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How my inclination for sex started

My uncle lives 2 streets away from our house and my auntie lives in another town. My uncle hired a maid servant to cook for him and do the household. She is very young and hot. My uncle, who is always horny, did not have the courage to tell the maid servant that he wanted to fuck her. So he got me into the house and told me that he wanted to have her and that I suggest a way for him to approach her. As per the plan, my uncle started touching my private parts when she was just walking into my uncle's room with his afternoon tea. That was just enough to turn her on. She was stunned at first, but then I took the initiative and told her that we will pay her some extra money every month if we could fuck her. She was game to it. I took the reward in the form of fucking her for the first time. We did not begin immediately though. In the evening, when she was cooking in the kitchen, I surprised her by touching her firm and big boobs and squeezing them. My hand slowly moved down and felt her pink pussy under the panty. That was enough and she turned around and slowly began to shiver. She began undressing herself and started moving towards the room. I just threw her on the bed and undid her clothes completely before undressing myself. After sucking and kissing her boobs till eternity, I just rolled on a condom and entered her and started fucking her slowly and steadily. As the momentum built up, I started fucking her furiously fast as if my life depended on it and as I was Cumming, she began pulling me deeper into herself with each stroke of mine as she was Cumming at the same time! I shot my cum deep inside her with a noise and remained inside her till the hangover of this fuck died down. Since then, I go to her twice or thrice a week.
As I grew up, my interest for sex was increasing and whenever I saw girls of my age or older than me, I used to stare and several thoughts started building up in my mind day by day. When I was studying engineering, I was away from home. I used to go home only on holidays. There was one housemaid who was working in my home. She was a very pretty married woman in her early thirties. I used to tease her, but at the same time I never missed a chance to praise her beauty. She took it very casually. One year I went home on SankranthI vacation. This housemaid was alone at home and said that my parents went to attend a function. After some time I went to take a bath. I asked the maid to bring me shampoo. I asked her to apply it on my head. She agreed, and tied her sari up somehow. She was doing her job, but I was looking at her breasts, which were swinging. I felt a hot flame in my body. I was unable to control myself, so I put my hand around her waist and rubbed my face with her breasts. She was shocked. I pulled her on me and in that instant she touched my penis. It was very hot. She was supposed to remove her hand, but I held it there and asked her to shake my penis. I removed her sari and jacket. She had very big breasts. I sucked one of her breasts and rubbed the other with my hand. Then I came down and kissed her belly. I hugged her and removed the rest of the clothing on her body. I put her on a stool. I stayed on my knees and sucked her vagina. Oh! It's a wonderful experience. I had the ultimate pleasure sucking her vagina. Then I laid her down in the bathroom and took my place in between her legs. She kept her legs on my shoulders and I was slowly inserted my penis into her. I held her breasts and started to move in her. After 20 minutes I rested by laying on her. It was very lucky that nobody came home. After that whenever we got a chance we used to have sex. Now she is not working in my house. But that was a happiest time in my life.
In course of time I got married and started making sex with my wife only. It was only for some years. I started looking for females and continued once again interest for ladies of my neighborhood. Once I was alone in my house on a Sunday. My f****y had gone for a picnic, and that day I had some office work to do, so I stayed in house as usual. Our housemaid had come to do her daily work. I let her in and she came and started cleaning. I was in my room watching a morning program me. She came in and started to clean the room. She was wearing a black blouse without a bra and a green sari. She bent over as she was sweeping the floor and I was able to peep into her boobs. I got horny and I wanted to fuck. After sweeping she went out of the room. I lay there for some time, and then I called her to find the pain balm and give it to me. She brought the balm to me and I told her that she could apply it to me. She sat on the side of the bed and started to apply it to my forehead. She bent over me slightly and I could feel her warm breath on me. Suddenly I put my arm round her and gave her a kiss on the lips. First she struggled a little and then let me kiss her. This gave me courage and I started to kiss her lips, eyes, and ears. By this time I undid her blouse and started to suck her 38" boobs. I sucked her tits as she undid my pants and got hold of my 9" penis and started to shake it to and fro. By now she was hot and asked me to fuck her. I spread her legs apart and pushed my dick into her. She moaned with pleasure. After 3 minutes I came inside her. That day I fucked her three times. From then on, whenever we got the chance we fucked like anything.
Well! I am very sexy guy, have 9" long dick and increases by 1.5" when it gets erected. Whenever any female comes into contact with me, they have all praise for my dick and wanted more and more from me. They all call me for some or other pretext and that I understood in due course. Now I have become sex expert and enjoy with all positions. That's all for today.

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