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A Trip to the Beach

I had known Stacy for about three years, but I had never known about her little secret. That day when it was revealed changed everything for me, and for Stacy too. We were the greatest of friends, spending almost all our time together. We had come as close to each other as lovers but as two women, neither one of us ever made a move.

My tale begins during the heart of beach season. It was a beautiful sunny day. I had suggested to Stacy that we take a trip to the beach and enjoy some sun and sea. But Stacy told me she didn’t own a bathing suit. The perfect excuse for shopping. I could have kissed her.

‘I think, with your shape, a really skimpy bikini would look great!’ I told her, my cheeks flushing a bright crimson.

‘I don’t know about me,’ Stacy replied. ‘But I know one would look great on you!’
I flushed again.

Stacy had always been shy about her body. In all the years I had known her she had never been as adventurous with her style as I was. But that was going to change. I was sure of that as I pictured my friend in a nice string bikini. My mind filled with the images of getting her home and pulling her out of it too.

I could feel myself blushing again.
‘So…’ Stacy said in a coy manner. ‘Where’s the best place to grab a cool costume?’

‘I know a place,’ I smiled my most devilish smile, knowing she was picking up the not-so-subtle hints I was throwing her way.

I scooped up my keys off the table, subconsciously counting each one as I did. Already I could feel the moisture building between my legs. I felt alive, exhilarated. Hoping my scent wasn’t evading my moistening panties. Just the thought of seeing my long time friend’s beautiful body excited me.
Right then I wondered if Stacy felt the same. Sadly, she just looked nervous, chewing on her bottom lip.

‘Come along then Stace. Let’s get going,’ I said, trying to keep things light.

‘Right behind you Kelly,' Stacy called back as she fetched her cute pink jacket from the coat rack. The one that hugged her breasts perfectly, showing them off for the world to see.

She quickly repositioned her skirt, nervously glancing at me, hoping I hadn’t noticed.

That was it! I thought she had just given me a sign of her mutual attraction. She was moistening too!

* * * *

Arm in glorious arm we made our way to my car. It wasn’t a flashy automobile, but it was reliable. And what more did a gal need than something reliable. Stacy took her place in the passenger seat, while I slipped in behind the steering wheel. Clicking my seatbelt into its clip, I started the engine and we were off.

* * * *

I drove us to the store. From the outside it looked like a normal store. The promotional posters, while meant to look flashy, had been bleached by the excessive sun but they were still slightly attractive, as were the cute little outfits worn by the store dummies. Those were the outfits us normal girls could never wear.

From the outside Stacy seemed unimpressed. I took her arm again, and led her through the electronic doors. Her mouth fell open at the inner size. It looked like an elegant palace filled with the gowns of a million princesses. Stacy was dumbstruck with awe.

Lightly taking her hand, I led her down the steps into the main store. There were dresses, skirts, tops of all varieties, blouses, lingerie, daily wear. Stacy clearly had never seen so many choices grouped into one place. Or at least had never seen so many clothes that she wanted all at once.

I ignored the general clothes and led her to the back of the store, where the bathing suits were kept. And there were so many choices: bikini’s, cami sets, tankinis. So many options. So little time. I grabbed at a very skimpy black bikini set, almost no skin covered. Stacy was a little more conservative, going for a more common bra and brief set. I picked out a nice summer dress to wear over the bathing suit. A small flowing red number with all the tight curves. Stacy’s eyes lit up in admiration of my tastes for her. She pulled me out a short white dress. Very innocent looking. I held the dress against myself with the costume I chose underneath it. The thin white material gave away my choice perfectly. What a combo!

Now Stacy was taking the lead, guiding me roughly over to the dressing rooms. Obviously anxious to get me into my new outfit. I rushed ahead myself, just as anxious to see Stacy in hers, and maybe see her get into it too.

‘Want to share?’ I asked when our path ended by the dressing rooms.

The confirmation of Stacy’s attraction came when after a nervous moment she said yes and we clambered into the largest of the cubicles. Once the plastic door was shut, I felt Stacy’s lips lock themselves onto mine, her kiss reaching into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around Stacy’s back, pulling her beautiful body closer. Stacy’s subtle hands pulled at my top, lifting it carefully over my head, revealing my pink bra.

Stacy lowered her mouth to kiss my now erect nipples through the soft fabric. My inner moisture increased again, soaking my panties. I pushed myself closer, softly moaning my satisfaction.

I let my hand go to Stacy’s sexy mound, rubbing at her skirt. She pushed down onto my hand, her mouth kissing back up my breasts.

Everything I had wanted from Stacy lay beneath this skirt. No matter what I had to do to get it off, I wanted to see the hidden beauty of the girl I had waited three years to get. My hands went to her hips, slowly pushing at the elastic waistband, forcing the skirt down. She wriggled her hips, trying to stop me, she went for my hands. I kissed her harder, she let the skirt drop past her hips, revealing to me her secret. Stacy was a guy!

I jumped back. Completely surprised. I didn’t know how to react, my heartbeat was racing. And then I noticed what my body was doing. My moisture had jumped up a few notches, my pulse was racing, my breaths shallow and short. Oh my god, I was leaning back in to kiss her again. As I placed my lips back onto Stacy’s I pushed my skirt down over my hips and stepped out of it as it cascaded to the floor. I held my new lover in my arms.

