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My 18 yo ex gf, her bf and me

A couple years ago, I met Kendra a short while after she turned 18. She is superrrr cute, beautiful body, long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and has a sweet innocent face. I soon found out she wanted to lose that innonence really bad! The first time we had sex was her first time with anyone, she was shy yet a bit aggressive. She begged me to "come all over her face". It was a long distance relationship, so I'd go see her for long weekends, and we always had fun watching porno and fucking. We got off talking about have a 3 some with another girl or guy, and the things we wanted to do. The strain of being apart took its toll, and sadly we broke up - she had found a guy her own age (19 or 20). I was about 37 then. But....she didn't want to let me go. She kept telling me that she still wanted and loved me. I said you can't have your cake and eat it too. So she said "are you sure about that? Remember all our fantasies about another girl or guy? Maybe you wanna come see me, Isaac seems like he might be open to that". I hopped on a plane the next weekend, after thinking about it all week, and thinking about what fun it would be. I'd always wanted to see her get banged reallly hard, like she another dude. When I got to her hotel room, Isaac wasn't there yet..she hadn't exactly told him what was going down. We had some drinks and in about an hour he knocked at the door. She asked me to step into the bathroom while she talked to him. So he comes in and was like "why are you in a hotel"? Kendra said, baby I have a little surprise for you I hope you're not mad...well how could he be, she was laying on the bed with only a t shirt on, and playing with a big vibrator, pushing it hard in and out of her tiny little pussy. He got undressed, thinking the surprise was just her new toy. As I watched from the door, he stripped and his massive cock jumped out (well, now I could see a reason eh?). He stood by the side of the bed and she grabbed the huge cock and starting sucking it like it was the last dick on earth. She was chocking and drooling over it, giving him a really good time so he'd be cool with what was to come. He was leaning back with his eyes closed moaning when I came out. She motioned for me to quietly come over and stand next to him. She kept her hand on his massive hard on, and started sucking me. He heard the slurping and his eyes popped open and he was like wtf! She said, this is your surprise, you're going to get to see me have the best fuck and suck fest of my 18 years. He glanced at me and shrugged...kinda smiled even and said why not lets do it. She shoved my cock back into her mouth and did her best to squeeze Isaac's in too. We were both pumping hard, and she took a lot of dick..sucking alternately and then she'd ram both of them in, her hand stroking our rock hard cocks together while they were covered with saliva in her mouth. She seemed to get frustrated that she couldn't get in as much dick in her mouth at once as she wanted so she directed us to lie down together "scissors" style, so that we were "cock to cock". She got a huge grin on her face and said "these two big fucking dicks are mine today! And I'm gunna do with them what I want to!" With the cocks together she stroked them seperately and then together, going down every few strokes and getting both as far in her mouth as she could. Isaac was so turned on he started to cum, so Kendra squeezed his cock to stop it, but got some cum out first....she smiled and used the cum to lube up both our cocks and rubbed the tips, then the whole cocks together, giggling all the time. Then she sucked them clean together...long hard sucks both in her mouth at once. Then it was time to fuck my little ex slut. I remained laying down on the bed while Isaac went around to her ass, and just plunged his big dick into that tiny pussy...... in and out and in and out he shoved it. Her eyes were glazed over from the hard fucking as she sucked me deep very rapidly. She was in heaven. Then Kendra yelled "switch guys", so she could taste her pussy on Isaac's cock and give me a turn fucking that tight cunt. It was just fucking awesome...all the moaning and her yelling things for us to do to her..."grab my tits, slap my ass, shove that dick in HARDER...". We were about to switch again because she wanted to taste some fresh wet pussy, but then it was time for me to introduce my fantasy. I told Isaac to stay there, and told Kendra to climb on top of his cock (reverse cowgirl) facing me at her feet. First of course I had to kneel next to Isaacs dick so she could suck us together one more time. The she climbed on him, he shoved his slippery cock in her hole, and started fucking her hard. I got between their legs as she watched smiling, and rammed my rod into her pussy along with his. He groaned and said holy fuck ... holy fuck that feels awesome! She was enjoying it so much her eyes seemed to roll back into their sockets as we both slammed her pussy HARD. The sounds alone were incredible...two hot hard slippery dicks in her pussy, pumping and pumping in her and against eact other. I slapped her tits while we pumped and she begged me to keep at it. I felt her cunt tighten up and she started to scream that she was gunna cum.....that set us all off...the friction of Isaac's and my cock rubbing inside her little teen pussy, and her screaming for more was all we could take. I first felt him shoot...HARD...and felt his hot cum lubricate our mutual hole even more. 3 seconds and I was next with his dick still inside her, and her screaming that she was coming and trembling. I shot my cum in her pussy too, and when we pulled out our dicks were covered in our cream and in her cum. She was out of breath but wasted no time getting down there and licking and sucking our cocks. There was cum all over her face and mouth and she loved it.

We all decided how great it was but Isaac and I were spent for a few. Kendra said she had a taste for wine, and threw on some shorts and a t to go down to the hotel bar and grab a bottle. Isaac and I had a couple beers cuz she was taking a little longer than we thought, so we turned on some porn to hopefully get ready for more fucking. Welll, about 20 minutes later she comes in with the wine, and said "I KNOW you won't mind, but I found Mike alone at the bar so I bought him back to have a "drink" with us. Mike and Isaac looked at each other, and I knew this had been planned. He was gunna fuck her with another guy anyway! We drained the wine, and having stripped again during drinking...asked Kendra if she was ready for 3 cocks! She laughed and said she thought she could take 4! I said sooo Mike, you know people here go get her another friend. He left, and while he was gone the 4 of us played around a little, mostly just sucking and pussy eating. They soon returned, and Kendra seemed finally a little nervous but she said lets stick with what I know best.....double sucking and double fucking! Me and Isaac laid down on the floor in the cock to cock scissors, while Mike and his friend Eric lined up the same way perpendicular to us a few feet away. Kendra was shoving that vibrator halway up to her mouth watching us prep she was she fucking excited. Then she slowly squatted over Mike and Erics cocks, and slid them both into her already stretched and wet cum filled pussy. The sounds they made really turned all of us on. She fucked both cocks like that, and then wanted to taste them. She turned around and sat on me and Isaac's cocks the same way...both in her pussy..and started bouncing up and down on them. Holy fuck that was great but what we were about to see was gunna be the icing.....she leaned forward, with our cocks still in her pussy, and starting sucking Mike and Eric together. Their cocks were fucking porn star large...but she managed to fit almost half of each in her mouth. Then she reached back to get some juice from her double-cocked pussy and rubbed their dicks with it for taste. I looked down, and in the mirrored closet, and saw a fucking dream come true. Kendra, the hottest 18 year old ever, between two pairs of scissored guys...sucking on pair of cocks together, and getting rammed hard by the two other like paired dicks. Two cocks together in her mouth, and two cocks together in her pussy.

We did all kinds of variations of this all night, and Kendra ate a lot of cum (what wasn't used for lube). I can't wait to see Kendra and Isaac again. Next time she promised to bring a few couple friends......:)

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