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How it started Pt1

When I look back at how it all started, I have to say that I never would have expected for my life to have taken the course it did. As it all began so innocent and harmless.
You see I’ve been toying with my sexuality since I was about sixteen. First watching bisexual porn and eventually switching to gay altogether. I still didn’t see myself as gay, mainly because I wasn’t sure if it was a phase or something else but also because I was able to crush on a girl every once in a while, and never really having fallen in love with a guy.

By the time I reached twenty however, my sexual drive was at is zenith, I masturbated at least three times a day and watched all kinds of porn. But by that time I still hadn't lost my virginity.

Which in this day and age was considered late, and a constant source of frustration for me. I had tried to get a girlfriend for some time, but it never grew beyond a friendship. So eventually I turned to the dark world of Internet dating and chatrooms.

At first I tried to get in touch with a girl, but I soon learned that that was quite impossible in these kind of rooms. Thusly I turned to men, telling them that I was a closeted gay teen with no experience.
Which, as you may guess, got me a lot of attention from young and old alike.
I was able to chat for hours with these men, feeling quite comfortable with most of them, talking about sexuality and experience. Eventually I got persuaded to trading pictures and started to cam with some of them.

Boy, I think that camming was the greatest kick I got out of all of this till that point. Showing my body to men, only ones that shared my age, but soon I'd take any chance to be watched and complimented.
Loving the feeling of being found arousing, I did mostly whatever they asked, which soon became assplay and drinking cum.

Not much later I bought a dildo and some butt plugs and spent my weekends entertaining men, getting off the feeling of being their “slutboy”.

Usually I started my weekend by waking up with my butt plug, taking a shower, shaving and making myself presentable. Followed by several hours of camming on various gay webites. Sometimes with friends that I made in the past or with complete strangers. Fingering myself, riding my dildo, ass to mouth. Cumming up to four times before I was too tired to go on with my passion.

I think that this phase lasted for about a month or so, where in that time I had built up a stable fangroup and a good dose of chat friends.
When one day, someone who had been chatting with me for about a week or so asked me why I never tried to have sex with a man. As clearly I’d make a great bottom for anyone.

I replied that I never found someone I liked enough who lived close enough and wanted to try. And that unlike camming, it was a lot less safe to have sex with a random man in some sexclub.

Then he came with a suggestion that was going to change my life. He offered to come to my city, and take me to a nearby hotel to give me my first experience.

Now this man was almost thirty and thusly almost a decade older, but over the time that we chatted I learned to like him and he always stressed the importance of going only as far as I felt was good. Plus, he didn’t look all that bad.
So in a spree of excitement I agreed, while he promised to come by next weekend and even to buy me a new toy.

Well, I have to say that that week was one of the most excruciating and slow passing ones of my life. I kept waiting for that Saturday, which always seemed to be an eternity away, saving my cum and building up my horniness it only made it harder. But I wanted to be sure to give my friend something to remember, instead of cumming after the first touch.

Eventually after what seemed to be forever, Saturday was finally there, and I have to say that it got me more and more nervous every moment closer that it came. But I told myself that it was too late to turn back now.
So I left the house, telling my parents that I was staying over at a friends for a game marathon.

Slowly approaching the hotel, I looked around for my date, not seeing him anywhere. When suddenly I felt a hand on my back. I turned around and saw that it was him.

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