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The morning I couldn’t control myself &helli

As I’ve mentioned previously in my little memoire, my Mother was very enlightened about me dressing but we had rules. One small problem is that Mother couldn’t get her very sexy arse out of her bed in the morning, one of the reasons that she worked for herself. So every morning, when I was at home, I had to take her coffee, try to wake her up and get her out at a reasonable time.

The morning I remember best was the morning I couldn’t control my urges any longer, she was just too sexy. She often slept naked but this morning she was a short, rather nice negligee type nightie and no panties. The nightie had ridden up and she had thrown the sheets to one side so she was laying there, almost on her back, exposed from just under her beautiful white breasts down to her feet, really deeply asl**p.

She has the most beautiful hips, her skin was so white and her hair was so fine around the most beautiful cunt that I have ever seen. It was small, neat and surrounded by fine hair almost as red as the wonderful auburn hair on her head, she looked just perfect.

I was wearing a brown and cream basque with matching panties (hers, I had borrowed them), seamed tan stockings and light brown suede shoes with a low heel, all matching. I’d been up a while so I had done my hair and makeup and just stood there like her little sissy girl, which is really what I was.

I wanted to just bury my lipstick mouth over her pussy and wake her up with my tongue, it was so tempting. But would this be something that took the dressing too far, if I made a direct sexual advance to her, what would she do, how would she react? Obviously I wanted her to wake up, realise what I was doing, lay back, open her legs to allow me to lick her until we could both cum, her in my mouth and me all over her body – although as many of us would have wanted to when we were younger, the thought of actually fucking my mother was the biggest turn-on there was for me.

So what could I do? Well, the obvious thing to do was to make sure that she was still asl**p – and for her that meant dead to the world – and just to take out my clitty-cock and wank over her. I mean, what else could I do, I was so hard it hurt, she knew that my s****r and I played with each other and I had always wondered whether she would let me touch her.

So, instead, I put the tray down, stood over her and had one of the slowest, most delicious wanks that I have ever had. My head felt as though it would explode, I wanted her to wake up and to catch me but at the same time, I was frightened that she would. So I just continued, gently stroking myself, her panties around one of my ankles until I exploded, I thought I would have some sort of s seizure the effect was so intense. One of the very long, very intense wanks where the cum is so thick and sticky it gets everywhere, all down my legs, on the carpet, over the bed and a little even splashed on her. It was beautiful.

What to do next of course was the real problem. Should I wake her up, let her sl**p, clean up after myself or just go out the bedroom, make some fresh coffee and start all over again. So I cleaned up a little of the spray, went into my room to change my stockings – they were such a mess, even my s****r commented on them the next day – and made fresh coffee, back into the bedroom by which time Mother was rather more decent and this time I behaved myself and actually woke her up.

One of the best things about Mother is that she always had a number of interesting women friends, three or four of whom knew me as Antonia and a couple of whom I got to meet on a more intimate basis ………..

Which is the memoire for my next contribution.

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