked rigid.
I have never had such fabulous sex in all my life.
Compared to that, cum sucking is all you are fit for."

Now she literally walks into our house, no kiss, no
conversation, and grabs my hair and pushes my face into
her slimy crotch so I can get the full taste of her
present, a snatch filled with creamy. Patty grabbed my
hair and directed my mouth to her slimy crotch. I love
it when her snatch is just oozing cum. I've often been
aroused by the thought of cumming in Kim and then
eating her out but after I cum my body usually just
gives out. Once I'm on the couch she f***es me to lie
down and eat her - her pussy is already soaked - after
she pulls her skirt up. She can come twice, not letting
me up for air for at least half an hour. This allows
her to 'wash' herself of her day's work. Kim says that
knowing I will eat her cream filled pussy makes sex
with her male friends all that much better. She also
loves having me eat her when she is filled with cum
because, as she says, my face just glides across her

Kim makes me eat her for as long as her skin can handle
the contact because she is concerned about getting
pregnant with the punter's funk and I love to feel her
buck and grind as I eat her. They don't use condoms so
she has something to bring home to me. My sucking her
is a form of natural birth control and I think being a
good cuckold husband is an art that has to be

She has started taking her work home. I have come back
repeatedly to find her fucking some john in our bed,
finding spent condoms or sperm on the bed. She kisses
me after to make up for it and I usually have sex with
her to show her that I still love her too.

The yearnings and habits formed by sex and d**gs would
not go away. After three days, my wife came in wearing
a black sleeveless dress with a leopard print belt,
black crotch less pantyhose, leopard print backless
high heels, black bra, and no panties. She told me that
she had needed some d**gs and her black dealer, Bob,
had asked her to do a small favor in exchange. She
smiled when she told me that they barely exchanged any
words, they both knew what was wanted. She said they
kissed for a while on the chair and Bob lifted her
dress to finger her cunt.

While Bob remained sitting on the chair, my wife lifted
her dress and lowered herself on to his erect cock. She
was facing him and they kissed and hugged in this
position for a short while. Bob then stood and carried
my wife toward the bed in the adjoining room while she
was still impaled on his cock! What a sight that must
have been, her legs wrapped around her lover while he
walked her toward the bed, his cock buried in her cunt.
They wound up on the floor at the foot of the bed.
Because it was a quickie and she knew I her husband was
waiting, my wife kept all her clothes on.

Bob fucked her doggie style on the floor and merely
pulled her dress up around her waist. Bob did not wear
a rubber, but pulled out as he came. He shot his load
on her ass and back, but some of his cum got on her
dress. She mentioned this to me, but she didn't realize
how much there was. It wasn't until the next day that I
found his dried cum on the outside back of her dress!
She walked around the rest of the night oblivious to
the fact that so much of her lover's cum had sprayed on
her dress.

Meanwhile Kim had gone back to full time work. She
insisted on having as many cocks between her legs as
she could manage. She is a real hard working girl,
fucking sometimes six to ten times in the evening. I
have told her not to take her work home but that does
not seem to have any effect.


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