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Long time Cummin' Cuckold

It had been months since she had asked for some Big black Cock, Just the other night she finally cracked. While she was giving me head just recently i suggested a good fuck. She shook her head no, then she stopped sucking. "I will only finish your blow if you let me get black fucked again." She said. Naturally I wanted her to finish so i agreed. The next weekend she had me drop her off at the local night club. I went home and waited for her to call for a ride home. The call finally came at 1am, when i arrived to pick her up she had with her a large Black man. They sat in the back seat, his hands were all over her. Halfway home she started sucking his dick, I couldn't see it but I heard him going on about how good it was and when we pulled up in our driveway he nutted in her mouth. I never heard her spit it out as we went into the house.
We all sat in the living room together, I on the other side of the room while she sat next to him. We had a few drinks as she told me about her new friend. After about 20 minutes later i could see a massive bulge growing in his pants. She noticed too and began to rub back and forth over his pants with her hand. Eventually she pulled out the biggest damn monster cock i had ever seen fro his pants. The Veins were pulsating along the shaft as she played with it, soon after she mounted ontop of him. I watched her gyrate her pussy lips along his long thick shaft. She was so wet that it was running down her legs and on to his throbbing member. She eased the HEad into her tight hole, her legs started trembling. Slowly she worked all the way down on his rod. She started riding faster and faster screaming with pleasure. She started the grind on his cock, balls deep as he warned her that he was about to blow and asked where she wanted it. She did not reply, only slammed down hard and deep and continued to grind. As he started to climax so did she, then in one magical moment they came together, she cried with pleasure and relaxed down on his dick that was continuing to pump her full of jizz. After a while of sitting and resting on him she got up and went to clean up in the bathroom. He wiped his dick off on my shirt, put away his hammer and left without telling her goodbye. I figure that is what she wanted him to do as it didn't bother her. She granted me a quickie blowjob and then went to bed, she slept in the next morning.

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