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MY Wife Will Only Jerk Me Off!

My wife and I have been married for many years, and have probably lost some of the spark. We had talked before about the possibility of her being fucked by another man. Because of her long catholic background, she was reluctant to even discuss the issue.

Over the years, she determined that she did not want to fuck me, or suck my cock. She no longer wanted to participate in mutual masturbation either. At this point, she agreed to at least masturbate me on Saturday evenings, and the rest of the time she told me that I would just have to jerk myself off.

Obviously, this didn’t go over real well with me. I wasn’t sure where this relationship was going to go. I only had one friend that I could discuss this topic with, and his name was Denny. We had worked together for almost twenty years, and over the years, I could see there was some attraction between Denny and my wife Mary.

I called Denny Saturday while Mary was out shopping. I had Denny sit down, and we started to discuss my dilemma. He indicated that he was always attracted to Mary, and that he always wanted to fuck her. I told him at this point in my life, if he could get Mary to give him anything, then he was a better man than me, and that he should go for it. I invited him to stay for dinner, and told him that Mary should be home shortly.

Mary came home after about another twenty minutes while Denny and I were still discussing the situation. Mary was curious as to what Denny was doing there, and I explained that I had invited him over to help me with some problems. Now, Mary was carrying her groceries in from the car and Denny and I joined in helping her. It was a rather warm day, and Mary had a short blouse on that was tied at her waist, and a pair of white short shorts. I knew that when she wore this outfit, that she never wore a bra. I could see that every time she reached into her car to get another bag, her tits were exposed. It didn’t take Denny long to realize the same thing, and he continued with a smile on his face, and a slight hard on. I believe that Mary was also aware of the exposure.

We were all sitting around in the f****y room enjoying a cool drink after carrying in all the bags. Denny ended up sitting next to Mary, and I could see that her blouse had somehow become untied. There were some cute little exchanges going on between Denny and Mary, when I noticed that Denny had placed his hand on Mary’s leg, and had worked his way up between her legs, where he was rubbing her pussy thru her white shorts. Mary did not seem to have any objection at what was going on. Denny then reached up and opened up Mary’s blouse where both of her tits were now fully exposed, and he started to massage them. I could see that Mary was trying to see what I was up to, and at this point, I just removed my dick from my pants and began to jerk off.

Mary then reached over and took Denny’s dick into her hand and began to jerk him off. At this point Denny had removed her blouse, and her white shorts. She was only left sitting on the couch in a pair of lavender silk Victoria Secrets panties. I could see from where I was sitting that they were already soaked with the juices coming from her pussy. I saw Denny’s large hand reaching inside of her panties. The only thing Mary did at this point was to open her legs further so that Denny could have full access to her pussy.

Denny left her panties on, and stood up directly in front of her. I could see that Denny now was displaying a good ten inch dick, and he was now in the process of fucking her mouth. I had previously told him that Mary did not like to swallow cum, as she did not like the taste of cum. He said that he would figure it out. Well he just kept on pumping her mouth, and she just kept taking it all in, while she proceeded to masturbate herself. I had seen indications that she had already came at least once with Denny playing with her pussy, and that she was about to cum again with her masturbating her pussy. Now I couldn’t tell you what the year was that I last saw her cum, let alone masturbating herself in front of me and another man.

I could see that Denny was getting close to exploding into her mouth. He just kept fucking her face, and she accepted every inch of it. At this point, I removed her panties so that she would have better access to her pussy, and that I could enjoy her soaking wet panties. I tried to position myself next to Mary so that I could have a good view of what was going on, and had hopes of placing my dick into her mouth, and it hasn’t been there in many years. She apparently realized what I was trying to do, and took Denny’s dick out of her mouth long enough to tell me not to even think about it, but that she would jerk me off while I watched her provide the blow job that I wanted so badly to Denny.

She wrapped her panties around my dick and continued to jerk me off, while not missing a stroke on Denny’s dick, which she now placed back into her mouth. Denny was now playing with her rather small tits, but her nipples were fully extended. At that point, Denny started to shoot his load into Mary’s mouth. Mary was playing with her pussy, and I could tell that she was also being relieved. She allowed Denny to empty the contents of his swollen dick into her mouth, and I could see some of it dripping out the side of her mouth. She opened her mouth and showed that Denny had indeed came in her mouth, and that she had most of the cum still sitting on her tongue which she then willingly swallowed.

Mary then concentrated on jerking me off, and asked that Denny go down on her and eat her pussy. Denny took up a position between her legs as I stood there and watched him eat my wife’s pussy. I could see that Denny was getting hard again, and the Mary was now reaching down and jerking him off as well.

I new that Mary would not allow me to cum on her tits, but I was hoping that she would jerk me off on her face. She continued to jerk me off until I came in her panties. She then bent over into a 69 position, and finished Denny off with a blow job.

At least she jerked me off, and I got an opportunity to see her really enjoy herself.

Denny got up and put his clothing back on, and Mary planted a big kiss on him, and she proceed to invite him back again any time, and that she wanted him to fuck her with his 10 inch dick. Denny said that he would be happy to return.

Mary told me that when Denny returns, that she may just let me put my dick into her mouth while he is fucking her. I can only look forward to the next session with Denny.

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