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The Birth of a Slut part II

Part II

Now you have to remember this was many years ago, 19 to be exact. Some things I remember exactly and some are a bit fuzzy. My b*****r slapping my belly and telling me to “open up and suck it slut” I remember exactly, the sting of the slap as well as the sting of the words. I also remember him forcing me to swallow his load, ok so there really wasn’t much f***e. I also remember that before that load was half way down my throat, my other b*****r Wayne, was kneeling at my face ready to take a turn. He slapped my face with his cock but never said a word, he didn’t have to, I knew what he wanted and I opened my mouth to give it to him.
Mind you, at this point I was still a virgin, I had rubbed myself many times, but I never had the courage to put my fingers inside, or anything else for that matter. That was all about to change. I have been told that the entire time I was sucking Bill and swallowing that first load, my hands were going crazy on my crotch. As I turned my head to start sucking of my other b*****r, I felt someone pulling my legs apart. Andy had stripped down and was crawling between my legs. I started to push him away but a sharp slap on my tits ended that thought. With no fanfare, no gentleness, no foreplay he simply started forcing his cock in my hairless cunt. I know I was wet but it still took him a few tries before he shoved his dick balls deep inside of me. I remember I cried out in pain, but the sound was muffled by Wayne’s dick in my mouth, I also remember that the pain was very short lived. Andy started stroking in and out of me and I matched his strokes on Wayne’s dick. It wasn’t but a few minutes and both guys were cumming. Wayne pulled his cock out and shot his load all over my face and as he was doing it I remember his saying “this is how they do the whores in the movies.” Andy just thrust in as deep as he could and filled me with his sperm.

I was disappointed because I was close to cumming myself, but I didn’t have to wait but a second before Todd had taken Andy’s place. It didn’t take him anytime to fill me with meat and fill he did. At the time I would have sworn his dick was 2 feet long and a foot around. I later learned that it was a respectable 9” but to a 13 year old virgin, it was huge and hot. This time it was me who popped off in a second. I must have started screaming or moaning or something because one of them slapped me hard and told me to shut the fuck up. That slap only intensified my orgasm to the point where I sort of passed out.

After a few minutes I sat up. The boys had all put shorts on but I sat there still nude, cum dripping from my face and oozing from my cunt. They had started hitting the bong again and one of them offered me a hit. I took the bong but Billy said “wipe the cum off your face first you little slut.” The name calling didn’t bother me. I was actually quite proud that they considered me a slut. They were always talking about the girls they liked and calling them slut, whore, bitch or some other name. I felt like a grown up. So I wiped my mouth and got stoned for the first time that night.

When the bowl was empty, I asked now what? Wayne told me they needed a minute to think. Then he told me to go “wash the slut off your body and be back here in 30 minutes. I reached for the remnants of my shirt and panties but was quickly slapped by one of them and told “we didn’t say get dressed did we whore?” So bare ass naked I walked up to the back door, through the living room right pass my still passed out uncle, and up to the shower. As I stood under the warm water, I was surprised to see some bl**d trickling out of my cunt, I know now that’s what a busted up hymen does. But that didn’t stop me from fingering myself to another orgasm before I washed up. The weed must have made me a little more brazen that usual because and trotted bare ass naked, pass my uncle, pausing long enough to give him a quick kiss on the forehead, then back outside to see what awaited me.

I have to say I was surprised when I got outside, I figured they would still be in the tent, but instead, they had gone into garage. As I walked past one of them said over here slut and I turned and saw all 4 of them sitting in lawn chairs, passing the bong with all the lights in the garage turned on. I have to admit, that made me a little uncomfortable. In the tent the lantern was going, but it was somewhat subdued. In the garage, 8 long fluorescent tubes cast a very bright light.

Now I remember the next few exchanges very clearly. One of them said “get over hear slut, let’s take a look at you.” I was again offered the bong which I hit deeply, then just stood there nude with my hands on my hips waiting. They all stood up and started walking around me. Wayne, my own b*****r, said “kind of an ugly little whore.” Andy said “yeah, no tits, but I like the bald pussy.” My mind was reeling, one of the said “she fucks OK, how’s the blow jobs?” I opened my mouth to protest and Andy slapped me so hard I feel back, my bare ass scr****g against the concrete. He looked me right in the eyes and said something I have never forgotten, “we are talking about you cunt, not to you.”

That moment, right there, I could have left, I could have run, I could have done anything but what I did. I just stood up, hung my head down and put my hands behind my back. My fate as a fuck slut sealed.

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