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She's not fooling now.

She'd been working two jobs to support herself and help put her boyfriend through school. they'd been together for two years and living together for a year. Between her nursing job and her second part-time job at the mall she was barely paying the bills every month. Her job at the mall clotning store was slow that night so she was sent home early. Amanda or Mandy as she was called was glad to leave early since she was exhausted working so many hours, but he would be finished with school soon and he would find a job and she could quit her second job.
As she unlocked the door and walked into she heard what sounded like talking and laughing coming from her bedroom. She assumed it was her boyfriend Ray watching the TV. So she walked in the bedroom to surprise him and what she got was a surprise she had not counted on. There was Ray with a girl in their bed. She turned beet red with anger and told them both to get dressed and get out. Mandy could not believe she was working herself half to death just so he could play around in their bed that she had bought.
A day later Ray and all his belongings were gone. What belonged to him was in storage and he moved back in with the friends he had moved out on when he moved in with Mandy. Mandy was beside herself with anger and wondered how many other nights when she didn't get sent home early did Ray have a woman in their bed.
It so happened she had 3 days off from both jobs and would use it to relax and try to calm down. She was not much of a drinker on occasion she would stop at a local hotel snd have a drink or two on her way home from work or meet with friends for drinks on the weekend. She was going out but, wanted to look sexy just to drive men crazy she wanted nothing to do with men at this moment though. She put on a black slinky mini dress she had saved for very special occasions and had not worn in a long time. She wore black lacy panties and no bra since the dress was low cut. Her high shoes strapped shut, she looked at herself in the mirror before going out and "You look hot girl" but, she was not on the prowl she was going to have a few drinks listen to the band that played at the hotel every weekend and then come home.
She walked into the hotel though the lobby and all eyes looked in her direction. Her long slender legs, her black dress that barely covered her sexy bottom and her ample breast that barely stayed inside the top of her low cut dress. Brunette hair all the way down her back almost but not quite to her bottom and pretty brown eyes. There was nothing about this girl that was not stunning and Ray had to be a fool to cheat on her. She took a place at the bar and ordered a shot of whiskey, something she didn't normally do, but, she was hurt and pissed off and was going to drink that cheating fool of her mind.
After she downed her first drink and ordered another, a man sat down on the barstool next to her. He smiled at her and she looked back at him with a look that can only be descibed as disgust, she did not have a real high opinion of men at the moment and this clown thought he was going to pick up on her.
Rick was in town on business staying at th hotel. He was in his mid thirthies handsome a little awkward aveage body just over 6 feet all and 200 lbs. He had been married once but, now divored. He sipped his drink and tried to talk to Mandy who was not feeling friendly although the booze was beginning to loosen her up a bit. He asked "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this"? Mandy just looked at him as if to say "What does it look like I'm doing here"? Then he asked her "Are you from here"? ""What's it to you"? Mandy answered curtly, then ordered two more drinks. Then trying to get a conversation going he started to ask "What's your" Mandy snapped back "Jesus are you going to ask what my sign is"? Don't make me puke" Rick and Mandy sat there silent for a few minutes. Mandy was quickly getting d***k since she didn't normally drink like this and had skipped dinner this night. Finally Rick broke the silence "Do you want to ask me anything". Mandy looked at him then with all her recent hatred for men coming out at once "Yeah I got a question, why don't you FUCK OFF" Rick picked up his drink and moved to the end of the bar. Mandy downed a couple more shots and was really feeling it. RIck sat at the end of the bar his hotel room key on the bar in front of him. Mandy felt bad for the way she had talked to him so she downed two more drinks and started to walk toward him. He just looked at her as she stood in front of him weaving a little from the drinks. Mandy slurred "I have another question for you, are you married"? "No" he responded looking at her almost with disgust wondering what he had said that was so awful. "Mandy looked around the bar and out in the lobby one hand on the bar trying to steady herself. "Do you have a girlfriend"? "No" Rick responded wondering why she was interested in this. They both stood there in silence Rick was not going to ask her anything else and risk getting his head bitten off. He sat there sipping his drink and wondering why she doesn't just leave or say something. She looked around again then looked at him "Wanna FUCK" she said matter of factly. Rick stunned by the question nodded and said "sure". She reached down and grabbed his room key off the bar "Let's go", she said walking toward the hotel elevator. Rick quickly downed his drink left a few dollars on the bar for a tip and followed her.
They didn't talk much in the elevator and when they got to his room she stuggled to get the key in the door. He took it from her and opened the door. They walked inside and she looked around a little he went further in the room to the room phone on the dresser and asked with his back to her, "I can order more drinks or room service". He then turned around and she was standing there only in her black lacy panties she sat down down in a close by chair, took her shoes off and said to him "No more drinking, just fucking that's why we're here". She got her shoes and pantys off then walked to him and gave him a huge kiss. WHile he took his shirt off, she undid his belt buckle and started to pull down his pants, groping for his cock which was now getting quite hard. Soon he was naked and she got on her knees and began to suck on his 8 inch member, starting by nibbling on his cockhead which made him crazy. Then she worked her tongue down his shaft. She sucked and slurped his raging hardon like a woman possessed. She got on the bed where he started to mount her "No, No NO"
she pointed between her legs and Rick quickly stuck his head down there lick and nibbled on her sweet pussy which was quite wet by now. He then worked his way up nibbling her breasts and fingering her pussy as he did. Mandy was going crazy. She and Ray, her cheating boyfriend had not fucked in a long time, of course now she knew why he was always too tired. He was busy fucking other girls while she was at work.
Rick now positioned himself over Mandy a began to slowly slide his hard dripping cock into her wet, waiting pussy. MMMmmm OoOOhhhh she moaned as her hips moved with his. He grunted as he fucked her long and deep giving her everything he had. He bit down hard on her nipple as he fucked her and she screamed with delight, Pain and pleasure as he grabbed and twisted her other nipples, oh ess YES YES YES FUCK ME FUCK MEEE OOOHHHHH Her cunt juice oozing out of her, She had not felt this way in years. Rick was giving her his hard cock and a special nipple twist which she was loving.
Rick then looked in her eyes and told her "I'm going to cumm baby, get ready". both there hips were moving in sync and then there hips stiffened as he shot his load deep inside her awaiting pussy. He finished emptying his load inside her and pulled out.
As they calmed down she kissed his nipples and fondled his hairy chest, he kissed her neck and ears and fondled her breasts. Eventually they fell asl**p in each others arms. both spent and exhausted. Mandy woke up the next morning got dressed and drove herself home with a terrible headache which she spent the rest of the day nursing. Before she left the hotel she gave Rick her phone number and told him to call when he is in town again and also apologized for the rude things she had said.

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