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Meeting With Mark part 1

Meeting With Mark . Part 1
It had been six months since our holiday in Thailand where we had had our sexual adventure with Mark and Lamai . Our sex life had got back to routine during the months following our return , the memories of our first introduction to swapping fading away as the winter nights crept in and the more familiar weekly quickies on a Saturday night becoming the norm ‘ .
We had said very little about our holiday encounter after we returned home but the memory of watching another man thrusting his hard cock into my wife’s wet pussy was an image fixed in my mind, an image I long to see again .
So it came as a pleasant surprise when we had just both got home from work one night we received a phone call from Mark saying he was in England on business and would we like to meet up for a meal . Karen got very excited and asked to speak to Mark on the phone . She was chatting away as if it were a long lost friend and I started to think of her and him together that hot night in Chang Mai , the sight of his long hard cock sliding in and out of her sweet cunt as she sat astride of him , the sheer excitement I had felt at that moment and the most wonderful come gushing orgasm that had followed .
We arranged to meet with Mark the following Saturday night and booked a nice country hotel in a village near to the town he was staying in . Karen was liked a changed women , she suddenly had sprung back to life , hardly hiding her excitement she said how nice it was Mark had called and asked us to dinner and how nice it would be to see him again .
She asked if I was disappointed he had not bought Lamai to England, I said a little but I admitted that it was watching her and Mark that had thrilled me more than anything else. She said she knew that and gently kissed me on the lips her hand had moved on to my hardening cock . Would you like to see that again she asked ? My cock hard now to her touch. I would said, very much. Karen eased my trousers down, pushed my shorts over my thighs and I felt her soft hand around my cock. Mmm so I see she said her hand running up and down the length of my hard dick . Would you enjoy me doing this to Mark again she asked ? My fingers touching his cock, slowly rubbing it, watching me getting him hard? My red fingernails gently feeling his balls, teasing the come from his hard cock? Her voice was a whisper now; I could feel her hot breath against my neck, her tongue licking the underside of my chin. My cock was rock hard at the thought of her wanking Marks long member, the pre come was oozing from my penis; she rubbed it on her fingers and gently fed into my mouth. Tell me what I can do to him she said, would you allow me to suck his cock? Would you like me to do that to him? Put his hard dick in to my mouth and suck the come from his balls? Oh yes I said , I would love to see you doing that , sucking his big dick , watching him coming in your mouth .My balls were filling now , I could hardly contain the feeling of spunk about to make its journey of excitement through my urethra . Karen took her hand from my cock just in time, she stood in front of me and lifted her skirt to reveal her black panty hosed legs, her white knickers visible through the nylon, the sweet folds of her fleshy hips pressing against the nylon, the seams of her pantyhose leading my eyes to the region of her juicy cunt hole.
Karen pulled down her pantyhose and knickers as far as her knees and took of her skirt, still wearing her high heels she allowed her fingers to reach through her wispy cunt hair and touch her beautiful wet slit. She let out a little moan and I eased forward towards her. No! She said I want you to watch , while you come for me , thinking about Mark fucking me , putting his cock into me and fucking me hard , hearing me moan as his fucking dick rubs my pussy lips , his come filling my cunt till it drips out and runs over my thighs .
I was getting close to coming now ,the thought of Karen been pounded by Marks cock and the vision of his creamy spunk running out of her sweet pussy was making my head spin with pleasure . I watched as Karen thrust back her head, her blonde hair tossed back as she rubbed her fingers harder into her vagina. I could hear the wet clicking noises her cunt juices were making as she wanked her clitoris button, watching as her red painted fingernails disappeared inside her dripping love slit. Oh god I coming !! She gasped oh god, fuck! Fuck! Karen’s whole body shook in anticipation as her orgasm began to take over, her beautiful legs and strong fleshy thighs stiffening as her jerks become more f***eful and intermittent. I could see her sticky cunt juices glistening on her fingers, her hairy mound pushing forward as the last throes of violent orgasm sent sensations into her stomach. Her breasts were pressing against her white blouse, her buttons had come undo and I could see the sweet curves of her milky white titties pushing to find a way out of her black lacy bra.
She shuddered as her fingers moved from her vagina, her legs looked so shapely in her black court shoes, her fingers moved to her mouth, her red lips parted as she placed them inside and licked off all her sweet smelling pussy juice.
I want you to come for me now she said , come all over my pussy , my pussy Mark has just fucked , his filthy cream dripping out of me , I want you to add yours .
I got up my trousers dropping down to my ankles and stood in front of her wanking my cock , the fever of my lust taking over my brain , an electric shock running along my shaft as I pushed forward to be nearer to her wet love hole . I was wanking hard , never taking my eyes from her cunt , her beautiful cunt , her beautiful blonde hairy pubes , her sweet slit hiding behind them , her strong thighs , her legs all the way down to her high heels , I knew I had to realise my love jet , I could feel it hot and ready to explode from my shaft .
Karen had reached down and taken her panty liner from her tights, I heard the rip of the Velcro and she opened it up, a little stain running down its length, some darker in places, a perfect replica of her slit embroidered on its material. Mmm...She said would you like to smell my cunt she asked. Oh god yes I whimpered..It’s all my juices from when Marks was talking on the phone earlier and I want to share them with you , I want you to know how wet I was thinking about him fucking my cunt while you were watching us ,wanking your cock . She placed the the pad under my nose and I took in a deep breath , the familiar scent of her cunt filling my nostrils , a mix of stale and sweet perfume filling my nose and mouth with all the filth of her womanly secretions .
This was all too much for my hard cock , my thick creamy come escaped from my penis as I pushed myself forward , panting as thrill off my come rushed through my dick , gasping for breath only to find the my head filled with the exciting mixture of Karen’s panty liner taking my orgasm to a level of uncontrollable fulfilment . My come splashed onto Karen’s cunt sticking to her pubis , great lumps of the thick creamy mixture covered her white thighs and dripped onto her black shoes . My cock rubbed against her protruding belly leaving a shining trail of my fluid across her pale flesh as the last droplets of come seeped from my throbbing hot member .
My cock still hard and electric spasms causing my scrotum to leap up and down Karen’s fingers teased the end of my dick as she kissed my lips ,her tongue darting into my mouth . My glans head was sore and the sticky fluid was still dripping from its hole . Karen’s hand reached down to my balls, her fingernails gently scratching the underside of my scrotum . Did you enjoy that darling she asked. Yes I said it was fantastic . I love you very much you know , I will only ever love you . I love you too , more than anything I said . I would never do anything to hurt you I only want to please you said Karen . I know that I replied ...and don’t worry it would please me very much......

To be continued .......

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