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My gf and her friend true story

Ive been going out with my GF for just over 2 years we have done it all we fuck alot most off the time we see eachother pretty much but this is a true story honestly and want to share it

Me and my gf and her friends went to a club as usually were together and bla bla lets get to the fact everytime me and my gf go to a club we stay in a hotel and gett very d***k just as were leaving the club early her best friend just broke up with her bf and is really upset and very d***k and so are we we tell her we will pay for her taxi home but she wont let us and were afraid that she wont get home safe so my gf asks her to come with us first im like fuckkk if she comes i cant fuck my gf !!

so she comes gets in the taxi with us and there talking there usual girl to girl break up shit till we get out off taxi my gf is pissed and so is her friend and me my gf says to her friend you just got to kiss someone hotter and she says i no my gf says i dare you to guys to kiss! i was laughing winked and said OKAY but my gf was like im serious so we went in messing start kissing my gf joined in rubbing my dick then they start kissing we get back to the holel and we have a few more shots and i get on my bed toplessmy gf gets on my starts kissing me and says to her friend come over stop being a fag she comes over we all start kissing while my gf is grinding on my dick and says to her friend take his dick out she does and im not to hard yet cause im very d***k my gf says suck it and her mate laughs and says this is crazy and starts licking my balls first while stroking my cock my gf turns arounf going into 69 position sucking my cock and my gfs friend is licking my balls i start licking my gf pussy up to her asshole putting my tounge in her asshole and pussy i get rock solid i get my gf off my put them both on there knees fuck both there mouths so hard spit is everywhere my cock was dripping with two girls saliva i make my gfs friend stand up and start fingering her pussy while my gf is still sucking and im kissing her friend i trow them both on the bed and start licking and fingering them squeezing and slapping both there tits

i then get up and put my dick in my gf and fuck her so hard while her friend gets on her my gf starts licking her pussy and im fucking my gf while sucking and licking her toes after a few mins i pull my gfs friend back in doggy they start kissing while my gf is under her and i fuck my gfs friend doggy so hard grabbing her hips smashing into her deeper and deeper then i lie on my back and they both start sucking my till my gf gets in cowgirl and i start fucking her while her friend puts her pussy in my face then they switch with my gfs friend in cowgirl my gf is sucking and licking my ballss down to my asshole this had to make me cum i push her down and come on both there faces then we all shower and that was end of that !!!!

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