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The night i swang both ways

was working on contract in this small town about 100 miles from my home, was 24 at the time and was care free. Was the first friday I was on this job, came home from the factory threw on some porn, had a quick wank, into the shower and then out for a few beers. Was only six or seven pubs in this place and it seemed a pretty quiet place, walked into this bar and it was crammed with young men and women, there was some fine ass pussy in this place, every second woman was wearing a mini skirt and every other was wearin a tank top, tits and ass everywhere. Found a seat at the bar, ordered two shorts and a beer, knecked one short, swig on the beer, then knecked the other short. "someone is out to get fucked up tonight" I heard from my right, his name was Tim, he had a tanned complection, piercing blue eyes and a real cool smile, now i aint gay or ever doughted my sexual orientation but this guy was hot. I said "no man just your standard Friday night", he introduced himself and sat in next to me, he had big strong forearms, and a massive bulge at his crotch, I was attracted to this guy, I never found that before or since but I wanted this guy. As we sat downing short one after short one sluggin on beer, goin to the toilet occasionally to do lines of coke, I also found this guy very interesting, a good drinking buddy who definitely was not gay, when I think back to that night both of us emphasised as to how hetro we were. We must of had twenty or so girls up talking to us, but neither of us seemed really that interested in them, strangely cos I love pussy, maybe it was the drink or the d**gs but I felt something, some sort of friction between Tim and I, I really couldn't put my finger at what it was. It wasnearing closing time and I suggested it was time for me to go, I didnt have a jacket nor did Tim, so we just made our way to the door, out onto the street we stumbled, maybe it was the air, but I suddenly felt so fucking horny, Tim said he had to take a piss as we approached this dark alley to our right, "me too" I replied, I was semi hard, we walked down the alley maybe twenty yards,I had butterflies, Tim stopped and opened his zipper and undid his top button, I did likewise, Tim reached over and grabbed my cock, "not bad" he said, I reached over and grabbed his cock, oh my god it was huge, I wanted it in my mouth, so I got down on my knees and gobbled that cock down, now I didnt know how to give head, but I knew how I liked it, I flicked his trobbing head with my tongue, then gobbled that big veiny cock right down, I knew I wasn't doing too bad as I heard him moan, I was wanking my own cock as I sucked on his bad boy. "My turn said Tim, and fuck me he knew what he was doin, "I never done anything like this before" he said, "doin a pretty good job" I said he was deep troathing me and fuck it was hot, he stood up and I grabbed his cock again, and started wanking him off as hard as I could, he did likewise, I wanted him to come in my mouth but the wank he was giving me was just so good, He was moaning deeper and deeper, he was close, Iwanted to taste his cum, then there it was his big hot load came spewing out all over my lower stomach and hand, I was just about to do the same, when I felt his cum on me my cum just accelerated up my shaft and all over his hand an cock, I wiped it all down his thick shaft and that was it I let go of his cock and he mine, we buttoned up our trousers and just laughed we walked back out that ally, still laughing and went our seperate ways, I was kinda ashamed, but proud that I had experimented with another guy, but wanted to make sure I wasnt gay, so went back to my apartment, got on the net and looked for a hooker in the area, phoned an agency, and they were all booked out, she asked me where I was and she gave me a number of a woman who lived nearby. I phoned her, her name was Tania, and Tania lived in the same apartment block, and I was her first customer of the night. Iasked her if Icould eat some pussy, she said no probs, I popped a viagra, got a shower, when I was just finished drying myself the buzzer went, I opened the door and there she was, wearing hi-heels and a brown trench coat, she stepped inside, I was just wearing a towel, the viagra had kicked in, I was starting to trob, "looks like you are ready for me", as she dropped her coat to the floor, "oh ye", guys and gals she was fucking stunning, had the most perfect tits, shaved pussy and a big ass, just what I needed to, I started chewing on her fat clit, "this is strange for me, usually I'm the one given the oral", "not tonight baby" I went ta town on that pussy and Tania was loving it, I even licked her ass hole, yes I licked a hookers clit and ass, but ya gotta understand I just wanted to make sure, she offered to give me head, I said later I just wanted to fuck her and fuck her good, I trusted mt trobbing cock into her, and for a hooker she was tight, there was no taken it slow or anything I straight up started thrusting in and out of that fat pussy, holding her legs over my shoulders, she was screaming to orgasm and I was close to cuming too, she roared as an orgasm ran through her body, I pulled my cock out of her ripped off the condom and sprayed all over her tits, the only attention I had paid for them so far, she sucked my knob dry, I was still trobbing, "lets go again"I bent her over and slid inside her from behind, she was even tighter from back here, I was goin with even faster momentum thaan the last time, smacking her ass occasionly, she'd let a little scream, you love the dick i'd ask, you love pussy oh I love pussy i'd say, and with that I came again this time all down her back in in her ass crack, can I have a break this time she giggled, oh ye, oh ye so we lit a couple of joints and I took out the coke, we had a line each and a couple of drags of the joints, we got chatting and she told me she had never been fucked so intensly before, I sat on the end of the bed with my back to her and explained what had gone on earlier in the night, I told her all about Tim and how hot and horny I got when he came and how it felt giving him head, when I turned around she was palying with her pussy and fingerfing herself aggresively, "wanna go again" uh huh she explained, so I fucked that pussy again and again and again and once in the ass that morning until I passed out with exhaustion. I woke up the next morning and on the dresser was the monry I had left for Tania with a note on it "next time you suck or jerk off some guys cock, gimme a call"

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