My hands were soon cupping Stacy’s buttocks. My fingers tracing her crack, reaching for her perfectly puckered hole as her cock grew against me. She reached around and deftly unclipped my bra, slipping it down my arms and letting my petite breasts fall free. This was most unfair I thought. She had my breasts and I didn’t have hers. This was a situation that had to be sorted out.
While I focused her attention on kissing me, I worked my hands down her blouse, undoing each button, pulling the cotton garment open to reveal her sexy blue bra and its beautiful contents.

Stacy could stand no more. She was really rubbing her length against me, allowing the friction to pleasure her. Deciding I had to help I started to kiss my way down her super sexy body. I left her bra on, placing my kisses around the blue material, and carried on down past her stomach towards her bulging blue panties. I pulled them to the side, allowing her erect cock to fall into my ready hand. I placed another sensitive kiss to Stacy’s body before I slipped her twitching little friend into my anxiously waiting mouth.

The moment I wrapped my lips around Stacy’s warm cock I knew this was a first for her. The way she held herself was nervous, yet attentive, trying to memorise every action. I allowed more of her cock to slip into my mouth, taking all of it that I could, my tongue running around its outside. Stacy, driven at this point by sheer pleasure curled her fingers into my hair, gently tugging it as she pulled me further onto her. I had opened the cork on feelings she had never before expressed. Holding her balls in my hand, I feel Stacy suddenly tighten up, I knew what was coming and I sucked harder while I pulled her panties all the way to the ground.

Just as I got the juicy goodness I wanted Stacy pulled her cock away from me. Gently, yet with great command, she pulled me to my feet.

‘Not yet," she whispered, kissing me again, pressing me back up against the dressing room wall. She ran her tongue over my nipples, taking one into her mouth, and kissing it with the same passion she had shown my lips.

Her hands led my panties down my legs while her kisses worked their way lower, across my abdomen, lower, past my waist, lower, over my trimmed blonde pubes to my glistening hole beneath. Nervously her tongue ran over my pussy lips. My thighs trembled at her careful touch, but I longed for so much more.

‘Don’t think so much,’ I told her. ‘Just go with the flow.’ I was going to wish I hadn’t said that.

Almost at once, Stacy’s nervous technique vanished. She had become a woman possessed. If I hadn’t have known otherwise, I’d have said she been licking pussy since the cradle. I had been waiting to get my friend here for three years, the only person to get my cum in that time was me. I was saving it for Stacy exclusively.

Stacy switched between tonguing and fingering my pussy. God her technique was mind blowing. I couldn’t even find words to warn her what was coming. All my efforts were on keeping quiet, or just not getting too loud. Stacy got ferocious at my clit. She had obviously been wanting to get at my pussy as much I wanted her to. I moaned again softly, muffled by my fist crammed into my mouth, only just in time.

Before I had chance to let my hand down and pull Stacy further into me, she climbed back up to kiss me. I could taste my own salty juices on her lips, she offered it to me off her tongue. How could I refuse?

She leant in and kissed my neck. Her cock brushed against my pubes as she did. Her touch was electric. I wanted so badly to slip her into my pussy. But I held back.

Luckily for me, Stacy had the same idea. She bowed slightly, her hand pushed her cock forward, and lifted it into my pussy. She lifted my arms above my head, holding them in place, restricting my movement on my part. Once inside Stacy stopped. This I could tell was another first for her. I gave her a moment to enjoy the sensation, then, staring into her eyes, I clamped my pussy around her cock, and f***ed myself further onto her.

Driven by my desire, Stacy gave me a full thrust of her manly weapon. I gasped as her length filled my pussy, and pushed down to meet her. She gave me another thrust, and kept them coming. I couldn’t hold it anymore, my pleasure started to sound between my bated breaths, Stacy was the same. Neither of us were doing a very good job at staying discreet.

Someone knocked on the door. It was the store’s young clerk.

‘Are you ladies okay in there?’ she asked.

‘We’re fine, thanks!’ Stacy and I called out in unison, hoping the clerk hadn’t heard too much.

We didn’t move again until we heard her footsteps leading her away from us.

‘That was close,’ Stacy giggled.

‘I know,’ I giggled back as I felt my arousal spike suddenly. Almost getting caught was the ultimate turn on.

Stacy began to pick up speed again. Her energy doubled, and focused on bringing me to ecstasy. She got faster and faster until she reached a speed she could maintain comfortably. My cum was still flowing freely, running down Stacy’s cock and over her balls. She pushed harder and faster, using my cum as a lubricant to push in deeper.

With a slight groan muffled by my breast Stacy shot a hot load of sperm into my soaking pussy. Our juices merge inside me mixed by Stacy’s pumping and dripping back past my slippery entrance and running down our legs.

Continuing to push until the last of her own cum was expelled, Stacy and I collapsed onto the floor of the dressing room. We had engorged ourselves on each other’s love and gotten quite messy in the process. All of a sudden I was glad I had packed a set of towels for our trip to the beach.

‘Here you go,’ I said as I offered one to her. She took it graciously, giving me a quick kiss in return.

A couple of minutes later, dried off and regaining our composure, Stacy and I got redressed. We gave each other another few gentle kisses. Her hands brushed my ass, squeezing gently while I cupped her lovely balls.

The attendant was coming back again, we heard her stilettos clacking against the floor, coming closer.

We hurried ourselves out of the dressing room, completely forgetting about the swimwear we had picked up. Left the store with a knowing smile on our lips and made straight for home.

We never did go back for that swimwear, but we had a lot of fun once we got home again.

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