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Oh What a Night...

I was taking a short cut through one of our local parks, it's just a open field surrounded by walking trails. It was after the parks were to be closed for the night, only one out of every three street lights were on.

I was heading across the field and was wondering what would happen to me if law enf***ement caught me, that was the least of my problems. As I reached the far side of the field, near a clump of bushes, two street people emerged and cut me off.

'What have we here,' said the tallest of the two, 'boy don't you know you ain't supposed to be out here at night.' The shortest of the two replied 'only faggots and perverts are in this park after dark,' they both howled with laughter.

I tried to go around them and was pushed back by the short one 'boy you go when we say so and not before.' The tall on said 'now, now Jeff, don't be so rude to our guest,' again they bent over in laughter. Jeff, the short one said 'that's a good one Billy, that's a good one.'

Billy, the tall one told Jeff 'bring our new friend into our abode, so that we can entertain him, or better still so that he can entertain us,' again they broke out in laughter.

Jeff reached for my my hand, I pulled back, Jeff grabbed me and slung me through the bushes 'don't you know it ain't polite to refuse an invitation.' Billy looked over his shoulder and asked 'Jeff are you having a problem,' Jeff answered 'naw, just a stubborn bitch wanting to play.' Billy cleared his throat and led the way through the undergrowth.

We went deeper into the bush to a clearing that was strangely underneath one of the remaining lights that were operable. The undergrowth seemed to surround the light and was of a height that masked the little camp area that Billy and Jeff had laid out.

I soon found out as to why Jeff and Billy wanted to bring me along with them. Jeff said to Billy 'I told you that tonight will be the night we get to fuck something other than our fist,' again they laughed. I noticed that my only way out was back between the two of them and they weren't going to allow that to happen.

I asked meekly 'if I do what you want will you let me go and not hurt me,' Billy, laughing said 'Oh, we gonna hurt you all right, we gonna bust that ass wide open,' again the two of them howled with laughter.

Billy reached out and pinched my butt, I swatted his hand away only to be slapped silly by Jeff. As I was getting up Jeff stood on my hands and said 'we gonna get some of that boy ass and you gonna give it up with out much of a fight, get me.' I nodded my head up and down as Jeff mashed my fingers into the ground.

Jeff told me to drop my pants and stay on my hands and knees, I pulled my pants down to my knees, Billy took hold of them and ripped them off my feet. I fell to my face in the dirt, Jeff kicked me in the side of the head and growled stay on your damn knees.

I struggled back to my knees, Billy was behind me rubbing his rough hands into the crack of my butt, roughly poking his fingers into my unprepared anus and pulling my butt hole apart. I cried out in pain as Billy manipulated my anal opening, angrily pulling it wide open. Jeff reached over and picked up a half full bottle of cooking oil and poured it into my butt crack.

Billy pushed his hand into my anus and wiggled his fingers around as I grunted and moaned from what he was doing. Jeff poured more oil into my crack and said 'see if you can put your fist in that pussy.' Billy made a fist and rammed his fist deep into my rectum, I cried out and Jeff clamped his nasty hand over my mouth.

Billy pushed and pulled his fist back and forth in my anal cavity till I was moaning from pain and lust. With a mighty pull Billy's clenched fist ripped out of my butt, I bit down on Jeff's hand and received another slap across the face. Billy immediately plunged his tramp dick into my butt hole and rammed back and forth for a few minutes than shot his load of funk spunk into my rectum.

Jeff pushed billy aside and rammed his cock into my butt, Jeff was thicker and heftier than Billy's cock and he lasted much longer than Billy. My butt hole was now lubricated with the cooking oil and Billy's spunk, made it much easier for Jeff to maintain his stride longer. Jeff slammed into my butt so hard I was groaning and grunting as he fucked deep into my bowels.

Billy sat on a stone and said 'that bitch show like what you are doing to that pussy Jeff. Soon as you wax that ass I'm gonna go back for seconds.' Jeff paid Billy no mind, he just kept slamming into my butt, causing it to make slurping sounds as his cock worked back and forth.

For twenty or thirty minutes Jeff sexed my butt, when he finally unloaded he filled my anal cavity with a huge amount of hobo fuck juice. Jeff's limp dick flopped from my anal opening and Billy pushed Jeff aside and lunged his now rigid cock back into my tender bowels.

Bill rode my butt with a vengeance as he plowed back and forth Ramming as much of his cock into my kneeling ass as he could. Billy was grunting and groaning as he plunged into my bottom, I looked over at Jeff and he was fast asl**p against the light pole. The pain in my butt was causing me to weep openly as Billy continued to slam my butt.

Finally Billy grunted deeply and I could feel his spunk wash the insides of my rectum for the second time in less than two hours. Billy fell on to my back buckling my hands and knees as we went to the ground I turned and Billy slid off of my aching body. Billy laid there panting as I scampered across the ground, gathering my pants and shoes, I ran from the thicket back across the darkened field to the safety of the road way, I should have taken at first.

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